Thursday, February 16, 2012

Ban Valentine's Day ALL YOU LIKE, We Have Jobs To Do

We all know the issue revolving Valentine's Day. Looks like it would not be over so soon. These are the snapshots from one blog gossip that I read daily,, and maybe I should do less talking and let these snapshots speak about my points.

I like to explain this issue with the tweet from Sazzy Falak, our local actress; which has caused rages among the unhappy fans.

It all started with this tweet of wishing Happy Valentine's (for those who celebrate).

Looks like the tweet received uproar from fans who were not happy with it.

And among the comments from the readers, I picked these few comments that could say what I have in my mind about this issue. In all of these quotes, I have at least a point to agree with them, although in some, not everything. But they do save my time from writing more. Read on.

This topic about Valentine's Day actually DID HURT me. Especially when they keep relating the day with Unhealthy activities and simply assume that "those are the Christians' lifestyle". These people even threw words like, "9 MONTHS FROM THIS DAY, expect a bastard to be born". Whoever you are who have STATED YOUR CONCERNS and reminding one another on how this Vday shouldn't be celebrated, especially those who make it a point of keep saying that we the Christians legalize the moral offenses on Valentine's Day. I just hope you guys don't overlook your own lifestyle and at the rest of 364 days. Or let's just diminish this Valentine's Day and LET start looking at how you do it on the rest of the year.

I hope you guys have NEVER done adultery (pre-marital sex), that means all of you who are single SHOULD still be Virgins. YES, VIRGINS. I hope you guys never touch alcohol, never, not even a sip, not even a drop, it's ILLEGAL, remember? I hope you guys NEVER visit the nightclubs and pubs, where all the unhealthy activities usually take place, those places are for "this group of people from this religion who celebrate Valentine's Day" remember? I hope you NEVER go to a private place alone with your partner, not doing any kissing, fondling, any kind of touching whatsoever cos it's ILLEGAL, remember? It's only for those people who celebrate Valentine's Day right? Who claimed to express their love for their partner on that day, right?? And that means, since you guys are CLEAN from all that offenses, that  means definitely you guys will NEVER get near, let alone involve in Abortion, Baby Dumping, Prostitution, One-Nite Stands, Free Sex, Drunk and Drug Abuse. Oh, those BETTER NOT be in your fricking life dictionary. Cos so much for the fuss of banning Valentine's Day because of "that moral offenses" that "our people do" on that day, Does that mean it should be a "Righteous day" for you people, cos "Oh, that's illegal in our religion!" then simply forget about it after the day is over and live ALL YOU LIKE for the rest of the years? I mean, yeah, I really don't mind reading all these hurtful things if they come from the people who are Pious and who never miss their prayer, at least they practice what they preach. So you people, YOU BETTER NOT do it WORSE than us who you guys claimed to be the devils who "go out and play" on Valentine's Day.

For your information, I am a Catholic since a kid. Whatever that I listed above, I DON'T DO THEM. That's why I am this brave to say this, because it takes a lot of sacrifices to draw the line JUST TO LIVE righteously. But usually, those people who Really live this way of life, they usually THINK TWICE before they smash other people about their misconducts, because we have gone this far in our values and principles, we don't simply degrade ourselves by being injustice towards ANOTHER human being, doesn't matter from which race and which religion you belong to. And I am VERY VERY MAD that with this kind of lifestyle that I have, suddenly people simply throw all this hurtful stuff towards the people of my religion, cos that means, you guys means We are all like that. Simply by how you guys speak towards other people from different religion, I REALLY DOUBT you even lead the righteous way of life in the first place. I am not judging anyone, but after you get really tired smashing people, it's time to get the closest mirror and Use It on yourself.

My little thought told me this is all BEYOND religions and beliefs. All religions are there to teach us how to live well, and treat each other right. Religions can only teach the followers so much, but we with our human nature, we keep offending our own religious laws because of our weaknesses. Humans have done ALMOST EVERYTHING that are strictly prohibited by their religions. Knowing how filthy this world has become, to suddenly face this kind of Valentine's Day issue and seeing this group of people smashing others so heartlessly as if they never do sins, suddenly it becomes a mockery to the so called civilization, cos we thought everyone is aware that "we are no angels", and to those offenders who are FAR from being seen as one, and funnily, when it comes to issues like this, as if all the "angels have come up" and stand for "what is right". Self check first and if your hands aren't so clean yourself, those time you have used to insult one another better be used to improve your moral values instead. It could need a lifelong cleaning works should be done on yourself, so better start now. You can forget about Valentine's Day, who cares about Valentine's Day. We are busy with our normal life, making money and spending time with our loved ones like any other day, while you people busy insulting others and make mountains out of molehills on this celebration, acting like THE HOLY INNOCENTS. And if you hate Valentine's Day so much, go ban it, and make sure you get your acts right, don't just get loud and noisy today and GO FUCK AROUND again the next day.


I rest my case.

Note: To my dear readers, I know that you guys don't like it when I use harsh words in my blog. But I'm sure you guys understand that people have stepped the boundary. I must defend myself, and us, who are unfairly prejudiced because of this. Thanks for your understanding.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What Really Matters For The Hearts

I’m really putting into practice the concept that I’ve delayed for long enough. We heard about moderation way too often. But this is more than that. This is about trying to focus on the basic elements that connect 2 hearts. Sometimes, trying to be at par with what’s latest on the trend will only take the real essence away, and the next thing you know, you are losing consciousness on why you are doing all that and for what. That’s why I want to start doing it differently. Act before it’s too late. Focus on what really matters for the heart.

I’ ve been there where special occasions were really important and we demanded too much from our partner to show his love for us. And your partner demanded the same from you. Everytime it was coming to a special date, suddenly it became so stressful, because you wanted to do or give something better than last time. You and your constraints, and knowing that as if the day is all you have to show that your love is still ongoing. Anything less might be a bad signal to the other, and instead of making him/her happy, you make someone come home in tears. Although your love is still standing strong, you just could not catch up with the demand of love parade, and you are obligated to give more than you can afford to make that happen. Been there?

Suddenly a relationship that has started with a pure chemistry and attraction has strayed from the track. Now it becomes more to “how much you can actually show it” – it’s as long as other people can see that and have an impression that “you’re loved” it’s good enough for you. Suddenly your relationship is entirely about A SHOW. Although both of you have not anymore talking the way you did, no more really interesting details in communications, no more butterflies in the stomach and no more heart beating faster, suddenly the only thing that left is THE SHOW. As long as others are still impressed by how you two are doing it in public on special occasions, the relationship is still relevant. But as time goes, it’s almost no more element of “pure interest”, just a very tiring and troubling relationship. And sadly, the next thing you want is for it to be Over. Been there?

That’s why I want to make it a habit, to always keep in touch in WHY we are together in the first place. Experience showed me that the most humble couple are those who can make it through. Yea, back then they were losing it a bit when they didn’t get to impress a lot of people with their moderate relationship. People were having firecrackers up in the sky and what they have was only a candle lit at the corner of the room. But today, I am impressed that they have realized about this way before and I am only starting to do it. During special occasions, what matters to them is to just spend some time together, having intimate talks that are sweet enough for each other’s ears, reminding each other “Why are we here in this relationship in the first place”. That’s why they never forget and never think that it’s burdensome to be by each other’s side. It’s just another body sitting beside another, without the outside element that define the bond any better than their pure feeling for each other.

That’s what I want and we have enough of testing ground, it’s time for the real deal. Go back to what really matters for the heart. One is You, one is Me. Just you and me. Nothing else. :))

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Special Valentine Dedication: "I Love How You Love Me"

I’ve come this far in my journey, I have tried to correct my ways as much as I can. Like some of you, I too have once lost faith in love. I became a stone hearted person so quite a long time and I thought I was doing good that way. Maybe I was right. Life was actually still happy when you have no one but yourself to think about. I took the time to discover myself even more and not that I was purposely not wanting to get commited. I just didn’t want to make another mistake. I always believe I’m far better now. So I entrusted Him to do things beyond my control. I thought He would never done so much for me because He might want to punish me for whatever mistakes that I made in life, but when I come to this point, I am just AMAZED at Him. I am just amazed at Him. How He did it, it was almost never come to my mind. It’s like, you set some rules; “I would Never Never Ever Go to That Road Ever in My Sane Mind” and the next thing I know, I AM THERE walking on THAT ROAD, and I am enjoying my ride. I was seeing life much more beautiful in that road I said I was never gonna take. So never underestimate The Hands that created you. Hehe. Seriously. You know why? If He could create you in such a way, He can make things possible for the impossibles and most likely if you have been nice and good, He will be a little bit more generous to you. He will make your road easier in your quest. Riddles enough? *LOLS.

I want to thank you for Someone who is part of this storyline. Thanks for being there for me everyday, for all the thoughts that have me, and for all the words that has my name, for all the time spent on me, not to mention how you make me laugh for something and also for lending me ears. All in all, I saw it the effort that you make and the kind of understanding and acceptance that truly accommodate me. I reserve the rest for until the time is right. You know who you are. *Hugss…

Happy Valentine’s Day Daling…*giggles. Hope you like the song...hehehe

Tribute For Valentine’s Day 2012: LovE RighteOusLy

Hi guys… Happy Valentine’s Day to you…hehe. Any good reflection for your Valentine’s Day this year? Have you learnt anything new from life lately that makes you feel so sufficient in love? I want to give a simple sharing on my.

Life slowly unfolds. All the things I heard from people from before, and all the things I believed, sometimes I did not actually “feel them”. I only accepted them as they were because people told me so and it was easier to just nod. I recalled the argument between my uncle and his wife and how his wife told me that everytime they argued, my uncle spoke about getting divorce. Although his wife was a loose canon, spoke her mind without really care the consequences, but at least, She has it in her. The Understanding on How Relationship works. Seriously, very few of us have it. Not even my uncle that time knew about it. She told me that she told my uncle that “Yes we can get divorce and we can remarry, find another person. Then what? Are you sure things are gonna be perfect with another person? That when you argue about something, you divorce? You can remarry 10 more times and still the same ending. You will never work out any relationship when you decide to walk out from the first one. And we were talking about a marriage that was properly solemnized in the house of God, saying the love vows that they gonna stick together till death do they part. That time, when she told me, I nodded. It was good if it was true. My little thought knew that she was a difficult person being a loose canon. How could my uncle, or any man, tolerate with this attitude? I mean, the idea of them getting divorce and find another person to live with, my uncle might find another person who suits him more. Logic, right?

Only now I actually come to agree with her. In this world, they are millions of guys and gals looking for a partner. There will come a time when they just bump into someone with chemistry and then connect, and hook up through affection that they build for each other. Sooner or later they will have something to dislike about the other person. Why surprised? We are born with defects and when we mix and match ourselves among this crowd of people, our nature could contradict each other and make the pairing harder. Sure, move on. There will come a time when you just Done with Searching. This is when you are really ready for the commitment. You find someone that makes you happy and you settle with the person. You have DECIDED that you gonna cope with the person NO MATTER WHAT. Experience tells you that you could find a person so good, but you yourself arent’s anywhere so good. You saw yourself as the PROBLEM in all your failed relationships. Looks like the game has changed. This isn’t about looking for THE BEST out there, No No. It is about How badly you want your relationship to work and not giving yourself the option to fail cos if you do, you definitely will opt to FAIL again. Yes, IT’S YOUR ATTITUDES my dear friends. Problems will always be your shadow and if you quit from solving them, NO relationship, with No one, will ever work for you.

That’s why when you think you are big enough to make that commitment, you put a stop to your hunting and stay by the person’s side – cos if you feel sthing not good about your partner, it’s not your partner’s problem unless you blame her to be born human (and what are you, again?), when you look at the bright side of her, depending on how far you open your heart, cos if you really ARE READY TO LOVE AND BE LOVED, you could see the one beside you in her most angelic image and instead of finding fault, you keep finding new thing to love about her, day to day. Why is this possible? I believe that Love is very very beautiful when it first sent to us from above. It is our JOB to see how beautiful it can be. And unless you see not just with your eyes, but your heart, your mind, your soul, another God’s creation that you pick to live with is... His masterpiece. We don’t have that long. Start to love now, and love righteously. He will guide us along the way. Amen. :)

Monday, February 13, 2012

“No Outside Food & Drink Allowed” – Not even 100 Plus

This thing happened a year ago I think. Me and my 2 best buddies decided to meet up. Since that we only have that chance to meet a few times a year, usually we would spend hours updating about each other’s lives. My bestfriend suggested that we go to a new eatery. Finally we decided to eat in Kenny Rogers. Since we always used to hang out in KFC, we often bought extra drinks outside so that we could add on to our drinks since we never ordered drinks more than once. So it was normal for us since our schooldays so we got used to the habit. Hahaha. I actually bought that extra bottle of 100Plus this time. I thought it was no harm to just buy it even if it turned out that no one gonna drink it. So after we ordered our meal and our drink was just a glass of juice, it was definitely not enough. We totally counted out the option to order a second drink and so we started to pour in the 100 Plus to our empty glass.

We were so ignorant to the signage that showed it clearly “No Outside Food & Drink Allowed” nearby the entrance, where all customers could see from wherever seat they choose in that outlet. We were just too playful to care. So we just continued on chatting and drinking the 100 Plus table pretending we did not read the sign, or we did read but we just didn’t care. What mattered to us was it was our day of hangout so we assumed everyone knew that the day was rare and so we could do what we like without having small things interrupting that. Because of our playful nature, especially my bestfriend, she thought that it was a way to play around with the workers there. Especially this one cheeky guy who kept passing by our table without any appearant reason. We whispered to each other, “Could it be because of the drink?” And the other replied, “I thought so.” Then we burst laughing. We imagined that it was because of the drink that he wanted to tell us something that we could not let in that drink and if the other customers saw it, they might do it too. Hahaha. But still, we was being ignorant and cunning. Especially when we just put the big bottle on the table without sneaking it, totally shameless. Hahaha.

So after the guy walked pass us for a few times, my bestfriend just stopped him. “Kau mau marah kami bawa minuman ka?” It was so funny that she talked that way. The guy couldn’t help but throw a friendly smile, “Oh tidaklah.” Then she said, “Ohh. Sebab kami heran kau balik2 limpas, kami fikir kau suruh kami tapuk minuman.” Hahahahahaahhahah. Not long after that, it happened again. This time, another waiter passed our table and my bestfriend stopped him again. “Kamu marah kami minum ka?” Then he said, “Tidakla. Kamu minumlah” Then I started to laugh again so hard. The question was ridiculous knowing that it was clear that outside drinks are not allowed. My bestfriend often does that. She always say something funny out of nowhere. In 3 of us, she definitely the comedian, I was the laugher, my other friend was a supporter to both of us whenever we play our role. Haahaha.

When we were done, paid the bill, got up from out seat and walking towards the door, we were still giggling. My bestfriend did it again. She was making what could be “a conversation” between the staff as they saw us leaving. She imagined that they were High5-ing each other, Yess FINALLY!! I was laughing all the way. It must be a torture to have us as customers. Hahaha. And guess what, as a sign of appreciation, we did leave something at the table. You know what. Yes, the 100 Plus bottle. I hope that 100 Plus won’t give them phobia. Hahahaha

Emm…Wonder which eatery is our next victim. Thinking...thinking.


Saturday, February 11, 2012

Another Year Celebrating Love...

So in conjunction with the coming Vday I would like to do a compilation of the posts that discuss about the ideas of Love...:)) (I have fun reading them back, because I've been writing since 2008, and many things happened since then, many things have changed since then, but I bet the ideas of love in these posts are still relevant...hehe)

Let's Celebrate Love...:)

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Friday, February 10, 2012

The Unexplainable Prince Charming

Once upon a time, you wished for a Prince Charming everyone was talking about. The one who was in the image of a perfect guy that you could ever imagined. From his looks, to how he behave, to how he could provide you all the life necessities, and most important, how he treated and loved you dearly. You’ve had that kind of wish when you first started watching Cinderella and Snow White, and how you dressed up your Barbie doll and combed her hair, and looking at the images in the magazines and tv, made you picture yourself when you grew up one day. What a perfect match you imagined you would become for the dear Prince Charming. People been talking about all this Fairytales ideas that have been exaggerated and influenced our mind, which has misled us about the reality of “no such fairytale”. It took us a while to realize that maybe we should come up with a better formula to fix our childhood idea of a Prince Charming. 

All the criteria we list since we were early teens were really tight. We wanted a lot of things in a man. When we looked at our list, it was a little ridiculous when what we wanted was actually even contradicting to one another. For example, you like a guy to have a rugged appearance but at the same time you want him to have that professional career man appearance so he can impress your parents. Something like that. After going through the list, we notice that our specification is already too good to be true for any man or any human being to be. Year by year, sticking to our requirement only makes us complain that it’s just hard to locate for the Prince Charming. Every year looking in vain, slowly we are fixing our list. The harder it takes to find someone that fits the cut, the more alteration should be made to the list. Some of our criteria has changed with maturity. Most surprisingly, our Prince Charming was all started with this vision of A Handsome Man. 10 years later, No more Handsome Prince Charming. Not that it’s hard to find one, but we finally realize that a handsome face is just nice to look at, but does not promise anything. It even brings insecurity when he gets a lot of attentions. Oh man. It’s just funny how we start to count at things that we never thought would matter. Now we know…now we know. 

Still, the quest is as tough as ever. Especially when we have this list of Rejected Traits, we didn’t even give them the chance to prove themselves. Oh man. Now what? Hahaha. Then to our surprise, we start to compromise on that list too! As much as we make ourselves clear that we would Never date someone with certain character; the next thing you know, YOU ARE DATING ONE!! How do you explain that? Suddenly all your list gone haywire because you are dating someone who are totally not evaluated in a way that compliments your list. But then you are dating him! Can you explain that? Back then you said you like a rugged guy with slightly long hair, with ear ring and tattoo, and sweet smile etc, Oh, and look at the man you are dating. He’s nothing like that. Maybe he has one or two things that still in favour of your list, but back then, you would not give this person with such trait, a chance to even know you more. And the things in your Rejected Traits list are there in this man you are dating, whom you won’t be dating if you find him not attractive in the first place!! Explain that! All the things that you have no tolerance for, in reality, are the things that you are currently tolerating, and you take every comfort of doing that. It’s not even with hard effort. Things just happen so miracoulously easy for you. The things you Won’t Do before, are the things you are putting into a habit and you are enjoying it because you find out exploring new things are not even breaking your principles yet. I mean, Garsh, what have been holding you back all this time? Can you explain that?? 

That’s why, to those who have not yet gone through this process…let me just make it easier for you all. Go easy on this criteria things cos most of the things that you built from your younger days are not exactly what reality can offer you. I mean, reality offers you MORE adventure, More surprises and definitely, more fun. How’s that? Reality doesn’t look at any fricking list before it can happen before your eyes. You have to keep your option opened for anything unpredictable because it’s the hidden treasure that will only open when it’s time. And in the quest of looking for your Prince Charming, just say sorry to your old list if you have to tear and burn it cos maybe you want someone who has everything you listed but maybe just as a main character of your next storybook or movie, but NOT the one you want to marry and live with. Yeah, imagine that. The one that you want to live with is just a normal man who swears, who gets angry, who tell white lies, who is lazy at times, who doesn’t have a stylish hair, who doesn’t have a six pack and the list goes on. How average is this man compared to your childhood Prince Charming and why does everything feels right? This is the point of discovery that it’s not you looking for someone with certain qualities then only you hook up with him, but it’s after you hook up with someone and find everything is in place, you realize whoever that person is, is your real Prince Charming. 

One more thing, ladies, don’t you think the guys have their dream Princess Charming too? Look at who we are today, do you think we are close to that ideal Princess Charming they guys are looking for? Yeah, the next thing they know, they are dating us and we are nothing like the princess charming of their dream. Explain that, please? Exactly. You get my point. Exactly the same process like the above. We are our Prince Charming’s Princess Charming… and what makes it right is when both of us finally make a pact and complete this match. Another God given grace to human race. So much for the coming Valentine’s Day, Congrats to those who found their match. The next mission is To Live Happily Every After. Emm.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Curiosity Killed The Cat. What’s That?

Hahahaha. I thought of writing a heavy topic tonite but why not I just write sthing light so I can save the topic for later when I really have the time.

Have you heard of Curiosity Killed The Cat? I always heard this but laughed at it because I thought that why would people pick cat instead of other animal. Curiosity is not even a weapon or an equipment that can accidentally kill anything if you misuse it, yeah, now you are telling me it has killed a cat? Hahaha.

I thought Cat was used because it starts with C, same with Curiosity. So it rhymes a bit. Okay, Lame. Hahahaha. After doing some reading, I found out something. Actually this line had once appeared as the headline of a news title in Washington Post (dated many years back, when you and I were not even  here yet!) – telling a news how a cat lost its life because of its curiosity. It was about a cat named Blackie, that went to the top of the chimney because he never went that far before. He tried to climb before and he did sustain some injury but he was saved. Until he tried to climb higher the next day, he fell to the first floor. They could hear the sound of Blackie in pain, but after getting help from the rescue department, they failed to take him out using a rope. The next day after the plumber came and opened the rear wall of the chimney and took him out, but he died shortly after.

Maybe they still used this line to describe that Curiosity could bring us danger if we take measures that are unnecessary and risky. So today, it can be used as a Reminder to not succumb to curiosity to the extent that you might jeopardize your safety. Aha, that makes sense, doesn’t it? Hehehe. So it’s like, Hey, don’t be too curious about whatever you have in your mind, cos curiosity killed the cat, and heaven knows who’s next. You certainly don’t want to be the next, right? 

Now, you and me, at least we know what it means. I’m sure most of you don’t even have the time to find out the origin of those phrase. So now that we know, we can use it where it’s applicable, not just in our sentences, but also as a reminder to ourselves too. Our lives are too valuable to lose over a curiosity. So make your situation-evaluation right. So to Blackie the cat, who lost his life over curiosity, we learn something from you. You’ll be remembered by this phrase. I'm sure this reminder have saved some lives and will save more lives.

Everyone takes lesson please. Thank you :PP

Monday, February 6, 2012

"Beware: He Pays Cash"

I find this line rather interesting. Keep reading it in the comments people made in blogs and Facebook, whenever it involves people who are doing bad to others. Looks like they come up with this line As A Reminder. Yes, “He” who they mean here is none other than GOD. Can you guess the meaning? . 

Year after year, I have seen it before my very eyes how things that people did, come back to them. Especially those people who were professional swindlers who always got away with the crime and still maintained their innocent looks. Sometimes I just couldn’t get it how they did it but for sure it took a hell of misused talent to be like them. They had crushed many hopes and trusts until the last of bits. I used to believe that we will be held accountable for every good and bad deeds we did on this Earth when the Judgment Day comes. So if they have a long life, imagine how many people the crooked ones gonna put in “hell on earth”. Well, without a doubt, you can guess that the payback for them is the real afterlife Hell. That’s what we used to think. We will receive the punishment after our lives end. Or Maybe Not That Long. 

I’ve seen how these people who did a serious human error – didn’t have to wait long for the punishment. It was all so wondrously beyond words how things fell just in place to make them the victim of circumstances that LUCK was no longer on their side. From having almost everything, they end up with nothing. Even things that are not in human logic, of how can a wealth that you build in one year, disappear in just one day. Something like that. And when I look around, look like “No One Can Escape” from this. Suddenly it forced people to rethink about “the punishments” that should come after we are dead. NO. The punishments can come as immediately as a few seconds after doing a crime. It’s THAT SOON. 

I remember I was once the victim of my customer dishonesty. He kept delaying his payment because he saw that I was not the type who would bug people to pay. Maybe he took advantage of me. I was a little pissed but it never crossed my mind that I wanted something bad to happen to him. I just wish that he would settle the payment as soon as possible. Until one day, the stuff he bought from us actually was badly damaged when he was still not done with showing it off to his friends. It knocked senses into him that he immediately went to settle the payment and told me about how the stuff was now broken. I was shocked. I saw it in his face how panic he was. Maybe he thought that it was something about “the eyes that are watching from above”. Maybe he thought God wanted to teach him some lesson. He got so afraid that he might even lose more than that if he did not settle the payment right away. 

If this is the right example, now you don’t have to worry about your victims for they won’t be the one who pay back all your crime but GOD will. Knowing this, who dares to make anymore crimes? Now don’t you feel terrified thinking about all the bad stuff you have done to others? Looks like sometimes it’s not a fairly calculated amount. You stole RM100, but you were “stolen back” things that worth RM500. Multiple times more losses. Now are you looking forward to do more crimes to people? THINK TWICE. That’s why they come up with the phrase God Pays Cash, means that He won’t wait for long to “pay you back” for your sin. Maybe He wants us to CHANGE our ways. I have experienced it before and that’s why I am always careful not to wrong people. I’ve learnt my lesson. I wish people have learnt theirs too. If we can’t handle this “Cash”, just correct our ways. Be good to one another, as simple as that :))

Sunday, February 5, 2012

"Relationship Status"

I bet this term is especially famous among the Facebook users where you have this column in your Profile where you can state your Relationship Status, and you can pick Single, Married, Engaged, Divorced, In A Relationship or It’s Complicated. You know this function is important when it comes giving people the idea of “how accessible” you are. Do you rely so much on what people write as their Relationship Status? In other words, do you believe that people will just be honest about it? 

Based on my experience using FB since 2010, I saw that some people are serious about their details in FB. They will state it clearly that they are attached, and to whom. Some do take it seriously but they are constantly changing it. When they argue with their partner, they will change it, and change it back on when they make peace. Some are pretty much just messing around, you can say just to have good fun laughing with their friend to appear in each other’s profile that they are “together” but actually they are nothing like that. And the rest prefer not to disclose any personal details which make people clueless. You like it or not, it’s their right to do what they want. 

Lets talk about me now. I am one of them in the category, which most of you can guess already. I am into a lot of daily sharings. I share the real things that cross my mind, the real emotions that are consuming me at a particular time, all those things… But I am very reserved about my details. Speaking of Relationship Status, yes, especially that. Hahaha. I got a lot of questions regarding this. People want to know, at least, have the idea if I am attached or seeing someone. They just couldn’t see it from my FB Profile because I decided to leave it blank. From that kind of reluctance to spill the beans, I’ve been accused to purposely hide my relationship status so I can keep people “excited” about me, especially the guys. So they can keep having that kind of idea that I am approachable and viable to date. When the fact is that, I won’t entertain any of those things because I keep drawing my distance. So visually you can imagine them coming back to me and say, Why do you react this way if you are single? And if you are not single, why can’t you just say it loud and clear so we can stop trying our luck on you? AT LEAST, give us the fricking idea of your relationship status, will ya? (*LOLS) Ok Kidding. Hehehehe. 

Okay, you guys are lucky. I’m telling you something here. It’s not because I don’t appreciate that FB put that function for me to state my relationship status. Neither do I try to mislead people about that. My point is very simple. I take it THAT seriously that I refuse to just change it to “my current” relationship status knowing that anything can happen to that relationship. I definitely don’t want to look like a puppet that I can easily change my status tonite, and change it to again when things don’t work well. No, I’m just making my point that I am not one of those people who will create such drama. I do have a “Relationship Request” pending and I just refuse to Accept it until now. I am that serious about it that I might have hurt some heart for not wanting to declare something and let others see but I have stated my reason, at least for the most deserving person who should know it. 

I have A CONDITION before I can voluntarily change my Relationship Status for all to see. It’s only on one condition and once I decide to change it, it will stay that way as long as I’m still using FB in virtual world, and it’s gonna be eternity in real world. So no more accusation on why I do it this way, and you know this is no laughing business to me so I am taking my time before I can let you guys see what you want to see. 

NOTE: “Thank you for understanding". *Winks.

New Blog Challenge: 1 Post, 1 Page

Hi again all. I was taking a break from blogging after a few days. I wanted to enjoy the relief of not having to worry what to blog; after the 31 days blog challenge…Hehe. Well, here I am again. 

I have a new challenge for myself. I am known as someone who likes to write long essays and make it hard for my readers who only want to have an easy reading post to go through my posts. I have thought of this for quite a while and after I visited Daphne Iking’s blog I finally got the idea. Daphne and I have a similarity when it comes to blogging. We like to get carried away by the topic and want to say everything in our mind. I like to read what she writes but I just can’t spare that much time. I finally GET IT. 

That’s exactly what my readers were feeling when they visited my blog. They would leave after scheming for the interesting topics that were short enough for them to finish in maybe 10 minutes or less. Usually, my posts reach 4 pages of Words document. And over the years, I tried to write approximately 2 pages only, that’s half of the pages from last time. 

So NOW, I am putting myself in another challenge, of writing only 1 page of Words document every post. If I have too much to say, I still don’t have a choice but trim it to fit one page before I paste to my blog. How’s that? I don’t want my hyperwriting makes my blog tiresome. So this challenge is to benefit you guys too. Lets see. This challenge starts from TODAY. 

256, You better get this one done. Hehehe. 

Happy February!!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

That Moment Of “I Feel A Kind Of Loss”

I still remember when my big brother (good friend whom I call brother) told me that he didn’t feel good whenever I started to talk about hooking up with a new guy. And it showed when he started to give comments, asking me to be careful and all. One day I just went ahead and asked him, Do you feel something when I told you I’m getting close with someone new? He said, Yes. I can’t explain it. “I feel a kind of loss”. As much as him, I was wondering too. 

Just like when you have this one big fan, who admires everything about you and would do anything to get a date with you and you just never give the right kind of response because you are “not that available” and you don’t want to give the wrong signal that might give the person a false hope. The next time you hear that the person is switching his attention to another girl. Again, you feel a kind of loss. Why is that? 

Sometimes you are led into thinking that whenever that you feel that way, it is a kind of indication that “something is going on” inside your heart that you dare not admit. It’s just so easy to think that way, right? But can you explain that when your heart is totally occupied, why do you still feel a kind of loss when another suitor of yours is changing direction? Can you consider the possibility that you never mean it when you say that it makes you feel uncomfortable when someone is trying to win your heart, even when he knows you are already taken, that actually you only lie to yourself; which means you are actually enjoying all the attention, but just not want to give commitment? I mean, really, if you feel nothing towards the person, why would you feel a kind of loss when the person is moving away from your life? Can anyone explain this? 

These are among the empty spaces that we forgot to define. We forgot to find the right word for this situation we are in. We forgot to define that this feeling of loss doesn’t only apply for something that is obvious – like what the wife feels when hubby has to work abroad for months, or when a boyfriend sets eyes for another girl and suddenly ignores you, Yeah, all those are obviously giving you the right to feel that complete loss. At least you can define it, others can define it. But explain why did I feel so sad when an unfamiliar boy in my class was moving school and I barely even spoke 10 words with him, but still I feel a kind of loss. Yeah, I seriously felt something was suddenly missing from my life. It’s funny, right? 

Why should we feel like we have lost something when the thing that leaves us never does mean so much to us from the beginning? It’s funny right? But it happens. And it will happen again once in a while. Let me just put it this way so you guys don’t have to spend more time and get confused over this. We do feel appreciation for everything in our lives. Sometimes we are just helpless because we don’t have that much chance or space to actually show it, although not everyone is as special as our most special person, still, we are born to have people around us, to be loved, to feel cared for. We do have that selfishness inside of us that we want good things to just stay the same, until something happen and something has to go or leave, our comfort is disturbed hence we feel that kind of loss. But it’s gonna be temporary. 

These are just minors. No need to put so much thought into it. When things run its course, let them. That feeling hit it once but then it will get normal again when we wake up the next day and realizing they most worthy people are here to stay. Humans are so complex. Every moment is still like a self discovery. Whatever it is, lets just try to simplify the unnecessary complexity. Agree? So the next time you feel a kind of loss again, tell yourself, IT’S NORMAL. You sure can handle that. :) 

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