Wednesday, June 18, 2014

A Thought For The Day

I really don't get it why some party took all the time and trouble in the world to confiscate holy books from other religions, and went extra mile to just make sure that the books will not be returned back, thinking that it will someday jeopardize the faith of their believers and confuse them. I mean, garsh, you can do that. Same with the usage of certain word to represent God, which is just a matter of language.

I imagine if that same amount of time and effort used on things that can benefit you and your family, used to fulfill your other responsibilities that the needy will find useful for their welfare, or even, simply just personally improve how you perform your daily religious practice which are easier, simpler and surer way to gain pahala, which I am not very sure if they have enough time for those anymore if they are busy getting their nose in other people's religions, very very unnecessary thing to do.

Do they assume that the youngsters will spend time reading holy books from other religions, when most of them may not even have time to read their text books, let alone getting influenced or confused by it. I realllyyy reallly don't get ittt. Life's short, peeps. That time is so valuable. Stop complicate things, and stop taking delight putting people in trouble. There are better things to do bah. *shake head.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Understanding Things You Once Didn't

Hi my dear readers. Do you believe when I say I have so many things to write but I just couldn't find the right "ambiance" to write them? So here I am again. I feel that I miss so many good topics but lets just go with the flow with this one.

Actually, there are a lot of reflections that took place in my mind recently. Did I tell you guys about this older lady who came to my place by chance, and I found out she was one of those who receive special ability from God. Okay, skip all the skepticism. I first found this lady 2 years ago, and only 2 weeks ago she came back to my place. It's from talking to her that I start to open my mind about new things about life, through faith in God. I can't help but think that she is some kind of a blessing. For a person who has a lot of questions in her head, don't you think I need someone who has a lot of answers? So far, I can say, she could be that person. Lets make a summary to the whole thing.

It's from her that I begin to think that, I should stop eating meat on Fridays again. I used to do it before, but stopped for a long time, after I began to not seeing how it can add up to my faith in God, etc. I also read that it's only compulsary for abstinent or fasting on meat on Ash Wednesday and Good Friday. The lady didn't particularly tell me anything about eating meat on Fridays, but then my instinct tells me that I SHOULD not. She told me the reason how she got the "ability to see things during her prayers" is because SHE PRAYS. Everyday she must pray 3 prayers; 1. Rosary, 2. Divine Mercy, 3. Seven Sorrows. And these big prayers have their own promises and she BELIEVES that she will get those rewards from her faith. She's been doing the daily prayers for years before she finally received the ability. She did mention that praying is not enough. Prayers must not be on the lips alone, but you must also be "The Doer Of The Word" (Pelaku Firman). So not just refraining from making sins, we must also SACRIFICE, or be willing to go through suffering in order to be following Him. Ah, you must think this is ridiculous. But when she mentions about how Jesus died on the cross for us, for our sins, then you know what she means by that. We also have our on CROSS in lives. CROSS is the suffering or difficulties in life that we have to carry on our shoulder. So the question is, will you carry the cross, with your faith in God still standing strong? Or will we give up on Him, thinking that He has abandoned us? All those things. Then this starts a lot of reflections that took place recently. So back to eating meat on Fridays, now you get what I mean? What do I do for God, daily? Do I pray day and night? I only pray every morning. The rest of the "talking" with God is not a proper prayer. In fact, I slip my praying times while I do things so I can do two things at once. Why is it so hard to even have a special time just for God? Knowing that I have not done much, I want to improve. Not eating meat on last Friday was a little struggle too, cos they were more meat options to cook than fish. Especially when I cook for other people too, I need to make them like the no-meat day from the dish that I cook. So that's the challenge. I did it last friday, but next friday, I must explain them why we SHOULD TRY to not eat meat on that day, because we are capable of so many things in life, and why not we sometimes do things with God as our intention. Let's try it!! It's so little compared to the things we ask Him daily, and He always listens. I guess God must feel so delighted to see that we might be a bunch of lost sheep who tried something to come home. You get what I mean.

And also, when I thought of some suffering that I went through, no matter through betrayal or through frustration, I suddenly give them "A NOD". I did not hate them that much anymore. I stop questioning God repeatedly WHY He let bad things happen to me despite asking for His blessings everyday. I know that the devil does his work everytime by reminding me "TO DOUBT" in God's love for me from all the past pain which wound still there. But suddenly I feel so relieved that those things happened to me cos I went through them and still my faith in God is unshaken. In fact, it's God that brings me up again. The more I ask for guidance, the more I realize that WHAT I WANT MIGHT LEAD ME THE WRONG WAY and thats why He has to let my heart break so I can fix that. These blessings in disguise, I KNEW IT :))

Lets unfold more things in the next post. Stay put, you guys. God bless. *winks


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