Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Interview Before New Year

This is a tag by Rungitom. Thanks for tagging ya. Here's the tag.

But before stepping into 2011, why don't you answer these simple interview questions?

1. Tell me what are the important events that happened to you in 2010?

a)  I made a drastic decision to change my office lot, and I moved for 2 times in months because I want the best spot and yes I settle with the best spot. *winks. The bionic side of me is really unleashed. Hahaha.The fact that I took the risk to shift from A to B, how can that not be memorable.

b) I finally registered account for my Facebook after trying to avoid doing it for almost 2 years!! And also started using Yahoo Messenger. Hahahaa. Whoa you have no idea how much difference these things bring to me life, not to mention the “headache. Hahaha. Kidding.

2.Your favorite hit song for 2010?

Whoa….imagine, it’s already 2010 and people are still producing great songs as if music has only been discovered recently! Hahaha. So much to mention, but the most current one that caught my ears is this Malay number “Kalau Cinta”…I like…it’s a very cute song…hehe. Oh, I put the song on top of my singingbox so I believe you are listening to the song as you read this. Haha

3. What is the thing that really made you happy this year?

That is year is still so much better than last year.

4. There are some regrettable experiences/choices you have made this year, what was it? Care to share?

I don’t like to REGRET anything. For me whatever choices or decisions I made, I took the risk and if things didn’t turn out well, that’s life and that’s a lesson learnt. But if you ask me if I took some bad choices or decisions this year, the answer is Of Course, but remember, I also took some really good decisions. *Grinzzz

5. Any 2010 New Year's resolution that you didn't achieved this year?

Even if Yes, that means 2011 holds so many mysteriously interesting unfold things for me…unachieved resolutions only make me grow impatient to start the New Year. 2011, here I come!

6. What are the strange things that unexpectedly happened to you in 2010?

My sense of fashion has plunged and luckily I am already in the process of lifting it back…*Lols

7. How about your attitude? Did it go more towards positivity or negativity?

This year is the year where I’ve been tested so many times if I really pass the art of positive thinking and luckily, it’s the positive thinking that has helped me so much. It could have been worse if it didn’t happen that way.

8. Will you miss 2010?

Apparently yes, but I’m not turning back. Make me miss you, 2010 but that’s all you can have from me. I will not ask to have you all over again. What’s done is done.

9. So what's your new year's resolution, or things that you want to achieve in 2011. Do you have any?

I want to be GREAT in EVERYTHING I do.

10. Tag 5 bloggers you think, will love to answer this simple interview. :)

I’m tagging my dear blogger friends who are also IRC chatters and also in my Facebook list
1. Lady of Liberty
2. Angelbear
3. Leomicky a.k.a ^Syaitan^
4. LadyKay
5. Wilder

Thanks for this tag because at least you make me start thinking and reflecting the year that I’m going to leave. *giggles.Well, lets hear from the rest of you. :)

*Lols. This is what I like so much about this Calvin...He's so full of himself. Very smart for a  "cartoon kid" like him. Hahahaa

Note: What to know more about my view about 2010 (which would get deeper even a bit on the private side...wait up the coming post(s))

Monday, December 27, 2010

Dealing With The Pinocchios

Whoa…don’t you like the name Pinocchio? Do you know the puppet kid, who was made from wood, wished to be a real boy. His wish was granted, but with one condition. Everytime he lies, his nose will grow longer. So you know, Pinocchio is just a perfect name to the LIARS out there. Oops…are you one?

Some people are just born to be LIARS. Lying is in their blood. In the other hand, the rest adapt to lying latter in their lives. Maybe they think that lying is “ a great adjustment” to make their lives easier and better. How easy it is to say anything that make people believe and get the benefit of their trust before they got caught lying. The truth will prevail eventually. No one can get away with lying. They are just lucky their noses don’t grow everytime they tell a lie. I mean, if they do...- IMAGINE that. 
We all lie at certain degree. It all comes back to the intention. If you lie about something but everyone will get the benefit in the end, maybe people can forgive you for lying. If you lie entirely for your own benefit and you don’t care what’s gonna happen to the people who buy your lies, DAMN…I don’t know what to say. Whether you lie to people when it comes to getting money, or get something for free, or even lie about your status, lie about many things that mislead other people into thinking that you’re someone else you are not – which eventually crush a heart, or put people in trouble after knowing the truth…Uh-Oh, You’re Guilty.

I tell you how I deal with Pinocchios. When we meet new people, there’s always a chance that he/she is one of those Pinocchios. Always leave a space for that possibility that you could be right. Always have a little doubt and suspicion but not to the extent that it stops you from being polite and professional in your work. You can “take the chance” – but small ones. If you gonna put some RM on the line, make sure it won’t make you kill someone if you lose it. Just to find out if this person really deserves your trust. That’s what I do. Sometimes I take a risk, and ready to be cheated or lied to – put something in line and then see what happens. I even did it to my customers who are sometimes “trying to act smart”. Making friends with me a little bit and then did one honest thing and thought they have my trust and used it right away by taking their orders without full payment, thinking that I would tolerate with them after they have been honest one time. They are wrong. I am always cautious. Eventhough I do feel silly sometimes that I give face to some potential liars, but to me it’s better to find out now than later. It saves me a lot of problems in the long run. If they cheated me RM100 for example, I just lost RM100 but they lost SO MUCH MORE than that. Look, who’s smarter here.

And hey, to all the girls. Worried that you are dealing with some serious-criminalized Pinocchios who put their heart and soul in their too-good-to-be-true lies just to get something from you? Learn some tips from the people who are much more experienced than us. The common lie is when guys tell you they have no one when they do have someone. They will lure you with all kinds of nice words or anything that can impress you. They even feed you with I Love You or You Are The Only One I Want To Be With and all the ridiculous stuff that has no truth value whatsoever. When justice takes its toll on them and you found out, they still will use their magic lines lifeline to tell more and more lies so they can still get the advantage of being in your life. What to do with these idiots? Oops…I mean Pinocchios. (Sounds better, right?) JUST LET THEM LIE!!! But this time, with your acknowledgement. It’s a big difference right there. Instead of being in a soap opera with “a puppet with a long nose”, now you become the spectator, enjoying “this puppet” fooling themselves. You see HOW FAR and HOW STUPID they can become with their words and their acts. See HOW MANY MORE LIES they can stand to tell. Come on, ladies. They cheated on you and you just gonna walk out empty-handed? Not without giving them a proper lesson. You gonna let them see HOW THEY GONNA SWALLOW BACK all the LIES. You ladies seen it with your own eyes, that guys would go extra miles just to get something from you, whether it’s your body, it’s money, it’s position or anything. The era has changed and they thought we ladies are still in the cave. In most cases, WE KNOW you guys are lying. You ask us why did we let you guys stay? I just gave you the answer. We want to see HOW SUPER-STUPID you guys can be, and behind that charms, you guys are NOTHING BUT LOSERS, pathetic ones. Trust me, with all the names you deserve to be called, you guys would eventually pick Pinocchio!! (*Lols)
Look…everybody makes mistakes. I lie too. I’m not an angel. The difference between me and the rest of the typical Pinocchios out there, I have a clear conscience of what’s wrong and right. I want to do what’s right. Lying is not gonna help my mission and if I still have to do it, I will make sure it won’t harm anyone but only make the situation better. I will not toy with people’s feelings just to get something. Trust me, if you do very serious lies and never learn from your mistakes, it will come back and haunt you. The most hurtful thing is when you lose someone’s trust. Even when you repent and ask for forgiveness, you would never get the same kind of trust anymore. It’s a total degradation to yourself.

Are you one of those Pinocchios? You won’t know that the one you are lying to actually know that you are lying, every words from your mouth are unreliable. She looks at you nothing more like A Wood Puppet. When the bomb explodes and you find out that actually everyone knows that you’re telling lies – this is the embarrassment that you gonna bring with you for the rest of your life. They let you lie to your maximum stupidity, and you still get nothing in the end because people have stopped listening to you and only wait the day to Swith off the button for you to stop and pick up your stupidity and leave. Not to mention how many curses and swears you receive even while you’re sleeping and how many opportunities will go away from you and how many friends you gonna lose. It’s just LYING. Why do you have to lose so much? Aha, that’s the crap of this whole thing. It’s just LYING. What’s so hard about NOT doing it? Don’t say I don’t warn you. *winks.

Note: Thanks to the creator of Pinocchio. At least I have a “polite” name to call the Liars. Hehehe. Erks… :P

Saturday, December 25, 2010

The Token of Chrismas

Last nite's Christmas Eve was well-spent. We could have done many things to fill the day. It's up to us really. All the years I kept questioning why my Christmas was never "that good". I remember writing a poem on that too. I kept looking for the "secrets" why my Christmas was never happier. I did everything to make it complete but I felt like it was never complete.

Last nite, I spent almost 5 hours at the church. Came very early to get the best seat and sat there entertaining my thoughts I remember the good moments when I felt like sitting quietly at the church was the most miraculous moment. Unfortunately, because I think I was still in "unstable state" of feelings and mind, I did not feel that moment. I kept looking around and reflecting what had happened that caused the rages inside me. It's like stepping on the ground but did not feel the ground at all. The Peace was not with me. That's the point. This is the most challenging situation that one can go through. The Enemy Within. Anyway, the choir at the church was Superb. Oh man, how I loved the spirit. They sang it from the heart. "Those who sing well, pray twice." May God bless each and everyone of the choir member who did a very fantastic job, making the nite so alive. It helped a lot. The most powerful line of the was "There's Nothing That God Cannot Do." Thanks a lot for such a wonderful mass. If I keep complaining about my Christmas that was never complete, Well, it won't make it better if I did not attend the Christmas Eve mass. Some people did not go thinking about the crowd and having to wait for hours if they come early, but I ask you again, you call yourself the faithful but you don't even want to make a little sacrifice for such an important date. Ask yourself that.

The mass ended about 11.30 PM so we only have 24 hours restaurant to pick. This was our late nite dinner. Hahaha.

And this was our Christmas black forest cake.

*giggles. Don't be surprised. I have received so many gifts in my life from expensive perfumes, to gold jewellery and even diamond, but my favourite gifts are the cute little ones like this. I likeeee...hehehehehe. Those who know will know what to buy for me...*Lols
This is my Christmas tree at the office. One of the 3 feet was lost, but using my creativity I still manage to make it stand. Hahahaha. I prefer the traditional tree better than new ones out there. I will not change this tree until it's broken or stolen or anything that makes me unable to use it. Hehehe.

One of the best songs for Christmas is Christmas Isn't Christmas Till It Happens In Your Heart. The song says it all. It's not the materials, it's not the rituals, but it's how much you understand the significance of this event and how much this event means to your life. If you can answer all that, congratulations, you are really celebrating Christmas in its purest meaning. One more thing...about me and my "never complete" Christmas...I'm not sure if I found the answer. I just thought of this last night. Maybe I shouldn't expect too much from Christmas. Maybe I just go ahead and enjoy it with the presence of my loved ones and still being able to spend time with them, seeing them healthy and count my every blessing. If I do it right, HOW ON EARTH that it doesn't make my Christmas complete. It even make my life complete. Praise be to God. Thanks for this gift of life. Halleluyah. :)

Friday, December 24, 2010

Do You Deserve The Gift From Santa?

It’s the 24th December 2010. I want to do a sharing that is useful to everyone who reads. Let’s do a little reflection…think for a second…don’t you wonder AS WHAT you are remembered by the people who know you? I mean, do they have something good in mind when they think of you, or is it the opposite? Think of all the good and bad things that you have done to this date, and do a rough estimation if the goods outweigh the bads or is it otherwise. In other words, if Santa were to give a present to all the good people, are you one of them?? Hahaha (I mean Ho ho ho ho..*Lols /me winks at Santa Claus…hahahaha)

One thing that I would like to share with all of you. It has something to do with “the world being round”. When you do something bad to someone, IT WILL COME BACK TO YOU. Do you guys believe that? If you think you are going to get away doing bad things to other people, today I tell you that you’re wrong. This friend’s experience really proves this. She owns a tailor shop as well as an institute. She knows this one guy for quite a while, who then became her customer. That time, the guy was as the peak of his career. He has big house and his business was running very well. He sent a few sets of cloths for his whole family’s baju Raya for that year which cost them around RM700 altogether on tailor service alone. The orders were too many so my friend and her workers had problem to finish them all on the expected time. The guy’s wife was furious because of the lateness, but they still received the clothes before Raya. My friend did all she could, even sent the clothes right on his doorstep on the night before Raya. Maybe because of the lateness, the guy and his wife got back to her. They took the clothes and never paid. Their excuse was – They did not wear the clothes for that Raya because they found out that most of the clothes have fitting problems. Maybe my friend did a mistake too because maybe she did not perform at her best in giving the customer the most satisfactory work. Maybe she failed in time management and others. What would you do if you were in the customer’s shoes? Would you just walk away without paying a penny? Or would you send back the clothes to her to mend so that your family and wear it for other occasion? The thing is, they just told my friend on the phone; about the problems of the clothes and never returned the clothes so my friend could have them fixed. As if they said it just as an excuse to not paying. They must remember something that my friend and her staff had poured their sweat and time to sew the clothes. Even if she failed to meet the expected time but the work was done. The customer was heartless enough to not even use the last bit of humanity to give justice to this matter. My friend recalled how rude she was treated when she sent the clothes at the doorstep. They did not even invite her to come in and the guy just grabbed the clothes at the gate and went in. My friend wouldn’t forget the selfish looks in the couple’s faces. She told me, “It’s okay. God is fair.” Who would have guessed that something untoward happened to the guy’s business months after that. His business collapsed because of some problems and he had to start from the bottom again. The guy even went to me asking information about certain things where he could get opportunities and bargain to start all over again. I was so freaking amazed of HOW his misconduct got back to him. He even went to see my friend back, giving totally the opposite look from his selfishness last time. My friend never spoke about the payment again and the guy said “sorry” for everything and blamed it on his wife and still did nothing to make up the unfinished deal. The next time my friend came to me again, she said this, “See that? I told you God is fair.” I’m still amazed. God shows us in so many ways that we often get back what we do unto others, just in a different form. Maybe most of you call this as Karma but I prefer to give the focus on “What you give, you get back.” Think again when you want to do something evil towards anybody. Just when you think you are living a good life, you think you can look down on others. Everything you have comes from God, so God can take it back anytime He wants.

Reflect what you have done this year so far. As for me, I think I have been in good control of “the outcome” that I bring to other people. I do remember that I sometimes reacted too emotional and maybe hurt some hearts especially my family, but thank God they understand me enough to cope with me. As the person of my job, I did the best for my customers. I recall making many of them so happy with the result of my work and I recall most of them are happy paying the price my work cost them. Of course, there is still room for improvement and that’s my job to perform even better next year. One thing for sure, I keep good hold of MY INTENTIONS this year. In whatever that I do, I always wish good things for people. I keep very little jealousy inside me and I do sincerely want to see people have their good lives because it makes me feel good too. I find that as a very good improvement in myself this year. Yes, I still have weaknesses. I still made some wrong decisions. I still picked the wrong people to get close with. At least I have learnt something and move on. I am just a human being who is trying to do her best. Now that I am reminded that if I do bad things to people, it will hunt me back – so I don’t have any excuse to do bad deeds to people. But to the people who do bad deeds to me, I always have my way to teach you back. My concept is simple. If I can’t be nice to you, I will ignore you rather than making you my enemy. I take it as my weakness that I am unable to please everyone. I’m doing my part to contribute to a peaceful community. If we can’t be friends, lets not be enemies. Psstt…in most cases, Yes we can be friends. *giggles.
So Santa, do I deserve a gift? Hehehe. Well, tell you what, just drop me a little note that “Santa was here” or something, at least there’s a possibility next year I might get myself a little gift. *giggles. I think I am more of a good person, but usually it’s my grumpiness and my mood swing that sometimes make it difficult for people to cope with me. I don’t know why I think, “geez…I can handle that”. :) Trust me I’ll do much better next year. I’ve learnt A LOT this year. I’m going to make another post before New Year, so you guys know WHY I think this year is Very interesting to me. You people have a good time, ok. Remember that Christmas isn’t Christmas, till it happens in your heart. God Bless Everyone. Halleluyah. :)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

4 Days To Christmas And I'm Still My Biggest Obstacle

I just woke up a few minutes ago. It's 2.40 AM now. I took a nap hours ago because I was so tired. When I got up, I felt quite bad that I wasted my hours just like that. I could have used it to do a lot of stuff like updating my blog and do other urgent work that is needed by 9.30 AM this morning. Oh man, I'm pretty messed up. What's wrong with me?

My emotion is still so unstable, even how much I tried to deny it. This mind disruption isn't fake and isn't simple. I tried to hide it under my "art of positive thinking" and all of the other theories that I have learnt my whole life, but STILL...something is really messing up my mind. So this is it, right? I imagine a few years ago, when I was praying to God for my future and what I want to achieve in life...I thought I heard a little voice. Whether it came from my own mind, or maybe it came from God. I just didn't know. It said this..."256,I will give you the way to achieve your dreams. I will be by your side. I will help and support you.  Obstacles may come your way every now and then but you can manage it all. All the solutions are within you. The thing is, THE HARDEST of them all is the obstacles that come FROM YOU. YOU are your biggest OBSTACLE."

I must be kidding to be thinking that the biggest obstacle, is...What?? ME??. How can that be? Does that mean that my biggest obstacle is "that simple"? I mean, how hard can "ME" be? I could handle that, for sure!! The things that come from outside can be so cruel but still ME is my biggest obstacle? Oh come on. Of course I can handle it. Piece of cake!!

If so, then EXPLAIN to me why I can't even define what I'm going through now!! I could handle problems in my life. I could handle a lot of things in my life. But my mind is all messed up and I could not see where the root of the problem. All the disappointments, all the unmet expectations and other things that I could not name - are sucking up my energy. I become so helpless and powerless. Now it's 4 days to Christmas, and I'm still crawling in the dark. I felt like I'm losing myself, my direction - although again and again I have found it but how easily that I lost it back. What's wrong with me?

Maybe the voice is right. I AM MY BIGGEST OBSTACLE. Some people might recognize my strong points. Some people might like my appearance. Some people might like my hair or how I dress. I remember the event last weekend where I met many new people, some of them really looked up to me. They wanted to be around me and they wanted to mix up more with me maybe because I could be fun to be around with. Although I didn't attract everyone to do and feel the same, but some who felt that way, felt it for real. I remember one of this lady, who was a few years my senior, but a much more experienced and a successful busineswoman, said to me jokingly. "You seem to have a lot of attraction when these people keep gluing to you." I laughed although I was puzzled why she said that. It doesn't matter. What important is I know that people see something in me. People see some shining qualities in me. But ask me, at this moment, I COULD NOT SEE ANYTHING about me. I'm feeling so pity with myself instead. WHY?? WHY???? Can anybody explain to me??

I have to stop this because I need to do some work. It's 3.07 in the morning. I better get going. It's 4 days to Christmas and I'm still doing soul searching like I did all the years when I was still nowhere. Now that I have gotten good grab of my life, how easy to lose it back. NOW I KNOW. This is why I AM MY BIGGEST OBSTACLE. I am my own worst enemy. I can understand it. I close my the eyes of my heart to my own advantages. All I see are my weaknesses. No wonder. No wonder I am my biggest obstacle.

I don't believe I can't handle this. I WILL HANDLE THIS. I WILL.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Best Quote of Yesterday: “Tuhan Pandai Kesian Sama Kita”

There’s this one pondan working at the saloon nearby. This pondan is 20 years old and he’s quite good looking even if he chooses to stay a normal guy. He doesn’t groom or dress up that much like a woman unlike some other pondan but his “gender crises” is shown from the way he walks and talks. The fact that he’s a pondan, he’s not ashamed of it. He’s very open and I can see that he has learnt a great deal from life even at that age. He’s one among the Filipinos crowd in my area and he still has his accent and even his Malay is still quite rusty but good enough to communicate with the locals. He’s alone in Sabah and his family is still at the hometown.

Yesterday, he came to my place and had a chit chat. I asked him about his boss, his customers and others. He told me his job is not easy, especially when he has to deal with his boss who is always busy. The last 2 months were challenging for him because the boss didn’t show up and pay his salary. The next thing he learnt was the boss was undergoing treatment for an early detection of a serious disease. He said he never complained or trying to turn his back on his boss although it was tough when the boss did not call or SMS him during the 2 months. He never missed one day from operating the saloon. He opens everyday, no off day and he comes early and comes back late. Any hairstylist won’t want to do that for the boss. Any hairstylist would want to move out and look for a new job at a different saloon especially when the pay is very low and not even the standard pay for a hairstylist. I asked him if he doesn’t want to look for another saloon that can offer him better pay. He told me, “I won’t do that. I pity my boss. She needs me.”

“Kalau sikit susah sudah mau pindah tempat kerja sampai bila pun tidak akan berhenti. Nanti rezeki pun tidak pandai tetap sebab akan ikut mcm kita juga yang tidak tetap pendirian. Kita kena sabar, kena ikhlas kalau bekerja dan jujur walaupun tidak dihargai dan tiada org puji. Aku pasti Tuhan Pandai Kesian Sama Kita juga. Kalau kita susah sekarang pasti dia akan beri rezeki juga dengan kita kalau kita tidak putus asa.”

As he was saying that, I was a bit startled. I could not believe that he could say all that which actually knocked some senses into me too. I really like the part when he said “Tuhan Pandai Kesian Sama Kita”, which I think is a very powerful line for those who feel like they come to the end of their battle. It happens all the time. They think that when life is treating them unfairly, it’s time to call it a quit. He’s right about another thing. When you quit a battle, you’ll move into another and another battle. Life is always about battles. It’s ongoing as long as you’re still alive. If you avoid one battle, it’s still a new battle that you step into. So don’t think by quitting something, you’ll not gonna deal with a new battle. If you keep quitting, when will it end? The challenge is to tackle this battle in hand before you move to another and another and NEVER BE A QUITTER. God will give mercy to those who don’t give up. I believe in that :)

Monday, December 13, 2010

"He's Stealing My Wife!"

A filed a case against C, for seducing B, with the intention of having sexual intercourse with her at Plaza Condominium, Jalan Wan Kadir, Taman Tun Dr Ismail in Kuala Lumpur, between July 2007 and September 2008.

"I was shocked to see Darren Choy arriving with Daphne because I was not told about the man (Darren).

"I was also shocked to see Darren Choy's right hand on her shoulder and kissing her on the left cheek, very close to the ear," said Chong, who is the first prosecution witness in the case, in the proceedings before Magistrate Engku Ahmad Rashdi Engku Abdillah.

This is a very rare case. Usually we hear the cases where 2 women argue over a man, leaving the man looking innocent. This time it's TOTALLY the opposite. A is Ryan Chong, B is Daphne Iking and C is Darren Choy. When this happened, Ryan was Daphne's husband. Now they already got divorced.
C (Darren) faces a maximum jail term of two years, or fine, or both, if convicted. The case is being heard under Section 498 of the Penal Code (Enticing or taking away or detaining with a criminal intent a married woman). (This is the first time that I hear something like this goes to court!)

A (Ryan) said, "I do not want to see him (Darren) use his position as Adidas managing director to seduce Daphne and ruin my entire life."

C (Darren) said, "“I am not rich enough to ‘entice’ her with diamonds and pearls, and other finer things in life. Besides, I don’t think she will fall for that kind of trick, since as I have said before, she’s smart,” said Choy, adding that he has known her for three years.

The most interesting part is when B (Daphne) said, “This is not my case. It’s funny, my name is associated with the case, but I have got nothing to do with it and, therefore, I will not be present at any of the hearings,” she was quoted as saying in media reports.

Since Ryan is now divorced with Daphne, this is like a revenge towards Darren and he's going to get him to hurt his ego as Daphne's husband at the time the "crime" took place. Well...just wait and see how this case goes.

Maybe you men would not think twice before you make any instances towards someone's woman. A lesson to learn :)

"Leave That Man, I Dare You!!" : Part II

Yes I am very furious when I write this. I am very mad at how this world has to toy with us. And I hate how helpless we are because we can only stand to become A VICTIM and we can’t even fight this flow. FUCK OFF!!! Who said we can’t? I’d say FUCK YOU to all the people who says “I’m not guilty. I’m just a victim.” When you find out that you’re wrecking a marriage, I DARE YOU TO STOP IT, you idiot!!!! I’m talking about a peaceful marriage that goes shaky only when you start to come in the picture. When you know a man is taken, STOP IT and don’t go ahead with whatever angelic agenda that you have cos there’s nothing angelic in you when you start to ruin an institution. YOU JUST A DEVIL IN ITS WORST FORM, that even Lucifer is only your number two. I tell you why. You are given so much blessing, women. You are given a beauty that are appreciated by others, and then you are given the brain to think what’s good what’s not. And I tell you what else. YOU ARE GIVEN sensitivity of a woman that God gives ONLY TO WOMEN, when you can easily feel the pain of others and you can easily feel compassion towards others. You would save a kitten from getting drown or you would save the helpless little puppy from getting run by a car – YES, WE WOMEN WOULD DO THIS because of the blessing that God gives us. We have A HEART that feels MORE. The men ARE NOTHING without us. Now you tell me how do you use your gifts. I don’t blame you for looking for love. You only want to look for the man that God made for you.

That’s why I’m writing this post to cry out to all the ladies out there. I heard a lot of cases of broken marriage because of the 3rd person. I feel so sad. I feel soo soo sad. Although most of these people don’t even know me, but I feel sorry for them. A friend was divorced by her husband of 10 years. One day she’s the queen, the next day she’s just a garbage. I know that a problem in a marriage is not as simple as we look at it. Problems in marriage can get very complicated that only the 2 people know about it. I cry out that LETS NOT BE THE REASON why 2 people, who are once in love, separate and lead each other’s way. LETS NOT BE THE REASON WHY the sacred vows before God are broken and violated. I BEG YOU, ladies. Just forgive these men for being an asshole once. After you find out that he’s been lying to you and still carry on with him and let him leave his woman, you’re opening a firehole for yourself, ladies. THIS MAN IS NOT WORTH IT. If he does something like that to his woman, he would do something even more horrible to you because you ALLOW HIM to continue to be that asshole. You get me?

I’m using this approach because I want you ladies to start looking at this in a bigger picture. Yes, your dream might be crushed if you leave him, but if you don’t, you crush so many dreams that happen before you come. It’s not worth it. People have gone through so much to still be together and you come as a poison and make another lady turned into a rubbish to the man who promised her the world. If you think that the other lady is just no one for you to do this favour to, THIS IS NOT ABOUT THE OTHER LADY. This is about your integrity as a human being. God will repay you if you do your part to preserve a good element that we still have on this earth. YOU CAN’T RUIN THEIR MARRIAGE. They are many ladies out there who are wetting their pillow with tears every night because of what you did. This is not how you prove “how dangerous” you are. INSTEAD, you should be STRONG ENOUGH to walk out from a man’s life to teach him the lesson that he should never betray his woman. If you can do that, that’s DANGEROUS. THAT’S HOT. THAT’S BEAUTIFUL. THAT’S POWERFUL. Then only I can say you’re using your assets the right way.

How many of you who are still contemplating of what to do when you find yourself trapped between two people who are tied with marriage vows. You take this post as a motivation. Yes I know it hurts so deeply. I know that you would even cry to sleep and cry again when you wake up. I know the pain is so real if you start to love the man. TRY to imagine this. WHAT IF you are in the lady’s place, whose man is stolen by someone else, who is in your place now? Imagine your hopes are destroyed in a glimpse of eyes. Just the thought of it makes your breath run short, right? STOP IT. It’s time to do something good. TRUST ME GOD will repay you and give you back something much better than what you have let go.

THIS LIFE is just a playground, people. Imagine that. God wants to see who can stay righteous and correct their ways. Or maybe if you’re selfish enough, don’t need to think about others. Just think that you want to do the right thing. I don’t want to scare you with Karma because that shouldn’t be the reason why you do good things. You do good things because of the sake of the goodness itself. Who cares about KARMA. What I believe is when you are good, you will get a reward from your Creator.

LADIES, WE ARE NOT A HOME-WRECKER. We are honourable ladies who do the right thing. We have education. We have religion. We DON’T break people’s marriage. I’m sure when you get married one day, you don’t want that to happen to you too. Let’s do the right thing. THANKS.

NOTE: Sorry for my bad language in this post. To be honest with you guys, I’ve been in the position to be a home-wrecker to some marriage. I feel sorry for the ladies affected and I feel it even more when my own friends experience it. I corrected my ways before it’s too late. I see that men can be loyal but they still pick to be disloyal when they find another lady who is willing to be the partner in crime. They are victimizing you, don’t you know it? Don’t let them make a fool of yourself. If the men need some lesson, go ahead and teach them. Anyway, in certain cases, yes, some marriages are bound to end because of so many problems. I believe that destiny has a way of making you guys be together eventually, in a proper way. Just don’t go ruin the marriage and create a make believe destiny on another lady’s grievance. And to the MEN who think with their dicks…I have a message for you guys. You guys can never take advantage of us. We have a way of teaching you how to put the brain back to where it belongs. MEND YOUR WAYS before it’s too late.

"Leave That Man, I Dare You!!" : Part I

This is a WAKE UP CALL to all the dangerous ladies out there.

Warning: Bad language and vulgarity are switched on in this post. Matured adults only pls.

I use this word “dangerous” to describe how much ordeal you can bring others just by being who you are, doing what you do.

In the midst of us celebrating our womanly freedom of knowing what we want, doing what we like and going after our goals, LET’S NOT FORGET how many people that would get hurt in the process. Do you want to build your glory stepping on the back of innocent people? Ask yourself that. If you don’t have a heart, you can stop reading now. This post is not for you.

For the rest of you, listen up. Just because you are single, attractive, powerful and whatever you want to add to that list, it doesn’t give you the right to use these advantages to ruin another woman’s life. Yes, you hear me.

I have written about Triangle Love before. I backed up for 3rd person, saying that she who comes the second in the man’s life, not necessarily the bad one. Look, no correction for that. But I have something to add. When I write that, it doesn’t mean that you can just interrupt in other people’s good relationship thinking that “oh 256 said the 3rd person is not that guilty.” Wrong. I have to give a different emphasize this time. THE MEN.

MEN are VERY WEAK creatures. Ouch? Yes you heard me. It takes a lot of guts for me to write that because that also means that I dedicate a disgrace to all the men in my life. I tell you why they are weak. Maybe because God gives them physical strength, He gives them something to balance that. They have one weakness that could RUIN IT ALL. Their weakness is when their brains can easily change hands. From inside the head to inside the pants. This…my dear friends, is MEN’s biggest weakness, apart from their shortcomings whether it’s from their habits or attitudes. They ALL share the same trait. I’m sorry. I’m highlighting this is because this trait is the reason WHY you dangerous lady can become the most wanted criminal on earth. 

You know they are weak. They can say one promise to the woman they love and simply forget about it when they meet you the next day. That’s not bad enough. Men can even forget the freaking 10-20 years of marriage, with the women they walked the aisle with, just as simple as meeting one dangerous lady that turns all the right buttons on him, that makes the brain dislocated from the head to the pants. When men start to think with their dicks, this is what happens. They forget the people who sacrifice for them. They forget all their promises. Hell, they even forget their wives’ names. When all this stupidity takes place, ask yourself, do you want to be the cause of this? Ladies, what are you trying to prove? That you’re hot? That you’re freaking irresistible? That you can turn a good man into bad by manipulating his biggest weakness? WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO PROVE??? DO YOU EVEN KNOW???

When this “tragedy” happens, maybe it’s a new chapter for you. A new man, with some criteria that you are looking for. Yeah, he might be that hot to you. When you make your move, what do you expect? Do you expect that he would turn his back and say No Thanks to you? When you use your most dangerous weapon on him, what do you expect? Knowing that he’s already “the weakest creature” on this planet, hell, I bet he forgot that the word No does exist. I bet that he will forget that he has a woman who is dedicating her life to him. He simply forgets about it when he’s with you. He starts to build new promises around you, and forgot that he said the same thing to the lady who is waiting for him at home. By saying those promises to you, already nullifies his promises to his lady that “You’re the only one I love for the rest of my life.” So what do you expect? That he will keep those promises to you when he already fails the woman who has more rights on him? At the early stage, the men would LIE to you that they actually have someone who comes before you. They make you believe that you’re free to come into their life and be their queen. Yeah, what do you expect from this weakest creature? The Truth? Gotta be kidding me. Not when the brain got dislocated, okay?

When you make a man forget his sanity and let him ruled by lust, Viola, you just turned a good man into a demon. Not only you make him cheat his woman, but you also allow yourself to be the victim and the subject of one man’s sin and infidelity. Depending on your agenda, if you’re trying to prove how hot you are, YES YOU ARE HOT, but sorry, that doesn’t bring you to heaven. Not when you are using yourself to turn someone’s life upside down. Maybe most of you don’t know that you become another lady’s home-wrecker until it’s too late. So, are you just plain hot, but brainless? When you trust men so easily like that, when you swallow everything he said and then later on found out that he lied about almost everything, you thought you had right to fight. You want to make the men responsible for their promises for making you believe that you are the only one who he loves. So when you find out that there’s another woman who is already in his life and you are only the second, you start showing your POWER of “Who’s more dangerous, Me or You? I can make him leave you!!!” and there goes 2 women fighting over A PIECE OF DICK “He’s Mine!!” SHUT THE FUCK UP YOU WOMEN!!

To be continued in Part II

Yes To Condom, No To Aids

Saturday, December 11, 2010

The RM2 That I Still Owe Her

I remember that my goodfriend bought something through me and I had to pass the thing to her in such a rush. It was just a brief meeting at a handbag shop when she paid me the price of the goods. I still needed to give her back RM2 but I didn’t have the change. I told her, “I’ll pay you the balance through credit transfer.” I did try to transfer credit to her Celcom but rejected. I forgot that she has changed her Celcom prepaid into postpaid so I could not transfer credit to her Celcom. Her second line is Maxis. Maxis is new to me so I don’t know how to do the credit transfer. I did try to find out and I read from the internet that Maxis transfer is only for minimum RM5. I was stuck for a while and did not attend the RM2-matter for quite a while. Hehe.

The next time it was holiday again, my friend came home. She’s working at a remote district so we only have holidays to meet. I remember we hanged out at Kenny Rogers and chatted for hours. After we got done, the bill sent and my friend said, “It’s okay, it’s all on me.” So the meal cost her around RM28 per person and she was paying for everyone that time. Our tradition is we don’t usually pay for other’s food. We usually Go Dutch; everyone’s pay their own meal. It’s just that occasionally someone offers to pay so she pays. After our hangout session that time, I went home and then I remembered about the balance RM2 that I still owed her months ago. I SMS her and said, "Eh about the RM2, can I just pay it cash next time we meet? I don’t think I can transfer it using Maxis credit. (*Lols) She replied, “Okay, anytime.”

The thing is, we have not met yet since then. I still owe her RM2. Hahahaha. I know you might think this is funny. I mean, she could pay for my meal that cost her RM28, why don’t I just forget about the RM2, right? Hahaha. Or maybe you guys think that my friend must be stingy for still expecting me to pay the RM2. No No. To me we are both being very professional. When it comes to work or business deals, it’s a different thing. She could buy me a gift or pay for my meal, but that’s another thing. So this is what we mean when we say that Business is business. My friend uses exactly the same concept.

So when we have this kind of understanding, we will never backbite our friends because of money. We know our responsibility and we don’t demand or expect more than what’s necessary. In normal situation, we would just forget about the RM2. In this case, none of us feel the need to forget about the RM2. It’s just part of our professionalism. Yeah, I feel quite funny too but RM2 might sound just like a small amount of money, but it has trust, it has mutual deal, it has honesty and integrity. It’s because the amount is too little is how people can see how righteous you are in doing your job. No kidding. It’s just a test of integrity. Yes, RM2. Not expensive, right? So debt is debt. Pay it :)

How Much Cleavage Means To A Woman

I remember years ago when I took this picture, me wearing a low cut blouse and the pose actually showed my cleavage. The first time my bf that time saw the pic, what do you think? He was furious because, according to him- the pic was “too much” for others to see. I was so shocked to know his reaction. Seriously, the pic was innocent!! Maybe I ducked down a bit that accidentally showed my chest area a little bit more and I never really noticed the cleavage thing. I thought that it was normal and it was as natural as can be. Of course, maybe because of the blouse, it bares a bit more on the chest but it’s not even sexy at all. It’s just normal. I realize that after the bad commentary on the picture, I started to study the pic myself. The Cleavage. I never thought seriously about cleavage. I mean, that time I was younger than 20 years old and maybe I was still not that aware of the womanly features that are very visible to the men. It took a while for me to know that not all women have visible cleavage and actually cleavage is something that most women want. Ouch. 

I saw this clip shared by a friend in Facebook about how to make the cleavage more visible. The trick is from the type of bra and clothes, and how the person put something to add to inside the bra so if it create the effect of cleavage in the middle. More and more I realize that a lot of women out there think that cleavage is some kind of womanly attraction and they are all craving to get the bustier and clearer cleavage. Gosh. Maybe I am one of those women who don’t have issue with this because we are blessed with “the right size of assets” (*lols) that would make the cleavage so effortlessly visible but still, in the early days when I was still in my early teen, I thought that my visible breast was embarrassing because they tend to show when I wear medium size t-shirt that looks okay on others who are flat-chested. Trust me it disturbed me a lot because I used to feel so embarrassed of the breast back then. I always envy my friends who could wear anything and no visible “peaks” on their chest. Hahahaha. Omg, I’m serious!

Until I become an adult then I start to appreciate my body. I thought that it’s okay to wear a fitted blouse and it’s okay to show a little bit of the cleavage and I don’t feel that embarrassed anymore. I could just appear confidently at a function wearing a bit of chest revealing clothes because grown up people don’t see that as something indecent or too revealing. Instead, it’s just the womanly feature that women should be grateful about. I guess, we have to look at other people too, to see what they are lacking in, to appreciate more of what we have. People even go under the knife just to get a bigger and fuller breast. Sometimes we need to see these women before we could feel grateful of what we have. Sometimes it works that way.

Women, learn to love yourselves more. We are wonderful creatures that God created. Men would lose their reason to live if we are not around so it doesn’t matter if you are a big fan of  cleavage and bigger breast, just don’t forget the things that you already have. Sometimes we can’t see it because we are too busy looking at the things we don’t have. Love yourself. Love your body. Never waste every gift that we have okay. So much for the physical appearance, true beauty still comes from within. Good luck, ladies. 

NOTE: I smile when I found back the picture with the cleavage. Especially the part when my ex asked me to never wear that blouse again especially when I go out. Guys...guys...chill up. It's like when you men wear swimming trunk. Don't you think it's revealing? But you don't think you do it's on purpose right? Now you're thinking. Hahaha.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

What's With Fasha's Pose?

What do you think of the pose?

It's a cover of the latest edition for Hai Magazine and it's showed in every gossip blogs that I visited. Most of the bloggers refer this picture to be Wow! but no offense...nothing against Fasha but I think the pose sucks. It looks so amateur and no elegance at all. It's the kind of "one of the candids" that surprisingly picked by the editor to be the cover. Ouch? I mean... What??

Oh yeah...anyway thanks for reminding me about one of the many  topics that I hold until I really have the time to blog "seriously" - that is the topic about Women and Their Cleavage. The pose by Fasha definitely reminds me of that topic. Again, don't you agree with me that the pose by Fasha is overrated? Even the way her cleavage shown in the picture is also not sophisticated at all. I mean, I appreciate beauty in other women too. I really do. Fasha is like one of the loveliest figures in the local scene and although her reputation was tarnished quite a few times (a marriage wrecker to Nora Danish's marriage is one of them; Okay thanks again...another topic I hold to write about is Home-wreckers....wait up) but I could not deny that she is very lovely. But this pose doesn't do her justice. 

I'm sure they shot many more beautiful poses, apart from this photo they picked as a cover. Ouch, such a waste. Nevermind. The good thing is, you could find all the better poses inside the magazine cos there's No Way any the rest could be worse than this. *giggles. Don't worry Fasha...the pose sucks but you're still lovely. Hehe.

I did a lot of funny poses too so this is nothing new. It's just if you're Fasha Sandha, people will talk. And this time is my turn to talk because I totally disagree when I read the comments on the blog, as if this is one of the best poses Fasha did so far. Oh come on. *Lols. As a matter of fact, if I were Fasha, I would get mad and a bit embarrassed when I find out they pick this one. I mean, What? That's one of the reject, are you kidding me? Hahahahaha.

Note: Okay, that's just my eyes. Have it your way. *giggles.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Pen, A Calculator & A Box of Ferrero Rocher

I have an empty mind when I start writing this post. I just happened to open my box of Ferrero Rocher as I am doing some accounts work so I decided to snap a picture. Totally nothing in mind to write about.

Maybe I just chat a little bit so you guys have something to read. I have loadsa things to blog about just that I could not find the quality time to do that yet. I have a few undone works that will get myself in trouble if I don't finish them and until that happens, I don't feel right to indulge myself in blogging. I'm yet to make a new theme for my blog...and I've been delaying it since last month but now I won't make any excuses anymore. I MUST and I MUST make a new Christmas theme for my blog.

Yes, we all have 24 hours a day. Never blame the time for having only 24 hours. Humans are insatiable. They are never enough of things. Well, you can do that if you don't have enough money. Look for more. Earn more. Work harder. But never complain about the 24 hours. It's whether you use the time wisely, or you screw yourself up by having many undone works and who knows what troubles you gonna land yourself in.

My dear readers...if I were to wrte something now, I'd write this. Now it's December already. I WON'T leave this year insignificantly. I am forbidden to do that. This year has been VERY INTERESTING to me and I have a lot of things to be thankful for. Last year was disastrous. I could not walk in another year and be having all the great experiences just to leave it like I had another disastrous year. I must make a good finale for this year's episode. No...I'm not going to write everything yet. I'm saving many things to write about the summary of this, and on why I say it's an interesting year. I will write that when it's coming closer towards the end of this year. I still have like 22 days to experience great things. I want the time to go very slow. Let me do my things. Let me settle my works. Let me fix my disturbed mind. Let me gain back my composure. Seriously, there have been years when I feel like I was at my best. 2010 is not one of those years. In fact, I thought that I lost my fashion sense. I don't enjoy grooming and dressing up as much anymore. The reason for this is because I think I have far better missions that even grooming can wait. The most I did was getting my hair curled months ago and that's all. Maybe that's the reason why I feel that I need so much spirit to lift myself back up. I don't care if people have reached the moon and I'm still crawling on the ground looking for a steady rock. What I know is I think I'm just at least one level down than what I have once achieved and I need to step up 2 levels or more to be better than who I have ever become. This is a personal mission.

I realize that until this day, I am still learning about myself. "Who is that person in the mirror? Do I know her?" Apparently, I don't really know her that much. Day to day I am "looking" at myself, the way I react towards my surrounding, the way my thoughts go when I'm faced with situations, Gosh...I almost welcome myself to a new person. I almost feel like I don't know so much about me. I CAN'T walk another year being unconscious about who the person that my soul is wearing now. No more "a walk with stranger" said my soul. I must know this body I'm wearing.

I think I better get going. I have my work waiting on the table. I have eaten one ball of the choc and seriously, I don't think I adore Ferrero Rocher as much as some people. I bet that maybe most of them only like this choc because they thought other people like it too. They only want to be "one of them". I don't care if Ferrero Rocher is handmade chocs made with precision and all that. I just think that it's a biscuit filled with chocs instead of chocs wrapped in biscuit. Hahahahahaha. Do you know what that means? I AM NOT A FOLLOWER. I won't like something just because people like it. At least that is still the 256 I know. *Pheww... hahahahaa.

Take care peeps. We'll see each other again in the next post. Muahsss... sayang kamu.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Our Christmas Tree for 2010

This Christmas tree almost doesn't look like a Christmas tree because it's filled with pink flowers (which is always Christmas flowers) and the specialty of this tree is it has built in light and it can rotate 360 degree when you plug it in. I actually prefer the traditional one (which I still have in my office) but as long as there's a new tree in the house every Christmas, should be okay with my family. Actually it's been 3 Christmas that my sister always wants a new tree at the house so if we take out all the trees that we have collected so far, the house would be messy. Hahahaha.

Yes, unless you think I forgot. Christmas is not about the trees, not about new shoes and clothes and not about joyful Christmas songs and all that...Yes I know. But in this era, sometimes you have to look at your surrounding and follow the flow and just have fun with it. The real Christmas happens in the heart. It's between you and God. No question about that.

Anyway there's nothing wrong in all the hype of buying new things for Christmas as long as it is within our means. It's Christmas time. We do our ways to get in the mood. Whether you think you want to show off or just for your own pleasure, just do whatever you want as long as it makes you happy and it doesn't bother other people. Just do it your way. What matters is your intention. If you have a good heart, everything else should be in place.

Christmas season brings a lot of wonderful feelings to me. I want to do it differently this year. I take it easy and just Enjoy Life. Lord, Thanks for this gift of life! Halleluyah. :)

Note: Christmas theme for my blog is coming up soon!

My Christmas Shoes

I pick this pair of shoes to be my Christmas shoes this year. It's moderate but it's cute. Now I have to find my Christmas clothes to match this. Hahahahaa. That's the thrill of hunting for the match. Let's do it. Hehehe

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Telling The Truth Is Not Just About The Truth

There’s a lady friend who is problematic in her monetary reputation. She has bad records everywhere. Recently she applied for a business loan from this certain department, whose staff are mostly my friends. Even the boss is my goodfriend. The thing about the lady is that SHE LIED about her financial situation. She told the officer that she has no unsettled loans and debts. As a matter of fact, if she has clear payment record, she could get through the first loan that she applied. Since her application was rejected 2 times by different banks then only she came to the department to try out her luck. So what do you think? Do you think she should act innocent and claim that she has no bad debt record? I know that she only wants to give a good impression to the officer because she could not fail this last chance to get a loan.

Unfortunately, she picked the wrong people to mess with. The department has links with the officers from other banks where her application has already been rejected so they actually “whispering” to one another about her and said, “Don’t approve her. She has bad records.” The officer in charged came to meet me and asked again about that particular lady since they know that I also know the lady even just an a normal friend. I know a lot about the lady’s reputation. She has problems with her work ethics and money handling. Although this doesn’t mean that she’s a bad person; considering that she has 6 kids to feed, just that the biggest mistake that she did is SHE LIED. I could not help her when she could not even say the truth. I could not side her when I know that the officer could find out the truth from CTOS. When you speak of a applying for a loan where all your monetory activities are their main concern, you could not LIE about things that you can get caught red-handed! You understand me?

They checked with CTOS and there goes all the bad records. They gave her another chance. They did the second interview. They asked again, “Did you ever get any loan from any other departments of banks or any unsettled debts with your purchases in the past?” She said it straight and firmly, “NO”. What do you expect now? The officer already knows the TRUTH here. They don’t ask because they want to know the TRUTH. What the want is YOU speaking the TRUTH and not hiding your details because as a human, they have compassions too, they know the lady is in need of extra fund and they would want to help her too but SHE CAN’T EVEN TELL THE TRUTH. This means that “her inability to speak the truth” has now interrupted their personal evaluation about her attitudes as a person, which then giving them the idea that she is not going to settle the loan that she’s applying for and this is EVERYTHING that they need to know. I can’t help her.

The next time the lady came to have a chit chat with me and we spoke about the loan, she told me that the officers shouldn’t ask her all the personal questions such as “Did you ever borrow money from loan shark?” and others and for that she thought that she was not obliged to answer them correctly. I know that she lied about many other things because she thought that if she said the truth, she’ll definitely fail. TELLING LIES won’t make things better. It only destroy the last remaining pieces of humanity compassion in the people who want to help you. So next time when you want to lie again, make sure you know what you put on the line. And make sure you don’t mind losing them. Cos as history proves it, Telling the truth is not just about people wanting to know the truth, it’s also a virtue that can tell so much about your personality and attitudes. Sometimes people just ask for fun just to know if you can simply admit it and when you keep twisting the truth, imagine that you’re just like a clown who is doing some funny acts which make people desperately want to laugh because when you are caught with one lie, the rest of the things that you say mean nothing to them. So be careful with your lying creativity. Don’t ruin your reputation. A single lie is all it takes. Good luck!

Your SoulMate: Your Decision Or God's?

When you read the topic, I do not mean to question that God holds the full power of the existence of human being. Regardless our religious beliefs, people still come up with 2 theories. They start to incorporate logic in their view about soulmate. Does soulmate is the person that God made for you? If you get married to the person, does that mean the person is your soulmate? And if yes, why the divorce rate is skyrocketing year to year? This is not the first time I talk about this topic. I would like to add new content so that you can have the opinion of your own.

If soulmate is something that is made for you, does that mean you don’t have to look around cos the person will look for you? But in most cases, people who wait usually will keep waiting and waiting in vain. That’s why people are tempted to change the theory by saying that you determine who your soulmate to be. You go out and look for that person. So in other words, the decision is in your hand instead of predestined like what the rest always believe.

During a talk with my bestfriend recently, she gave me her view, based on her experience. I remember how she was before. She wanted to marry her boyfriend that time but there was a guy, her longtime coursemate that was always there for her. She told me that she would never go with the longtime coursemate because she expected her life to be more adventurous, something that her boyfriend could offer her. My bestfriend and her longtime coursemate lost touch for quite a few years and each of them went on with a few relationships before they met each other again. Without even planning, and still avoiding the possibility to hook up with the guy, and guess what…that guy is her husband now. So my bestfriend told me, in my case, it’s predestined by God. None of us would expect that we could be married to each other. Remember that I was planning a wedding with a different guy and because the fate did not permit that to happen, there was a family problem that we could not solve I decided to break up seeing no way out to the problem and my husband now was the guy who was waiting patiently for me. Coincidentally, he also just broken up with his gf. So we met again at the right timing when we were both ready financially, so we decided to get married. So she saw it with her own eyes how God was doing His work in matching both of them. She told me again, “256, it’s predestined.”

Then she added…”…but everything after that is “in your hands.” She told me that to keep the marriage is not an easy thing. There are always little arguments and issues that make them grow apart for a while and it’s up to them to do anything to correct their ways so that the marriage will stay alive. She said that “There’s one part is given to you by God, and the rest He just let you conduct from there.”

I don’t know. I always believe that God gives us so much power to decide things in our lives. I also believe that Destiny does exist…that means the things that will happen to me regardless what I do now and before. So I am not sure if this soulmate thing is in which case cos I saw a lot of people take this matter in their own hand and make things work between them then only they can be together. In the other hands, they are people who did everything they can to stay together but they still failed. So I make the conclusion this way. Let’s concentrate on our “real job” here. Our job is we want “the best” person to pair with so that we can have a better future together. That’s the general idea. When the chance passes in front of us, it’s our job to grab the chance and see where it takes us. We still have to play our part and do our effort to go after what we want. So we just follow where the flow is taking us. As long as we always go forward and always pick the best option in front of us, IT DOESN’T MATTER in whose hands the real thing comes from. What’s gonna happen will happen. All we can do is DO OUR BEST to get THE BEST from this life. Frustrations and failures and life’s sugar and spices so if things don’t go as planned, we know that life offers so much more possibilities out there. We should be anxious and impatient to explore and discover more! No time to waste.

Good luck in your quest. Get the best one, ya…*winks2…hehehe


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