Sunday, February 21, 2016

Mabuhay, 2016!

Hi guys,

This is my first post of 2016 so I think it's not too late to welcome another year full of hopes. What else? I think I should begin with an apology. I humbly apologize to all my readers who were offended by my last post. I saw a sinking number of my followers since that last post. Did you guys really find it offensive? Or was it a mistake by google or something? 

Somehow, I've always been vocal in this blog. Sometimes I got me concerned if I am being too much with my writing, or should I just continue the way I do it. I decided why not, lets just be this way. I always find balance in my every post though. Sometimes I say it harsh, sometimes I be a little too opinionated, but do you think I have somewhere else to do it? I sound like I'm sure I have offended anyone but again, if you understand what I mean, you won't feel offended. I know that it sounds like I have turned into a distasteful person who complains about lending ears to my friends but nope, that's not really the case. I STILL do that job. I can't run away from it. My friends need my listening ears. Just that I don't do it as much anymore because of time/priority issues. I swear, whenever I have that coffee table talk, automatically I want to hear what people say. That's how I learn from people. I listen to them. 

So what have 2015 prepared you for this year? As far as February, I can say that it's challenging. But challenges are the time to use the wisdom we have collected so far. The way we react or respond to situations, we know we are getting better. We no longer sink in hopelessness as easily as before. Most importantly, we have grown in so many ways. In what way that you have grown?

As for me, In Faith. I see situations with a bit more sense of faith. I just believe that God is there. He is. So things can never be too bad. I hope that you guys have grown in such a way that make you stronger and more able to handle situations in your life. Remember guys, that problems will not end. But we have smart ways to deal with them. They are not always our enemies so it doesn't mean that when we face problems that look so hard to solve, we must be the one to lose. NO. Problems and us, we are not competitors. We don't have to fall if our problems rise. We will rise at par and solve them and thats when we know problems come with rewards. They will pass us the rewards once we solve them. So Game On, guys? Lets do this!

Note: If you notice that I use Tagalog language at the topic, well, I've been learning this language from watching some of my favourite shows. So I might update you guys what brings me into learning this language. If people ask, but Why? I answer, but Why Not? Hahaha. Okay, till next post!


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