Thursday, October 30, 2008


First, seducing your ex? Are you out of your mind? *LoL. But hey, Just In Case...just in case you find yourself in such a pitiful position that you think you have to cling to your ex for survival?? Omigawd! Not that I want it to sound terribly pathetic anymore than it already is... My advice would be... 1. Is your brain doing well? If Yes...think for a second. How on earth your Ex is an X (instead of a Y or any other letter, you name it!!) If your Ex is That Good to begin with, he might be any other letter but an X to you (you get what I mean? Ok great.) My point it worth it to even start thinking about seducing your ex back??? 2. Get a mirror, as fast as you can. Look at the person in the mirror. Look at how charming that person could be. Yes, that person is YOU. If you’re not great to begin with, Your Ex wouldn’ one time of his life...courting you as if you were the only lady alive. So if your Ex’s eyes went wrong for any other reasons, it’s his problem, not Yours. Trust me, you only get more beautiful Everyday. It’s his eyes, my dear...Not yourself...that has something wrong going on. You’re That Worthy ladies...that worthy. So You deserve a better guy! 3. Get Even! Women are generally weak physically but hey, we are VERY STRONG inside. We are born to be humble that men could never measure our strength by just looking at us and our femininity. For some reasons your ex has already become your Ex so Never lose track of how he deserves to be a former boyfriend. Just because he made sacrifices to you in the past, or went on his knees, singing lullabyes to you...Forget them all!! He doesn’t appreciate doing all those things just shout THANK YOU to the past and smash those memories outside the window and shut it tight! *Bingo! If all the above don’t work for you and you still want to go ahead with your mission...Oh well...then give it a shot. I actually believe in Gurl Powerz. If your ex is still the air that your breath...I suggest that you cling to “it”. The only reason why I second to this is because I believe that smart women know what they want and smart women will do ANYTHING TO GET WHAT THEY WANT. So Good Luck!

Friday, October 3, 2008


As some of you know, I am opening this new blog to start working on my personal mission. To share with the world my ideas and thoughts. This blog will main record my views, ideas and philosophies that come right from my mind. Life is a beautiful thing. The biggest asset, the MIND is what makes us ourselves. It’s such a waste to just let things go without giving much thoughts; without knowing that if only we give it some space in our mind, it could be something that we treasure; for the rest of our lives. INSPIRATION is such a big word to me, and I get inspired by EVERYTHING around me because to me, NOTHING is that worth neglected unless it is us who decide so. So here I am to pour out just a little token that comes from my mind. I love writing and I wish that this blog is a little way for me to express myself; and I do it for my own pleasure. If anything that anybody could take from my writing, I wish it to be anything good, anything insprational. I hope you will enjoy my blog, as much as I do :)


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