Tuesday, July 22, 2014

If It Doesn't Come As A Gift, It's Meaningless

Read the topic and what first comes to your mind? Do you imagine you saw this item on the rack, expensive but you have the money. You want it so much cos everyone else wants it, but a lot of them don't have the money, and then one more thing. You know that it can take everything in your bank account but this Item doesn't own-able that way. This Item will only give you its magic when it comes to you as a gift that you don't request. Puzzled now?

I realize that a few things in life are like that. You cannot simply ask God to give it to you. You can't force it to be in you now matter how hard you try. You can fake having it for a while, but if you don't really have it, you'll end frustrated knowing that you can only do so much. You want to know what is that? One of them is LOVE.

Just now it just hit my mind. You cannot even stand sitting beside some strangers. Maybe they smell, or maybe you don't like how they dress, and you don't like the idea that they might start a conversation, and try to be nice, when you know for sure these people - are just not your type. Yeah, maybe it's too early to know a stranger to feel anything towards them. But when you speak of having a special feeling of Love, I bet even the most charming guy in his club also won't interest you. You'll find issues why this guy or that guy - is just not your cup of tea. But even the guy you thought is not interesting, is the most special to some other girl. So it's not the other person's fault WHY you see them the way you see them. Cos when Love is not given to you to give to that person, you can't just relate to loving that person even How Hard you or that person tries. Ah, get my point?

I mean, if you have received this gift called Love, that you give to someone, who also will smell when they get sweaty, who will also look awful when they don't groom - you don't even look at those points. Suddenly your senses are being ignorant, with your permission. Love will give the person you love, advantages that you won't give anybody else. The advantage to just show their weaknesses, without you having to judge them. This will come in package along with forgiveness, acceptance and tolerance. You think you can fake Love? For a while, you might think you can. But sadly, you can't fake the packages that come with it. When that finally happens to you. you know what I mean. That if you don't have that feeling, no freaking way you can live through it without suffering or holding your breath. 

You want my conclusion? I conclude that - maybe it's true that Nobody can ever forces Love on you, just like you can't force love on anybody else. So even when you are together for so long, there's No Guarantee. Look at the divorced couples who are now married with someone new. Imagine if they force to be together when Love is not there anymore, what kind of life would that be? It's bitter to swallow that sometimes we want things to go our way, but These few items are not For Sale.Whether you have it, or you don't. If you don't have it yet, you have to patiently wait for your heart to open. It will open one day, and it might not be there forever. Treasure it when it's still there. If we understand this concept, we will know that there's not really about right or wrong, good or bad, this or that, It Is about having the gift yet, Or not. Or maybe you can try prayers to heal your hardened heart before you can receive this gift again...:))

Friday, July 18, 2014

Another Shocking News - MH17

Note: Those who are my Fb friends know that I am constantly posting my daily thoughts on Fb while I'm slow at posting to my blog. Maybe I should screen capture more often just to be fair.

From a Cupcake point of View

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Intention Is Noble, But Not Noble Enuff Unless...

Looking at these celebrities organizing Majlis Iftar involving anak2 yatim; with a lot of publicity, and some of them doing charity with no part of it missing in the photos shared with public, I guess the haters will have a topic to say about this. But don't you agree that no matter how not-so-sincere they make it look, still the needy got the help for real. So some people realize that it doesn't really matter, cos that help will mean a lott the less fortunate. 

Note: It reminds me back then during mass, my friend always gave more during Offering. But she was mumbling when she took out the money from her wallet, but she never failed to give more than what the rest gave, (cos she was a rich kid). I thought that it's alright, cos if a good intention stays in the heart without action, it won't make a difference. It's the act of doing it, seeing something is done, that will make a difference. Credit still goes to them, at least they do something, right...:))


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