Monday, October 20, 2014

Silent Emotions Of The Best Of Friends

We notice it or not, even among the best of our closefriends, there will be unsaid emotions that "everybody understands but won't speak about." That they think you are a great companion, and yeah, plus all the good years of ups and downs from college, and life might be treating each of you differently, some achieve more, some achieve less. But yes, we can still sit at one table feeling totally at home being with them. We share the most original jokes. None of these are forced on us. But ironically, we don't fancy our friends keep telling about the good side of their lives only. We dislike that they keep showing the bright side of only, hilighting only what's good about their physicals and relationships; sharing photos that are showing too much of happiness - I mean, they can take that, but only at a certain limit. 

 Deep inside they know you well. Noone has a perfect life, and they prefer that you stay human, show your defects, admit your misfortunes, speak about your sadness and insecurity. Too much of -only the good things- will make your friends feel uncomfortable, and they silently begin to "hate" it. It's strange, but it makes your friends feel better about themselves if you talk about your problems, talk about your struggles. They prefer if you upload some really messy photo of you, no makeover, no grooming, cos either way, it won't impress them so much too. They just... prefer the humble you and stop trying to impress them for they know you so much better than that. Aha...

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Can I Get A Discount?

An older customer came today and said he wanted something like what he ordered before but he found another place that charged lower that what he paid before.

He kept asking "can I get a discount?" So upon hearing that he found another place that charged lower, I said, "Oh, why not go to that place this time?" which I really meant it.To me it's their right to get the cheapest price, they have the choice. Then he was giving me that look of, "No no, that's not what I mean". 

So he continued, "I only ask in case I can get a discount but if I can't, it's okay," Maybe he thought he had hurt me or what, but he didn't know what I was really thinking! So when he said that he wanted to order in quantity, then I said, "Ohh, why don't you tell me earlier?" So just like that, I gave him a price, which was lower than the price he expected. 

My reason is, price is just something, but it's not everything. I can understand his situation that they only started business and still came to me knowing that I charge higher, I actually have a special "price adjustment" for case by case basis. Plus, they order in quantity, so I no longer feel guilty for the generous discount. At least I agree with, Keeping your old customers is 5 times cheaper than getting new ones.

So you know, sometimes what you do effortlessly is what will earn you the discount, instead of keep bugging to get it, which won't work for me. So in the end, it's always Win-win with my customers. Fair enuff...hehe

The Dancing Sun; Do You Believe A Sun Can Dance?

I was looking for some story of Divine Mercy in youtube, when I saw this clip of the dancing sun in Philippine. If you know about what happened in Fatima, many years ago, during the first apparition of Mother Mary before the eyes of 3 kids, and how the kids requested her to show something for the people to believe that they did not make up story about seeing her. So she asked them to invite the people to gather at the field to show them a sign. So they did gather. Next was the sun started to move towards them. Well, nothing was recorded but it was witnessed by some 70,000 people from different faiths. So looks like something like that actually happened in the modern days, and they took the video live. Then I tried to look for some scientific explanation about the dancing sun; well, you can read all the theories of what people say when they refuse to believe. 

Considering the faith that I have, I also look for science alternative behind something out of curiosity. We all know that there's nothing that the technology cant do these day, we've seen enuff. Especially when you rely on things that you see and read on media, and not experience it yourself. Some will believe just about anything, as long as it will deny that it's God behind it. You know what, faith doesn't need all that miracles. Faith is around before things can be seen. To me, these miracles are for the believers. If you believe, it will work wonders on you. And you don't need explanation. After all, we believe that God made you and me, everything, every single thing even from the smallest atom. It's God that made them. So what do you think that God can't do? The Miracle of the Sun, of any kind of supernatural that are related to the existence of God, it's not so much about that miracles per se, but the IMPACT it has on the believers. Those who keep saying that this is the work of the Satan, hold it there. I am sure that Satan's mission is to divert us from our faith, and not to strengthen it. And these believers are praying to that same God, even without the miracles. It's no necessary, but when He wants to do it, you know He can do anything. ANYTHING AT ALL. 

If you can't explain it with your science, maybe for once, it's simpler to just believe that God is really up there. *winks


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