Friday, August 29, 2014

What Did I Get From Watching Bruce Almighty?

I watched Bruce Almighty like 3 weeks ago and I thought the movie sucks. The movie didn't try its best trying to depict how a normal man got the power of God; that God wants to see if he can handle everything as he expects Him to do. Of course it's not logic, but it's worse than not logic. It should be known to us that there's no way he can do that in a human capacity. He's not given the thought like God's. He's still functioning like himself, who is mad at some people and wants to get back to them now he has God's power. That's already a lost battle against God, right? God only gives His power but not His wisdom, so how could he manage to do better? But wait. There's one very valuable reminder that I get from this movie. It's about FREEWILL.

If I wish I were kinder or more generous, can I pray for it? Not that God can't, but would He do that? Have we been praying to be given new attitudes when we are still doing things the same way? I am wondering myself. It's ridiculous. Cos if God gives us this life just to follow everything that are pre-planned, we will be a bunch of barbies or robots, that He has no more question or judgment to make since we will all go and do what we are set to do. Correct? I really agree with Freewill. It makes the whole sense why we still choose to be bad when we know what is good, all those stuff. According to the movie, it's the only thing that God won't meddle with. If it involves Freewill, He will not have His say. So that's why, when Bruce lost his girlfriend who used to love him, he could not use his Godly power to make her love him back. Because it's out of her freewill that she thinks Bruce has changed and she doesn't love the new man he has become.

We can't simply pray to God to make anyone love us, it's our job to do something that gives people the reason to love us willingly. Just as much as others can't use God to change our feelings towards anything else. But God can help us by making us understand through things that we encounter. Even that involves freewill. If we are egoistic, if we are stubborn, we will always think that we are always right. So God can't reach to people who are without a humble heart. They will not see beyond things to understand the message that God is trying to send. So guys, now that we know about Freewill, can me make a good news out of this? Isn't this a superpower that God gives us, that He totally leaves it to us to decide. So you know, if we turn to righteousness after knowing that we could turn the other way, that explains why God really appreciate it. Because following God is the choice of freewill, and that's what it's all about. It's only through Freewill that we can become kinder, more generous, less sinful etc. How can we not use this power to become a good person? 

Stop thinking that everything happens because it's God that makes it happen that way. We have choices to make everyday. How can these choices have no impact in the outcome of our lives? So if we try to disengage the fact that everything happens "as written", we will take charge instead of just waiting for things to just simply happen. We have freewill, brothers and sisters. We will not waste this power. We will do it better from here. Alleluia! Thank you for this gift of Freewill, God. May this gives us better understanding of how much we can do to make our live into Your favour. Guide us oh Lord. Thank you :)

Monday, August 25, 2014

When The Food Is On My Plate...

It's kinda funny for someone who can buy any foods she wants to eat, but she often orders foods that are not to you liking, but when your food comes, suddenly it's the foods that she wants. That's my sister. When she orders something, she always eats just a bit and let others eat the rest because It's not tasty or I can't finish it, she said. But when it's others who order the same food, suddenly she looks like she never saw the foods at all. Suddenly it's so yummy and she can't help but steal it. Hahahahha. I saw this many times, when she scoops my foods when when I am still eating them, then the next time going there, I have to remind her to order foods that might taste good, and not just the normal kind of foods that she orders. That's why when the eatery is good, she tells people that it isn't. Simply because she orders the wrong menu, and judging from how many times she looks at what I have on my plate, I knew it that she could have picked a better menu. But she's just stubborn thinking that "my taste is different than yours" but judging from how she looks at the foods on my plate everytime, I don't think so!! Hahahaha. That's my sister. Above all that, I love her so much. The best sister in the world. So blessed to have a sister like her. As much as I dislike it that she orders the wrong menu and victimize me for that, I think it's hilarious, and the only reason why I often find the way to critisize her is that, I'm just playing the "annoying lil sister". I guess I'm used to bla bla bla whenever she takes anything from me without me handing it to her. LOLS. My oh My. Now I'm reminded how luck I am to have a sister, and that I become closer to her again because of the times we spend eating out together after work...Hehe. 

Thank you God for the foods on our plates...:)) 

Sunday, August 24, 2014

How Personal Is Your Fb Like?

It used to be very personal to me. When I click Like to any post or page, it means that I don't just like it, but I agree to every idea that the person is writing, that the post must at least inspire me, or entertainment me at some level, and my Fb likes mean that people can tell something about me from what post I click Like. Whoaa, I really did take it seriously back then, didn't I? Hahaha. Plus, clicking Fb like is not usual to me. I am very particular about what I click. Only a few times that I donated my click just to help a friend to promote a competition page, or just to say thank you to a friend who uploaded pics of foods because I requested her. Other than that, it must be very personal for me to click Like. Well, but that attitude won't do much to me in this social network, cos most people click Like to support each other, or to return the favour. Most won't do it to the inactive likers like me. This is truly understandable, and fair. Hehe.

But then, it becomes a problem to me when it comes to my work Fb networking. Since I don't click Like on people's post, people don't click Like on mine too. Likes are important when it comes to marketing. It gives the impression that you have a good network and that your reputation is good. But then, I can rest assured that the Fb Likes that I get so far are genuine. They know they won't get the same favour from me, but they still do it cos they really like certain posts or pictures. I appreciate it. But I must do something to boost my networking to promote the services that products that I offer, right? I am also not the Liker of people's page, despite how many invitation I get. I dislike the idea that I have to click pages that I have no interest of following, just for the sake of replying the page invitation. The same concept that I do with my page. I want people to like my page because they like my products. Not because they feel forced or because I invite them. I am officially a Passive Marketer. Hahaha. Same with my Instagram, my Twitter, I am just a backbencher who wait Followers to fall from the sky cos I won't simply follow people's account too. I deserve this punishment. Hahahaha. Ok kidding.

So, I'm glad that I finally found a way to break the shell of my poor marketing skill. Thanks to this friend of mine, who insisted on teaching me ways to make money online. Even that took a while for me to realize if "this is my thing", cos I don't want to make money using the ridiculous ways that some people do. I want it to be clear, realistic, and not too good to be true. But really, thanks to him! I found a way that people have been doing to increase their followers/likers. I saw it everywhere but I thought it was a scam. Until a friend who went through the site and told me how it works. I finally registered at the site, and I find it very very interesting!!

Through the site, I can get people to Like/Follow my social media accounts, but only IF I have points. The points I can only get from clicking Like to other people's accounts too. It will show me a bunch of Fb pages, and they all come with points. If I click Like to the page, I will get the point. So when I have points, my pages too will be available at the site for others to click Like/Follow. It's so interesting! The thrill is like playing some games that keep you excited, cos you can see the number of your points, will go up when you like, and will go down again when someone Like/Follow your accounts. You can include all your social networking accounts, and the most interesting thing is, you starts getting plenty of notifications!! That people are "rushing" into your list of followers. O-M-GEE!! Hahaha. Nice isn't it? I really like it. Imagine the Likes that I never get in years, I got only in less than an hour. And this isn't no crime. Cos it's not clones who Like/Follow, but it's real people who click. They want to get points too so they will click just about any account that appears on the site.

Question is, I have to say farewell to my old days when Fb Likes used to be personal. No more, no more! I totally violated my own principal, but I will stay stagnant and a non-mover if I don't accept changes. These Likes, tho they are just in numbers, give me new spirit to market my products more. They mean a lot, cos after all, I do deserve that kind of Likes, No, not because I'm good. But because if I have smaller Likes, they won't know how passionate I am in my job, and how efficient can I be, how good my skills are and the experiences that I have in dealing with different customers. They can't belittle me just because of lack of Likes on Fb, just because of my poor marketing skill. I mean, you have to give yourself credit for all your hardworks too, you deserve it. It's not an easy journey to me so no matter how weak I am, at least there's something that right that I've done. So guys, allow me to get all this blind Like/Follower okayyy... Hahaha. O ya. In case you're interested, go join this site!! And remember to prepare enough space for the pouring Likes and Followers that will come to page. Hahaha. Good luck!!

Saturday, August 23, 2014


I have this one friend, who used to be - Not the favourite- girl in school. Simply because of her attitudes and lifestyles. I had to cut all contacts with her because she would stick to your like a leech and drag you in all her scandals. I took the decision after some deep thoughts. I thought that I could not change her. I thought that at the same time, I could not go with her way anymore, or I could be in constant heartache trying to be a friend in a toxic friendship. It's been years since I never talked to her anymore. 

Recently, she had to find me to get some works done. I was so reluctant when a friend passed my number to her. But then I decided that I have grown up since then. I shouldn't act like a small girl anymore. Especially when what she offers me is some good business which helps me with my work. No, not just about that. I saw some changes in her too. Thank God that motherhood keeps her occupied to the noble works of raising his kids, instead of getting in bad scandals like before.

So despite my reluctance, I have accepted her into my circle of friend again. In fact, I find reasons to admire her. All her patience and strength, despite having friends who dissed her, she keeps standing strong and building her life. I know that her weaknesses will not be completely gone, I always know she has these qualities, but after the test of times, it takes extraordinary courage to still keep going strong. Plus, I can see that she's making the effort, even if she actually doesn't need me in her life. She has options. She accepts that only when she has business to give me, then only we contact. It looks selfish, right? But it's not. It's Symbiosis. Maybe I trade convenience with business. 

So, if you ask what I feel. I feel better this way. I always feel guilty of what I did to her, just by not talking to her for years. Now that I talk to her again, I feel like this is the way to go. One of the things why I love maturity so much. It just makes you wiser. Thank you Lord. Please bless the friendship that I have with my friends. Forgive us for the wrongs we have done towards one another, and help us to become a better friend to each other, with You as the pillar. Amen.  

What's My Obligation To You, Again?

I've been in the young girl's shoes who did a lot of stupid stuff, just from being naive. I saw how people took advantage of me, and thought that they could fool me just because I tried to be nice, and the next time I know, that kindness was a joke to them. Maybe they gave me back some good words that made me feel good about myself, but I don't find that amusing anymore. It's okay with just real friends who talk the real stuff.  

But life unveil its skin day to day, so do people. I have to take care a lot of things in my life. Problems that I deal with, I have to deal with them alone, cos unlike some people, I do not share my troubles that easily. Whether my ego is just damn high or I just don't want to spoil people's day by hearing my problem, and drag them in. When people come to me to speak about their problems, they have no ideas that mine could be worse than theirs. But I am always at the chair, who owns the Listening Booth, and nobody freaking cares if that booth has its own problem too. And I could go on this way as much as I can still spare a bit of time and attention to. But I guess I finally saw my end line, that it is the most that I can go. When I am clearer with my priorities, I finally realize I have less time for dramas. Just because I was more generous with my time before, people think they have the rights to it. They can just claim it anytime, and when I don't comply, I am the bad girl. 

This is no more the days when I go use 3 phones, replying messages to 3 different people, talking totally nonsense, or talk till morning comes, without any benefit. I could sit there in front of the chatroom, seeing people chat, despite my works need to be attended. I have done superstupid things with my times so far. I'd still do it for my close friends, which only require me once or twice in months time. I'd do it for my beloved family, I'd take the day off just to be with my little nephews. These people don't tie me to any judgment or evaluation, I can feel free to slip and trip in front of them, they will accept me. If you are outside this territory, that I only have to speak nice things to impress you, or look good all the times to make you smile to me, I'm done with all that.

I only need a sincere and effortless relationships in my life. I no more want to impress anyone. I am not looking for flattering. If you feel anything good about me, just treat me nice, and save your sugarcoated words. And I am always true with one thing. You can be mad if you don't know your wife's full name, or ic number, or where she lives, or spend time with you anytime you want. Only she has the obligation to do all that to you. You can't expect this from the ladies out there who are not your wife. Take care of the people who matters the most to you. They need your attention, and people like me don't deserve it. 

Note: You have no idea how much people lost just because they did this mistake. 

Peace :)


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