Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Old-Man Charms

Johnny Depp

Old Man…? Gosh…How lame, says the younger people. Hey hey…I also thought that way before. I could never understand why some younger ladies go for older men…I mean, when you hear the story of how these young ladies gave everything to be with a much older man, you go, “What the heck!!” Yeah. I was one of you. Younger guys and girls both may not understand what’s with the old men that make them attractive to younger ladies. 

Why Siti Nurhaliza pursued her love with Datuk Khalid, knowing that her presence would wreck Datuk K’s marriage? She first made me think why a lady would do that for someone who is 20 years older than her. I identified her most logic reasons and I finally understood why she took that decision. Datuk K is a very rich person, good looking, with an attractive personality. I could imagine seeing him through someone’s eyes like Siti. Yeah, very logic. BUT… I have never genuinely felt the same way towards any older men I have ever associated with. My old men customers were always very annoying. To be a womanizer in the age above 40 looks really sucky to me. They are supposed to be thinking of their family and kids at home, and not trying to hit a younger lady. Damn it, it’s annoying. I never imagine getting impressed by older men. The few of them who I got to associate with didn’t give much of a hope for my impression to change. All in all, the case of meeting someone like Datuk K is rare! (*Lols)

Siti Nurhaliza & Datuk Khalid

Here comes the raunchy part…hahaha. Last December, I attended a course at a local hotel. The participants are from different generations. During the ice-breaking, I spotted this one guy, wearing a jacket, got a special introduction by the Facilitator because of what he has achieved compared to everyone else in the hall. I believe the guy is 40+. We got to mingle around when we were divided into groups. I finally got into the same group as that guy. I was sitting beside him. Gosh! I don’t know why there’s something about the guy. The way he speaks, gently, how he smiles, sweetly, and how he stares - all contributing to a kind of personality that caught my attention. We were given a quiz by the Facilitator and I saw it how he made the decision as the group leader. He only turned his face at me a few times when he asked for opinions, just like he did to the rest of the members. I like that! He did not show eagerness trying to make some stupid move most older guys I met did. He really won some points in decency. I did not speak a lot during that group work. I was trying to study this man on why I could find him attractive. Speaking of his appearance, he doesn’t look like some cranky 40sthing guy with bulging belly and fatherly look. He looks mature, but energetic, neat, and yeah, he does have styles! He associated the most with the guy beside him, and not trying to speak to the younger ladies there. That was really decent to my eyes. I like how he reserves himself in a sophisticated way. But no, I can tell he’s not some classy guy who is trying to fake impressions. That’s some raw evaluation on him. After the course ended, I just remember him as “that attractive man”. Suddenly I forgot that he’s a 40+! Hahaha. Damn it, they said, Age is just a number, how could I forget! *LOLS

Keanu Reeves
After 3 months since the course ended, who would have guessed that THIS MAN went to my workplace accidentally? And it happened just now! Hahahahhaaha. When I turned my face and saw him, I was like, “Hey it was you!!” Hahahaha. He looked at me with “that goaddamn smile”. Oh gosh, as he spoke, I remember his decency all over again. The language of his eyes showed me that “you cannot mess with this man” and all the questions that he asked me, no answers surprised him. He often nodded with a smile, accepting all my answers. The difference was, he paid all attention to me, unlike during the course. The way he looked, my sensor detected that he did enjoy talking with me. Suddenly he had to leave because of a phone ring and after a while, he came back… saying this to me…

“When can we go out and have coffee?

Then I was like…Ah?? Of course I answered him, “Go out? For What??” *LOLS.

Then before he left, he said to me, “You have my number. CALL ME.” 

I just saw him left. I mean, that guy, whom I find some reasons to admire, actually accidentally came to my workplace and then suggested that we spend some time for coffee. Hahahahaha. I call that hilarious.

Only my version back in schooldays that would jump for joy when an attractive guy asked me out. But I left that era long time ago. I receive many kinds of invitations like that, from my guyfriends, my guy customers – you can count how many that I have actually taken seriously and how many that I actually agreed to sit down and have private time talking with. Almost none. Only to my best guyfriend. That’s 1 to count. But finally, an invitation from this man made me smile, and appreciate. 
Jude Law

The best outcome from this little incident is – FINALLY I understand how an older man can look attractive in my eyes. And we can’t generalize them by saying that ALL the older guys are not your type, and not gonna catch your eyes. UNTIL YOU PROVE YOURSELF WRONG.


Note: This is very raw. I don’t take this attraction seriously in a way that it could affect my life or something. I’m sure he’s married (gosh, you mean how could the ladies leave such an attractive guy still single? *LOLS) and he should at least know if I’m seeing someone. All in all…attraction doesn’t have to be more. It could be just good friendship. But again…never underestimate a guy outside your league. You Never Know. Hahahaha . “Older Men Not Your Type?” – Think Again, LADIES! Hahahaa.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Dating A Less Intelligent Guy, Anyone?

I found this at the web...Not sure if it's related to this topic, but just let have it here...Hahahaa

First…how do you know that the guy is less intelligent than you? How do you measure Intelligence? Highest certificate? How? Hahahaha. Got you there. Actually the question of whether someone is less or more intelligent is already difficult to comprehend. Attraction happens beyond all kinds of definition. You can just get attracted to someone without even knowing his last name. And now , can you wait until you learn about his education background? Hahahaa. Trust me, theories don't always work.

Ok, back to the topic. My answer is…YES. From the history itself, I think, so far…all the guys I hooked up with before are below my certificate level. If you asked me why I hooked up with them , I have my own reasons. These guys have good senses. They were fun to be with and they all have something that attracted me. I like when the guys are humble and at the same time, know their own qualities with or without my approval. In the other hand, I found more than one guys that I associated with, who actually felt intimidated by me. They thought I’m beyond their reach and above their standard. If the guys have this kind of thinking to begin with, I already know they are not FIGHTERS. Uh-Oh…Bad Sign. What more can I expect from them? 

To be honest with you, maybe something that affects this is also about certain traits that I have. I am comfortable to be with someone who doesn’t judge me, who doesn’t find my weaknesses and who thinks I am a great person. YES. I mean it. It’s painful to put it in words, as if I am too full of myself, but YOU TRY. Maybe you come up with some sentence almost similar to that too. I’m sure there are a lot of other ladies who agree with me. When I date a less intelligent guy, most likely he has a lot to learn from me. It makes it really interesting when he’s the type who wants to learn. I enjoy it when I can share many things with him and he appreciates it. I feel so useful that way. In the other hand, if I date a more intelligent guy, I feel like I am evaluated every minute. I hate it. I hate it when I have to feel distanced because I think his standard is too high for me. I hate it when he laughs at my mistakes and I don’t like to be cynically told that I am stupid. I want to be COMFORTABLE and to feel like I belong there beside him. I like to just freely say and do what I want and he appreciates everything from me. So, I am sorry if the less intelligent guys can offer me this and not the more intelligent ones.

Another reason why I think I am comfortable dating less intelligent guys is because I know who I am. I am just an average person, with a very low-profile lifestyle. Some guys who don’t know me well , might think I am one high-maintenance lady, when the fact is I’M NOT. With all that first impressions things that guys could have for me, IMAGINE how much courage should a less intelligent man has to still want to approach me and get to know me. That spirit of “wanting to win” is a turn-on to me. 
 This movie has something to do with this topic. Entertaining movie, I can say...hehhe

This issue arises when recently it’s reported in one online daily news that Guys prefer to date less intelligent girls because they seem to be working harder to maintain the relationship with the guys and would make the guy as their priority compared to the more intelligent girls. Maybe because they think the more intelligent girls are not afraid to lose their men because they are independent, self-sufficient and they have more options. I want to comment on this. Yes, the news could be right about the priority thing. But it’s just looking at the guy’s need. Don’t talk about priority or struggle in a relationship when it’s guys who always bring trouble to a relationship. It’s always about another woman that catches their eyes and stuff like that. Bottom line is, IF YOU MAKE YOURSELF WORTHY to have their priority, you don’t need to necessarily date a less intelligent girl to get that. To me, this news is just highlighting the easy way out for the guys who are NOT UP for challenges, who like to be FREE doing what their want without RISKING the relationship. They want to have less risk of losing, and still be doing their “extra-activity” behind the girl’s back. They want to be the one who have more options and still have their girl waiting patiently for them and not having to worry that the girl would leave him. Intelligent women are dangerous because they know when to be suspicious, they ask the most difficult questions and they have ways to catch you red-handed.

You guys want to do your manly thing without losing anything. And you guys prefer girls who don’t answer you back, you listen and follow what you say and will never stop missing you even when you are busy screwing some girl whose last name you don’t even know. Is this what you want, guys? Aha…Don’t tell me I’m wrong but PROVE IT to your girl.
As for ladies like me who don’t mind dating less intelligent guys, maybe you can say that it’s also for the selfish reason. Especially with my personality that most people refer to as “ someone who always wants to win”, so it’s just easy for me to win when I deal with less intelligent guys. WRONG. He might be less knowledgeable and informative compared to me, but he’s still the one who wears the pants. I DON’T WANT TO take a man’s job in a relationship. I want to be controlled and I want to listen to him when he speaks. I am not a queen control although I do sound bossy at times. I always let my man be the man. So I don’t just blindly pick any less intelligent guys to date unless he has strong characters that can control me, tame me and calm me; who has the courage to win and improve. And I’m sure you  men can laugh at your friends who are more intelligent but are cowards and losers. I’m not sure if ANY of the girls (more or less intelligent, want to date them).

Hey hey…LOOK…Stop categorizing… Less or More intelligent guys and gals…we all have something in common…we are all Intelligent!!! (Just less or more)… *giggles. What’s left is  for us to use it and get the best! Whoever you pick to date, if you give your very best, it gonna work out, God willing. :)

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Guys And Their 10%

Aha. What The Heck Is That 10%?

I still remember when someone posed this question in the chatroom. “Which do you prefer, a handsome guy or a macho guy?” I answered, Of course macho guys.” Handsome is just the face, and face is only like 10% of him, and macho is more like the 90% of him.” How can I rely on just 10% of him? Hahahaha. Now you know what I mean by 10%.

[256] and her wandering eyes. OMG. She actually admits it!! Hahahaha (Erks…Me, I mean…hehe)

I think this is not the first time that I tell you guys that I DO have wandering eyes. I appreciate Nice Views and I appreciate cuteness and beauty In Everything. Aha…So? What makes you think this doesn’t include guys and their handsomeness?! Oh come on…It’s like, it’s whether guys or girls everyway. We can’t run away from good-looking hunks around us. /me evil grinzzz… *Lols. Kidding! I mean, No Kidding! Hahahaha

Well, Yes…I really like the sight of handsome guys. Again, looks are subjective. Many people say that Brad Pitt is handsome, but I don’t think he’s handsome. He’s more into the Macho type. It’s the way he brings himself that makes him attractive. Maybe how he talks. How he moves. Everything contributes to Not so much about the looks, actually! But as a whole, he’s still a good-looking guy. Good looking means someone who is good to look at. Yeah, direct translation. Hahaha. Tom Cruise is in the handsome category. Although he's short and all, but the face is handsome. Of course we speak about face when we talk about handsomeness. So when I say that “this or that certain guy” is handsome, what I mean is, The Face. Not the whole thing. Just 10%!

I have associated with quite a few handsome guys. Some of them only have their 10% as an attraction and not more than that. Some of these guys know that they have this asset of being handsome, unfortunately, they think that it’s ENUFF to make the girls go all crazy about them. They think that with that handsome face, they can simply snap their fingers and the girls will follow their command. Hahahaha. Should I ask these guys to Think Again?

I usually let the guy know he’s handsome if I think so. If I do that, it doesn’t mean Anything more than just a notification. Don’t think that your 10% can make a girl fall all over you. Don’t think that your 10% is enough for you to make a complete collection of part-time lovers and don’t think that your 10% is all you need to be a reigned Casanova. The answer is NO. Your handsomeness is just 10% of you and who says it’s Anything Much? I don’t care if you guys want to reverse this for the girls. Maybe you can do that but do it in your blog, cos now it’s my blog so it’s my turn. Hahahaha… Kidding :PP

Beside handsome, being well built, you guys should also know by now that I like rugged guys. I am attracted to guys who are kinda expressive, the way that makes them look More A Man. For example, Tattoo. Your tattoo, alongside your 10%, are gonna catch my eyes. If you have a gifted talent of good listener and then, showing (or faking?) some amount of good heart and good head on your shoulder, Aha! That’s Bingo. I’ve found a few of them and the advantage to appear in my life in the right time and place, he might just be the most special in my life for that season. Yes, for a certain season as long as he’s still worthy to be there. When something goes wrong, you prove yourself to be not more than a sucky boyfriend, you tell lies, you can’t set your eyes and heart for one girl only, guess what… Who cares about your 10% anymore. It’s funny when some think that they definitely gonna bring around that 10% and start on clean slate of a new drama. You can do that to some girls, but not all.

Guys are sometimes more obsessed over womanly beauty, than girls to manly beauty. They would start putting your picture on their laptop wallpaper and even handphone. Aha. Sounds familiar? Hahaha. Guess what, for some reasons these guys might think that their 10% should be serving the same purpose too…maybe right to some, but Not All. Just because you’re handsome, it doesn’t mean your face is the first thing she wants to see early in the morning. This happened to me not long ago. The man earned his spot in my life and I appreciate his good looks and sometimes flattered him for that. I always told him when I like to see certain picture or which pic of him was my favourite. Maybe he felt so flattered. Maybe he thought [256] doesn’t compliment people that easily. Ok, fine. He had his reasons. One thing he did not know, I NEVER save any of his 10% picture(s) in my laptop, not to mention in my handphone. He caught me with a sweet question, “You did save the pic in your lappy, right?” Then I took a long moment to answer. Darn, I hate to lie. “Errrrr…Of course yes! I told you I like the pic, right…” Damn, I might not be a good liar, but he didn’t have a liar detector. Hahahaha. I NEVER asked him if he did save my pictures. I assumed that he was just like me. If I think that I won’t put his pic in my wallpaper, I won’t expect him to do the same to my pic. I was wrong about him. But he was wrong about me too.

I did save the pic of his car, his tattoos, his trophies… But NEVER his 10%. I may think he’s handsome, but don’t ask me why, I am NOT interested to keep the pics of his 10%. My take is very simple. I don’t need the pic of his 10% if he’s really meant to be in my life. I don’t and won’t keep a 10% of someone who might end up with someone else. Yeah, you heard me. So…I might like handsome guys, but I am so not obsessed with your 10%. It just works on first impression. The rest of it, I care more if he's a piece of my destiny. There's a sweet twist to this. Being a person who has a soft sport for guys's handsome 10%, I still think a guy's value only has a little to do with his 10% and what you like in a guy is NOTHING just about his 10%.

We don't love a guy because of his 10%, but if we love a guy we will love his 10%, even if he's not Mr. Universe. :)

Friday, March 18, 2011

10 Reasons Why [256] Is UNReal

OMG, Why am I writing this? *Lols. It’s like trying to burn the place where you take shelter. Oh come on, why would I do that? Actually I was about to write the topic without the “UN” (Check the topic) and suddenly my crazy mind told me that, ok, let’s have some fun and ridicule yourself. Erks?? This topic is easier to write because I can ask anyone among my chatfriends and they have something to say about me being unreal. It’s like, [256]? Who’s that? Is she even a human or just a bunch oh 3-digit number? Hahahaha.

What makes this an issue is because some people might doubt that “I EXIST” because my online identity is considered “very strong” even after more than 2 years. After all the years, they still think I am mysterious and anonymous. They barely know anything about me that are proven to be true or real. So here are the freaking reasons why people think [256] is Unreal.

1. They never saw [256]’s full length picture

6 people from among the people I know from cyberworld have seen my full picture(s). Ouch! And they never complain later when they saw only parts of my pictures that I use on my blog and Fb because the pieces of pictures are consistent with the full pics they have. They all get those pics direct from me :)

2. They never know [256]’s full name

Most of you should know my real name cos some even call me with it in chatrooms and Fb. That’s my name in the IC! Why, you want to know my full name? I don’t even know yours! Hahahahahahaha

3. They don’t know exactly what [256]’s job is

Everyday in Facebook and many times in Fb, I gave a lot of hints already. You even saw the work of my hands. Those people who are analytic and observance should at least get the idea of the field I’m in. hehehe. Ouch…what’s your job again? See? I also don’t know!!! Hahahahaa.

4. They don’t know exactly where [256]’s location is

Not true. I keep telling people in public where I am. They all know which district I’m at and that’s where I was born. Why, you say you don’t know my home address hence saying I’m not real? Guess what, for security reason I also don’t want to ask your exact home address because there’s no need to do so until we have the need to go to each others house and so you don’t have to feel scared getting visitors in odd hours. Hahahahaha.

5. They don’t even know [256]’s Age

Hahahahaahaha. Of course I won’t tell directly because I have told TOO MUCH about myself already. I am giving you something to find out when you finally meet me in person. They said I am TOO SMART to be below 25…and speaking of “online intellectuality”, when I was 20, a 40 year old guy regular chatter told me “I like you because you are smart” so if you think I got comments on the “smart thing” when I reach a certain ripe age, you are wrong. You could be 40 and still not impress a 20 year old enough to say something about your intellectuality, so I’m messing a bit with your wild guess. Hahahaha. Uh-Oh… My age is not a secret to some of them. One of them has even verified my IC number from a third party that keeps my reports from JPN. Aha…you heard me right. Hehe.

6. No One Has Ever Admitted Meeting [256] In Flesh

Maybe true! But until I tell you, I bet most of you don’t know that some of these guys actually have my full pictures and even spoke to me on the phone, right!! I was the one who made the effort of telling it in public because most of these guys like to keep things to themselves and even if they share, they share it with those who also don’t spread around. Yes, more than one of them have met me in person. The question is, WHO are they? Hahahahaha. That’s not my problem. To me, My Realness is now verified. Hahahaa. Erks...:P

7. No Real Friends and Family In [256]’s Fb/Blog

Yes, painfully yes. Most of my family members don’t have Fb and those who have are following my other Fb for the company. The other account is only for work purpose but most of my customers and relatives are in the list. I don’t do any personal sharing in that account. My only personal Fb that is very close to my heart is the one most of you already add, TwoFive Six. Those daily sharing from me, do I even look like someone who has that much time doing all that for a fake Fb account? If you are one, tell me how you do it cos I DON’T HAVE THAT MUCH TIME!! Hahahaha. I am a stick-to-one kind of person…it applies in many things in my life. Bear with it, guys. *Lols. As for my blog, yes it’s also not known to my family and real friends – this is part of the price I have to pay to build a strong online identity and in the name of blogging freedom. I am a person with an odd taste maybe. Or assume anything you like. But those almost 800 posts, those come from real fingers and real times – I can try anything to stay anonymous but the reward for loyal readers, I am very readable from my blog. You sure have ideas about my good and bad points, my work, my family and even my personality from my blog alone. Tell me if you do all that just for a fake self. So my answer is…even if my friends and family are not in my Fb and blog, those accounts are real anyway!!! *Lols…I feel so cunning right now…hehehe

8. Is it even true that [256] is a Female?
10 of them have spoken to me through the phone, and 2 of them have spoken to me ONCE and the rest spoke to me more than 5 times each. I keep saying in my blog that I am a train-talker, I talk so fast, non-stop…They are my proves! I don’t have cousins who have the same ability to do the “stand in” or double body even on the phone conversation. Most of them told me, YOU DO SOUND THE SAME LIKE [256] IN MIRC/FB!” I mean, from how I talk, I am as hyper as I write. If you can mistaken me for a guy after talking with me, I think one of your ears might get stolen, FIND IT!! Hahahahaa. Kidding.

9. [256] Doesn’t Have Alibis Of Existence

This one sounds a bit like No. 6. But I’m sure you won’t regret. (*LOLS!!)

Did anyone know who your ex-boyf of many years ago? I bet they didn’t. But how come they knew mine? My “realness” was first leaked when a chatter said the real name of my ex-bf on the phone!!! My existence is in some people’s record because they have met my ex-boyf personally that’s why they remember him and they even knew I have broken up with him. OMG, you don’t go telling me I am in control of faking more than 1 person’s identity when they are all verified to be humans by the other friends who also attended gathering where these people attended. And they were my alibis. As a matter of fact, some of my secrets are already on some people’s mouth that even a newer chatter heard about it and you are here complaining about my existence!!! Hahahahaahaaha

10. No One Knows [256]’s Real Marital Status

Oh yeah, I like this. Hahahaha. It’s easy to guess. I make it very simple, no riddles at all. Married People are easily detected, but this is not a fair game for us because you say I don’t have alibis about my marital status, UNLIKE most of you. Wondering, Why [256] uses more than 1 handphone? Is she hiding it from her spouse or what? Hahahaha. What time most of you called me? IT’S LATE NIGHT till morning. I don’t take calls during the day cos I say it’s strictly work. Wait, the married people ban nighttime for phonecall because it’s family time (or afraid to get chopped by their spouse…*Lols), what kind of spouse do I have to be giving me such opposite rule? Hahahahaha. Anyway, most of you who knows about my status, actually seldom ask if I am hitched. I wonder about it too!! *Lols. And even if some of you did ask, you don’t know which one I’m going out with…only have a few names in mind…could be None of the above. Don’t Gofigure. Hahahaha.

The price I have to pay is “your doubt” of my existence, but this is to me, is like the test of keeping a hidden treasure intact. After this long being anonymous, I sure deserve a Nobel Prize for that. Hahahaha. Now that I take some time to answer your doubt, I’m not proving anything. You can continue thinking that I am nothing but a bunch of 3 numbers or a cute chubby-cheeked avatar with fancy clothes in my Facebook. So if you don’t know what to do with your doubt, maybe just let it go away…Hahahahaha. Have fun all…muahss…

Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Survival Of The Eves

I remember back then when I attended this marketing practical, the sales manager tried to teach us how to close deals. “Especially the girls…You have a lot of advantage. You can use your charm to get customers.” That time, I was so na├»ve to understand the game behind this. Women and their ways to get things, Do they really have all the advantages going towards their goals?

The Eve generation is prone to be the victims of situations. After being labeled as “the weaker ones”, you can imagine how exposed they are to discrimination and inequality. When a divorce happens, women are going to worry more. They are used to have support from their man but not anymore. They gonna go haywire for a while. Just to count from the few who are around me, there are already a few cases of divorced women who have to raise their kids singlehandedly without a penny of help from the ex-husband. I saw their struggles. They are not hard to find. This post is about them.

Maybe it’s true that women are weaker when it comes to physical strength, but mind you, these women know their other strength that men don’t have. It’s when survival is crucial to them, they finally have their last resort; to use their weapons. After doing my little studies which actually happen coincidentally with my day to day experience with them…Yes, most of them actually involved in ways where they have to sacrifice their moral and virtues in order to get a steady ground for a brighter tomorrow. Men and their soft spot on women, easily got manipulated by these women. Suddenly this is not the game of righteousness, but SURVIVAL. No one cares to play it clean when such desperation turns them into tigresses. Don’t ask me who are the names of the victims, one thing for sure, They are ALL MEN. Is this a result of “The World Is Round”?

The first of them I know, who belong to this league has to raise 6 kids on her own while her ex-husband migrate to another country. With no steady income, imagine her struggle. Maybe I shouldn’t really blame it all on her for having her goodfriend’s husband to back her up. It was the guy who always come to help her with things, and of course financially too. Yes, it was wrong to allow herself to get that much attention from someone’s husband who has 7 kids himself. And imagine the betrayal to her own goodfriend who doesn’t know what is happening behind her. I know what the lady does is wrong, but for the survival of herself and her kids, she needs a backup. Only this man is there for her. She doesn’t have much choice. The advantage of her over her goodfriend is she is younger and prettier, and she doesn’t need commitment to hook up with a guy, so that man just grabs that chance and get what he wants with a little price. This is evil, I know. I never agree to it. But it’s from that, she never runs out of methods to survive another day. She gets to send all her kids to school despite her small income. At one angle I can look at her as the evil one but what if she did all that while putting her children first and considering her little options, her children have a big duty to repay their mom for that.

There’s another single mother with a little kid. She’s very beautiful and used to work at a Spa. After she got divorced, she needs to think about her future and also the son’s. Looks like the husband left her with nothing much. Her survival method is getting the rich men to sponsor things for her. From one guy to another, she finally has a saloon on her own, wholly sponsored by a rich old guy, who best suited called A Sugardaddy. Maybe just some guy who are married and wanted some extra experience outside and so he caught this lady. After the saloon was opened and she started operating it as a boss, she broke up with the rich old guy and now hooking up with a guy just around her age, who has a steady income. When I spoke to her worker, the worker said, “Which sugar daddy? The old or the younger one?” If she didn’t do that, she would still be working at a spa, and never get to dream to be a boss of her own Spa one day. Now, her survival strategies make that dream happen before time!
There was another young saloon owner that got to open the saloon sponsored by her boyfriend, who was a married man with 4 kids. The lady herself has 5 kids, and divorced from a drug addict husband. They both met at a saloon where the lady worked as a shampoo girl. They hooked up for years with just a gf-bf status, never get to legalized the “husband-wife” relationship between them because the husband’s first wife asked for a divorce should he want to marry another lady. The lady entirely depended on the boyfriend for income, and she got no money source since she has quit as the shampoo girl. Luckily, she’s very pretty, young and she gets a lot of attentions from different men, but the man proved that he wants her more than just to have a fling with. Although she claimed to be in love with the man, and the man seemed to be getting “husband-treatment” from the her, but it didn’t come free. The guy has to take care her financial needs. The house, the lady’s kids and others. We don’t know how long are they going to be that way, but speaking of survival strategies, the lady sure knows what she’s doing. Emotionally attached, yes, but she makes sure that she gets something back for everything that she “gives”. As a result, her 5 kids are well taken care of. She, who was only a shampoo girl, got to be a saloon’s owner without even getting married with the guy who forked all the money.

Are we still concerned about Ethics in surviving life? It’s so easy to speak but not to do. To get something rightfully yours might be hard for these ladies, but survival is crucial. Are the ladies victimized these men to get what they want? Maybe Not. Guys will be guys. They would still look for ways to flirt with the eager women. So knowing this, these ladies only use their advantages and still, the rest is for the men to decide. When these men dare enough to play with fire; the game is on. These ladies don’t have to be cunning for these guys to want them. They are still easy victims for womanizers; and it’s because the ladies are smart, they make sure they won’t be empty handed.

I have spoken closely with each of them and I could see that they are not bad women. I tried to justify their doings and put myself in their shoes to be feeling that they are not far of a devil compared to me. They are sane, they believe in God and they have virtues. I never experienced the part when they might think Love has failed them. These people might not believe in Love anymore. They only care that they would never cry as much if a man walks away from their lives again. They must tap on everything they can afford to get from the man before anything bad happens. This is how I see The Eve’s Survival in this filthy world. Who I am to judge them, but I have a lot to learn from these people. When it comes to life, they sure are “the smarter ones”. At where I am now, I still let my constraints lock me in. I’m terrified just to think about how tough one’s survival could be. Whatever it is, I salute these women for their courage to keep walking despite emotional heartache that seem unbearable to people like me. But the little voice in me says, the true hero is the person who can walk out from this battle victoriously, with clean hands. Go figure :)

Friday, March 11, 2011

The Worst Movie Posters Of All Time!

 "The best thing about the worst movie posters is that they are the product of laziness. Posters exist to promote, and, thus, with all that money on the line, one has a certain expectation of professionalism and salesmanship, a creativity of marketing. But the worst movie posters, why they're so fun, is marketing gone awry in the name of sloth. Bad movie posters happen, mostly, because someone stopped trying."

Ok, we get it, they were trying to make it outrageous for 1977's movie Outrageous!, but couldn't they come up with something better than this rotated title?

Awesome cast, but what's that awful smiling sun doing in 1986 One Crazy Summer's poster?

How else would you make a poster for a movie about talking dolphins trying to kill the President of the United States? There wasn't much chance for 1973 The Day of the Dolphin to avoid our list.

"Father and son, related by blood... everybody's blood!" How can such brilliant idea go wrong? Grave of the Vampire is a cheaply-made 70s movie, so the color is kind of washed out, and everyone in it is in desperate need of a haircut.

Where do we start with this one? Son of Dracula (1974) features Harry Nilsson as the Son of Dracula, and Ringo Starr as Merlin the Magician. Most of the human race had never seen it until it surfaced at YouTube some 30+ years after it was made: 

In what proved to be one of her lowest-grossing films ever, Barbra Streisand starred Up the Sandbox, a 1972 movie that involved, among other things, armed robbery, tribal fertility music, a terrorist plot to blow up the Statue of Liberty... and one of the ugliest movie posters ever made.

Imagine that they spent a fortune to make movies and then nothing left to spend on posters? You gotta be kidding me. Hahaha. Most of these posters, quoted as the among the Worst Movie Posters of all time, are old movies. You think that there's no more in the present. Guess what...You are wrong!!

And the latest addition is...
getting a review that this poster is made by a 8-years old!! Hahahahaha. The funniest thing is the description for the poster is "It's A Talking Crotch". It made me laugh.

I actually agree with the comments about these bad posters. I know that to produce a good poster design that bring some message is NOT easy...you have to have reasons for everything on the poster. Especially when you represent something that has brands or names, you are under evaluation! Suddenly I feel so lucky that I am not in the place of the designer of any of these posters cos if I were, it would be a nightmare to be seeing my artwork in some blog under the topic of The Worst Movie Posters of All Times. Hahahahaha.

NOTE: The movies have to be sooo good to make we forget about the sucky posters... *Lols

Friday, March 4, 2011

A Doll Is Beautiful, But....

Dolls are toys. Some of the masterpiece dolls really do look so good, not even the kids but also the adults adore their beauty. Just that,the kids admire the dolls' beauty thinking that they could become pretty like them one day. They start to have many kinds of fantasy of how they are when they grow up. The adults understand better that yes, dolls may look very beautiful, but they are just dolls. You grow up to be someone, and yes you may be pretty, but you can never look like those dolls.

I found this new story about a girl name Wang JianYun creates cyber sensation when "her pictures" were widely circulated around the internet. What got public attention was her "Blowup Doll Look" and she has succeeded in sending the South-Koreans guys went ga-ga when she became the most searched name in the country's most popular search engine, Naver.com.

Her "unreal beauty" became a debate whether or not she was a human or just a doll and all this hoo-hah ended when those who initially praised Wang's blow-up doll appearance seemed disappointed in her after it became known that her pictures were photo-shopped. Many even vilified her but she really doesn't deserve all the hate comments and remarks. Amid growing controversy, Wang has shut down her personal blog.

The most interesting part of this story is that it shows that people DO have extraordinary fascination towards doll-like beauty and when they finally find out, instead of just admiring it, they actually question whether it's real or not. At the end of the day, they realize that DOLLS ARE BEAUTIFUL, but...


Being humans, we need human touch. Real touch of emotions and feelings...and reality. Yes, even if  they are not as beautiful as the dolls.  Dolls are made to be dolls, and humans are humans.

By the way, this is finally the revealed picture of Wang JianYun. I think she's just having fun and she didn't mean to mislead people that she's some blowup doll replica. The photos above look "plastic" though, even the skin and the body "are not alive". So, don't blame this girl if you are one who are obsessed with inhumane beauty. In this era of photoshop, you can do just about anything with the proper skills. 

So I think that most of you agree with me when you see the real human behind those dolls. Yeah. she might not be as pretty as the dolls but in human version, she's already very pretty.

Let's celebrate the Humanness in us.

Trust me with all that we have, the dolls are more jealous at us than we are at them.
(Cos they only have beauty and we have almost everything else they don't... especially LIFE :) )

NOTE: Suddenly it crosses my mind that some of my online friends might think of me as "some character" who are fun and all, but "I AM NOT REAL" because of my internet identity.
Sometimes I feel that it's my fault because I'm using this approach but a lot of times that I think I do the right thing...but there's a price I have to pay

Anyway...Pssttt... "I'M REAL" :)

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Beckham's Latest Tattoo

David Beckham recently took to Facebook to show off the newest tattoo in his collection of body art. The scene covers the left side of his chest and depicts Jesus being helped out of his tomb by three cherubs. The cherubs are meant to represent his three sons -- Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz -- while Jesus represents him. David Beckham.

In an interview he posted on his page along with the pictures of the tattoo, he tried to explain:

"Obviously, the cherubs are boys, so my thought of it is, you know, at some point, my boys are going to need to look after me, and that's what they're doing in the picture. Everything has a meaning that I've got on me."

Note: Even how famous or how nasty you have been or how skillful you are in your field, when you start to have kids, you can't help but "think like a father". There's nothing else he's better off to be. A Father To His 3 Kids, that is. Hopefully, a loyal husband to her wife to. (No more Sarah Marbeck, ok...) *giggles.

Want A Free Toy? What The Hell!

Here is the story.

I gave a friend a “free toy” the first time last year. That time I saw that she was so helpless and clueless. I thought the toy could help her. Only a person with “certain level of kindness” would give that kind of “free toy” to someone she barely knew. 

This year, it looks like she could stand on her own. The free toy I gave her helped her a lot. Now she could buy any toys she wants. And now, she needs the same toy again, this toy that she got from me for free last year. Yeah. So thinking that “the toy” that was given for free to her last year, was a toy that cost something, so she came to me and say, “I want to book that same toy again. I will come to pick it end of this month.” Finally she knew how it works. Nothing comes free. Definitely not that toy. 

So the time has come. She should come to pick the toy. So she came and told me, “I don’t have money to buy the toy. I will have the money about a month from now.” Knowing that the deal won’t take place, I put the toy back . She gave that upset look. “Can I still have the toy?” I was surprised that she actually asked for the toy “for free” again the second time. Knowing that she has a certain reputation that I’m sure at least she knows the rules of the game.

Maybe it’s out of desperation that she asked it for free. Maybe she was time-pressured so she needed the toy faster than when she could prepare the money to buy it. I wonder, if she is in a critical situation, could she go to any other Toys Store and ask the boss there “I need that toy, but I don’t have the money. Can I get it for free?” 

Any of you would think this is ridiculous enough. In this era where everything cost something, you actually expect to get things for free? And we are talking about A Toy that could help you to make thousands of ringgit….and you come to me and ask for it from me, for free?


Just because I have been nice to her before, NOW she’s using my kindness to get MORE from me. Now that she can afford The Toy herself, she uses the stupidest excuse to make herself look like the needy again so she could get it for free. LOOK, I might look like nice and all…but if I have no brains, I won’t be in the position where I could sell the toy that she wants.

This is when GREED is taking over you and you put everything else below you. You claim to be “a good person” because you don’t look like someone who would steal from people, and you sure know when to respect people when they deserve it. So you call yourself one honourable person. Unfortunately, when God tests you by giving you some friend who is kind enough to help you with things and make your life easier, THIS IS WHEN you see WHO YOU ARE for real. Are you going to continuously USE your friend for your own benefit when you don’t need her help anymore, or are you going to start standing with your own feet now that you are capable of doing that?

I am trying to stop my friend from becoming a monster who sucks the blood of her own friend. I am trying to save a friendship. I don’t want to be one of the cases out there where they claim to get cheated by their own friend. It’s crucial to know the difference between Friendship and Business. I don’t mix. If she can’t understand this after all the good business deals that come to her, she better quit and do something else. Or else, just follow my rule. Business Is Business.

This is surely a lesson for someone like her. She might think that all nice people are made of soft bones and nothing else. Some people are nice because they think it’s the right thing to do. But they sure know when to be hard and tough. I show only a bit of my tough side. She has lost my trust when I saw it how she used my kindness to suck my blood. She forgot something. I’M NOT STUPID. Get your act right. OR QUIT. 

It’s nothing personal. It’s Just Business – Donald Trump


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