Thursday, May 2, 2013

505: The Phenomenon

2 years ago, I remember it was the first time that Bersih Rally 2.0 was organized. I remember being vocal about how much I DISAGREE with it. I thought that these participants were “not being grateful enough” with THE PEACE that Malaysia has for so long. Yeah, exactly. I even wrote a post about it if you guys remember. I explained why I thought that BERSIH should never be organized. I thought that since when that a rally can change something. I thought that people have better procedure.  Anything, but the rally. I was mostly concerned about innocent citizens who gonna get in trouble, or even hurt, if sthing went wrong. 

TODAY, I am so ashamed of myself for whatever I said, whatever I commented – even though I thought that I was at least, doing it for PEACE, but I realized that I was just one of those who was lazy to know much, not informative enough and ignorant about the real scene of the politics in Malaysia. Today, the more I find out, after a number of doubts and prejudices, I come to evaluate that, we Malaysians, deserve more than just this peace.  We Malaysians, are in dire need for CHANGES. Without a way for these changes to happen, most of us might never find out what A BETTER NATION can Malaysia be. 

I don’t have to say one by one, why I am saying this. But I tell you, judging from the Fb posts that I saw on other people’s walls, I know that some of them were still like who I was 2 years ago. They were wrongly informed, or not sufficiently informed or just simply not wanting to know more, thinking that what they have now is Good Enough, and thinking about the risk of changing to a new government might just lead the nation to destruction. O yeah, been there. Done that. 

I don’t know about the rest of the states in Malaysia. Maybe you guys have a different view. I am a Sabahan. I come from a land where even tourists talk about the richness of our land. Not just from the culture, the various of tribes living together, also our natural resources – anyone with such knowledge will easily label is as the THE RICHEST STATE in Malaysia, if not the second.  Then look again at the statistic of poverty – and there we go again. The last statistic that I saw was Sabah being the number one state with the most hardcore poor citizens. Doesn’t that sound peculiar? What, we only get 5% of our oil? Fine, but I thought, that comes with a security that Sabah is be taken care of, since the federal is taking 95% of our oil. I don’t need the statistic to see that yes, Sabahans are left behind. The rural areas of Sabah are totally poor, they don’t even have proper water supply  and electricity. For so many years, nobody cares about them. Just because they are from secluded areas, the Ybs are making It an EXCUSE that “it takes time” to bring development to these places. Oh, they are not educated, they won’t “BARK” loud enough for anybody to hear to bring shame to any of these People’s Representatives . YEAH, and that takes them 55 years and they still have not reached those areas. 55 freaking years, you people. Now, you want to talk about Peace? When we speak of Peace, we often compare our countries to others that are more unfortunate. This way, of course, we will always look like we are luckier. We have something to eat, and they don’t. They listen to the attack missels and bombs everywhere, and we don’t. It’s not wrong to count our blessings. 

But we are talking about Malaysia. We are a blessed country. And this happens to be the biggest challenge for the rulers to try and share the blessings with the people. It happened before when we started to develop, we would be thankful for anything that were given to us. The world has grown older. The people can’t help but learn and then know more and to know how truly blessed we are. Anything less that we get from this blessing, start to be seen as MISUSE of power. When we get too rich, we can’t handle the  richness with wisdom. Suddenly it’s NOT about the people anymore. It’s about staying in POWER for generations, and do whatever it takes , even if they have to step and kill their human values. The IC Project in Sabah really really hurts me to the bone. Since I was in secondary school, I’ve been seeing illegals in every part of the town. After so many years, finally I got to learn that the Ics were given to illegals who are Muslim, and condition was they need to vote for Barisan Nasional. Sabah, being a country with majority non-Muslims, after they rob our oil, now they are robbing our land and trying to dethrone us from our native rights on this land. My heart is crying everytime I think about how cruel they are to us. Yeah, and THIS PEACE that we were talking about, it was the only thing left to close our eyes and live to see another day. 

When finally the Lahad Datu Incident, which became the nightmare of the Sabahans – finally the siren was ringing. Ringing to wake us ALL UP, what they have done to us has finally backfired. We have been keeping terrorists among us, and ask the ruler again, If They Care enough for us now that our lives are threatened. If it’s not for General  Election which why they still need us to give them majority to form the government, we have no assurance if our lives are valuable enough for them after everything that they have done to us. And here comes another question, DO WE SABAHANS HAVE THE VOICE FOR SABAH, anymore? With at least 500k Ics were given in Mahathir era just so they can beat the majority of the natives who prefers the local party to rule the state. PBS finally lost and now they have stopped fighting for the natives, as long as their positions in the government are secured.  

This is what we get after 50 years. Whoever is ruling for this long and still promising us this and that like they used to do it for the past 12 elections, don’t you wonder why have they not done it for the past 10 years or 20 years from  their 50 years of power. Suddenly those promises didn’t mean anything anymore because our PAINS ARE REAL, and if you rule for 50 years and still we end up with this pain, THIS IS WHY WE NEED TO SEE CHANGES. Not because we are not grateful, but these people cannot continue wronging the people  when God gives us so much resources and blessings to be shared among us.  These people can’t just continue making this country their own playground, where they can do whatever they want and making the people the robots who can’t do much but nod. 
Especially for the Sabahans who are Christians, after so many years we are taught that Malaysia is a a democratic country and we have freedom of religions, and after centuries of people using Allah to address the Almighty; even before the existence of Islam, never that it happened in anywhere else of the world that finally the word is banned for the Christians in this country. I was again, badly shocked by how terribly poor things can become under a weak government. Suddenly we feel so alone and dissed – after our wealth is robbed, and then our land, and now they are trying to hurt us again by telling us what we can and what we can’t do in our religion. In fact my dear Muslim friends, if you are reading this. Would you even want to change your religion, or get confused  by the malay Bible, just because of the word Allah? This is totally illogical in my rational mind, knowing that you have a strong root in your religion. You certainly can differentiate, because of your deep understanding on the way of teachings, which is why you totally believe that it’s the religion for you. Do you  understand why we think this is totally unacceptable? To my surprise, the other religions claim that they also use this world in their holy books, they are curious if they are going to get banned too? You certainly will be angry if people think that you are threatened by our strong faith in  God, that now you have to tell us to  NOT use the word that you use to call your God. Why do this? Why we can respect your religion and how to praise your God, and you can’t do the same to us? We do not hurt anybody. The people ARE NOT STUPID and DON’T MAKE THEM LOOK STUPID  that as if they can’t think for themselves – and as if they follow the religion on weak ground that even seeing the same word from other religion’s book will make them change their religion. OH MY GOODNESS.  Bless us our LORD!!

Last but not least, it doesn’t take a genius to guess, why the coming election on 5th May is a Phenomenon to this country. After 50 years of silence, it’s the first time that THE PEOPLE finally have the courage to SPEAK their heart out. WE WANT CHANGES. For those who are afraid that this country will turn upside down because of the change of government, Tell you what, This country is ALREADY upside down. YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE. This Opposition that we have now has been there for so long. They are the ones who highlight every mistakes that the government has been doing – and yeah, if you start talking about ANWAR and his sodomy cases, I TELL YOU WHAT – This is not about ANWAR IBRAHIM, THIS IS NOT ABOUT NAJIB RAZAK, NOR MAHATHIR MOHAMAD, They can have their sets of crimes which the only Judge is GOD.  But here, I am talking as a rakyat, I only want the best for my land, my people.  We want to see something better to be done for Malaysia. And the government now has done their 50 years of chances to do it all. IT’S TIME TO LET THE OTHER ONE SHOW THEIR WORTH. If Barisan Nasional claims to be FIGHTING FOR THE PEOPLE, LET THE ELECTION RUN IN JUSTICE. You have had your 50 years, you can stand giving them just 5 years to prove that we Malaysians DESERVE better. PROVE TO US,  BARISAN NASIONAL, THAT RAKYAT IS YOUR PRIORITY. GIVE US THE CHANCE TO SEE A NEW AND BETTER MALAYSIA. YOU WILL BE REMEMBERED FOR THIS ONE DEED THAT YOU DO TO US. At least, people like me will still thank you for that. Please give way to Justice. Save this one last value for us. DO IT FOR THE SAKE OF THIS COUNTRY.

God, let the voice of the people of true Malaysians determine the next ruler of our country. Allow us to do something for the betterment of this lovely land that you bless us with.  

5th May 2013 - Lets do our part, people. Go and cast your vote. It's the most we can do, and the rest, leave it to the hands who created us. He listens to our prayer. For this we know, it's gonna be among the biggest phenomenon ever in our country. God willing. Amen.

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Where All The Prayers Go...

I remember when my mom told us that she had a little accident at the bathroom, where she slipped and just fell flat on the ground. The moment we heard it, we got a little panic and worried cos she could get hurt from that. Surprisingly, we didn't even notice that she got such accidental fall judging from how well she was. Then she said this, "Luckily that God sent the angels to guard me so I did not get hurt". Then  I recall my mom having this little altar at the corner of the house where she prays everyday. Becoming a Christian only at 40s, she's still a toddler in faith, as many would refer it. But her praying habit certainly make her a long way more matured than some of us. Even me myself.

Then I recall how our house almost got broken into more than  2 years ago, because of our own carelessness. How the guy, managed to open the grill of the front door, and Almost opened the door that could get him in. With my mom and sister sleeping at the living room, imagine how close we were to danger. Just that, the guy didn't manage to open the door because the lock was a  bit malfunction; which needs some skill to open it. So maybe he got discouraged thinking that he got the wrong key, so he left the house, taking the keys with him, and left his slippers and stole my brother's sneakers. After the incident, we were busy blaming each other, and even Thankful to the malfunction lock, thinking that WE WERE JUST LUCKY to be saved by it. "Then something suddenly hit me. Don't you guys think we should be thankful that we are safe? This place is protected. Don't you guys think about that? It's in OUR PRAYERS!"

Guys, we have been praying for safety and protection EVERYDAY. To where do you think the prayers go? Why keep thinking that it's your own luck that saved you from mishap, when you should remember EVERY WORDS OF YOUR PRAYERS ARE HEARD - AND THEN  ANSWERED. 


So when you get what you ask for, first, say your thankfulness to HIM. He's listening to us, guys. He really does. Thank you God. Thank you. Always keep us under your protection. Amen.



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