Sunday, May 18, 2014

Your Hands Are The Gold Mine!!

Remember how many times that you delayed some of the important things to run, just because you rely on some other people to do it? That you have to follow their times to get things done. And worse is, other tasks have to wait too. And when finally someone does it, sometimes it's not working and you still have to fork your money despite your dissatisfaction. Remember such experiences?

I have issues with my hair today. Suddenly I want it cut so badly. But I remember the experiences that I had before with the salon. One experience of hairstylist who took only 5 minutes, not making any changes to my hair, and when I started to complain, she raised her voice saying that it looked good enough so no need to cut more. Garsh, she knew what I wanted more than I did? If I said I wanted to go bald, that's my hair, that's my head and I pay for it. She has no freaking right to argue about what I want since I pay for it, right? It was a bitter experience because I decided to just pay and walk out since the chinese lady was much older. The other time, another Mrs-Know-All because when I told her I wanted to keep my hair long, but just to give some style to it, she didn't care. She cut all she wants, from waist to shoulder length, and told me if she cut just a bit, it won't show so she just cut away heartlessly without taking into account my request "to keep my hair long". I lost my long hair just like that and paid her for doing that. Can you imagine my frustration on my hair alone? So that's why I trust less people to deal with my hair. So after a bit of thinking, I decided to just go ahead cut my hair myself. Considering that long hair is easy to cut since it's  more accessible to different angles, so I just followed some tutorial about styling my own hair. Viola! It's done! I might not do it like a pro barber but This is my Hair, and I know how much my hair means to me, and whatever that I do with my hair, it's after that consideration. And those are My Hands who cut it. Whatever mistake that I might do, at least it was done performed by some stranger who thinks they know better.

I remember that My Two Precious Hands have done so many good things in my life. I am the type who hold the toolbox, the hammer, the nail, the screwdriver; things that only men do. I do that simple toolboxing work because I can't help to rely on others too much because I can't follow their time. So, as a result, I learned another and another skill to Do-It-Myself and thats why I become quite independent. That's just the extra. Not to mention what my hands do in my job. My two little hands. All the compliments that I get from my customers, it's My Two Little Hands that did the jobs. So now you tell me, don't you realize that you have A Gold Mine attached to your body? You can do ALOT with it. If you use it well, you can make a fortune. Dont you know that, and feel grateful that you have these hands?

That's why, never underestimate yourself because skills can be learned. But not everyone who have hands, use them so well. They dont know that they can rely less on people. They don't know that they can even make wonders with their hands. Do great things and all the possible things. One should never complain that they are helpless when they are jobless. Those hands are your Gold Mine, people!! Start getting golds from using them and you know, these are among the most useful gifts made with our body. Thank God for these two hands! And help us to use them well, to do good things, to help us improve our lives and possibly make a difference! Thank you, Lord! Alleluia!

Monday, May 5, 2014

My Imperfections And Beyond...

You, Me, Them, Everyone - None of us are perfect. Why are we so bothered by it, anyway? One time in this life, we be the judge of others. It's fun doing it right? It's fun to be putting marks from head to toe, marking what's quite not right, and what's totally wrong. Yeah, some of us done that too often. And that's why, we are bound to get a good evaluation from others too. In fact, some of us are spending our lifetime to just be good in others eyes for the sake of that "evaluation of perfection". To those who are still trapped in this, what do you guys feel?

I gradually find comforts in my imperfections. Why? Because, one, No matter what I do, I can never be perfect to my own eyes, or to anybody's eyes, cos I'm just human, and humans are not created to be perfect. We are sinners. We sin, we break rules, we are full of weaknesses. No matter how kind can you be or how sympathetic or charitable you are - yes, you are still imperfect. That's the fact. Do we forget that?

I start to love my imperfections not because I try to live in denials, but because I don't see my imperfections as "abnormality" since everyone has them, remember? So the difference now is that, I learn how to be make peace with them, to be more comfortable with them, and walk with them without much shame. Because what I am born with or I am born as, they are the list of blessings God gave to me. I am thankful for so many million things. I have my hands and legs. I am healthy. I have my wonderful family. I have a good shelter to come home to. I have a job I love doing. Oh man. That and so many more things! All the details of things can't simply ruin my blessings. I may have my shortcomings. My short temper. My talkativeness. Many others. I don't say I'm proud of them cos I'm not but I realize that some of the things in my blood, are not really meant to be gone from  my life. My challenge is to put them under control, and to not let them spoil my relationship with people, and I have to watch my weaknesses very closely so they don't get the better of me. Why, do I expect my life will be completely off struggles eventually? No. NO. These struggles of imperfections will always be there along the way. That's why we need to keep in touch with our values; something not easy to do but DO-ABLE. That and many more, I don't need to elaborate. You should know. 

I've been there in the stage of life where I liked to impress, I liked to show the good sides of me only so I could get compliments, so I could get flattered to smile about, but then, I guess I'm done with that. I want to do something else. Every morning I wake up, and say my thankfulness to God for this gift of LIFE. I am just so extremely thankful to be alive. I MEAN IT. Maybe because my thankfulness has switched to something more "Real" than ever. Then I start to love everything about my life. Even my weaknesses. My imperfections are like "AN ART" of God's wisdom, to just give each of us something to struggle with. And I accepted that. I AM DONE trying to bother about their evaluations. Cos I realize that when I'm happy, others have no freaking idea how happy I am or what is it that makes me happy. Same with when I'm sad. Nothing that they can do to understand, let alone to sooth me or make me feel better. I decide that I just know SO MUCH about this life of mine. Much much more than anyone who are busy judging me. So when I decided to just "Be This Way", it's when the FUN begins. You can sit down and enjoy the show of how many fake people can't stand to be there. They like the version of you who only pleases them. They love it when you put yourself in suffering just so you can make them feel good being around you, and all that stuff. Don't you want to try and SEE, who are there FOR REAL? 

Nowadays, given this (limited) maturity and wisdom, I love to watch how people judge me and how they deal with their judgment. I remember when a senior came to me and told me that she thought my hair was too messy and long and I should change it to this and that, I felt offended a bit. But then come again now and say what you think, it won't bother me a bit. What I know is I love this God-given hair that I have. If you don't like it, it's not my hair's fault. There are a lot of people who are struggling with hair loss, and me who have this thick hair, have to listen to some people who are bothered by it, when I should 100 times be thankful that I even have hair, when some people are spending money just to grow theirs. It's the same with other things. I am so thankful that when I am able to see it this way, I also can be more acceptable to other people's imperfections. Although I don't always deal with them positively, but I know it's better to avoid judging people and leave them alone, rather than punishing and blaming them for being what God created them to be. You don't live on their skin to know exactly who they are, and what they have gone through. You are NOBODY to judge people like you know them forever. 

Who cares if people don't think you are smart enough, you are pretty enough, you are attractive enough, cos the fact is that, you won't get all thumbs in everything. I can freaking assure you that there's NOTHING that you can do to make everyone approves everything about you. No freaking way. SO stop wasting your time. This is the time when you claim honesty, sincerity; from people - this is the only way you gonna get them! Cos people who you have to impress for them to be around you, are NOT WORTH IT. Expect to regret a fake affection which you got from faking attraction. Just move easily with the "package" that you come with, and look at your mom, your dad, your sisters, your brothers, they love you no matter what. These people can name many things you lack, but their love are not conditional to that. You see, these people do exist. The millions people out there can disagree with them, but you don't live with this people. You don't know these people. These people don't know you. They are also bothered by too much imperfections with themselves and their own lives. 

PLEASE MAKE PEACE WITH YOURS. Once you can do this, consider that this is the best gift of reality. Do not worry, my dear friends. At the end of the day, You Will Never Be Good Enough To Those Who Don't Love You, and to those who love you, there's nothing that you can do that will simply change that. Do Not Worry. Be Yourself, and Be Loved For The Right Reasons...:))

God Bless!!


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