Sunday, September 14, 2014

Do Bad Guys Necessarily Make Bad Customers?

I first know this guy about 6 years ago. He had an affair with a senior friend when he was still married, and was involved in a few cases of blackmailing/threatening people, besides being a hardcore alcoholic. Knowing all this didn't really bother me since it was none of my business. 

I dealt with the guy recently when he came as a customer. I noticed that he was really courteous. He asked for a certain favour and he never argued about price etc. He did not speak outside the deal, or said something that disturbed me. In fact, in the end, he actually said Terima kasih, which made me think again, if he was really a bad guy. 

Cos I've met guy customers who appear to be more educated, friendlier and appeared to be nice at first only to know that they could be quite disturbing. I really dislike customers who flirt, or who harass ladies even just with words, who keep bugging to get special price etc. I think guys should save us ladies from difficult attitudes, cos guys should be simpler to handle, less fussy and more considerate; assuming that they have bigger responsibilities and better things to do. Some guys really get it when certain ladies are only interested in the job and entertain no hanky panky. At the end of the day, however the guys are in other side of their lives, if they know how to respect a lady, they are still better than the rest who don't.


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