Sunday, September 29, 2013

Unbelieve The Believer, Unfaith The Faithful

Do you recall so many times when you just "quit believing" in Him and His power? It's usually because your prayers were not answered according to your time. In fact, from my experience, it could turn your heart bitter, sour, even tasteless, and made you just want to forget about your religion. A few friends of mine also said the same thing. "I feel like my prayers are not heard." when they were asked why they were considering another religion.

I think, to have prayers "delayed" is not gonna end there. It will happen again. But to you, who are still a believer, what about you? Why are you still a believer? What about all your prayers and petitions that are not answered or the help from above that never arrives? I'm sure all of you have your own story to tell.

I can say that I'm going through that again. I have some petition that are "yet to be answered" but for some reason, instead of losing heart, I keep saying the little intention whenever I pray. It's been months that I even have special praying sessions for this particular petition. If I were my much younger version, I would have sulked at God (again). Well, even at the present, I still occasionally ask God, "God, Why?" But then there's sthing more than just asking Him IN DOUBT. I just know He has been listening to everything. I just know. Sometimes I'm tempted to just go back to my old ways of reacting to Him, by getting mad at Him, by blaming Him and shouted at Him in anger. Maybe I could just refuse to pray! Maybe I could stop going to Church! Maybe I could stop finding comforts in Godly stories and Bible verses! I can just do all that to show Protect to God for now answering my prayers in my own terms and conditions.

I could, but would I? Everytime the devil whispers to me Doubt in His power, when I'm tempted to just rebel at Him and accuse Him for so many things, something just stops me. Or even if it happens, it would not be long after that, I gain my consciousness back to praising His glory. I could even speak and answer the Devil on God's behalf that he can continue dreaming about poisoning my mind. I can try to be critical and analytic but God's power in my life, is not more than just hearsays. More than just rumours. Or gossips. Or fairy tales. I HAVE WITNESSED HIS POWER WORKING IN MY LIFE. How can I deny Him now? I don't have that ability to do it anymore.

Come to think about it, for those of you who have surrendered your faith because you lost hope in God, did you only judge God on your latest petition that He doesn't answer yet? How about so many times before that He blessed you. Moments of your success, moments of laughter and joy, moments of recovery from sickness, Did you forget?

Even during the time when my own petition is not yet answered, He keeps blessing me daily. He takes care of my loved ones, and how He helps me in overcoming problem by problem, giving me the ways to the solutions, giving me foods to nourish my body and giving me ways towards the small details of my Happiness. That's why, when I ask God, "God, why? Why did you let sthing like that happen to me? Can I know the reason why?" - I just know that nothing is accidental. I have decided that GOD is in this from the very start. Things might look a bit messy at the present, but I just know that mystery is going to unfold, and I'm gonna be the one who will be rewarded by much delight. He's working in my favour. That's why He let me wait for a bit, cos I'm not alone in this world. It's not realistic that God answers my prayers right then and there when I have to follow the course of the world - where millions of people are praying for their own petitions too. Sometimes what we ask for, involves a lot of people. Things need time to fall in place. So with this understanding, you will know WHY, as long as I don't deny this wisdom that is given to me, I will never succeed in trying to Un-believe or Un-faith myself - even if I consider myself as the most selfish in this world, I just can't. GOD IS REAL. He's the one who created me, He knows what's He's doing. 

When you ask me, How do you know? My answer is, "I JUST KNOW". That's the beauty of Faith. Thank you Lord for guiding me. Help me to grow even more in Faith and I wish that one day, you allow me to SHOW YOUR WORK through my life, and I swear those people will never doubt in You anymore. 


Friday, September 13, 2013

Faith Is Not Just For Show

During our hangout yesterday, my friend talked about a scenario of a devout follower (which happened to be her bro in-law) who likes to preach about religion and God, who likes to attend church' activities and constantly advising others about the right way of doing things. But it's quite confusing cos his life is a mess. He resigned his work and decided not to work anymore. From there, they get into financial  crises. It has been years that their home and car installment were paid by my friend's mom. And even when he said he decided to have his own business, the family collected money just so he could have it. But nothing really works. He still doesn't put enuff effort. While others are busy paying his bills, he's getting busy attending church activities. Which my friend referred as "totally out of proportion".

She said it's from your way of life, you'll get respected by people. You will honour your religion if you live in such a way that others can salute you for doing your responsibility well. Cos if you cannot balance your commitment, you'll be a burden to others, you're hurting others. What an embarrassment to not adapting faith into way of life. She got so pissed and said, It's like he can lazy around and just pray to keep getting financial assistance from others. Goodness gracious. One heck of a topic but sores the ears but you know she has a point. Nobody's perfect but the point is, everyone has to learn from mistakes and keep improving. Faith is more than just for a show :)

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Should We Give Miley Cyrus A Break?

The Adorable Miley Cyrus. Her stunning hair. The best long hair that I saw on google...hehe

I read about her performance in Video Music Award 2013 that was held recently. I was a bit influenced by the hatred notes made by the public. I watched the clip, again, I was shocked too. I admired some of her songs like The Climb and When I Look At You. Her long hair, her good girly image, I'm sure she has been a wonderful inspiration to the teenage girls out there. I  never really watched Hanna Montana, but I know she was so famous for that, so again the world watches her grow up from a little kid, a young girl to -- this one, a grown up girl in her 20. Many of us don't have this kind of limelight. If we make a breakthrough performance like this in our friend's party, I'm sure the most it can go viral to is just in SMS or Facebook. Still never as much coverage as Miley got on her VMA performance. Remember the tweaking, the grinding, the foam finger? Those are all the highlights to her so-called shameful performance that night.

Of course I hated the stage performance too. It looked so indecent. The reaction on Will Smith's face, would be exactly on your face if you bring along your kids in the show. But that was before I actually watched the the clip from the beginning. How she came to the stage in the bear suit, with some dancers with the same bear theme costumes. To my surprise, it was a good opening. The music, the aura of fame, she has that. When she made that move, it all looked acceptable, cos she's Miley Cyrus. She has the license to just do what she wants on stage. I don't know where that thought came from. I just had it while watching the opening. So when I listened to the song, it was not a bad song at all. Why didn't I read anything good when there are indeed good things about her performance?  So, now I know I never actually listened to that song. I went to youtube and look for the official MTV of the song "We Can't Stop", and her some other live performances before that. Then I wondered, why the public sounded so unaware of her new approach? She was already into this way before VMA. The song was about "freedom" of doing what you want, even if you'll get hated for it. She said it in the lyrics. How she changed her hair, her dressing, it was all part of how she gonna present herself with her new album. I remember Britney's era, and then Rihanna. They were all used to have this pure good girl image before they turned rebellious and became who they are today. So what's new with Miley Cyrus?

Okay, she could have made it a bit more decent than what she did on the duet with the male singer, and how she stripped herself into that nude bikini, didn't do her pastime justice but look at us. Do you think we turn out to be everything that people expect us to be? They can just wish that we will remain the same but we can't stop from changes, or from the tendency to be what we really want to be. So for the 20-year-old Miley, this is her time. It might not be her best performance in her lifetime, she might or she might not regret it but still, I can feel that part of her just wants to express herself out of the box, and if she hit the wrong note, she'll learn and she'll get better. So guys, enough with the bashing. Lets move on and give this girl a break. Sometimes I'm quite surprised how these westerners who I thought are living in the open and honest culture all their lives, actually give that much fuss on something like this. Well, okay, lets hope there's no more shock like this from her, okay. Hahaha. Good luck Miley. We know you are more than that so go ahead and keep shining. Your fans have not given up on you yet, I'm pretty sure of that. Wish you all the best!


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