Tuesday, January 31, 2012

When The Gossip Girl Becomes The Gossip Itself

Oh yes I lurve watching Gossip Girl, the English series. At the same time, I lurve reading gossip blogs. I have 6 major entertainment gossip blogs that I MUST open daily, a few times everyday. I can name many other things I like reading besides that, but still, GOSSIPS are like my daily reading. So if you ask me what I feel about “The World of Gossips”, I can say that Most gossips do have bases, and the rest, they are just a total made-up. The most interesting question that arises is, Is that gossip true??” Yeah, speaking of Gossip Girl, I think that I could be dubbed as that judging from how much I involve Gossips in my life daily. Hehehe. Ok whatever :P

After reading so much gossips, sometimes you’ll be amazed to find out how some gossips don’t even contain a single truth. And poor these celebrities for being subject to wild gossips, and sometimes they are just poor victims. I remember being so thankful of my humble life, someone unknown, unpopular; that no one would even bother to gossip about me. It’s like, Helllooo 256, Pay me then only I’ll gossip about you. Yeah, I mean, that bad. *LOLS. Oh WAIT. I have a story to tell. If you think this unpopular Gossip Girl can run away from wild gossip, you’re Wrong. Let me share my experience to be IN a wild gossip that almost turned messy.

There was this girl (Girl 1) who talked to my guyfriend. They were talking about another guy (The Guy) they both know. They spoke about the guy having some indecent encounters with some girls he associated with. Girl 1 was almost a victim too and she mentioned some names randomly and she just happened to mention my name to be one of them who could be one of those similar case. My guyfriend was concerned so he told me about it, but he did not disclose the details because he wanted to protect the Girl 1’s identity. He only told me to be careful of my future encounters with “some guy” he did not mention who. I was clueless. Of course I dismissed it because I had no issues with Any guy when it comes to indecent encounters. I had nothing to be scared of. He did keep me guessing for a while who that guy was but he never revealed. After a while, that particular guy came to me and said, “ I heard that you’ve been spreading news about US”. Then I was like, “Us? Excuse me?” Then he went on telling me how he heard from his girlfriend (Girl 2) about that, and his girlfriend heard that from that guyfriend of mine. That’s how I know that the guy that my guyfriend mentioned before was him (The Guy).

It went like this:

The gossip was started off really weak. It could just be dissolved when it came to The Guy’s ears but he did not just let it go, maybe because it became a reason why he and his gf (Girl 2) argued and mistrusted him. He went to confront me and started with a very wrong line, which sounded like an accusation that I’ve been telling stories about me and him. I almost got a heart attack from that, seriously. One was because I never had anything with him to even start a story, second was because if I was really someone desperate to gain some easy popularity by making up a story that I hooked up with some guy, logically speaking, I must at least pick a guy that fit the cut to make it straight to the headline, true? At least someone who who I think was “the most favourite and popular guy” so I could easily proceed with my evil intention, correct? This guy in question was nothing NEAR that. If ever that I spoke 1000 of things with any of my friends, I bet his name was never up. He was “that unfamiliar” to me. And what would you feel if you were in my place, when this guy suddenly appeared and asked me that he heard that “I’ve been telling people about he and I were engaged in an affair” – I mean, gosh, “WHAT AFFAIR”??. The funny thing he did not DENY about the affair. He made it look like The Affair Did Happen and “256, why did you tell people about it?” OMIGAWDDDDDDDD. You better not be fricking kidding me. I almost screamed my heart out, “OMG don’t you get it??? Nothing happened and which affair are you talking about? What do I get from spreading something that never exists, if you tell me one benefit I get at least I CAN PLAY ALONG but I just couldn’t find one!! I mean, yeah, I was so mad.

It kinda got a little messy when everyone finally gathered in one place and we tried to solve it. Everyone got really mad and fired up when each tried to back themselves up. My guyfriend was making it even more complicated because he did not want to tell who was GIRL 1 who started the story, and that was how GIRL 2 concluded I was that GIRL 1. This is it about Gossips. When the smallest truth is kept, the lies start to come out from ASSUMPTIONS that translated into accusations and conclusions. And the attitudes of the people involved in the gossips could also make it complicated, especially when they did not ASK THE RIGHT QUESTIONS and kept highlighting on the wrong things. So suddenly when my guyfriend was in the end of his wits, he finally told us who GIRL1 was, although not so obviously. Then suddenly IT ANSWERED everything. We finally understood how and why things went that far. Everyone learnt something that day. None of us done anything wrong, actually. Even Girl 1, who seemed to start everything, maybe she was just saying some familiar names, and my guyfriend took it seriously because he cared for me. After the mess, we were just too tired to point fingers. We settled it as adults, we said sorry and we moved on. Most importantly, The Guy knew I was just “the unfortunate” name who got in this mess. If it didn’t settle that fast, the bad outcome would be that some more than one relationship and friendship were gonna be in jeopardy. So be careful. Gossips can simply do something silly to your life.

You guys see how a gossip was raised from Nothing? For whatever reason that my name was first mentioned, I never DID anything to deserve to be in that gossip. Now I understand how the celebrities feel and how the wild gossips can even ruin their marriage and make people fight, even friends, even families. So never underestimate gossips.

My tips is…if you hear something about someone you know, that involves some sensitive issue, you don’t pass it to another person just to share the thrill of knowing a secret, unless you have the guts to go to the person herself so the person can handle it from there. Or else, you better don’t get involved because you don’t know if you are actually just part of a big fat lie. You don’t go spread to the world and make the person in the gossip the last to know. You could do something about it. Better yet, just wash your hands clean to Every gossips. Kill the gossip chain right away when it comes to your ears. Gossips can ruin people. Don’t wait until it happens to you before you learn anything. Do your part right.

NOTICE: Give a break to the Gossip Girl. No more gossips like that. I rather spend those time reading more gossips, okay. Hahahahaha

Picture Of The Day

This was my supper just now. A few of rambutans and a glass of plain water. Oh no, that veteran glass. It has been around for many many years. A gift from someone. I forgot who. Whoops. Hehehe. Kidding.

Monday, January 30, 2012

The Funny And The Cute

I could not help but remember these kids in many of those Chinese movies I watched so many years ago. Glad that they take the grown up picture of them to serve the memories. Hehehe. I don't bother to find out more, not even their names. They are well remembered anyhow...Hahaha

One Of Those Snail Days

Today is Sunday, and it’s such a slow and pessimist Sunday for me. I was lazy for Everything. Not in a very good mood too. I spent a few hours at the office and called some customers that I would be leaving early today just in case they wanted to come, but I did not leave that early. I just wanted to have some space to entertain such slowness and tried to just live with that without having any extra force from outside. No, my mood swing was not to be blamed. It was just unexplained. Maybe a day like that would visit once in a while.

A day when you could feed yourself many inspirational quotes or wisdoms, agreeing every words, but you just give in to that slowness. I allowed it all, maybe because it was Sunday after all. Now, it’s 11.46 PM, the Sunday is gonna be over soon. One of those snail days, what could save us from it?

My day was saved. I wanna say thank you to someone for making my last hours in this slow day, a lively ones. I don’t know but I’m gonna write something quite cliché. Sometimes these people keep reminding us how much we owe God. I feel so touched because there are days when you feel like a princess, and there are days when you feel like the most unworthy person on earth, and when that happened for so many times, you have no more tears to cry. You were just telling yourself that you could not be the princess all the times. If no one is bringing you down at times, you would forget the ground. I accept that fact. I accept that there are times when I would feel like my presence doesn’t matter. I would feel like no one appreciate me, and even if they do, it is out of pity. That bad, my friends. That bad.

I was just lucky because I’ve come this far, I am already well equipped with my weapon during my times of needs. A day like this will come once in a while and I need to use whatever weapon I have to shield myself from anything that can make the day worse. When there are 10 people come to insult you, they would need to try harder to bring you down. And only takes 1 person to remind you all over again, what a jewel you are. Praise be to God.

I survived my slow Sunday. Will go to bed with, “I’m totally blessed”. Yes I am. Never lose your shine on a slow day. It will be gone in a snap of a finger if you decide so. Hello tomorrow, here we come…:)

Picture Of The Day

Instead of watching Juara Lagu 26 on TV, I watched it on live streaming. The connection was amazing. Thank you Digi for making it possible for me to watch an interrupted live show. Not frustrating at all because my favourite singer still won something and at the same time, because of watching it on the internet, I could still engage myself on the phone...hehe. Finally the lappy's wide screen and Altec Lansing speaker did their wonders...hehe

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Talks Are Cheap. Are You A Believer?

I am a person of a thousand words. I speak so fast, barely a fullstop, barely a pause and I can talk for hours too. You don’t find a person like me all the time, I bet.

A lot of times that I thought I over talked. It got worn out from too much talking. My mind has a lot of things I need to catch up when I am talking, that’s why sometimes I just jump from one topic to another without even finishing the last one. That’s bad, I know. I describe all this just for you guys to know that I talk as much as I write.

And after I said all this, maybe you guys have enough reason to feel surprised that with such talkativeness, I still don’t talk “enough”. I’m very reserved when it comes to a few things.

I easily show appreciation to people. I can say thanks even when it’s not necessary. I can say sorry even when I don’t do any mistake. I should have all the words ready whenever I need to use them. But when it comes to more personal thing, I use to save the best for last. Especially when it comes words of affection and commitments, I am the most reserved person I know. I don’t know if I have ever explained myself why I am being this way.

Maybe because we have jokes to laugh about. And not everything is a joke. When it comes to the serious stuff, it’s time to be serious. I take it seriously. I went through a series or lessons before I become this way. I think we were all like that too. We said what others wanted to hear. We said things thinking that others would not take it seriously until we proved it. We thought that it was forgivable to just say anything to make people happy, and under certain circumstances, others would understand if you could not keep your word. We forgot that whatever we said, people would remember. Those words could be just “empty words” but others build hopes around them. How many hearts have you broken because of the words that you didn’t keep and how many more hearts do you want to break? Wait until someone break his words to you and you know how it feels. Don’t do that. :)

That’s why, I am this way. I will not say it until I am very close to prove it. I am not gonna mistakenly give another false hope. I am a grown up person, I should never toy with words. For that, I still have a price to pay. Some people still get hurt because of that. Some people want to hear the words they want to hear and I am just tough on that. I only say to them that rely on how I treat them, cos I can speak all the sweetest words but they are still nothing until I show it in actions. In return, I also not rely on sweet words until they first show me in actions. I also keep telling that I don’t want to hear all those sweet words, I don’t want to make people “have to keep something” just to break it. Until they are Very Sure they gonna hold on to it till the last day. J

Every words we say are still open for doubts and suspicions UNTIL we prove it. Talks are cheap :) Go prove it. 

Note: I'm thinking of posting my bathroom singing of the song "What are words". We'll see...hehehe 

Picture Of The Day

This is the latest fragrance for my office. I usually go for Shaldan pot series because it lasts longer than others although there are many other fragrances that smell so good...hehehe. Psttt. It's Apple :PP Hehe.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Facebook Timeline Will Reveal Your Past. What??

What could a social network feature do to accidentally trying to threaten you? The answer is it might bring back the memories that you thought have disappeared! And yes they were gone for quite some times and guess what, you thought you have ditched the pieces of memories in the form of pictures, letters and others, BUT…little did you notice that Facebook has a piece of those memories too and it GONNA bring it back to your view, at least! Whattt???

Okay, sounds like you have a way out to hide them from public view since you have 7 days to clean it up before they really go out to public by default, but this isn’t just about them. It’s about you having to reread back and recall back the memories that you might not want to remember. Back in the days when you were exchanging love notes with a person, who today, is not even in the picture anymore. And not just that, what about the notes that you have once written to the people whom you don’t want to have memories of. They also would have to recall their memories with you, and I bet they would not fancy that too. So now you get the idea why some people are not that excited about this Facebook Timeline?

I am one of them who have not yet voluntary changed mine to Timeline version. I have visited a few of my friends’ profiles that are using Timelines. My first impression was, it was a bit messy, here and there and I was not used to it. When we look at the normal wall, it’s just you going down to see the previous posts, but in Timeline, it’s like a newspaper columns, that I just didn’t know where to read first. It look kinda mixed up and I have to spend more time looking at the date to know when it was written. I have to spend more time looking for stuff since it has to load everything in one page, at once, so when it pops out, it was like, Whoaaa…where should I start? I imagine those who are using smaller monitor might need to browse down even more. It gonna be even tedious. And now, you tell me it’s not the worst thing about Timelines? Hahahaha. Oh My.

I didn’t think that the years at the side really anything anyone would care enough for until I read the new yesterday when they highlight about how Facebook gonna reveal our past through that!! Well, not that it concerned me that much since I was with Facebook only in 2010. I might have some pasts that Facebook recorded that I don’t want to care or remember, I mean, but not that much compared to people who have been revealing everything in their lives so transparently. I must be prepare to giggle and get embarrassed reading the old stuff that I wrote on the wall, those days when my Fb friends teased me about “making noise daily” because they saw me as this person who “talked a lot” and “have everything in the world to talk about”. How Dare You. *LOLS.

Anyway, I told someone about this last nite, since he did not know much about the Timeline too and he was so upset because it’s just giving us “more works” and more time to spend HIDING AND DELETING the old stuff. He said, “Why don’t they just leave those things where they are!” Yeah, somehow, I understand. He even thought that he might deactivate his Fb account rather than to deal with “that craziness”. Aha yeah, I get that too. I had that “lil evil thought” too before. I thought that if Facebook is getting out of control, then I might just deactivate. Erks.

For now, I will try to deal with it as much as I can and adapt with the changes and hopefully things go well. I don’t want another headache, not from Facebook. But I do love the daily sharing in Facebook. I do wish to still be able to keep that in my life. Anyway, Mark Zuckerberg. What ever you are thinking, hope you do the right thing. You started the fire and the fire just gets bigger. You can’t just ignore those whose life affected by that fire. (That Fire is Facebook. *LOLS) Hope for the best!!

Picture Of The Day 
I've talked about this hangout before. Me and my 3 bestest buddies. You guys saw the picture of 4 drinks on a table before, if you can recall that. This one was taken before that, at a different eatery. Oh man, poor the lamb on my plate. *LOLS

Friday, January 27, 2012

Did You Just Get Friendzoned by Someone?

I giggled looking at the dialog. I heard about this word "Friendzone" only recently. What could it be? The dialog tells it all. It’s the other way of saying that your partner has dumped you and decide that you are best as a friend only and nothing more. Or it also can be used when you are having this special interest in someone and the person can't see you the same way.

That means if you read somewhere that “I just got Friendzoned” that means the person gets the kind of less than special treatment from the prospect or the existing bf/gf . I’m not sure this could be just the other person was thinking or he/she is seriously DITCHED/REJECTED. OucH.

Actually, this thing happens a lot to a number of people. They would be the person people can rely to, they be the greatest listener, the problem solver, the shoulder to cry on, but NEVER THE ONE TO DATE. When you think you have the advantage of being in someone's life because of all that qualities, and you thought that would give you the upper hand to be his/her lover, what would you do when you found out that YES, you are all that, but you are definitely not on the run to be the lover candidate. That's so cruel, right? Hahahaha.

It happens. You can name a few people that are your goodfriends from the opposite sex, but you never think you can love them "that way". Don't you know that maybe one or more of them actually wish that one day you could see them more than just a friend? Until the day that you give them that warm hug, sharing your big news that you have found someone to fill your heart. Oh man, you just crushed a heart. You are officially just Friendzoned one of the hopefuls! Hahahaha.

Okay, I'm sure you guys now get the idea. What? I can't believe that all this is just a dictionary session. *LOLS. Okay, you now go and use the word, correctly, in the right place, and on the right person! *LOLS :PPPPPPPP

Picture Of The Day
This is my favourite fast food set meal. You guess which fast food, cos I'm not telling. Haahahaha.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Lucky Syndrome

First, I must remind you all that I used to be a big fan of Britney. I came up with the name of a syndrome, referring her song with the title, LUCKY.

The story about a girl named Lucky, not only she is pretty, she is also famous and successful in her career as an entertainer , with her fans chanting her name everytime that she makes public appearance. It’s just so easy to love her life. It must feel good to be someone who is beautiful, rich and famous - pretty much everything any girl would dream for.

But at the chorus of the song, you know that there’s something wrong with the girl. When her fans are busy admiring her life, she cries when she’s alone. Yeah, there must be something missing. The song does not highlight what is it that causes tears in her eyes, but the way I see it, maybe the pressure is just so high to be her. Maybe her work is too demanding that she starts missing the all times when she has all that freedom. It could be anything.

Everyone speaks about looking beautiful, to be recognized for their achievement in their field, to have people admiring and getting inspired by you, to have people speaking about your achievements and how you become their idol. To me, she is seriously missing something when she still cries when she has such a dream life. I mean, I know that nobody’s perfect. It could be that She’s Not Happy even if she has everything that people want to have. Why is she still not happy? Why is she feeling her life is still lacking of something that is not making her feel contented and fulfilled?

Who’s to blame? Lucky can’t blame her life, it’s already looking as good as can be. Lucky can’t even blame fate since fate is so generous to her. Lucky can’t even find fault with herself, she has everything from looks to talents. She can’t even blame it on circumstances cos she is already given the way to excel in what she does best, that some people won’t even have for the rest of their lives. I bet LUCKY is just the perfect name to her.

After all this, if you are still sad, if you are still negligent, if you are still unsatisfied, if you are still never enough, if you are still grieving because of the tiny little corner of your life, no one is to be blamed why you choose to close your eyes towards your own blessing. People say that you cannot have it all and life must have balance, they are right but if you can’t notice that you’re holding a gold while others are only holding a glass, it’s simply a wastage for having such a blessed life, and you don’t even notice it. It’s a bitter fact that you could be one of them. Others have lack of everything but they can still manage to look for the shine of happiness and you who have everything they don’t choose to just stay in the dark and mourn for the bits that are not complete. What a waste. You need help :)

NOTE: Are you suffering from the Lucky Syndrome? Find the way out :)

Picture of The Day

This was the Orange Pudding that I made during the first day of Chinese New Year for dessert. I put a strawberry cheesecake on top and eat them together. I could not stop eating until I finished the cup...hehe

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Quick Coffee Time With Me

It's been a while since I shared my cooking session with you guys. *giggles. Okay, I hope I don't trick anyone to actually go here just to find out that what I want to share is my quick tea-time just now. Hehehe. Lets just name it my Fried Beefball Springrolls.  I seldom have the time to really cook for teatime but since today I spend another day at home, so it's my chance. You can make this meal in 45 minutes the most, that's including cleaning all the mess and leave the kitchen clean (hehe) and even the chili dipping sauce and OF COURSE the favourite drink (which in my case, is coffee...hehe)

I prepared 1/4 big pack of mix vegetables, 10 beefballs that I cut into small pieces; 1 ball maybe up to 8 small pieces (You can get frozen beefballs in the supermarket), of course some garlic and red onion for some nice smell and taste of your springroll filling.

What you do next is prepare the filling of the springrolls. Fry the garlic and red onion on the pan and wait until it starts to smell good and turns a little brownie, then put the beefballs. Fry them a little bit before you put some flavour. I used a spoonful of Maggie Oyster Sauce which gives enough taste without additional salt, sugar, ajinomoto etc. Mix them together for a few minutes and it's done.

Put the filling at a quantity good enough for you to fold the springroll nicely. I put just a little cos I can fold it easily and neatly. You may wet the springroll with some water if it gets too dry when you work with it cos it might crack if it's too dry. When you are doing this process, make sure you are ready with your pan with a good amount of oil to fry and it should be ready to cook by the time you finish folding your springroll.

After you fold one, immediate put in the hot oil and fry it. The fire can't be big cos you want it to take a little time to get brown and cooked. Or else it gets dark before it even cook properly. As you work on the next one, you must turn your frying springroll to get it cooked evenly. When you see the colour turns to brown, it's time to take it away from the pan and toss the excessive oil. It must be easier if you have 2 people doing it so the other one can do the folding and the other one can do the frying. It's not advisable to fold them all first before you fry.

Aha... OOps... hehehe. As you can see, this is it about preparing meal that you know you are not gonna sell cos if I were gonna sell these springrolls, I will fold them evenly and not like as you can see in the picture. *LOLS

So here are the Fried Beefball Springrolls, ready to serve. Oh, one more thing, springrolls are good to go with chili sauce. This is how I did the chili sauce. I put a few spoons of Life Chili Sauce, and just a little spoon of Heinz Chili Paste (just to make it extra hot and has some mixture of garlic taste), mix them together, put a little water, heat them in the pan without oil, and put some corn flour to make the sauce a little thick and not too runny.

Finally, this is the result. As you can see at the table, I have prepared half jug of my tasty Nescafe, (what makes it tastier is when you put some creamer and some milk into it, no need to add more sugar). So as you can see, it's not just easy to prepare, it's fast and it looks delicious. In a year, all my late afternoons are spent at the office, so only during offdays that I have the chance, so I treasure this chance today to prepare this for teatime. (I beg your pardon, maybe I should call it coffeetime instead...Hahaha). This meal that I prepared just now was enough for 4 people. So just in case you are running out of ideas of what to cook for teatime, something express and filling, you might fancy this.

Cheers! :))

NOTE: I don't have a segment for Picture of The Day in this post since it already has all the pictures that I just took earlier. Hehe :PP

"You Will Never Walk Alone"

I always turn to this song whenever I feel down. Been listening to it since I was in U. This song will remind me all the things that I forget when my heart is heavy with worldly cares.

I imagine if we really can hear our guardian angel whispers to us, maybe she will whisper something like the lyrics of this song...:))

Halleluyah...Praise be to God. Thanks for bringing us back whenever we are lost. Amen.

Monday, January 23, 2012

When You Want To Fly, But You Have No Wings

Have you ever done something that you want, and you think you can, but you are not sure if you really can because you have not yet tried it. Noone believed in you because they thought it was a crazy idea, and too risky for you to take. And so you heard your parents tell you that you better off be doing something which success has proven, something that everyone keen to do, so that you can be like the rest who manage to get it done so well. Deep inside you, you knew they were telling the truth, but you could not help but think about your dream that everybody have doubt in. It got stronger and stronger that you could not hold it anymore. You made your decision to follow your dream instead. With expectedly a lot of objections, that made you feel you have failed it before you even started it. And when you made your first step, nobody even looked your way. They sort of knew you gonna make a U Turn and regret making that journey. Nobody believed in you except for you. Anyway you sensed that there was a strong unexplained force that gave you that strength that you never have, and that determination that was not built on sturdy ground. This finally led you to the thought of The One up there could be behind this. You couldn’t explain it but you just knew, Suddenly you felt so overwhelmed by the thought that He has faith in you too and for that, you could take on anything impossible. You made up your mind that you would never regret should it turn out to be a failure as much as you would regret if you never give it try.

It’s like a person who wants to fly like a bird but it’s impossible since human has no wings. But in life, if you want something impossible, the word BELIEVE will give you “the wings” to just give it a shot and achieve that impossible dream.

I’ve been there and never once that I stop believing even how tough it gets. As long as I Believe, I’ll be okay, I’m good to go. Rewards are for those who persevere. Have faith. *winks

Picture Of The Day
This is my most treasure Karaoke CD, not only because I was once a big fan of Westlife, it's also because I can just sing their songs without having to change key! *LOLS. If you guys notice, I always change the key to all the karaoke songs I recorded before, I wonder why I did not think of singing any of their songs first so I don't have to spoil songs that much. Hahahahha. Kidding. Anyway, finally I recorded one which is related to the topic today. Enjoy my casual karaoke session for Flying Without Wings okay...hehe

Are You Ready To Fly With The Water Dragon?

The loud and continuous fireworks on the sky woke me up from nap just now. I’m not complaining since I have another post to make for my 22nd day of blog challenge. I’m not gonna quit halfway, you can see that. Hehehe. Today is already the morning of 23th January. Happy Chinese New Year to all who are celebrating, and to the rest of you who find meaning within this celebration and adapt it into their lives. Proudly to say that I am one of them.

This is not the first year that The Dragon appears in my entire life. I’ve had one year of Dragon before. People often speak about Dragon in Chinese Calendar. They have good remarks for this particular animal. Dragon itself is not a common animal, and it is an ancient animal. Very remarkable. I bet all of us have seen the other 11 line up of animals in the Chinese zodiacs, except for this one. Yet, people talk about it as if it is still living among us.

Honestly speaking, I am quite nervous too. Never that I feel somehow connected to Chinese New Year and the animal that marks the year like this year. Maybe because I am so excited about 2012 and this Dragon year appears less than a month since we welcomed 2012 so the New Year excitement is still there. Or could it be because of something else?
Let me give a better answer. This year is a very important year for me. Nobody orders me so but I decided so. I think that I’ve slowed down, experimenting enough, studying enough, I should now have the time to just make use of all the lessons. If I think I’m good, it’s time to prove it. I also delayed long enough for my other major plans, one of those “It will be soon” or “One day the day will come” or “Someday, for sure” – and it’s time to just decide when that day is. 2012 is a perfect year for all good things that we have delayed way too long.

For this, I would not mind The Water Dragon in the Chinese calendar to even be the fuel of that determination. I’ve read about how they say this year is set to be a GOOD YEAR for many things. I do read predictions, but I never rely on them. But if they are so good, I know they gonna come true. How can it not come true for the people who have been fighting and struggling despite a number of fall. They just won’t give up. It’s just a matter of time that they gonna grab exactly what the catch of the quest. That’s the beauty of perseverance.

I will turn a new leaf every single day, vow to make tomorrow better than yesterday and I am not gonna rely on things that won’t work and I should now have the ability to tell if they are. So for trying new measure in career and life, as I have said to my colleagues, I’m gonna try something new and see if it’s gonna work, if it doesn’t, another one failure won’t hurt me at all cos I have survived many of them. Hahaha. Finally that laughter. It’s a laughter of relief. Hehehe

My dear friends, we gonna take our future in our own hands, cos I believe that’s the power God gave us, that’s why we are given hands and legs to do actions, eyes to see, ears to listen and brain to think. He won’t just give us all these wonderful equipments when He has decided everything for us. It’s totally our own mission from us. Lets not disappoint our Creator by wasting all this. On the quest to achieve the moon and stars, never step on people’s back – Be righteous along the battle, never cheat to win dirty.
Happy Dragon Year to all.

As I have put in my header, Are you Ready To Fly With The Dragon? Better be, cos I am. :))

Picture Of The Day 
This might not be the  best shot but this Chicken Noodles has brought me back to Chinese restaurant after years. I decided that of all the Chicken Noodles that comes from non-Chinese restaurants, this is still my pick. It cost RM5 per bowl but I come there for a few times in a month alone. Oh man, looking at it makes me hungry again. *giggles.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Thought For The Souls That Have Left

After reading news after news, how people lost their lives at a young age, the way they progressed in their career and social life, you thought they gonna live at least until their old days. The next thing you learnt is that these people have passed on.

Suddenly that makes me look at life in a bigger picture. You see people lost their lives, something that you still have, and here we are, dealing with the small stuff, making tiny matters big enough, how we let silly things stop us from making the best of this life, making our problems and troubles and enemies get the better of us, steal every valuable second from us by letting them consume and inhibit our mind and emotion in a way that lead us to neglect the bigger things that really MATTER.

How small are those things compared to the fact that all those won't matter even abit once this life ends, and to those who have to end theirs this early, if only they are given the chance to have their say, they would do anything to still be alive and carry on their mission to achieve their dreams. And for us who still have this life, what are we doing?

Choice's Ours.

7 Rejected Traits In Men

1. The Cheater
They often have something to say to you, anything that they think you want to hear just to get away with their mistakes. Anything that comes out from their mouth, hardly one thing that you can believe because they never prove what they say, they never keep their words and everytime you caught them cheating, they prepare a thousand more new stories to tell you to delay you from finding out their latest sets of lies and to delay you from punishing them for being a cheater. They speak out promises like running tap water just to forget about them and the act with a thousand masks just to make you listen to them again. Totally unaccepted trait. REJECT definitely.

2. The King of Crocodile
They will make their steps on as many women as possible, use the same pick up lines that have once worked wonder. They are even disgusting when they are married, and even with kids, and they act like a single guy who asks a girl to a prom. The fact is, they don’t even remember you are which one because they flirt everywhere and everytime when they have the chance, even on their way to the public toilet. If you happen to return back their call and give them the greenlight, never dream to be their top 10 list of victims, cos to get them the title King of all flirts, they must have been collecting girls forever. Rejected 100%.

3. The Boasty
They speak about all the things they have, and the best of things they have compared to others, often exaggerate points to make them stand the crowd, and they use that weapon to impress people. They will speak about how expensive is their latest projects, and what’s the next car they plan to buy, the next place they want to travel to, and all the branded things they buy. They enjoy buying people’s impression with their big mouth and even if they are speaking the truth, it makes it so uncomfortable being around them. I prefer the average-not-too-humble guy but NO to Boasty. REJECTED first hand.

4. The Laser Talker
They have nothing but rough language. They curse easily, even to any gals they know even if they are just joking. They talk out loud not thinking that they gonna bring up some sensitive issues or hurt someone with their words. They don’t have sensitive bones and they just speak whatever that comes to their mind. Definitely, they gonna fail a manner test just with that mouth alone. With this trait, imagine how many people will get embarrassed by them and they don’t even know it. To me, I have big issue with this trait. Being talkative with manner is totally a different category. So this one is definitely OUT for me.

5. The Ridiculous Spender
Very turn-off. When a guy is a big spender, especially when he spends more than he earns, he knows nothing about the reality of life yet. The kind of high class lifestyle that doesn’t fit his paycheck, he won’t mind owing people money as long as he can still spend big, so unreasonably not wise. He always have taste for expensive stuff and only go to fancy places to shop and dine. In the end, when he has no saving for future, you know that his spending habit is gonna spell a long lasting misery for her unless he changes. That is SO AWEFUL. Rejected, CONFIRM!

6. The Lazy Bump
Another major turn-off. Lazy in everything. Lazy to wash his own clothes. Lazy to go to work. Lazy to talk. Lazy to argue. Lazy to discuss. A person who is pretty much has a mountain of dreams but never starts climbing it because he’s just PLAIN LAZY. He would not mind living in the middle of the piles of “garbage” then do something about it. Guys like this will remain helpless and just needs a lot of luck to get something done. Such a “lazy” influence. I cannot stand it since I have that lazy bone in me too. So, NO THANKS!

7. The Head Gangster
Men that always settle things by getting physical definitely don’t fit the cut. Today they tell you they be physical for self protection and security, but the next day you know they just easily raise their arms to hurt anyone because of their failure to control anger. One day, how can you not care if he’s gonna be one of those abusive husbands who hit their wives. So this is not just a scary trait, but definitely in my Reject List *phewww
If I meet a criteria that matches any of those, I usually will cut and refrain myself from even knowing their names. I am soo allergic to those kind of traits…Pheww, so lucky that you guys who are reading this don’t have any of these traits, right? If you have, maybe it’s bell ringing, Lose this trait, time for A Change!

Picture For today

Every weekend, I must buy this steam chocolate cake in heart shape. It has strong cocoa that lingers in my taste buds. Well done. Gonna buy them again tomorrow. Yum2...

Saturday, January 21, 2012

The Answer To Why Do Men Cheat

I still remember watching this Oprah show discussing about women who got cheated by their men. There is a simple definition to WHY a man cheats his woman. A man cheats his woman because there's a woman who is willing to cheat with him.( Lelaki curang terhadap kekasih/isterinya adalah kerana ada seorang perempuan lain yg sanggup curang bersamanya).

So do the ladies know that they could be the break factor of another lady's relationship? So when you receive an "invitation" from a man who is taken, and as much as you think you have the right to say yes, and prepare with "it's not my fault, he comes to me first" in case anyone blames you, that kind of answer will only valid until you be in the poor lady's shoes. That time you wish that the other lady has enough compassion to never agree to cheat with your man.

Remember, everytime that you reject any kind of invitation like that, you have saved a confused man from ruining his relationship, and a hopeful lady from a crushed dream, and contributes to a rare relationship that lasts forever. So ladies, how many relationships have you saved so far? Well Done :))

Say No To All The Cheating Men. You can do something to make sure their Age Of Glory is OVER...:)

Friday, January 20, 2012

The Gold Digger In Disguise

What’s a Gold Digger? Anyone? Definition from the Wikipedia, Gold Digger is A person who dates others purely to extract money from them. Aha. Some of us would be more familiar with the name Razorblade or Pisau Cukur which is a term used in Malay language. The general idea that most of us have about the gold diggers is they are women who have it all plotted, they would only mix with the guys who they can get things from, those who easily lavish them with luxury and gifts. That’s very familiar. These women, you can sometimes know them by their appearance. They are presentable, attractively groomed, they wear accessories that makes them stand the crowd. I mean, that’s what most of us initially thought how the gold diggers start their mission to hunt for the big jaws. One more thing, if you are just The Average Joe, she might not even turn her head to you even how nice and how courteous you are to them. I don’t suggest that we generalize these presentable ladies, but just assume that we are right about a number of them, that’s good enough. This is a good indicator, not for us, ladies, but for the guys. Why? Because you men are the potential victims to be. Wow…the word victims is so terrifying. What are the things the gold diggers do to victimize these “poor” guys? Not poor in that sense, of course. Hahaha. In fact, you are seen as a Gold Mine by them before they put their spell on you and dig your gold as much as they can before they just shut you off from their lives. Whoa, that harsh? That’s the normal modus operandi.

Now the question is…is it really that easy to tell whether a woman is a gold digger or not? What about those average ladies, with their own attractiveness but are not the show offs category. Are they all safe to date? This can be tricky. Just because they look kind, good manners, good background, it doesn’t give you men the security just yet. They might be one of those gold diggers, and before you know, they have already started digging gold from you. Of course, because you are fooled by how they present themselves, you find it hard to accept the fact. You end up asking yourself why did you let yourself got dragged that far and everything that you spent on her which you consider as a worthy investment, thinking that she might be the one for you to marry and have family with, all ends in vain leaving you feeling like the most useless man on earth.

Sometimes I wonder if these ladies are all gold diggers on purpose. What if they don’t even know that they fit that name. They thought they are just being nice, follow the flow, accept a man’s kindness and generosity as far as what he’s willing to give and offer. You give her a fancy gift, you insist that she takes it, and she does just that, one after another, and another and another… until it comes to the point that you think you put so much investment on this lady, and what you can see is, she doesn’t look that thankful. Yes, she does say thank you everytime, but she does no t show the reaction that you expect. Not only that she never gives her word that she is your lady, she doesn’t even show any affection, she even ignores you whenever she has bigger things to deal and only comes back to you when she has something to benefit from you. Aha, isn’t that obvious enough? But some of you men just refuse to take this as a warning sign. You still put hope and thinking that by putting more investment, something good can happen. But nope, nothing at all. When you men are tired and start to feel that something is wrong, it’s only you start to act defensive. Now…Who to blame? Is the man’s wrong ways to handle a normal girl has turned her into one of the gold-diggers or is she entirely to be blamed, for putting a mask to fool the man? This can be quite confusing. Now the question is, can it be the men’s fault how these women be dubbed as the Gold Diggers In Disguise?

Verdi ct. BOTH ARE GUILTY. The man’s fault is when he put his first wisdom at number two and follow his heart (lust? Woops!) instead. He’s being persistent, insist to win the lady. When she doesn’t show any sign of interest, he puts more investment thinking that she might change her mind, or maybe feel a little guilty after she has taken so much, and so she has to do whatever that pleases the guy to return the favour. That’s what the guy thinks. If the girl really does so, he’s a lucky man, but what if otherwise? This is when it gonna be totally the wrong turn. He will hate this lady and accuses her of being a gold digger. So lady, can you defend yourself?

The lady’s fault is when her friendly intention to just make friends, mix with a little evil plan to just prolong the so-called friendship with the guy with a giving nature. Seeing that the guy is so into her, she enjoys it instead of stopping it cos if she stops him too early, it kills the fun. This is when the greedy human nature will play part. She thinks that it’s okay to just hold him back for a little longer, and let him show more generosity, knowing that he has an agenda to win her heart, but she has no plan to get serious with the guy. The way she secures herself is to never really say any commitment but still speak sweet words to keep the guy entertained. When it comes to the point when the guy starts being defensive about not getting exactly what he wants, the girl backs herself up that she can say she is being obvious that she’s not interested in a serious relationship, just “good buddies who hang out and share good moments and thoughts”. Ladies, if this happen to you, lose that innocent face cos you don’t have it. The time when you manipulate a guy for his manly nature, and use yourself to spellbind and, you practically fool a heart and you are definitely NOT innocent. The good ladies won’t mislead a guy and make him spend his money in vain on them cos it’s not morally proper to do. If you do nothing like that, I have no objection if the guys call you The Gold Digger In Disguise.

If any of you ladies get caught in this scenario, you don’t just make him lost a lot of money, but you have hurt his ego, eventhough this can serve as a lesson for the guy too so they can evaluate girls better next time, and never think Money can buy love. Ladies, guilty is guilty, but if you want to make up for it, maybe you can return some of the gifts to them with or without them asking back. It’s not like those gifts are “in sincere memory” once they have labeled you as a gold digger. So you want to correct your ways, do that. At least you won’t lose any more than when you lost his trust. It could be your last chance to clean your name from his “List Of Gold Diggers”. To the men, if you have not learn your lesson well, prepare a thicker log book for that list. The journey is still long for you. *LOLS. Okay, I’m kidding. Fix your ways. If you are smart enough, you can turn the gold diggers into your lovely princess. If you manage to do that, let us know. Hehehe. Good luck!!

Picture Of The Day
This is a Strawberry Cheesecake bought by a relative who just went back from visiting Indonesia. It looks nice, but I was afraid it might not taste that good but I was wrong. It taste of strawberry top and cheese layer are so strong. Yummy...Hehe

My Current SMS Ringtone

I really like this song. Originally by Bruno Mars but after trying to locate some cover version done by female, this one fit the cut. She did it so well. This song has a very deep melody and it needs a real singing talent to sing it well. I edited this song and cut the part "There'll be no sunlight, if I lose you baby. There'll be no clear sky, if I lose you baby..." as my SMS ringtone. *giggles.

SMS will come a lot everyday so make sure the ringtone you pick does not make you hate getting SMS. Hahaha.

The So Called Fake Beauty

I saw it everywhere how people highlight about “Fake beauty”. How people make fun of it as much as they can. Of course each and everyone of us has the reason to say something when we saw some women who rely so much on cosmetics and beauty modification or alteration – and especially when they get so much credit and compliments for that, gosh, we want so much to say it out loud, That’s Fake Beauty, don’t you people see it? Garsh, do you recall where that prejudice comes from? Especially you, ladies…when you speak this way to another woman, what do you really feel? You get upset because they get praised for their beauty and you don’t? Tell me is it because you are among just those who are against plastic surgery, or maybe you are just concerned about how women should just appreciate what they are given, or is it None of the above? Plain jealousy maybe? You answer.

At first, I was also one of you. I thought that no matter how pretty a girl is, but if it’s all cosmetics, the genuine ones without make-ups should deserve the compliments. Cos they could look much prettier if only they wear those make ups too. Sounds familiar? Look, unless you suffer from intense jealousy syndrome, maybe you can’t do much about this. But if you are in the normal category, come on ladies, stop envying the others. Those make-up needs some efforts too. Not just efforts, but money too. They went extra miles to look good. Let them get all those compliments. Why do you have to worry about those who went to do nose jobs, liposuction, or breast implants, or botox, or anything offered by the current technology. Everytime they get credit for that, it doesn’t even make you less prettier, right?

What knocked senses into me was when I watched this online shopping, selling this wonder cream, I can’t remember the name. But it was sort of a magic cream that you could apply on your face, and it covers all the defects. If you have uneven skin tones, or scars, it can just cover it all. One of the testimonies come from this gal whose skinface was defected from an accident. Her face was partly in darker colour. So they demonstrate the cream on her face and how she suddenly appeared normal again. Pretty or not, is not the point. To just make her skin even and not be a subject of teases and laughter, already made her cry in joy. SHE ONLY WANTED TO BE ACCEPTED AND NOT JUDGED FOR HER LOOKS. It touched my heart. Commercials might say a lot of overrated lines that we won’t buy no matter what. But this one, although it was trying to sell something, but it said something true about the fact of life. It did say that Of course your beauty comes from the inside, we are not denying that, but it’s your face that people see first. Just like you, your impression comes from the person’s looks first before you even get to know them personally to know how beautiful they are inside. Don’t make your looks be the reason why people don’t bother to find out that you have a beautiful heart and soul. I was startled. The commercial was right.

So you know, whatever that people do on their body and face, it says nothing yet about their true beauty, which lies in their hearts. That true beauty needs time to show. You know the person more and only you know. So if they do all the beauty enhancements they can afford, LET THEM. You are not in their shoes to feel how much they think they need all those. It’s their freedom on their own body. It’s not like they are using your money, right. Don’t tell me you don’t know the pressure trying to be accepted by a judgmental community. Don’t tell me you don’t know how painful to have people keep highlighting about the defects in your looks and make you feel isolated and rejected. You can’t assume they do all that to mislead people with their fakeness, to just purposely be seen an the most gorgeous when all those are just plastic. You never know that maybe these people only want the peace of mind, to not get judged by their physical imperfections. You don't know how much that means to their self esteem. Come on…stop being prejudice.

What’s the point of being makeupless and be known as The Most Genuine, when all you have is a stinky heart full of hatred and jealousy? So if you want to be dubbed as “The Original Beauty” make sure you are first beautiful from inside. If you are not, that means we have nothing else to flatter you for since you also make no effort to be beautiful outside. So are you sure you are not one of them? Then start with this. Stop being prejudice to those ladies who also have their own struggles in life. Respect them.

NOTE: Those jealous people are usually those who can’t afford all the things they see people do to their beauty. Deep inside them, they want it so badly too. That sounds more like real fakers, right? So stop it and let them do what they want with their body. If you think they are wrong, let God be the Judge, not you.

Picture Of The Day 

The souvenir that I got from my parents and bro from their visit to Langkawi last year...hehe

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Guys And Their Jealousy: Sweet or…?

Guys are becoming more jealous than gals nowadays. I hope I am just kidding and that better not be true. From what I can see, guys are tough business when it comes to their jealousies. Sometimes you don’t even know you have done something to trigger that jealousy, and the next thing you know, he’s already pulling a long face. If you think this is always between you and your special guy, maybe not. Sometimes he’s just another friend who wants a bit of your friendly attention and you’re too busy with your guy, suddenly you don’t know you have hurt a heart. Gosh, guys are becoming really fragile. Like you can’t say the wrong word, speak about the wrong people, not to mention to just go ahead with all you care to do without thinking that picking to step with the wrong foot might also make them read it differently! My goodness! Hahahaha. Ok Kidding. Of course not that bad. But hey, just a bit of reality check, are you guys sure that you have not switched place with the gals for being the crybaby in the relationship?

Okay, I know that not all men are really the jealous type. But I am surprised that the ones I have closely associated with from before, are all the jealous type. Sometimes I wonder if their Jealousy Mode: On will depend on the gal. Which means, they used to be not that jealous when they dated their exes before but then with you, they become the SuperJealousMan. You gotta be kidding me. No gals would want to have that power to turn on jealousy mode in guys. I can bet on that. Cos to me, it’s the most uncool thing to deal with when it comes to a guy. You can stand him being a little childish for wanting more attention, but when they are jealous, they just can’t think straight. And the worst thing is, you don’t even know that it’s happening. It’s like, you don’t know something is broken then how can u fix it?

My advice to all the jealous guys …Okay listen. I am being spontaneous again here. The gals can say everything to sooth you if they know that you are having some kind of funny jealousy. Remember that they are not always there when your jealousy level is starting to climb. It’s a struggle within you yourself. Remember the times when you know that you shouldn’t feel jealous when you see your girlfriend talks to a guyfriend in an innocent manner, but you just can’t help but get consumed in that feeling. Maybe a little bit of possessiveness and insecurity, plus it’s simply because you love your girl so much you don’t want to risk losing her. Look, your jealousy could be your worst weakness. After all said and done, if you think you want to keep your girl so much, maybe your jealousy is gonna go against you. You sure don’t want to be one of those breakup cases that rooted from untreated jealousy. Yes, you must know how to treat and handle your own jealousy.

Here’s some tips. Date someone who you can trust, that’s the KEY. Make sure that her job, her social life are all under control and under the safe limit that you can adhere. If you know that she has some “warning signs” that she gonna burn your trust, that means you are walking into a toxic relationship, and prepare to go all wrong. If you pass this stage of picking the right person to date, you can safely hand her your trust and you need to adjust to that. Give her some space, no more silly jealousy. It’s not healthy for both of you.

Anyway, jealousy in guys is needed too, in proper balance, please. She might find it sweet if you know how to express it to just enough for her to know that you care for her that much. From your jealousy she knows how much you want her to be his alone. That gonna put fuel into the relationship. The keyword is Balance. Anything too much is never good. So, ready for the jealousy challenge? It’s 2012 already, wake up…No more jealousy stories in the headlines, okay guys? Hehehehe. 

Picture Of The Day 
One day of my so called heavy breakfast for the no-lunch intention. Been in this habit of skipping lunch because it makes me sleepy, but just in case I really get hungry again, I am so free to break this rule and it's not like I don't have a desk to nap...Hahaha


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