Tuesday, July 31, 2012

256's July Journal Day 31: My July Reflection, A Wrap

July is such a wonderful month. It has a lot of memories, good and bad, but I take with me the goods. Maybe my outlook in life just made everything look presentable. Yeah, we and our expectation. I learn a lot from that. I started my 30 days caffeine free since 14th July, and it’s like a breakthrough to any kind of challenges that I had before. Not even a day that I go weak enuff to break it. I like “my persistence”, and it is like never before that I am so determine to change my habit. I know that if I can handle this, I can handle a lot more. A little more on the downside…I still can improve a lot. I don’t think I maximize my time as much as I can. A work need to be done on that… Also, July is the month I start to go back to the kitchen. Seriously! I bake and cook for my family and I love it everytime they finish it and tell me it’s tasty. Something that I have not done so much for the past 5 years! Oh gosh. With just a little more thoughts, it can actually bring family closer. You guys must try that :). All in all, July is such a sweet thing. I take it as a beginning of the wondrous things that will happen in the months to come. Second half of the year. Lets gear up, guys. We gonna achieve missions. 2012, you gonna be awesomely marvellous. 

Have faith and do your best :))

Monday, July 30, 2012

256's July Journal Day 30: 7 Things I Love About July 2012

1. My favourite number is 7, always! 

2. Hey, It’s my birth month! 

3. I started my “once was impossible” no caffeine challenge this month…*grins 

4. Is the most hydrated month so far in 2012, 2 bottles of mineral water per day. How’s that? 

5. Had one of the worst argument and made up in a day – Thank God 

6. A lot of sweet things happened this month, you people pick a good month to start! 

7. It’s a beginning of marvellous things in the months to come. God willing :)

Sunday, July 29, 2012

256's July Journal Day 29: OMG, You Can Cook?

Hahahaha. Whatta title. Known as an unknown blogger for years, you reading the stuff that I write here, maybe I show too much of my best side. I mean, it’s like, writing is all I can do okay. Wrong. Do you guys know that I am the family chef too? Hard to believe, maybe. Because to the people who just notice that I do have other skills, they go, Nahhhh, u can’t be that multitalented. Hahahaha. Okay. Not in the sense that I do it really good but at least I have the heart to expand my horizons. LOLS. Yeah, as dramatic as that. Hehehe. 


I cook this for my family to enjoy too. So doesn't matter if your cooking is not so perfect, you will be appreciated if you have a heart so big to even do all the works. Plus, I love feeding these people I love. And psstt...they do taste better than they look. Have to trust me on that. LOLS :))

Saturday, July 28, 2012

256's July Journal Day 28: Birthday Clues

I'm not to generous to share more. *giggles. The best things are kept inside my heart :))

 Thank you Lord for the gift of life... :) 

Friday, July 27, 2012

256's July Journal Day 27: No Time? Make It

I know that as time goes, we get busier with things. If you complain not having enuff time for everything back in college, imagine now. More and more stuff need to be taken care of. What if the most important stuff you have, have less time to squeeze in your life? What if you find yourself always busy, that you always don’t have time, not even for family, not even for your spouse, then where all the 24 hours go? Does it mean something when you are too busy even to the closest people in your life, and I bet, at work you also claim you are too busy to take care of everything that you overlook stuff. Then, go ahead and wonder, what is it that occupy your time the most cos you keep saying that you are too busy. Reality check, there’s nothing that you do properly – always claim you have no time. Then what is that? THAT’S WHY we need to do something about it! MAKE TIME. Stop making excuses. You are losing all the treasure every moment hold everytime you are “too busy” for it. Before you know, your most precious jewels are slowly going away from you. So speaking of priorities, YOU MUST know what to put first. Those things, at least won’t get “Oh SORRY, I have no time” from you. It’s not acceptable. Please. Don’t lose your life from “getting busy for nothing”. Life is just temporary. Materials, money, luxury, they don’t last long. These bunch of people in your life now, it’s THEM… who have a heart that is beating. They are there for you. They can feel hurt if u hurt them. They can feel happy when you are for them. They are the human beings God chose to be in your life. You can’t just make their existence unappreciated. They are those who will define YOUR LIFE when you don’t have all those materials. So never be too busy with stuff that are not alive. You gotta make time for your loved ones. Go spend time with them. Have some laugh. Make them happy. Trust me, at the end of the day. They are the reason for your Happy Days. Never be too busy for them. :) God Bless.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

256's July Journal Day 26: Close Enuff But Not Too Close

It’s the way I do it. I pick my friends. I don’t just get close to anyone. I can talk to people the whole day, without them knowing my full name and where I live. You wonder why I do that? The friends that I hang out with, they are with me since Uni days. We went through laughter and tears, we argued and made up, and most importantly, they know me inside out. How can they not be my best buddies? They might not always be there for me during my times of need, they might miss wishing me on my bday, they might say something that hurt me… STILL the history doesn’t change. We have learnt to tolerate each other. We have learnt to cope with our shortcomings. And we have commitment for our friendship until now. How can they not be my special friends? The older we get, we do meet loadsa people. We do find some who are good to click with. But then it’s just too raw because the amount of time spent together is just limited. Should they come back in college days, they might be one of your treasured friends. The environment has changed. Goals have also changed. Same goes to priorities. In the job world, everyone can be competitors. Only a few are there for real friendship. That’s why. We are aware of this and we can’t expect much from others. If most people think this way, yes, we can sit in one table and talk and have coffee, have some laughs and share story, still it’s a long way to understand each other’s true colours. From this complication, it’s just safer to have casual friends as companion, but the good friends are reserved for those who have gone through the journey. Cos you don’t have to freaking explain yourself to them. They will find a way to understand. That’s why I always have a special place for them. Unfortunately, that’s the barrier that is always there when we meet new people. As much as they wa nt to be close to us, we can only get close enough, but never too close. Should we become more, let time tell the rest :)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

256's July Journal Day 25: The Unavoidable Temptation

We always blame the guy who still lays eyes on other woman, when he already has one loving woman by his side. It’s just so easy to point fingers, calling the guy all the freak names, especially when you become that other woman…and it’s you who have to leave, and get hurt. That’s the risk of being the third person. Have you ever thought that one day, you might just be in the guy’s place? 

You have someone you love, and another person comes in the picture, totally aware that you already have someone, and then he just does his things, impressing you and then you just…simply attracted to him. That tingle of budding attraction, is something that you identify as the best stage in the beginning of a relationship. And you had that with your man, but then you have left that stage. Although it’s now a more stable and steady stage, the feeling of how it started is just – among the best and most treasured. And then, the feeling appears again. Totally out of place. The man by your side is there for you, but you just don’t know how tricky it can be sometimes. When your occupied time is still enough for someone to just make you feel that funny feeling again. Maybe it’s just some elements that make it so abstractly unexplainable. It is pleasant, and the other person’s existence is just giving you a boost of cheerfulness. 

You can’t explain that how on earth, in such a loyalty you have for your man, you still do find another one attractive male, which if you are not in your sane mind, your mind wanders how would it be if your destiny is with the other one. Yeah, you even have that option that what if the other man is better than the man by your side. Maybe only when you feel all this, you would understand your experience with a man who was taken, whose relationship you almost ruined, how he could get attracted to you, and would even think of dumping his own woman because of you. Maybe you would stop blaming that guy for doing that. It feels so real and so surreal. At this point, your heart is really tempted. Your man has no fault. He’s doing his part without fail and he doesn’t know that something has taken place, and does he have to know? This is when your wisdom will determine what’s next. It’s whether you want to risk it, or keep your composure and don’t jeorpardize what’s sure yours. You can’t have both. If you screw, you gonna lose both. Choice is yours.

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

256's July Journal Day 24: Loyalty Towards Extinction

Men and women are equal nowadays. Speaking of being loyal and cheating, both have the same possibility. Still, men are seen as having more possibility in cheating their partner. Having a talk with a friend the other day, he mentioned that Loyalty is getting tougher in the world today. Maybe you wanted it all to be clean, but that's only possible at the beginning of the journey; when you are still unexposed and naive. When you get your hands on money and power and greed will start to take place in your life. Suddenly all the other values become less important cos you think you are totally in control, and you wouldn't want to miss all the fun that life can offer. This is when the sacredness of marriage institution, will not matter much anymore. Knowing that you know you can pay for anything, you would pay for easy fun and even that means you have to burn your values. That's the kind of idea that he told me. I said that it does make sense. It's nothing new, right? Cheating husbands/boyfriends, Oh, it's too common. What do you think? I claimed that Loyalty is very important to keep the marriage. So if he's right about all those above, does it mean that marriage survival is getting low? How about us ladies, who are still hoping to get a Happily Ever After marriage? Is it possible or we can forget about it? That our future husband gonna cheat on us no matter what? I just refuse to accept that. That's why I asked that friend, Can faith in religion help someone to be faithful? I think I hit it quite right. All the people I have associated with, those cheating husbands, they are always lack of religious faith. They barely spare time for their religion. I wonder, those who really spare time praying and giving thanks, these people usually count their blessings. They will get close to their values and they always think about doing the right thing everyday. Then I wonder, if temptations come to them, isn't it logic that they can ignore it? They definitely can choose not to deal with the risk. They definitely gonna use that good head on their shoulders, Agree? I still believe that, in the midst of evil, there are people who are putting extra effort to live life the righteous way. This people gonna show to the rest of them that The Minority still exist and yes, that loyalty still not yet extinct. God willing. :)

Monday, July 23, 2012

256' s July Journal Day 23: Do Fb Likes Mean Anything ?

Liking a status update or a wall post on Fb is becoming very normal. Sometimes you can post a really good picture, and get no Like. While you see those who are posting "nothing", gets a lot of Likes from their friends. Familiar with that? From my observation, Fb Like runs this way; the more you give, the more you get. Cos when people constantly Like your status, it doesn't necessarily mean that they actually LIKE it. It could mean that they are showing SUPPORT to you, and want you to know that they are aware of your statement and sometimes, it's just to show appreciation that you have liked their statuses too. So if you think it's fun to collect Fb Likes, you should start to Fb Like people's statuses, as much as you can. They most likely will return the favour. Of course there's an exception. If you are a celebrity, or some well known faces, with certain "selling points", you too might get generous Likes from your subscribers. Especially when you like posting daring pics of you, you can surely get the guys' attention. The Likes will start pouring in even from the people you barely know. It's fun in a way, right? But then prepare to get haters' notes on your comment box. Yeah, you can now build a Jealous Fan Club. Hahaha. It's just roughly about Fb Like. Fb is kinda fun with all the Friends adding and Subscribe function, cos collection a lot of those can make you the Fb Celebrities. I come across some people I know in real life, some are my customers, who are one of those Fb Celebrities. Their lives look really happening with all the Higlights of the good stuff. It's not wrong but it doesn't really represent their real lives. But then, does it matter? As long they have fun, it's all that matters to me. So, speaking of Fb Likes, do they mean anything significant at all? When you are selling something on Fb and gets 100 Likes, does it mean you gonna get 100 sales? And what if you don't get one Like, does it mean you get zero sales? You can guess it, right. Of course not. Sometimes it's almost unrelated to reality. You'll be surprised to get serious buyers from those who don't even Like your posts or pictures. They just go ahead and call you, and give you business. So even how good your Fb life is, never lose touch of reality. And don't get too obsess with anything virtual. Reality still is the real deal. :)

Sunday, July 22, 2012

256's July Journal Day 22: Beauty Pays The Bill?

I remember the discussion we were having in the chatroom for a few times. This bunch of guys agreed that beauty helps you to get A BETTER LIFE. They claimed that you gonna get the job that you want, be the boss’ pet, get promotion, likable etc. In other words, if you have beauty, life is gonna be easier for you. What do you think? I was the one who objected them. If education doesn’t do the job, beauty definitely won’t too. I mean, my argument is that when someone is likable, Beauty is definitely just the bonus. If all the person has is beauty, it won’t be enough to lure anyone. It MUST come with something else. In fact, all those beautiful women who have reached somewhere actually do have strength in other things, and their beauty is just an add-on to their presentation. Even when you conduct an interview session, if only you shortlist 2 impressive candidates with the same qualifications, you might pick the prettier one. Yes, that one I can agree. But please, don’t say that you can walk plainly with your beauty and things can come easy. You can’t get talents or intelligence overnite, while beauty is Subjective. It’s in what you wear, how you groom and do your hair. So ladies, you gonna really bag all the other qualities first, that’s if you need first thing first. Then you can go to grooming class, visit saloon and spas. Even if you don’t, trust me you can still definitely pay all your bills with your other shining qualities. Definitely beauty alone doesn’t pay the bill. *winks

Saturday, July 21, 2012

256's July Journal Day 21:Your Dream Goddess

I talked to a guyfriend recently. He came to me for opinion on relationship. He finds it hard to hook up with girls who have interest in him. He wants to look for a wife candidate but he just can't see the line up of fans who are waiting qualified to fill that spot. For how many times I told him, with different women, I asked him it’s better to learn to love back the one who loves you than to look for someone he likes and go through all the difficulty of trying to win her, that’s if she’s even available. When I asked him why, he said that this woman, or that woman, doesn’t have the kind of look that he wants. I was like, What? Then I know his real problem. Once upon a time, every guys were like him. They watched Greek movies, read about Venus and Psyche, and saw those kind of beauty in the magazines and even in beauty pageant shows on tv. They wanted to date someone with that kind of beauty. Which also applies that she’s fair, tall, slim, smooth skin – flawless Goddess beauty. I bet the guys all started that way. Then some started to lose it when they found out the girls next door were nothing like that, but they were cute in a way. Then some even tolerated more when these cute girls next door, were lacking in things that they never knew were important before. Then some of them started to look for qualities that they couldn’t compromise, and they found out that the requirement for looks is getting to further below the list. Some of these guys have learnt that if they insist to look for Goddess quality in a girl, they would end up alone. They doubted that she even existed. Then that’s why I told this friend, until you become one of them, you would never locate the perfect woman to marry. If one day you realize the needs to accept, adjust and compromise, it’s the day when you finally find someone, cos it’s by then you are one of them. “Lose that Dream Goddess” They are only for the Greek Gods, and not for real man like you :) (And sorry, they will remain good in books and beliefs, never reality.)

Friday, July 20, 2012

256's July Journal Day 20: Spice Up Your Life!

I have two facts to share. 1 is I am a person who does get bored. 2 is I was once a fan of Spice Girls. And being a person who gets bored and was a fan of Spice girls, finally I can relate when I recall one of their famous songs, Spice Up Your Life. Unfortunately, you are just like me. We all get bored of the same old thing, even how good it used to be. Face it, human beings. When it comes to your life, when you get bored of your life, you do something and continue with your life. You don’t have a choice as long as you wake up breathing the next day. The only time when you stop doing that is when you blow your last breath. What if you live up to 100 years? You know you gotta have to find a way to continue living your life the way that you can stand living, until you die. Yes. Now lets talk about relationship. Relationship is a bit unlucky compared to life. Cos when you get bored with urs, you can just dump it. You have a choice to stop trying to enjoy it once again. When your relationship reaches the stage of Comfort, the chase is over and the thrill is getting lesser. The risk if when it hits a plataeu, you both become lost in the direction and it starts to get dull and all the love colours are fading. No worries. It won’t just happen to one of two, but to every relationship. I learn it even more recently. In the last relationship, I remember being the one who tried something new and it helped a lot. After a while, I realized that he was trying too hard too to still keep me impressed. Now if your guy starts to act different, don’t weep just yet. Don’t point fingers. You will have your time too. Depends on how badly you want to make it work. If yes, then DO STHING. Spice It Up! Bring new elements of excitement, make him smile again. Even if it gets you tired of that when your surprises become old, he will know how much you try and most likely will appreciate it. So when your time comes, he will be the one who does it. Good relationship doesn’t just happen. It needs effort and if you are tired of starting it over with another one, go spice this one that you have now, and show him your worth. Go spice it up, Go Go Go!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

256's July Journal Day 19: A Static Day

One of those days when your hormones mess with your emotions and you start thinking about stuff, in such a less pleasing manner. How you start to see how things went from good to less good, and how things are not anymore the same as they used to be, and it starts to disturb you. Plus, with the problems that you are having, it just adds a bit too much salt to the wound. One of those days, is happening now. I'm trying to catch the twist of this, which could locate in my brain. I must find the antidote so I don't get drown in bad feelings for the rest of the night. So it's happening again. When I have a day like this, I wish that my loved ones would never have to go through it, cos it doesn't sound cool at all. I don't want them to feel bad about their wonderful life, not even a second. Cos I'm not sure if they can find a way to balance their thoughts. I'm afraid they can't handle it. I'm not sure they can do it as good, surviving trying emotional moments like this, the way I can.
Oh God, luckily I think it's getting better now. Thank God for such a wisdom. Halleluyah :)

Note: PMS can get quite tricky right...hehe

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

256's July Journal Day 18: You Make Me Cute

I never grow up in certain manners. I like cute stuff, I appreciate little things that usually are only appealing to the little kids. I still like teddies, dolls and all the miniature toys – even talk to them telling them straight that they are cute. Hehe. Today is my birthday. I have a lot of good feelings today. I’m so thankful that birthdays just get better – the more I learn how to find happiness my own. It’s just so easy. Get my loved one closer, make them happy, that would do the trick. I wanna say thanks to my friends, and family who are so thoughtful. You are the reason of my wonderful day today. Allow me to do the same to you, not just on your birthday, but any given day. Thank you…And to my special one, it made my day when he said “You make me cute” after I commented on how funny it is to see him starting to get familiar with cute stuff – cos I never know him that he senses cuteness as much as I do. But now he gets it. I’m so proud of him. Hahaahahaha. Thank you for making my day, Guys…Lurve ya all :)

256's July Journal Day 17: When You Become The Karma Police

Most people would admit, and the majority of those u don’t, are the one who don’t get the definition right. In fact, all of us have done sthing like this. REVENGE. Some do it in a harsh way, some doing it softyly. Still, we just can’t wait for them to get their payback, right? I can attend many spiritual talks about Forgiveness and totally understand the idea, but would that stop me? Can I just pretend that people don’t hurt me? Or pretend that it’s okay that they step on me and make me stupid in public?  Or step on  my dignity? A lot of evil things that people do to us, sometimes we forget that whatever that we do according to what they did to us, could be described as we are taking Karma in our hands, that we need them to meet their Karma that soon cos we can’t wait long. I remember not attending my uncle’s baby’s full moon just because he offended me a few times because of his lack of sensitivity. I could tell others that I’m sure my presence is not needed in that party, and I did that just to protect myself from dealing with someone offensive. And I didn’t even buy a gift. Isn’t that something about trying to get even? Or maybe I should just admit it that I was taking revenge for the offences that he did to me before. Sounds familiar to u?  Whatever it is, for someone who has learnt the benefit of forgiveness, I wish that I could just forgive people. But what if they do the same offence again? Maybe we just want to teach them a lesson so that they know what went wrong. Or else they will never know, they need someone to ring the alarm bell. Is that so? That’s us and our imperfections… we always get hurt by other people, and we also keep hurting people without us knowing. Maybe we do need that “lesson” too, right? We need people to just slap us in the face and tell us just that. So to me there’s a fine line between teaching someone a lesson and taking revenge. Do not make people suffer in that lesson, can u do that? Who are we to try and punish these people. Don’t try to be God, Karma is not out business. Fix your karma cos whatever bad things u do will come back to u. We don’t want the circle of revenge taking over us, right? Leave the Karma to God :)

Monday, July 16, 2012

256's July Journal Day 16: KNOW EVERYTHING, U DON’T HAVE TO :)

Predictable, Truth Hurts. What if I tell you, IT’S MORE THAN THAT. Knowing too much just burdens your very talented  and "creative" mind. Cos your knowledge on what’s less important can takes your focus away from the real things that really matter. And the little knowledge on everything will be filled with assumptions and that just too time consuming –how it gonna invite doubts, anxiety, anger and all the likes. Especially when it’s on your most special person, whom u rely a lot of trust. It’s just so easy to get hurt by that person, even how hard the person tries not to. That’s why…I have some tips to the lovers out there. 

What you need to know is your partner loves you. He cares for you. He wants you in his life. He spares time for you everyday and he’s constantly proving how much he means it. Yes, you know all that. You need to know more? You need to know that he wakes up at 8 but only text u at 10? Do you need to know the reason why? Even if u can logically think that he needs his own space too, but you just need to know if he still loves you as much after not reporting every details to u? Do you want to know why he doesn’t tell you all the jokes that they share at work? And who are among the females who join them for group lunch? You wonder if he bluffs to u when he says that he’s sleepy and going to bed soon, when he actually plays games or watch dvds? All these questions could arise…if you want to really know the details, which u claim “being transparent” is the best way to go in a relationship, think again. Seriously. 

Knowing that I’m just a weak human being, who are exposed to forces from outside which can get above my sanity; and think if my relationship costs cheaper than my curiosity. Right. Curiosity keeps u wondering but the answers can be misleading. You don't want small things to ruin something so meaningful, right? If you want to know everything, you are never at peace. Just let your man have his own private space, where whatever he does within that space, you have the right to Not Know. Just like you, you even lie when you're answering sms from a few different guy friends. You don't tell him that some of these guys are flirting around with you, so he won't be suspicious, cos u know it's just nothing to u, and when he tries to know too much, he might just get lost in his assumptions. You know that when he gives you your private space to not tell everything to him, he TRUSTS you that whatever you do, you won't put him behind. You should to the same. When you are willing to let go some details, that's when you realize that your relationship is more important. You'll just have to trust your partner willingly. Cling on the happy points and that's all you need to know so much...Good Luck...

Sunday, July 15, 2012

256's July Journal Day 15: A Coffee Addict Quiting Coffee. Logic?

The original title to this post is actually, "Is it so hard to quit coffee?"

I have a serious mission on this. I have to cut caffeine altogether for the period of 30 days, which starting Yesterday. Wow...Is that possible? I've started taking coffee in the age of 18 years old, that's a lot of years there. I was one of those who claimed that I could never go a day without coffee. And now I'm quitting. How far  true is that when someone claims that she cannot go by without coffee? Is this really about being coffee-dependent or is this just the syndrome of trapped in the coffee lifestyle - thinking that all cool and busy people usually do the same?

Hear it from me. Determination and willingness - again, are the keywords. Before today, I have gone through 2 mornings without coffee, although not completely because I didn't have other hot drink to make during tea time so I settled for coffee. Surviving 2 mornings without coffee is already a breakthrough because I kept claiming to people that I was gonna go all weak and useless without having coffee first. So finally yesterday, my first day without caffeine. I already bought replacement drinks  which is Horlicks, mixed with Anlene milk, so I'm gonna be taking them for 30 days. Now you ask me how it feels without coffee...You'll be surprised.

No craving at all. Just a little lack of alertness, but I also remember having days like that when I was with coffee. So not much significant difference to make me forget about this mission. Come to think about it, all the excuses before were just a result of Psychological impression. Coming down to doing it, it ISN'T hard at all. Knowing that it's this easy, don't you want to find out how ur body feels when it's 100%? Imagine all the waters that should go out from your body, but retained by the caffeine in your body. Imagine all the nutrients that your body should get, which were stolen by caffeine. Don't you want to feel how it's like to be caffeine-free and free your body from the caffeine trap? 30 days taken from a lifetime, definitely our body deserves more than that but if it's so hard, 30 days are already a good gift for the body. Love your body and your body will reward you back in terms of better health, better looks. Wish me luck! :)

Saturday, July 14, 2012

256's July Journal Day 14: A Picture and Your Thousand Words

This picture will first bring a lot of questions to your mind, and then the more you read what others say about it, the more opinion u have of it...Lets see how far your mind wander. 

My favourite comment on this pic is this...

"The more we try to define God, the more we limit God. God is so much bigger than anything we can ever conceive. We create metaphors for God and try to put God in a small box to hold up, but as much as we do it, we just can’t get close. God is big and limitless and we are not..."

 Isaiah 55:8-9 
For my thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways my ways, says the Lord. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways and my thoughts than your thoughts.

Friday, July 13, 2012

256's July Journal Day 13: Another Reason To Be A Proud Sabahan

This is in Lembah Danum, Lahad Datu, Sabah.

300 meter (985 feet) in length, and 27 meter (90 feet) in height. This canopy walk is definitely more "challenging" than the one at Poring, Ranau. For those who have height phobia just like me, I DOUBT that we gonna even start the journey on that bridge. Cos even if you change your mind in the middle, you still have to walk that far to go back. Oh man...

So this is the longest canopy walk in Sabah. I love the view. I love the nature. And it makes me even more proud to be a Sabahan, with all these rare nature assets. Thank you Lord for such a wonderful world to live in....

NOTE: For Nature Lovers...you can't miss this place. :)

Thursday, July 12, 2012

256's July Journal Day 12: 8 Reasons To Quit Facebook -I Agree

I get this list in one of the sites my bloglist...I think they name among the most relevant ones although not all...Here they are...See for yourself...

1. Privacy Please
Privacy is one of the biggest reasons to quit Facebook for many people. Facebook’s privacy policy has always been somewhat controversial and many people don’t like the idea of their info being used for Facebook’s benefit. People also complain that it’s difficult to completely delete your account whereas it’s very easy to deactivate your account where all information on your profile is saved.

2. Get Personal
Social media can sometimes eliminate the need to call or see people which many people see as a reason to quit Facebook. If writing on walls and private messaging on Facebook has replaced all communication with friends, it might be time to give it a break and reconnect on a more personal level! Get offline and call people up to get status updates!

3. Time Flies
 Let’s face it, Facebook can be a huge timewaster and many people have found that to be one of the top reasons to quit Facebook. You log on to see your notifications and before you know it, you’re getting instant messages, private messages and looking at your friend’s vacation photos and hours have passed! Use that time to do something nice for yourself or someone else instead of just zoning out in front of your computer!

4. Playing Tag
Another benefit to quitting Facebook is that you’ll no longer have to worry about getting tagged in any embarrassing photos or getting tagged in locations that you want to keep private. I’ve had high school friends tag me in photos from many years ago and I am not trying to relive those moments! If you’re friends with co-workers or your boss, they have full access to your personal life and if you happen to play hooky from work and you check in to the spa-you’re caught!

5. Too Much Information
 I think one of the best reasons to quit Facebook is that you won’t be overwhelmed with information about anything and everything. Facebook can document every little thing you and your 500+ friends do and it can be a little much on a daily basis. I think we all have those friends who share too much information and post updates of their day all day or post things that are way too personal for Facebook!

6. Compare and Contrast
Another excellent reason to quit Facebook is that many people end up comparing their lives to others and end up feeling bad about themselves. If you go through your news feed and feel like everyone is out living it up or accomplishing all these great things while you’re living at home or you’re stuck at a job you hate, this can easily get to you and get old fast!

7. Request Denied
All of those annoying game requests and event invites can be enough reason to quit Facebook for some. A lot of people take their Facebook games seriously and get annoyed when you don’t respond to their game requests or random people can name you as a host for events that you know nothing about. I was once listed as a host for a free iPhone giveaway which was obviously a scam and I wanted nothing to do with but I couldn’t remove my name off of the event-so annoying!

8.Stalker Tendencies
Whether you’re the one being stalked or you’re Facebook stalking someone else, it’s just another one of the excellent reasons to quit Facebook. Cyberstalking is creepy! There’s nothing more embarrassing than getting caught stalking someone’s wall and admittedly knowing things about them that they haven’t told you yet! Facebook can be a fun way to connect with people from around the world and keep up with childhood friends but if you find yourself getting stressed or frequently annoyed after logging on, think about these reasons to quit Facebook or just take a break from it and see if you feel differently about it. You might be surprised at how much easier your life is without it!

Source: http://Lifestyle.AllWomenStalk.com

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

256's July Journal Day 11: The Loyal Guys Club

Have you found one from the club? I have found quite a number of them. I’m so surprised to recall meeting a few from this extincting species. Even lucky to have one of them as my special guy before. Their traits can easily be detected. But wait, lets just first find out their similarities with the rest of the guys not from the same club. Some of them could still be showing a lot of interest in woman, not limit their encounter, they do play around and even can get a lil flirty sometimes. Yeah, they are almost like other guys, with their nature. 

The one that I had close encounter with, must be the Secretary of the club. LOLS. Since that he was being so reserved with others, but showed everything to you. Not even one time that I recalled being jealous because he just didn’t mingle too much with other girls. U girls should be lucky if you find a guy like this. You will never worry about him when he goes outside cos he won’t show that much interest to others. 

Okay, then when can we finally tell their differences that earn them the club membership? Aha…they will let everyone know they are taken. They will often speak about their partner, or would not mind to be seen walking together…and most importantly, they will hilight the part “I’m Taken” and would never cross the limit where other girls might misunderstand their friendship. They wont speak the first word that gives other girls different idea, or they will even say it directly that, “I’m just the type who will never cheat my girl”. Those in this club can make the other girls pack their bags and leave. Guys in this club are just untouchable. Speaking of that ex of mine, I still remember that after the relationship was over and then I came back in the picture, although he might have a lot of good memories or feelings for me, but when he was attached with the new girl, he was reluctant to even say a word to me, not wanting to open possibility for us to hitch back. Not that it crossed my mind. But I tried to put him on a test. He once would jumped for joy if I said that I would like to meet, but no, he didn’t even answer my invitation for coffee. When I called him with his nickname, he did not answer. But when I called him with his real name, then only he said Hi back to me. Although I could say that he was too hurt to even do anything to my favour, or maybe he was taking revenge, I still could sense the genuineness of his intention to BE LOYAL. It doesn’t matter if the girl he married was just his no.2 by the time he married her, what matters is THE LOYAL GUYS take wedding vows SERIOUSLY. I’m impressed and instead of feeling hurt, I wanted to clap my hands, I’M PROUD to find this rare species. Was glad to be loved by him once, and the part where it didn’t work out, call it the work of destiny, but still…KUDOS to you all in this club. I hope my guy can now decide to happily join this club now…hehehe. STAY LOYAL :)

256's July Journal Day 10: More From My Peculiar Life

Yes, my life is peculiar, my personality is peculiar - instead of trying to compare myself with other people who are in the mainstream, I decided to just learn my peculiarity and now I'm loving it...:)) But now I decided I WANT MORE from it...Why not get something bigger than this. Why not :)) Thank you God for giving me Life... Beyond words. Amen.

Monday, July 9, 2012

256's July Journal Day 9: I Was So Ashamed at Him

I have stopped reading my daily night prayers for a long time because I always ended up falling asleep in the middle. This is because I expected the prayer to be long and detail to think that I completed a session, so I always didn’t get to finish my prayer. That’s why my daily prayer takes place in the morning, before I leave the room. Rest assured that I am at my best energy, and consciousness, and I read prayer that is quite short, but to the point. Of course there’s an exception when I’m facing difficult situations that I can’t wait until morning to say my prayer. When my heart is saddened by something, and emotional breakdown is taking over me, I feel that I need to address it to God, at least just tell Him that I’m feeling so down and I hope He can make me feel better. Just casual talking instead of a proper prayer. Something happened again yesterday, when I was having a little argument with someone special and caused me a heartache almost the whole day. It’s been awhile that I felt that way because my emotions are always at peace and that’s how I like it. Until yesterday. A lot of things that coming to my mind, that made it unbearable thinking about the bad consequences that would put many treasured things to waste. Coming to my senses, I just put my hands together and prayed to God…I started it with How Ashamed I am to come to Him during my times of needs, but I was so desperate. I asked for mercy and peace of mind. I asked for His guidance so that we can work things out. After that, I slept well and woke up fresh the next day. The first thing that came to my mind this morning, Thank You Lord for making me sleep well. And the good news was, we finally patched things up and it brought so much delight to me. I thanked God, and told him, I was so ashamed that I came to Him during my times of needs, I was so ashamed that God has to give me hard times to say my extra prayers – But then I told God, that never once that I forget to thank Him first after every single good things that happen to me daily. The blessings, The people, The Love… Thank You Lord. Alleluia, Praise Be To God :)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

256's July Journal Day 8: The Great Woman By Your Side

I was surprised to hear the cases where the husband, whose wife is so beautiful, yet obedient and loyal to him, is still not grateful enough. I wonder if these men can see how these women are dedicating their whole life just for their dear husbands. Bearing his babies and then raise them, while the husband still seeks pleasure, having affair with other woman not even half like his wife. Whatever you say the issues are, the neverending marital and relationship problems that have become very common, I’m just wondering if the man had tried hard enough to be the best man for the wife. Coming across these few women, whose fate as such, I just continue to wonder what has come to the men to still be looking for someone else when the one that was rightfully theirs was even envied by other women. And the other men look at these poor women, admire them at first sight. And they wonder the same thing. If only the husband can see it through other man’s eyes – how stupid he is for not seeing his blessing. Relationships will always have ups and downs. Be aware of this. And this is no alien to our flow of life. So when it gets rough sometimes, yes, anger will be triggered, all the bad emotions will take their turn. Sometimes it makes us want to curse our other half because of the anger that overpowers us. We all do that. But deep inside us is totally the opposite. Our love and care for the person, are always there but just overshadowed by the bad times. For all the men out there… Just like we think it’s not easy to locate the right man to date and have relationship with, we are sure you guys also face that difficulty. But when you find a lady who would stand by your side, and who is making effort every step of the way to understand your shortcomings, and appreciate your qualities… Remember that she is also a human being. She might just get on your nerve at times, she might get angry at you too and even shout at you back, but remember that it shouldn’t change her true values. Remember the good times when you decide that she’s the one for you, and how much u adore her for all her gifts and how many times she made you laugh, all that cute sweet moments that she definitely remember so well about you. Cos all her qualities, other guys can see it too but they are not just as lucky as you. Some even envy you to have such a woman. If you lose her you might not find another one. Life is short. Don’t let go off the right woman, especially if u r thinking u might find someone else better than her. That could be your biggest regret for the rest of your life. Men, one of your missions in life is to take care and love the great woman that God has sent to be your other half. Those who complete the mission, the reward must be enormous :)

Saturday, July 7, 2012

256'S July Journal Day 7: When Things Go Wrong…

Things don’t always go in rhyme. Sometimes you do your best and still, things can still go wrong because of the expectation that is not met. Even you are not expecting much, but it’s not possible to not have expectation at all. So when a mistake is done, which is something that we do daily, intentionally or not, still you know that things have turned out of direction for a moment. It’s a trying time for you, cos at a few seconds, it feels unbearable. You are out of focus, you are certainly distracted and very much disturbed. You are looking all around for the fix. You need the peace again. So what should u do now? After going through this so plenty of times, and how it had once pushed ur limit of patience, that you even saw how it started to wreck your treasured possession. You have let go some, but when you think you don’t want to lose some more, you gonna fight to keep it. The world is getting older. We might or might not have that long to keep failing and trying again. Opt for understanding, communication and - Losing each other is not the option. It’s time to make it work. God willing :)

Friday, July 6, 2012

256's July Journal Day 6: The Epic Of Before and After Testimony

When you go through a product advertisement especially on health and beauty, what you’re always looking for are the testimonies. You can say that testimonies are very effective way to make people want to try your products. Especially when you can see an image of Before and After. Yeah they do work. But I’m not sure if most of you notice that a lot of Before and After images used by some products are just not convincing enough. In the era of “Photoshop Is The Best And The Cheapest Makeup” makes you even critical about testimonial pictures. Are there really the results of a good product or just a good photoshop skill? Or worse yet, not even photoshop at all. The before and after images are just – Epic Fail.

If you are selling some skin beauty products that need you to convince people that they pay a few hundred bucks on some pills to get really smooth and fairer skin, using the wrong images will only make people doubt or even lose interest when the images are trying to "buy impression with a cheap price" cos with your effort of putting images with extra lighting, extra make-ups - you expect that people would just believe it's all the work of the product that you are selling. I mean, even if your products really work, but never expect to get people's confidence cheap, cos it's not. It's good if not many are as critical as I am, cos I understand that not everyone works with pictures a lot to even question much. Okay, maybe I'm just your unlucky case. Okay, but if you can, don't ruin your marketing like that. Just saying. Good luck peeps :)

256's July Journal Day 5: So Now You May Leave The Hair Alone

My customers and friends have asked me the same question, “What’s the name of the colour of your hair?” The fact that I randomly picked this brave red colour, I did not really think too much about it. It was just another experiment to me. Yeah, I experimented quite a few red range and some of them didn’t work. For some reason, I think it’s better not to disclose. I remember back then when I asked people what kind of colour they used on their hair when I thought it looked cool, I never got a serious answer. I ended up finding it on my own, and risked getting  alien hairs from wrongly chosen colours. Hahaha. I think that everyone should have that experience to use different colours on their hair before the find the best one that fits them. They deserve the same experience, don’t they? Hehe. I’ve been using this same type of red since last year cos I decided that it was the best so far in terms of matching my personality, my looks and others. Okay, maybe the commentary from others also convince me to think that way. For quite a few times, I was asked my kind of red that I used on my hair, I had to answer with - Colour Mix.  I have customers who are operating hair salon and they mention about colour mix that usually gives better results. So again, whenever people ask me, I don’t feel obligated to answer it. It’s my right to protect the paten of my hair colour. *LOLS. Kidding. Maybe they thought, the colour creation from hair colours leftovers is the most believable answer. Or they understood that I wanted to keep it secret so my hair would remain unique among us there…Hahaha. Kidding again. Those who asked about the colour, usually because they were thinking about having their hair coloured too. So if I go with this colour, you go with that colour, the more variety colours, the merrier, isn’t it? Hahahaha Luckily, my mom and my sister never asked. Predictable, since they are not into hair colours. So I never really have to reveal. Until last Saturday, my close cousin mentioned about doing changes on her looks. Since she is my closest cousin, also a good confidante, it’s just so evil to not tell her the truth. So finally, that same question popped out again. I was like, Okayyy, I will tell youuu. Then I told her where I bought the colour. Then suddenly I had the urge to say, Wait, u r not gonna use the same hair colour as mine, just because we are cousins, rightt?? LOLS. It started to sound ridiculous, that since we are family, we might as well share the same type of hair colours. What if the colour doesn’t suit them as much as it suits me? Okay, too much of a fuss. So much of my individuality, maybe I should stop minding about it. People can have my hair colour, people can have my hair style, my hair length, anything they want. It doesn’t make me any less or lose anything. I should  have thought of that much earlier. But I would prefer if people adapt something exemplary about me, I’d feel more honoured that way. Maybe they can try to adapt the kind of passion that I have towards my job, and some force of positivity that always help me survive a bad day. Why not pick that? Help yourself, thank you. Hence, now u may leave my hair colour alone, okayy???


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

256's July Journal Day 4: What Happen To My Critics?

There’ll always be 2 groups who are related to you. One is the ones who love and care to see you succeed. While the other one is the ones who don’t bother about you but would not mind to see u crushed and fall. Even a well known celebrity, anywhere in the world, has a group of haters whose eyes are more sensitive in finding defects, even how high the fame stage you have climbed. Speaking of me, I’m not even anywhere close to any public figure, nor that I have achieved something so significantly good; in other words, I’m just “nothing much” for anyone who don’t know me well enough to even spare time to mock my existence. STIlLL, Still I do have that group of haters who are aware of my shortcomings and making my steps looking so odd in public. Coming this far in my journey, I have met a minority group who are more interested in pointing fingers, finding faults and criticizing me – I’m still thinking what kind of benefit they get from doing it. I know that I do have a bunch of Likers, very small but still, sometimes they give me the credit I don’t deserve. They overlook my mistakes, and they still point about the smallest dust of good thing I do. I know that for so many times, injustice happens to my benefit. I get too much compliments compared to my achievements and I knew about all that, all along. Not for once that I think I’m that good cos I do understand and appreciate that people are just being courteous. I’m sorry if I hurt some heart or some eyes – cos I don’t know if I have hurt anyone in this innocent process. Who knows that maybe some people couldn’t take it. They dislike it when people keep hi-liting only the good things and they are tired of it. There are a few occasions when I was smashed that “She thinks that she’s always right.” Or “What kind of qualification do you have to give all those advice.” *LOLS. Okay, sorry I laugh. Those people who said these are the people whom direction are opposite to mine, not even the same ideology, and so they were questioning everything as long as they could let people see that, “Hey 256 isn’t that good after all.” Some even question the relevance of my blog just because “ there’s no way she has some formal knowledge about psychology” to even advice others. Hello?? Sometimes when people criticize me, I just kept quiet and have some deep thoughts about my own doing. Maybe they were right. I tried the best possible to MAKE THEM RIGHT so I could change my way. But u can’t just freaking do that all the time and expect me to follow ur crazy immature mind - and they don’t even spend any time to get close to my writing, the kind of philosophy that I use and the principals that I stand by with. If they are my readers, at least they freaking know the right question to ask. I’m alive for so many years, going through a hard life resulting from my complicated nature, and trying to survive people judging me, not to mention my own emotional ordeal, which in are unique in their own forms – just like each and everyone of you. The only difference is, I find the pleasure in writing, to be able to share with all of u. These sharings are from my own experiences, so I’m sorry if you are a King or a Queen, life might be different in our shoes – but in case you were a peasant like me, you’ve been teased, been mocked, been hurt and been lied to, Yeah, just like you, life wasn’t so gentle to me too. But I made it this far, and I manage to combat constraints in my life, one by one. I have thankfully talked to so many people , which some I have helped just from sharings like this. So, I OBJECT if only now you started to question that I’m giving Crappy Advice - cos it’s too late. So to my Critics, before u speak directly to me, try to speak to the people who u would like to disagree with when it comes to their opinions on me. So that when u come to me, u have nothing but really strong points I don’t mind wasting my time hearing. Cos if you still do, I will easily categorize u into “that other group” that I put in my Ignore List. To the rest, Thank you Guys, Sia sayanggg kamu. Muahs.


Tuesday, July 3, 2012

256's July Journal Day 3: You’ve Asked For It, No?

I’ve been observing this on Fb since some time ago. Some of these girls were posting some screen capture of nasty messages they received from some guys which contained obscene words, and they made it look like they were the victims of sex maniacs lurking among their long list of Fb friends. But why was I not surprised, cos these girls in question whom encountered this, are mostly those who are into posting really daring pictures of themselves, showing as less clothes as possible, doing poses that are nasty enough, and it doesn’t take a genius of what would go inside the mind of the poor creatures called men? Some of these girls even curse and swear like it’s nobody’s business. To be fair, recently I came across this nasty profile picture of a guy. I mean, guys can go baring their chest and still look macho instead of perverted, so they need to go extra mile to give you girls “the direct idea”, Yeah, like showing their private part all the way! So if u gals see this, what idea do you get about that guy? Unless u r looking for some crazy fun, u would go for him, otherwise, u will avoid him. Exactly. Same thing. Just like, you can’t give ur killer poses and still expect that others won't misunderstand you for being too open with Anything. So u can’t even handle one-liner desperate lusty line. Come on, these guys thought u asked for it! I couldn’t help but shook my head when I saw these girls made a big deal out of it, after “all the indecent exposures” and all the generous nasty posts they made. I mean, if this is just part of the drama, then maybe I made a mistake. But in case u r genuinely pissed, feel free to change your way – you’ve been scaring the good guys away. Or else, stop sounding like you are shocked – and much fuss instead of finding the Block or Delete or Unfriend button. Okayy...Stop surprising me. Get ur act together, will ya?

Monday, July 2, 2012

256's July Journal Day 2: 10 Guilty For 1 Innocent

I learn an important lesson today, how people could be spreading stories that are totally untruth about someone, and it could go miles and miles, doing damage to the person's good name and reputation, Without the person knowing it. I saw that it's happening to a colleague. I was shocked to hear how bad things sound when it comes from other people's mouths. Refusing to believe it right away, I asked her directly, and she explained it in a very easy sentence, not even beating around the bush. Her transparency and logic made me feel guilty of every doubt that I had in her just from listening to people's stories. This world is full of evil hearts, and are using every bit of our weaknesses to ruin the remaining goodness. Wisdom is there for a purpose... I rather overlook 10 bad friends than to misjudge 1 innocent friend. Another Lesson learnt.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

256's July Journal Day 1: Sorry Milk, You Have To Go

Hi everyone. My first post. Hehe. As some of you know, I did this No-Milk month for the whole June. Just in case u ask why, well, I did it Just For Fun, really. I am aware that my diet isn’t that healthy overall. I like to eat and enjoy food, I almost has no restriction to my diet for…forever. Erks. Hahaha. As a coffee lover, I loved it to go with condensed milk, I liked it creamy, and thick. I notice that of all the things that I consume daily, Milk is just something that is so easy to eliminate, since I still can enjoy coffee without it. Cos I don’t just drink coffee for indulgence, but more about focus and energy to start the day. Milk might just help the taste but not the effect on me so – Sorry Milk, You Have To go. 1 month, NO milk in my coffee at all. You ask me what I feel, I FEEL GREAT. I feel like I’m doing it healthy, and other things just come easily, like I start to use Sesame/Corn/Sunflower oil for cooking instead of the normal Helang/Buruh cooking oil. Also, No sausages AT ALL. I used to buy the Premium Ayamas Frankfurter Mushroom/Blackpepper  weekly . Yeah, they were eliminated too without them knowing. Hahaha. One more thing! I also drink A LOT of mineral water!! Seriously, I need the world to know this. I was a person who never drank water (unless you consider a cup as significant enuff) and now, u can see me rushing into a grocery shop and come out with nothing but a 2 bottles of mineral water. OMG, congrats to myself. Even the water is shocked at me. After a month under all those restrictions, u want to know how I feel? I feel GREAT. I will go into details about the changes that it does to me. Ladies and Gents…today let me say this to you. You want to have a healthy eating habit in the world full of delicious foods, it’s tough, right? Be realistic. You don’t want to stop enjoying life trying to cut your foods. Just pick the easiest ones that u can do, and u’ll be surprised that it’s just so easy, and it makes you feel good and it makes you look better too. I’m gonna extend my food restrictions for the month of July (shss… Don’t tell August and the rest yet…I want to keep it a surprise to them.) *LOLS. Stay Healty, Stay Happy. God Bless :)

New Blog Challenge: 256's July Journal

Hi guys. I miss u guys, seriously too. I’m so sorry cos I’m looked like I was taking revenge from my January Blog Challenge that I dissed my blog for so long after that.  I’m just all geared up for 2012,  doing a lot of stuff, trying to maximize my time, and enjoying life, and still poor in time management, caused me to not having enuff space to blog. So that’s why I’m here again. I love my babyblog. July Blog Challenge is how I make amend to all of you. I hope I can make up for all the time I was away from blogging. Writing is still in my blood so, I’ll see u guys around. I usually won’t lose my own challenge, most definitely u will get to see I complete this. I have no doubt. As if. Hahahaha. Miss u guys. Muahss.


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