Monday, October 25, 2010

5 Ways To Understand Him Better

Source: on Yahoo

1. Be patient with his memory
The hippocampus, where initial memories are formed, occupies a smaller percent of the male brain than the female brain. If on your first date he can’t remember where you work, even though you told him all about it when you met, just remember that size matters… hippocampus size, that is. Don’t take it personally. (Oh, and don’t be surprised when, months down the line, he has no clue you’ve just changed your hair.)

2. Don’t expect him to get hints
Have a crush on him? You may have to put it out there, because men aren’t as skilled at women at reading subtle emotional cues. As Dr. Larry Cahill of the University of California at Irvine puts it, “We have been assuming that the ways in which emotions are organized in the brain are essentially similar in men and women,” but they aren’t. Parts of the limbic cortex, which is involved in emotional responses, are smaller in men than in women. Additionally, scientists at McMaster University have found that guys have a smaller density of neurons in areas of the temporal lobe that deal with language processing. That’s why it’s probably a good idea to tell him directly how you’re feeling (“I’m kind of hurt that you forgot I hate sushi”). Expecting him to infer from your hints could leave both of you scratching your heads.
3. Don’t take conversation lulls personally
In fact, guys in general just aren’t as verbally adept as women are. Large parts of the cortex — the brain’s outer layer that does a big part of recognizing and using subtle language cues — are thinner in men than they are in women. A study led by Dr. Godfrey Pearlson of Johns Hopkins University has shown that two areas in the frontal and temporal lobes that play an important role in language processing are significantly smaller in men. Using MRIs, the Johns Hopkins scientists measured gray matter volumes in several brain regions in 17 females and 43 males. Women had 23 percent more volume than men in the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex and 13 percent more volume than men in the superior temporal cortex. “Women,” explains Dr. Cahill, “excel in being able to come up with appropriate words, given cues.” Men — not so much. Don’t expect him to chatter with you on dates with the skill of a girlfriend, and don’t assume he’s not interested in you if he occasionally lets the conversation lapse. Think of it this way: he’s simply basking in your moments of quiet companionship.

4. Appreciate his naturally upbeat nature
Does he seem to be “up” most of the time? It’s not your imagination: male brains produce 52 percent more serotonin (the chemical that influences mood) than female brains, according to a study done at McGill University. And studies show that fewer men than women suffer from depression. Guys may also have an easier time rolling with life’s big stresses. If he tells you he recently lost his golden lab or suffered a job loss and doesn’t get all teary, it doesn’t mean he’s heartless; rather, he has healthy stores of serotonin in his system.

5. Don’t expect his take on your relationship history to match yours
He may be incapable of seeing your shared past the way you do. Brain images have started to show that men and women use their brains in vastly different ways. For example, women use the left part of the amygdala — the part of the brain that creates emotional reactions to events — to put memories in order by emotional strength, meaning that something emotionally important to them (like a great first date a couple of months ago) will be ordered in front of what they ate for breakfast yesterday. Men, however, use the right part of the amygdala to put memories in order. Traditionally, the right hemisphere of the brain is associated with the central action of an event, while the left hemisphere is associated with finer details. Translation: you’ll both remember your first date, but he might not remember the color of your sweater or the light rain that was falling that night. It doesn’t mean he was checked out; it just means he’s a guy.

She, Who Never Hits The “Like” Button

Thanks for bringing this up. Hahaha. A guy friend of mine, noticed that I NEVER hit the “Like” button in my entire Fb-ing experience. Omigawd, are you serious? Hahahahaha. He put it on his status one day and he ended it with a question, “Why is that?” Hahahaha.

I know that I received back-ups that said, “She did press Like for one or two times.” At least they wanted to prove the theory wrong about me never hitting the Like button. Hahaha. Well, then the guyfriend said to them, “She did not deny it even once that means she really never did hit the Like button so far!” I was laughing looking at the guys’ comments. I stopped answering and let them talked instead. Isn’t it funny to be doing something and then the next day someone just put it up on the headline? Hahahaha.

Okay. Let me do a confession. Live and Alive from my very own blog. “YES”…err…that I NEVER HIT THE LIKE BUTTON. I have explained myself about this on my Fb status once. I said that I like so many things that my Fb friends post. I mean, there are times when I said, “Wow”…”Nice”…”Gosh how true was that” – All the expressions that I do LIKE what they shared on Fb. Now I am getting confused myself why I never did press the Like button despite liking what they posted. Hahaahahhaa.

Maybe it’s good that someone brought that up so we can together think WHY I did that. I mean, why I DID NOT do that. Hitting the “Like” button, that is. *Lols. (I feel that this issue is a little exaggerated at this point hahahaha)

My obvious reason is because I think that I like so many things but I don’t know if I can keep up with all that by giving justice to all of them by hitting “Like” everytime I get impressed by their post. I know I could not do that. I know that I must miss a few. So the middle way that I take is to NEVER hit Like At All so I don’t have to feel bad. Hahahaha. Do you guys believe that it’s actually my reason? Hehehe.

Anyway, my guyfriend put it in a more creative way, I must say. He always refers me as this stubborn person, hard-headed and of high ego that I don’t want to express or show my feelings to people that easily. He always said that it was because of the same trait that I could shut my eyes close to all the questions people ask me or all the things that they spoke about me. He also concluded that I was NOT gonna tell the special people in my life how much I love them because of the same thing why I never hit the “Like” button. It’s Just My Attitude, he said?

He also said that I like to play hard to get that even the Like button has to play the same game. (What?!) Hahahahaa. Hey hey stop right there. This is not even an issue until someone brings that up, don't make it look like I just committed a crime okay? Did anybody get killed or what? Hahahaha. Nobody, right? So keep small things small. Whatever the reason is, I always give my fruitful comments when I have something to say. And when I like something, I will say at the comment box, "I Likeee" so don't say that I never tell people that I do like what they post. Maybe my hyper fingers don't really fancy the "thumb" thing. I prefer to tell people so they know that I mean it.

So, don't get disturbed by this. Yeah maybe he's right that I'm stubborn, I'm hard-headed, I am egoistic(?) and all that bla bla bla... Erksss...

OUuuuuuuchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Hahahaha.

You better be wrong. :P

Thank you.


What If This Pain Is Just…

What If This Pain Is Just...

An inadequacy of knowledge? 

Why does it hurt so much and we can’t just slow it down even if we thought we have gone halfway this world and learnt and experienced things much enough for us to have the wisdom to live? Why does it still hurt so much? When I was at the church yesterday, I thought of that. Suddenly I felt that the pain that we feel inside our heart is just because we are “Not Smart Enough” to figure out that “this pain” is not actually “a pain”. Since we don’t have that knowledge, we just translate it into “pain” and get hurt from it. Gosh.  Now you see where my hyperbrain can take me. Hehe. 

I found myself praying to God, “Please grant me that wisdom so that I could see this pain as something else and I stop getting hurt from it.” Yeah, I prayed that because I think that there’s nothing that can stop our human nature from taking its toll on us. As long as that happens, we will always feel the pain we can’t explain and we do have the knowledge at certain extent that, hey, there’s something wrong with this. This can’t go on. It’s starting to become unreasonable…but we just don’t have that ultimate wisdom to MAKE IT STOP. So I thought, I could not just ask God to stop this pain because in our capacity as normal human being, it is what it is. PAIN, and it will hurt. 

If only I have that wisdom. I’m sure I take that “pain” and throw it anywhere and start laughing away. If only it’s that simple, right? Now I understand what they mean when they say that the capacity of our mind is very limited. For now, I just have to live with it and just build my own antidote so the pain won’t have to hurt me so much before I get stronger. 

God, Help Me :)

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The True Lies

What a pitiful scenario to live in a world full of lies. We can’t tell if someone is telling the truth or just another lie. So is this the kind of world that we want to see?  There is still some honesty exists in this world but you won’t believe it until you begin to practice honesty yourself. The reason is simple. If you have ceased to believe in your own words, you can never believe in others’ words too.

It's The Cutest Puppy, and It Has A Facebook


Its name is Boo. It's like THE CUTEST dog that I've seen so far. Not just because it's cute, but also adorable at first glance. Visit this dog's page at Facebook and you'll get to see its many cuteee cuteee poses. Omigawddd... Seriously! Hahahaha. Thanks to the owner of this dog to be able to maximize and fully utilize the blessing that this dog has. Okay, even I don't have a public page like Boo has. Well done, Boo. *giggles. Here's the link to its page. Get ready to get your doses of cuteness from this dog. Hehehe


Friday, October 22, 2010

Beautiful Blogger Award Tagged by Wyne Ren

First I would like to thank sis Wyne Ren for this tag. This is one tag that makes any lady feels good. *giggles. Okay, together with this tag, I have to share 7 things about myself. Aha, let me make this an interesting one. After more 700 sthing posts in this blog, I bet I am still quite anonymous. I can write about anything random and still makes you guys went, Oh, Really? *giggles. Okay lets do it.

1. I am a Science stream graduate and my job now has NOTHING to do with my highest certificate. What else can you imagine a Rebellious Child will do? Hahaha. If I were not a Rebellious Child, what would my career be now? I bet I would be a Teacher. The rest of my friends who were taking the same course, all ended up a teacher. I could say to people that I am not interested, but the fact is that – I just don’t have the talent to do it. My career now is THE BEST there is for me because I can fully utilized my ability to the max. Thank Lord!

2. If you ask me What’s the best thing that I like to see when I look at the mirror? Okay keep it simple. My Smile. *giggles.

3. If you ask me What’s the best compliment that I would appreciate the most from other people? Is it when they say I’m sweet? Cute? Or what? The answer is… when they say I’m Smart. I think that at least my hyper brain gets some appreciation. hehe.
4. If you ask me whether or not I notice that I am such a Hyper person, oh COME ON. Of course I do. How I talk. How I think. How I write. I am all Hyper. The most irritating thing is when I talk. I talk like a train and sometimes the train doesn’t reach the destination. I always come halfway and decided to stop and say, Nevermind, forget about it. Hahahaha. Okay, you can blame that on my hyper mind because in the middle of talking, I just realize that it’s not going to end so soon so why don’t end it there. Hahahahahahha :P

5. One of priceless possession is… MY babyBLOG!!! Omigawd! Hahahahaa. All the days when I didn’t visit it, I felt so devastated inside. I knew there was sthing wrong with my day. When I didn’t update it for quite a while, I felt so bad inside. It’s like leaving a little cute baby at home while I go on vacation. Only when I get back to the routine of updating my blog often, I feel like my schedule is in place and my focus is not far distracted from the right track. Hehehe. Muahss my babyblog.

6. If I were to come up with 1 word to best describe me, what would it be. Good question. The word is COMPLICATED. I don’t think you can ever understand me 100% because I am just complicated. I own a few characters which are opposite to each other, for example I easily laugh but that’s how easily I cry. I can be the most patient person and I am also the most restless person who gets mad when I have to wait for people. So you can never understand me, and maybe you don’t have to understand me. If you have to live with me for the rest of your life, all you can do is find a way to react to me because although I have a strong personality, I have a very soft heart and it’s not hard to make me happy. Oh that’s sweet. *giggles.

7. What would be my best virtue that I appreciate in a man? The answer is His Loyalty. The reason why I say this is because it's also the best thing that I will offer him. There isn't a need to trust, to care or to love when the heart that should receive them is not where it should be. This is why Loyalty is very important to me. I only want what I can give so trust me I don't ask for too much actually. *giggles.

I believe that EVERYONE is beautiful in their own way. I honestly believe in that. When we could not see it, it's because we judge too fast and we don't know people that well yet. God is good. God is fair. It's our job to appreciate what we have and identify our strength and use it to make the best life. Yeah, I believe in that.

I hope I do this tag justice. *giggles. I am not so sure who to tag because if I try to tag 5, I feel that I will let down the rest who are also as beautiful in their own way. So why not you my lovely readers, do this tag so that you can tag your beautiful friends too since and let them spill 7 beans about themselves like we did...*giggles. Have fun! :)

Thursday, October 21, 2010

What Makes You More Beautiful Is...

So if you want to alter your look in a distinctive way, get a make-up artist who is really good with the eye trick. Alteration on your eyes can turn you into a princess. *giggles.

Note: Unfortunately, I am the type who doesn't like to mess with my eyes. Luckily my best features, according to my friends, are my eyelashes/eyebrows because they look so visible even without make-ups. Thank God for that cos I couldn't imagine having to rely on mascara or eye-liner everyday. It's great if you have time for it...but I'm just too lazy for that. I'm grateful for my features even if they are not as good as what some people have. *giggles.

5 Things That Spells The End Of The World For The Word TRUST

1. Everything that comes out from your partner mouth is No-Trust-Value, you just don’t know which one actually carries an inch of truth

2. Everything that comes out from your mouth is always Half True, that you would Congratulate yourself and Celebrate if you would ever say 1 sentence that contains nothing but truth

3. You purposely make yourself Doubtful to return the favour of what your partner is making you feel. The more suspicious your partner is, the bigger the glory is. Everything that comes from both of you is like A Battle of Who gonna get the other person More Doubtful . Yes, because to become Righteous only make you look like a fool.

4. You Wish that all your partner’s doubts for you were TRUE, just that you still have your humanly heart at work because you could not just be as evil as what you partner thought you to be

5. You don’t mind if your partner doesn’t trust you anymore. Why? It’s because you have long ceased to trust in him/her.

And for that, I would sadly announce that it’s really the ARMAGEDDON for the word TRUST. I’m sure, there will come a time when the younger generation asks, Trust? What’s That?
Are you one of the contributors of this premature Armageddon for Trust? You answer. :)

The Baggage Of Broken Promises

The girl says, 

"I will collect all your broken promises and put them in this baggage. I will pass this baggage to you when it has no more space. This baggage is full of your broken promises and I’m sorry this the extra weight that you are going to take with you for the rest of your life."

Note: So now, are you sure you gonna wait until the baggage is full? Good news is, if the baggage is not yet full, clean your act before it’s too late. Promises are not a game. They are going to be extra burden on your shoulder and you can never make up for it if these broken promises cause someone her life. Don't speak of karma. Don't speak of the theory of cause and effect. This is about Doing The Right Thing. We have spoken too many lies. We have forgotten most of our word that other people rely on. It's time to make amend. Don't make anymore space for regrets in your life. Think about it.

How Do You Know The Better One?

Recently this guyfriend told his experience trapped between 2 girls. He loved the first one but seldom get to spend time with her. As for the second one, she was around more often so he felt closer to her. His big mistake was when he humiliated the first girl in front of the other friends when he was caught holding hands with the second girl and made everyone bear witness that he picked the second one instead of her. When the first girl asked him to make a choice that crucial time, he spelled the end of their relationship and decided that he wanted to go with the second girl. The kind of rejection that I imagine any girl could not forget for the rest of her life. This incident remains a lesson for the guy because his relationship with the second girl was also short-lived.

So when we finally spoke again about his experience, he told me that if only he could turn back the hands of time, he would stick to the first one. I asked Why? He said, “…because she loves me more. If only I stick to her, maybe we were about to get married now.” He said that the second girl didn’t want a lasting relationship. She only wanted to fool around a bit before she settled with a better guy. When he finally broke up with the second girl, the girl didn’t wait too long to hook up. Guess what, she then hooked up with his own bestfriend. Maybe this is what the first girl would refer to as Karma. So the guy concluded that if anything like this happens again to him, he would know what’s the best choice. 

One thing that I must highlight is that when 2 persons are involved, it’s not necessarily the same thing. Like what we often hear people say, the stepmother is always the bad one. She would treat the kids from the first wife badly and even abuse and torture them. This is the general idea that we get especially when we’ve been fed with stories like Cinderella. When It comes to reality, it’s not always like that. We hear cases where the real mom was the culprit and not the stepmother. So when we rely on the “popular beliefs” that the first one who comes is the one who gonna stay, or who have what’s real for you—Is not that applicable in real time situation. It’s case by case basis.

If you know that the first one is willing to go extra miles for you, you won’t know if the second one is NOT willing to do it too if given the same chance and situation? How do you know who is more loyal to you? How do you know that the second won’t make her biggest sacrifice just to be with you? How do you know who is going to stay by your side through thick and thin? How do you know that it’s always the first one who does it better? How you do know that the first one must be the one who even die for you or be beside you on your last moments? See that? We don’t know yet. We can’t judge our situations using other people’s situations and experiences which don’t exactly have the same details like our own unique situations.
I’m not giving you the answer about Who is better. I just want you guys to keep your mind opened that YOU DON’T KNOW what the answer is UNTIL you reach there. You don’t simply punish people just because “the history” told us that the first love is always the best. People who went through it know for real that it wasn’t always true. It’s not even about who comes first. It’s about who will stay and never leaves. But you don’t know the answer is until you really give them the chance they deserve.

I have been posed the same questions too. They said, you don’t know yet who is really gonna love you for real. So you can’t just shut the door for other people just because “people say” the one who comes first is always the one who’s gonna stay. Your life. You decide :)

Lovely Lisa Surihani Has A Twin?

This is the real Lisa Surihani. She's one of the pretty faces in the local film industry. I believe that she also the new spokesperson for Garnier, replacing Fasha Sandha.

And here is the said twin. OMG. They do look alike. The identity of this lady is not included at the source I got this from. But judging from the pics, she is also a model. Cool, right? Hehe

Note: I'm yet to find this one girl that my friend's said really has my resemblance. She's from Ranau. I know this since I was13 years old and at least 3 people who knew the girl said the same thing that, "You have a twin from Ranau," Hahahaha. Well, if you think you are Creative, imagine how creative our Creator is. *giggles.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Why I Never Get Through 256’S Number?

This is the answer. The sim card should be put inside the phone in order for it to function… but look, this is where the sim card is!! *Lols.

Some of you guys have my Maxis number. Yes I have told some of you that you guys could get in touch with me any time of the day because I planned to put all my numbers on. Yes I have 1 line for each network. I don’t use a dual sim phone yet so I have to turn on 3 handphones at once. I could not keep up with charging all the phones so I started to only use 2 phones when 1 phone died and I never got to find the charger. 

So because I always misplace my things, I found this ring box and put my Maxis sim in it so that I won’t have to look all over the desk and racks for this sim card when I need it. So just in case you guys have been wondering why it was so hard to get through my line ( especially to those who have only my Maxis number), yeah…wait until I buy a dual sim phone and I’ll keep my word! I know that some of you got so irritated with this and asked for my Celcom number (which used to be my primary number) but I have good news to you that I will abandon my reigning Celcom number very soon so No Sweat if you don’t have my Celcom and have my Maxis. This Maxis is going to be mine at least for the next 2 years so don’t worry, you guys actually have the number that could become my primary number soon. 

For now, unless you guys buy me a new dual sim phone sooner, you will have to bear with this. As long as it’s still there at the ring box, I doubt any of your call or sms can get through. IF they still get through, OMG it SURE is an act of GHOST. *Lols. 
Note: To those who have been on the phone with me through my Maxis, I miss talking with ya guys but do stop trying to ring or sms this number for now yeah, unless you don’t mind the credit. *giggles. Muahss all.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Did Maya Karin Really Bring The Rating Down?

I still remember when Maya Karin first went into the limelight, I always admired her beautiful smile. Back then, she was still very odd with the celebrity crowd. She looked a little out of place. Maybe because her Malay wasn't so good and everything she said or did, looked like she tried so hard to blend in. Look at her now. She is sitting quite at a comfortable level on her own. She's considered one of A class actresses in Malaysia, I must say.

If you guys familiar with this show on TV3, Nona, showing every Sunday, 2 PM, it used to be one of the most popular shows on TV3. It's showing topics like fashion, beauty tips, health tips, interesting food recipes and the most popular segment is the wedding highlights. I watch this show too because it gives many kinds of info and brief enough to not make you go bored with segments. Before this, Nona presented hosts from TV figures whether they were one of the newscasters or adapted from the hosting competitions that they held to find for new host talents. After many years with that tradition, finally a few months ago, Nona finally brought in Maya Karin to host this program. For some reason, I was a bit shocked and upset at first. Maya Karin has a good reputation in her acting career. Some of her movies went overexposed like Puntianak Harum Sundal Malam that made everyone started to label her as the "pretty vampire" for quite a while. And then she became the mermaid in the movie Duyung that slowing down her "vampire" image. With all these highlights that go with her name, and suddenly seeing her hosting one of the most seen TV3 programs looks like a Turn-Off to me. The vision that I first had in my mind was this busy actress who was "forced" to host the show despite her busy  schedule after getting a good remuneration offer and after being told that she could make the show gets higher rating. OMG. At least I thought that it was ridiculous to begin with.

Until recently I started reading gossips websites that actually agrees with me. A lot of  viewers out there thought that Maya did not really "feel" what she is saying while hosting the show. She simply reads line by line and put on a very lovely smile and clothes. Unlike the hosts before, the way they did it, you just knew they have been doing homeworks and even did the coverage themselves. You knew that they feel what they read so the viewers could really connect to the words they said. Yes, I felt exactly the same way when I first saw her hosted the show. It was emotionless. Expressionless. I mean, even if it wasn't so, anything seemed faked.
Well, if you agree with me, we are not alone. They have conveyed this matter to the producer of the show and she denied that it was Maya's fault that Nona rating goes down. She blamed it on competitions of the other similar shows from other TV stations. Well, I also don't purposely want to lash out that Maya is the reason for this plunging rating because I still think she's one of the loveliest actresses in Malaysia and I love watching her from head to toe...So whatever it is, she deserves the chance to finish her job and let her do her best. We could not punish her just because she is too glamorous to be a TV host.

The good news is...I still watch Nona every week. Even if I was a bit turned off with Maya hosting the show at first, I still think the show itself is STRONG enough of its own that no matter who host is because the show is defined by the content and not the host. So I should give NONA a big applause because they have successfully made a very effective show that make the viewers love it no matter who the presenter is. Guess what. We are talking about Maya Karin here, and not just an unknown lady off the street. Maybe we just have to stop complaining and enjoy the show. 


Handsome, Rich and…Lonely

Are you one of these handsome and good looking guys, who are wealthy enough to afford luxury, whether if from your own efforts of your family fortune, but there’s something missing in your life? That missing thing is creating a big empty space in your heart. What could that be?

Recently, I associated with a few guys that belong to this league. They are good looking, they have money , they have friends, they have girls wanting their attention… but still they are SO LONELY. When I took time to talk with them, I realize that these guys have a serious “emotional emptiness” that no matter how many people they meet or talk to, the emptiness is still spared until they come to the end of that day when they are left alone with that absolute longing. I’m sure they can’t explain it very well too.

I asked that questions too, WHY ARE YOU STILL LONELY? It’s not like they have no one to mix with. They can even have a few female names that keep tailing them just to get special attention from them. I can’t just say that they isolate themselves from the society. They have tried their best too. They spent money to do what they want, and have companies around them and do fun stuff once in a while. Still, they come home lonely…and “empty”. Have you come across these guys?

I talked to a few, and found out this. They know their advantages but they could not find a way how to make their advantages fill that emptiness. As you can guess, Yes…they are longing for LOVE. They want to have someone to share their advantages with. But why do they have to make it sound so hard? Normal guys in their league would not have a problem to hook up with girls. There’s SOMETHING about them that makes them hard to get close to. The girls can try everything but they still refuse. So, what do they actually want?

These guys have something in common. These guys have LOST trust in girls once in their lives. They all told me they got cheated VERY badly by the last girl they claimed to be in love with. I should have guessed that this is really something about “missing the ability to function normally as a human being” that caused this loneliness. They could not Trust again. They tried and still in vain. They come to a stage where they thought they had enough of this loneliness and suddenly feel somekind of a desperation to just have someone to fill the space. It’s like longing to have someone and at the same time, refuse to take someone because of the fear of getting cheated again. It’s like having a rage inside them. They know they should get someone to end the loneliness but they find it HARD to accept anyone. The FEAR is bigger than the needs.

One of them told me. It becomes harder when the parents start to nag about his singleness. They want him to get married fast so that he has someone to take care of him. He told me NOT that he didn’t want to fall in love but it’s hard. He was still haunted by the last time his heart was broken so badly. He said now he has issues with girls who go after his money. He wants ordinary girl to love. He doesn’t want to fall for a pretty girl who has a lot of fans. I mean, yes, that insecure. He said he doesn’t want the same thing to happen again when his girlfriend left him for another guy.
But here comes the act of desperation. Trying so hard to end the loneliness, he starts to look at girls and forced himself to get attracted to them, thinking that he is ready to move on. When he gets closer to one particular girl that he thinks is better than the other choice, he starts to flash his money thinking that if he could not wait that natural spark to happen, he might as well make it happen. After only 2 days encounter with this one girl, he told me he is now in a relationship with her. It was so sudden…and so Unreal. He knows it too but he’s just helpless with his situation. He has to hook up and he has to try to make it work. He can’t get trapped in loneliness forever. Yes, you can call that girl lucky. But he has to do it right. If he pampers the girl with money, he gonna face another frustration. Might be a bigger one.

My advice to these guys…I know that God is fair, but it doesn’t mean that you have desperate and lonely just because you’re rich and handsome. I saw guys who have all that and still they are not like you. The fear to get hurt is felt by anyone who was once hurt. But instead of trapping yourself in the past breakup, DETERMINE your weaknesses. Money and Looks don’t buy real love. If you think by just being handsome and rich, enough for you to secure love, and feels like it’s so UNFAIR if your girl still leaves you…you are wrong. These guys told me that their gfs left them because they were too busy with work. I knew there’s something wrong and they knew it too. So it doesn’t matter how long you gonna be lonely, but if you come up just to be the same way again, I’m afraid it’s gonna spell the same ending.

Don’t make the girls love you because you’re handsome and rich. If you still have to do it, bear in mind that that’s not enough to make them stay. In terms of Love, maybe your looks and wealth don’t make you ANY LUCKIER than your peers. Work out something. Improve your attitudes in relationship. Your Money and Looks don’t make them come for free. Good luck :)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

New word for today: FRENEMY

"Do you have girlfriends that bully you? Are they mean to you and gossip behind your back? Do you have any female coworkers who have been mean to you because of the way you look, your weight, the way you mother? Have you lost your ability to trust other women because of some of the "mean" friends you have allowed in your life? Did you have a horrible high school or college experience due to a group of "frenemies?" Do you have any "friends" that bully you? Have you ever felt helpless watching your daughters friends/classmates exclude her or be mean to her? Do you watch your daughter bullied by other girls and you don?t know what to do?"

So Frenemy is a combination of Friend and Enemy, which means a Friend on the surface, but an enemy behind. In other words, this is just a short form of Toxic friends like I have blogged before. I'm sure we have a few of them. And maybe, we are also a Frenemy to a few of our friends. Go figure :)

Monday, October 4, 2010

Picture Pick: Trump's Little Baby

Donald Trump is my inspiration. His show The Apprentice is my most favourite reality show. You have no idea where it brings me. It was from the show that I got the idea to test my limit. Great, right? Well, who knows that Donald is not just rich, he married a beautiful woman Melania Knauss, and just look at the baby. Probably among the luckiest baby. Not only he resembles her mom's good looks, but also the fortune that is ready for him. He can just be "A King" for the rest of his life  in this kingdom that Trump made ready for him. The name of this "king" is Barron William Trump. How lucky.*giggles

Picture Pick: Britney and Kids

I always love this dancing queen. Her life is in the limelight, mostly for the wrong reasons. To me her real entertainer values matter more. I'm just a fan who is affected by her performance on stage or any shows or the song that she sings, her dance moves and stuff. I believe that I'm not affected by her private life. Maybe she did some really stupid mistakes in the past. But who didn't? Stop judging. Let's just appreciate what's good in others. This pic is awesome :)

Sunday, October 3, 2010

"Me, The Gossip Girl"

Do you guys know that I lurvee gossips? Gossips are defined by Google as "casual or unconstrained conversation or reports about other people, typically involving details that are not confirmed as being true". So gossips means speculations. Could be true and could be not. If they are not true, no one should snap cos Hey, we are talking about gossips here! Even raw hearsay and plain rumours can be big gossips too. I'm sorry to the celebrities whose lives are subject to gossips because being public figures do come with a price. People want to know about you. People like to speculate and tell something sensational. The bad news is that a lot of people's lives depend on gossip - yeah because it's gossips that make their magazines and newspapers sell like hot cakes. So you know GOSSIP is not a small industry. It's as big as can be. I don't know why I like gossips. Like I tell you before. The kind of website or blog that I first visit when I have the time is Entertainment Gossips. I like to read gossips about the famous people's private lives and how they are behind the scene. Although I might not know about the latest movies or songs, but I do read gossips about them. Maybe I take one funny way to learn something. It's just me that like to analyze people. I do it everyday. And I just can't stop. I want to do it on the celebrities too. *Lols. Maybe because gossips are very interesting. The thoughts they lead to then how anxious and curious you become to know and guess what the truths are. Yeah, that's if you will ever get lucky to get hold of the TRUTH. Hahaha. I make this little announcement here because from now on I will share with you "This Side Of Me" that any gossip that I feel interesting, whether they are new or not, I will put in my blog. I am not sure if you guys gonna like it, but please remind me that this is my blog so pretend to like it even if you don't. Hahahaha. Thanks for visiting. Muahss.

"I Love The Way You Lie" ...Sure?

I'm sure most of you know the song by Eminem featuring Rihanna or maybe Rihanna featuring Eminem whichever you want to put it. I initially didn't like the song. It's not catchy enough to my ears. But others love this song. It's everywhere on Youtube. The hype of this song goes into Facebook when more and more people are sharing different versions of the song besides the original. When I kept seeing this clip shared by someone in Facebook, then I was pushed to finally try and listen and I even read the lyrics cos I WANT TO KNOW why people like this song. Heck, I didn't know. Well, looking at the title alone, I am so skeptical that I was going to find something that stands for the moral of honesty. *Lols. I mean, LIE? What can you expect from that word? Hahahahaha 

Yes I know that we sometimes have to lie not just for the sake of misleading or doing something immoral to other people, especially our partner. Sometimes we have to lie to save our as* from getting into trouble, or maybe to just not make situations worse. Yes we all know that. We are sometimes in difficult situations and sometimes we lie because we don't want to hurt the people we love because truths always hurt. I don't know if that makes LYING a virtue. I don't know if that makes LYING permissible and I don't know if LYING makes you an angel. Never forget that LYING is labeled closer to A SIN than A VIRTUE. Can we just turn this around just because YOU LIE FOR A GOOD CAUSE? 

Can we still call that a good cause when it needs you to LIE? Lie means that you tell something untrue. Although I have blogged about "It doesn't matter what the truths are. What matters is what you believe." One thing I would admit is YES, Lying saves more people from getting hurt. But it's also lying that has misled other people and put more people in trouble. It's also lying that makes you "a less person" than you are in other people's eyes cos when you tell a terrible lie once, you are never worth someone's trust anymore. Whatever that comes out from your freaking mouth are of NO TRUTH VALUES and that can be set aside and people can choose to cover their ears unless they want to be polite. Hehe. 

Last but not least... I guess that I will NEVER like the song "I Love The Way You Lie" cos I will not approve of LYING even if it's sometimes necessary and even if I sometimes have to do it too. So NO WAY, NO THANKS, I WILL NEVER LOVE THE WAY YOU LIE. But if you lie to me because you love me so much, I will find a way to forgive you. Even if I have to regret all the smiles that were once built on those lies. Oh man, it's so painful to type the line. No. Lying still doesn't make you a saint, okay? *giggles.

NOTE: I think I do resemble Pinocchio in one way. Whenever I lie, my friends can read it. Erkss... Should I be grateful that I'm not a good liar? That one I have to decide later. Hehehe.

Friday, October 1, 2010

"No, I Can't Be Your Soul Sister"

We heard about Soul Mate. Now Soul Sister. What’s that? Definitely taken from the recent hit, Hey Soul Sister by Train. Haha. After listening to the song, I was still a bit confused what it means by soul sister. It’s more like a term to refer to a lady and not really into a sibling relationship like we would predict. The song is about the singer’s fascination towards this lady when he visited this club. Maybe he liked the way she looked and moved. So, how can this soul sister adapted in real situation?

Since I’ve been in this online world, using this identity, which is NOT exactly anonymous to a few people. I don’t associate so much with everyone. I am the type who picks my friends. Imagine the little crowd that I associated with, I already came across a few who requested me to be their sister. This is not just like, “Can you be my sister?” and then forgot about it. Nope. These few guys who said it to me actually said it repeatedly till I ran out of things to say. Like it matters so much to them! My answer has been the same to each of them. “Sorry, I don’t need another brother.”

The fact is that, this is online world. Bro and sister relationship won’t make a difference. We are all connected when we go online and then we chat about anything. There won’t be a time when becoming someone’s sister or brother would make a difference to this flow. I treat all my online friends pretty much the same. They write, I read and I respond. I will still give my best opinions, share my best thoughts and spare time to have a good chat. So with requests like that, I can’t see how relevant it is in this nature of our encounter.

The common reason why a guy would ask me to be his sister is when he’s younger in age, and there’s no possibility to be more than friends; whether the guy already has someone, or the guy knows I have someone, or even if the guy doesn’t know that I have someone he still think he won’t be the kind of guy that I want to date. The best way to benefit is just to ask for something a bit more secure than just friends. Yes I KNOW your reasons. But those reasons don’t work for me. To me, becoming someone’s sister comes with a responsibility. I don’t think I have that much space for that. I prefer that we are just friends. I don’t want to be someone’s sister just to fail to be one.

Recently this new chatter, who becomes the latest addition to the little community of online friends that I associate with, asked me that question again. But this time he’s using the word Soul Sister. When we started chatting a few days ago, he was showing some so much interest and very keen to keep in contact with me. I remember joking around with him and said, “Let’s make a rule here. We can chat but NEVER FALL IN LOVE.” I sounded like I was kidding but I meant it. One thing that screws cyber friendship is when one starts to have cybercrush. It happens a lot and it has happened a lot before, enough for me to set the rule for new friends. It’s just in normal human beings to feel something when they find the comfort in chatting with you, and then they feel happy when they chat with you. The next thing is they don’t want to miss a day from chatting with you, and they start calling you sweet names and finally confess that they feel something for you. Heck that’s NORMAL. It happens to all the ladies and guys too, I believe. So I jokingly set the rule for him and he agreed and promised that he won’t. He kept telling me he won't fall for ladies like me because I'm way above his standard. My point is only one. We can be online friends, yes FRIENDS.

Funny thing happened when the other day, the guy said that when he was hanging out with his friends, he wanted to leave early so he could chat with me. He said that he didn’t know why he felt that way. He kept thinking about me. He said maybe because he was always happy when he chatted with me. It was the nite when he asked me “Can you be my soul sister?” then you guys already know my answer. He was offended. “Am I not good enough to be your brother?” I kept saying that it makes no difference! He said There is a difference. “I have respect for you, I take all your advice to heart and I can always turn to you when I have problems.” I said, you still can do all that even just as friends! And he added, “One more thing is, so I can never feel anything more for you because you are a sister.” I teased him jokingly and said, “See? You want me to be your sister so that you won’t fall in love with me, right?” Hahahahahaha I was kidding. I was a bit tired of explaining and he kept refusing my No.

“I will prove to you that one day you will accept me as your brother.” I remember he ended the chat that nite with that line. I felt funny inside. I always thought that things like this are only jokes. I mean, people who say it should think it’s a joke, so I must not take it seriously too. But when they say some serious lines that makes me feel like it really matters to them, I have a reason to at least not joke too much with that. “Maybe they really mean it.”

Hahaha. I don’t know. Look, you really want to be a brother that makes a difference to me…wait until we bump into each other and see if we have that mutual chemistry that you can be my third brother (cos I already have two, don’t you know it yet? Hahaha). Maybe I just have to admit to you guys that it’s easier to ask to be my Big Brother than my little brother cos as a person I am, I know that I only can be a good little sister. Actually, that’s my strongest answer. If only I tell it earlier in this post, maybe I don’t have to type this long, right? Hahahahahaha. Kidding.

Maybe I can't be your soul sister, but who knows maybe I can be your soul friend. :)

Note: I found this definition in Google dictionary for soul sisters -"A woman whose thoughts, feelings, and attitudes closely match those of another; a kindred spirit."


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