Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Spellbound By Her

Guys, have you ever felt this great emotion of awe and admiration towards someone? It’s like some part of you is locked and trapped by her charms? That everything she speaks sounds like soothing lullaby and everything that she writes will either make or break your whole day? Have you ever felt that you’re almost out of control that you think you are under a spell? Sounds familiar? No?

To those who just said YES, this is for you.

Of course I don’t find this often. Some guys are just so cool when they come across the rare quality of girls that they are looking for. They don’t allow themselves to get too consumed by it. They can keep their composure and not show much. Thanks to Mr. Ego. Unfortunately, the rest just GIVE IN to it. They rather let the whole world see that they are totally at the fingertips of this so called Princess Charming (Or Little Witch) whichever you choose to call it. Hahahaa.

This kind of expressiveness in guys is “quite a view”. Whether you become the spectator to this “Spellbinding Story” or maybe...or maybe it's you who putting the spell. How on earth did I decide to make this A Story? I have the need to write this so the guys can open their eyes. I’ve seen a few. And I’ve been in the place of the object too. I think I deserve to give views. If it’s applicable or not in your life, let’s discuss about it later.

Let me emphasize about “being spellbound” thru this so-called admiration. It’s not a bad thing. It’s always good to have something to look forward to the next day. It’s good to have something to miss and day dream about. Having this crush makes you Alive. Suddenly you have reason to smile and all the romantic ideas come to your mind. How can it be bad? The only thing is that, you gotta know what you get yourself into. This kind of admiration is sometimes over rated. If you get yourself in control, it doesn’t have to end ugly, agree?

During this time, you will spend what you can afford on her. Go extra miles for her. You will listen to what she says. She will give you a sleepless nite just because she doesn’t answer your SMS or call. This will start to hurt you when you don’t know you’re so unnecessarily “remote-controlled” by her. Suddenly everything you do is motivated by  the thought of her. This can be a sickening view to others because you just can’t see it as much as others can. That kind of unselfish surrender by yourself, is depleting your manly ego, but not for the right reason. What do you think? You like that?

I will tell you from the side of the girl.

She knows she found one true fan in you and that’s feeding to her ego. This is the time when she thinks that she finally makes use of her physical attraction and what it can do to men. This is not to mention if she’s the kind who is an opportunist, and she can use this “spellbound state” of yours to tap as much as she can before you get your senses back. Especially when she has nothing to lose but everything to gain. She can just delay your spellbound state, make it longer, just by using simple remarks that definitely gonna drive you nuts at any given time. If someone comes to you and try to knock some senses into you, trust me you will shoo them away. You think these people are just jealous. You think this people are so unlively that they want you to be like them too. Whoa. What if you are wrong?

Be thankful if this Princess Charming is not the Little Witch. Most likely she knows what kind of power she has on you, and what if she gonna use you like a puppet to get what you can give her. Whoa, 256 is being negative. Sorry but if I write all this just to tell you something you already know, I rather not write and I don’t think you want to read what you already know, right? This is about being cautious. It’s not hard to sort out. You can put the alarm signal if she’s turning into the witch as you two progress in your spellbound era. It will be a lot of requests, and lot of funny dramas, a lot of sweet words that are forgotten, a lot of tiny warms thoughts that remain unproven, and the main indicator is that, You are totally the giver and she’s the taker. She does NOTHING on her side that takes some effort that serves your interest. It’s totally "Me me and me" for her. And guess what, you won’t mind at all – cos that’s how you enter the spellbound wonderland. Imagine if this girl feels nothing for you. Imagine if this girl continues with her life and delays yours. Imagine how much time and money you gonna waste – without security. And all this for, ZERO. What will bounce back to you is the feeling of total stupidity and the worst case scenario, when that happens, - She’s not even your girlfriend. The next thing you know, she packs her things and simple says, "I've found someone I truly like. I think you should look for a partner yourself. Thanks for Everything. I appreciate everything. Wish you well in your life". AaaUuuCHhh, :PP

I speak this way because I’ve been there before.  I also made a little mistake here and there but that's how I learnt. Now that I'm here to tell you, do you still want to be a guinea pig for someone's learning playground? Okay, for some noble reason, you might say Yes, but be prepared to leave empty-handed. I know that it takes a lot of humanity in a girl to not make use of the guy who is totally over her. If she has a heart, she won’t keep giving false hope and keep him longer in this state of half conscious. Guess what, it feels amazing to have someone feels this way for you. But girls, you don’t go and make this guy a toy. You don’t go and make him your gold mine, despite holding this invisible magic wand that only needs a little swing before he follows your every order. No, don’t do that.

Message for the guys. Don’t let the girls use their physical attraction to fool you. I’m afraid you might overlook “the worthy one”. So now, do some self-examination if you are under A Spell by someone. Maybe it’s time to get your act together and…hey, hey. Guess what, there’s No Spell or black magic involved. It’s totally imaginary. Now you wake up and go back to reality, will you? Spellbound No More.

Note: Now don't say I don't remind you ah...hehe. 

Oh. Yes, I miss you guys too. I'm BACK :))


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