Wednesday, May 26, 2010

2010 Unduk Ngadau Crown Goes To...

State Level Unduk Ngadau 2010 Winners

(held at KDCA @ Hongkod Koisaan, Penampang, 31st May 2010)
1. Unduk Ngadau Tanjung Aru (Winner) -

Crystal Eve Huminodun

2. Unduk Ngadau Penampang (1st Runner Up) -

Rochelle Fayrenie

3. Unduk Ngadau DBKK (2nd Runner Up) -

Lydia John Alai

4. UN Tuaran (Ledesma Steven) 5. UN Tambunan (Hannevy Vivie W Harry) 6. UN Pitas (Elforina Jolius) 7. UN Likas (Debra Fiona Alexius)

State Level Unduk Ngadau 2009 and State Level Unduk Ngadau 2008


Making the Paparians proud last year - Appey Rowena (The Reigning Unduk Ngadau 2009)


Unduk Ngadau Papar 2010

Marylene Fred

Unduk Ngadau Tuaran 2010

Ledesma Steven

Unduk Ngadau Kota Belud 2010

Deidre Theseira Joannes

Unduk Ngadau Inanam 2010

Arlinah Wellis

Unduk Ngadau DBKK 2010

Lydia John Alai

Unduk Ngadau Tambunan 2010

Hannevy Vivie W Harry

Unduk Ngadau Penampang 2010

Rochelle Fayrenie

Unduk Ngadau Beluran 2010

Stevanie Wee

Unduk Ngadau Membakut 2010

Rozelia Lawrence
Unduk Ngadau Putatan 2010

Petronella Fung

Unduk Ngadau Nabawan 2010

Melda Anak Agas

Unduk Ngadau Tongod 2010

Franncissca Paulus

Unduk Ngadau Sandakan 2010

Flaulynne Clarisca Barnye

Unduk Ngadau Lahad Datu 2010

Evelyn David

Unduk Ngadau Pitas 2010

Elforina Jolius

Unduk Ngadau Kinabatangan 2010

Einny Emil

Unduk Ngadau Tenom 2010

Dina Chong

Unduk Ngadau Likas 2010

Debra Fiona Alexius

Unduk Ngadau Sook 2010

Bernadette De Fontaine

Unduk Ngadau Klang Valley 2010

Canne Paul
Unduk Ngadau Sipitang 2010

Cornie Anggis

Unduk Ngadau Labuan 2010

Caryl Saimin
Unduk Ngadau Banggi 2010 Unduk Ngadau Tawau 2010

Aflin Joseph
Unduk Ngadau Kuala Penyu 2010
Unduk Ngadau Paitan 2010
Gabriel J. Joeplik Unduk Ngadau Kota Marudu 2010
Unduk Ngadau Tanjung Aru 2010
Crystal Eve Huminodun

Monday, May 24, 2010

The Tattoo Or The Man?

The first time I saw this tattoo, I thought that it was some undefined cultural art but when I finally looked at it closely, isn't it cute that we can actually see the fish there? *giggles.

Speaking of tattoos, I do think there's a difference with a bare arm and an arm with a tattoo. Not only from the people who see it, but also the owner of the tattoo. Suddenly you feel like you're bolder and stronger. Don't you think so? I seriously think so when it comes to men and tattoos. I am not so sure about women. Hahahahaha.

That way, you know that what art you pick to be your tattoo could actually influence the energy that it gives you. So maybe picking a koi fish to be a tattoo will suggest some patience and calmness - and maybe slow down the temper a bit *ahem!! Hahahahahaa. (Why I think this guy picked the right one to match his contras personality)

Anyway...I told him I like the tattoo. But now I am not so sure if I like the tattoo or I like the owner of the tattoo...


Note: Or maybe both...*Lols

P/S: I think some of you are still curiously waiting for me to post some pics of the tattoo I told you I was going to get. We have to push our luck for something like that to happen. *Lols

We Are Not Barbie Dolls!!!!

When they thought they loved you, they be on their knees. They said and did everything just to get your heart. When you did something wrong, they got hurt and said, Ok, let’s take some days off, I need some time alone. When you gave them the days off, and they missed you so they said baby I miss you, let’s get back together. All they know is I, Me, Myself and expect that the girls are always ready when to get “dumped” or “picked” back. You guys really think girls don’t have a freaking heart ka? This kind of man can just eat their freaking ego and go to hell la!!

Men like this, can meet many girls but will lose it in the end cos until they learn to see a girl like a human with a piece of heart, they DON'T deserved to be loved.

You learn your lesson well then you know what I'm talking about.


Friday, May 21, 2010

The Lesson I Learnt Today: The More I Give, The More I Have

I notice a few changes this year. These changes take place unnoticeably. I think that I am just a different person this year. What I realize lately is that, I am more giving that how I used to be. I never really count every penny that comes out from my wallet. I just want to see things in good place. To me how much it cost is not anymore number one, cos it’s just very little compare to making people feel appreciated. Yes, I think that’s really a new methodology for me.

Recently, I spent quite a sum of money to pay people to help me do some work. They are friends or relatives who I think might need some extra money. I think that I’m helping them in the best way because I don’t “donate” to them, but they get payment for doing a work I need them to. Looking at this in a different angle, I did question myself What Happened To Me? Why this year I actually resorted to paying people for their hands when I had been doing it all on my own all the years back? I mean, what happens with my hyper hands?

Like what I did for the past 2 weeks. I called up my cousins and jobless friends and asked them if they could help me out. I told them, “I’m going to pay you . As long as the job is done.” If u ask me, Yes I could actually do the things on my own. It’s just that, if I try to do everything, I would have less time for each of them, and end up not doing anything really well. All the years before, I FORCED myself into doing things and blamed it on anything but myself if I could not get things done perfectly. I always told them that I didn’t have enough time, that It’s SOO NOT my fault. Guess what? This year finally a breakthrough. I decided that I should STOP blaming time. I asked people’s hands and paid them for their favour. I did not mind to spend a bit more than I usually would. Actually, all the small tasks like arranging, cleaning and all the little stuff that I could do myself but could not find the time to do it – is still considered extra expenditure when suddenly I ask people to do it. I must be realistic that I AM NOT a robot. I must not really feel so tight about spending money on things like that. Because the reality is, Even if I can Bake a chocolate cake, it doesn’t mean that I could forget about eating a choc cake just because I don’t have time to bake. So if I end up buying a choc cake from a shop, it doesn’t imply that I don’t know how to bake it on my own. Cos I must realize that when Time is the issue, it’s so not the end of the world. Fork out some money and Get Things Done. Life shouldn’t stop at our inability to be a bionic person. You get me?

There’s something quite funny about this. Eventhough I thought that I spent so much extra cost on this, surprisingly…I always have MORE and MORE to spend. Why is that? Really, I am quite surprised. I did not count how much I spent when I paid them for their favour, but then I always have more to spend and call more people and paid them for their help. The last time I recall, though I held tight on my budget, it wasn’t getting any better. It didn’t get me anywhere. I just got stuck with a tight budget and didn’t get many things done. Now when I started to give and share, I found out that I get A LOT MORE back.

Omigawd. This is happening. I am not kidding. Isn’t it against the law of nature that when you give something, you actually have more left? But that’s what I’m experiencing for the past few months. Giving something is REALLY rewarding because you always get more and more back. I really can’t explain this in the science that I know. But maybe you should try it! See for yourself!

Note: No wonder my sister is always in the good position to get rewards for the little things that she did. It’s because she always wants to share with us what she has and then she is never lack of anything. Thank God that I learnt a very valuable lesson today :)

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Will You Or Will You Not Wait?

Another thing from Vic’s mind. He asked me extended question about Mr. Ferrari. He gave me a situation that I was married to Mr. Ferrari and during one unlucky nite, a bunch of 10 guys attacked me to rob. Suddenly I heard a gun exploded as one by one of them fell to the floor bleeding. My Mr. Ferrari actually shot the guys to death!!! Because of saving me, he was brought to jail for killing and was given 15 years sentence behind the bars. Mr Ferrari said to me, “Wait for me and never take someone to replace me, for the love that we share and at least for the all the sacrifice I did to save your life.” (Something like that la kunu…*Lols) Then Vic asked me. Would you wait until he does his time, 15 years that is? I answered him, “Yes I would wait.”

Of course he was surprised. Especially when he told me later on, none of his girlfriends actually answered they would wait for 15 years until the guy is released. So is 256 kidding or what? Or does she playing the angel versus demon here? *Lols.

I was imagining myself to be in that woman’s place, where a rich guy whom she picked to marry, did something to save my life. What, does it take a genius? I MARRIED that guy, right? Regardless he has or not a freaking Ferrari, I married him. I mean, ask me again if you mean this guy is just a guy I meet on the stress who suddenly passed me a Ferrari. But when I said I’d wait, does it mean I have to lock myself in the house for 15 years?

Freaking No. What I would do is to carry on with me life. If you ask me would I mingle with some guys, I’d say I would. You have to remember that guys can be only good friends and nothing more. And Vic added, What if I fall in love with a new guy while my Mr. Ferrari was still serving sentence? Okay, this is what I do. I think that IF something like this is going to happen in my life, it has very little to do with Mr Ferrari is around or not. Infidelity can take place right before the spouse’s eyes, not to mention behind their back. So in the case where I might need a companion, I think that I would not hold myself back if I could be around people who can keep me company. Of course it’s a little temptation to the heart when the real guy is not around and when the new guy is always there – I still think that it’s normal. What I should keep in mind is it becomes a moral issue to just do anything as if I am under no marriage vow. I think that I would not give in so easily to anything that I would regret. You want to know why? Because in reality, IF I WANT to be bad, I am already VERY BAD once I reach this point in my life. I know how to handle temptations that has something to do with morality and virtues. I think this is something that you get from how your parents brought you up.

Vic added. But the Ferrari guy said meant that I would never meet guys at all. You know what? That part I have to say sorry to Mr. Ferrari. He’s behind the bar and not me. I would like him to think if he were in my place, do you think he would obey? Maybe his heart is big enough to keep his word, but he’s just a human being. So what I told Vic is…”Mr Ferrari doesn’t have to know that I’m still making friends with some guys.” If the truth hurts him, then don’t tell him the truth when it can only be misleading. Unless I’ve done something very sinful, then maybe I have more reasons to keep secret. But in normal situation, once he goes out from jail, everything is in good place and he doesn’t have to know what he doesn’t know. And hopefully, I do something like that not in guilt that I have done something very wrong which is also hurting my own dignity. So…bottomline is, Would I Wait? Of course I would.

If a man loves me so much and I do find a reason to love him back, I would rather keep it that way and I believe there are times when the man by my side would have to do the same thing for me. So it’s simple with me. If this Mr Ferrari is someone that is NOT WORTHY to begin with, I won’t even put myself in the situation to be married to him. So IF I CAN’T BE LOYAL to a man, I WON’T make that man, My Man to begin with. So you know :) If someone becomes my man, I WILL BE LOYAL TO HIM. Fullstop.


The Gadgets

These are my friends during the nites, when I spend my time at the room before going to bed. I took this picture for someone to see cos he wanna make sure if I mean it when I said I bought a headphone. He was still curious if I bought a pair of earrings but told him I bought a headphone. *Lols...
/me capat2 lari... Hahahahahahahaa

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Attending To The NinjaKing Crocodile

Omigawd…what’s with the topic? Hahaahaha

This guy was a customer before. He came again asking for something else. but he ended up glued to the chair for more than an hour despite knowing that he shouldn’t stay because I was rushing with a work. He got to tell me about his story of his love life, where he’s getting married but a co-worker misunderstood about their relationship and wanted to snatch him away despite knowing that he’s taken. He kept giving bad comments about the lady and referred her all the bad names. I just listened away while my eyes were on my monitor.

He kept saying that “I’m like this. Always a friendly person. The single ladies can misunderstand my intention but I never mean to mislead them. This one lady is kinda scary, like she wanted to tie me for a lasting relationship. What makes she think that I’m going for someone like her? As a friend, maybe. But never as a wife. I can tell that she’s very pushy, bad-tempered and aggressive person. I don’t think she’ll make a good wife for me. Look like now, I am talking with you like this. Like we’ve known each other for so long, right? That’s just how friendly I am. But that lady misunderstood my intention. She’s just a friend to me.

I went nodding and smiling, agreeing on certain things in his words. But I do sense that this guy is Just Another Guy who is attracted to certain women and do all the things according to a male nature and then make it sound like they are super attractive when some girls start to give response. To describe this guy a bit, he’s a tall Malay guy. Well built but not that good looking to me. His teeth was a distraction and when he laughed or smiled, he looked like a Mr Bean material. Hahaahahaha. So if you ask me, this guy might not attract me a bit.

He brought the story further about the girl who has serious crush on him. He started to accuse that the lady acted so funny must be when she first saw his car. “She saw my Ninja king parked at the corner and she said, “Wow…you drive a Ninja King?” I jokingly replied, “No, that’s my dad’s.” From there she started to show a lot of interest to get closer to me. “Oh Man…that lady must be after my money”. The more he spoke, the more bad reviews that he gave her.

He went on and on talking about the lady and then his fiancée and their relationship, their coming marriage and all that. Until he reached a point to actually make me the target. “Eh, are you married?” Then I went, “Emmmmm….YeSss.” (*Lols) When he heard that, he sort of feeling “it’s okay” to share more of his relationship story. So he went on and on about long distant relationship that he is having with his future wife. He changed topic again, “Eh, you kawin orang dekat or orang jauh?” Then I went, “Emmmmm…Dekat la kali tu.” (*Lols). Then he continued with his story. Then he paused again, “Wait, are you sure you’re married? Tell the truth bah.” Then I was like, “Aiks…this isn’t about me ba. I thought you heard me say that I’m married, right? So stick with that.” (Hahahahaa) Then he started to dig more from me. “Nah kan…You’re not married ba ni kan?” Then I replied, “It doesn’t matter if I’m married or not. This isn’t about me bah. I don’t share my private life with my customers,” trying to make it sound like I don’t mind to share but it’s just part of the policy. Heheehe.

Him: Do you know something? I don’t notice the time when I talk with you. I’ve been here for almost 2 hours and yet I don’t feel boring at all. It’s so convenient having a talk with you.

256: Oh really? Most of my customers said the same thing.

Him: So? Tell me the truth . Are you really married or not? Oh come on…

Hahahahahaha. I said it once and you accepted the answer. So just stick with it.

Oh. Untunglah sepa dapat u ni kan. (Wah…ayat power buaya dikesan!! *Lols)

256:Aiks…Tedalah. Besa2 only.

Him: “Have you ever taken a ride on a Ninja King before?”

256: Nope never. I don’t even know how it looks like. To me all cars are the same.

Him: Cars are not the same. If I use my Ninja, I feel like “the king” on the street. It’s not because of showing off but it’s the comfort. Same as foods. The expensive ones usually are tastier than the cheaper ones. Do you mind if I send you home? At least now you know how it feels to ride on that car. Even the lady I mentioned to you never been on my Ninja. When I drive her home, I was always using my Wira.

256: Oh…Cannot. I am not that interested and anxious about Ninja King or any cars. SORRY.

If he could treat a lady he just met twice like that, I could imagine how he did it with someone that he could meet everyday! If you were me, would you think that you are attractive and special just because a guy with a Ninja King said something nice to you? Can’t you see it that he’s just another guy out there who is making moves on every girl that he meets and yet he blames it on friendliness when some girls try to make her own moves to respond. The fact that he initially thought and believed I was married, he still thought about sending me home in the name of “just being friendly”. If I accepted it, you never knew what he would say about me to another person. Uknow what? Guys like this don’t deserve to get attention from the girls because guys who have to show off what they have before a girl can like them, and then accuse the girl to go after his money, I think they need to learn a lot of maturity cos they must understand something – If the girls are after their wealth, it’s only because the wealth is the only thing that is be appealing about them, not always because they are gold-diggers, but these men have very lack understanding and appreciation for woman – and IT SHOWS so much just from the way they commented about other women.

So the only wise thing the guy did was flashing the Ninja King car key at me, cos it’s all that can be seen significant in him. Learn some respect then come back, maybe he would deserve a better treatment from me. Maybe I won’t mind to even say the truth about my status and all cos until he gives some respect for the women, then only he deserves to get one.

Playing It Safe?

I received a prediction years ago that Twofivesix[256] is going to be successful if she does it all by herself and not merging with anybody, not even her siblings. Yes, that was what this shaman told my parents when they showed him my IC number. It was one of the shaman’s winning point – that he could foresee the future. My parents are conservative people back then, so they usually listen to something like that. So what about me? Should I believe it?

That prediction brought smile to my face. I think it’s a positive thing. Not that I rely on superstitions, but I just believe in anything positive that people say about me. It can help me to create positive energy. It’s all the business of the mind. But mind you, after a few years implementing that way that I prefer it (which goes so well with what the shaman said was good for me), I DID NOT see the progress that I expect. My potential is not maximized. I was seen as this highly potential individual who unfortunately was selfish, individualistic and egoistic and it actually took many opportunities away from me. I refused to accept people’s ideas because I am just a strong believer in my on mind. I think I have a point to do it that way but is it the best way to go?

This year I’m going to do it differently. With a few big changes that I bravely made, I don’t see why I should hold myself back anymore. I have a chance to venture into new things and maybe combine with a willing friend, a decision that already receives negative feedbacks from my family and friends – trying to remind me that It’s Risky to collaborate with someone when it involves money and professionalism. I avoid this chance a few times, cos I WANT TO PLAY IT SAFE and I don’t want to take the risk to get cheated or get used. But after a while, I forgot that I was breaking my own rules by letting others decide for me. I mean, Why Now? After every criticism that I receive after showing people my individual courage, WHY Now that I pull myself back and talk about Not Wanting To Take The Risk? Man, that’s what I’ve been doing all this time actually!!! Isn’t it silly to refuse Another risk?

What did I get by playing safe? We only have ONE lifetime to test our limit. For example, I might hurt myself if I get a tattoo, but that’s a reward in the form of satisfaction. We always stop ourselves from doing something because of the small things that WE CAN ENDURE and miss the chance to make the changes for the rest of our lives. Isn’t it silly? We miss another experience, another adventure and thrill of life. If Playing Safe is all people do since day one, most of the greatest achievements people have achieved today would only remain a talkabout dream.

It’s because some people test their limit and get out from the safe zone then only they can reach greater height. After all the failures before, WHY DO I FEEL SCARED OF ANOTHER ONE? What if this is the lifeline that God gives me to answer my prayer that I want to go to another level – and how can that be possible if I still stay at the same playground? You guys know what…I’m going to go ahead and I will not regret a little cos if 1 lifetime is what I get, this is the chance to fail and succeed. I’m not afraid of failure anymore :) Without it, I won’t achieve the good things. Let’s try it. Get out of the safe zone :)

NOTE: To hell with predictions. Let's go straight away create the reality. *giggles.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Kasih Sayang...

Note: Guys...sorry I can't make new post tonite cos semua halfway saja. Maybe too much things kena pikir and do tomorrow so a bit susah to finish my posts. Owez lari focus so sia just share with you guys apa yang menarik I get from my other FB account. Something to ponder upon and supaya kamurang inda bagi sia jelingan manja sebab tidak tulis new post ni malam. Hahahahaa. Bah, nanti sia post juga tu. Menarik juga all the posts yang halfway done tu. So wait up and keep visiting ah. Thanks guys... Sayanggg u guys semua...*giggles

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The 3rd Guy With Ferrari

I had a funny chat with Vic a few days ago. He gave me a quiz.

Let’s say that there are 3 guys in love with me.

On my birthday, each of them brings something.

1. 1st guy is poor than average. He could only give me a card with his picture drawn in it. Together with it is a touching poem how much he loves me and would do anything for me.

2. 2nd guy is average. He could treat me a nice lunch and buy me a flower and could sweep me off the floor by singing a romantic song, saying that he belongs to me

3. 3rd guy gives me with a big surprise when he presents me with a luxurious Ferrari and he appears later and say that there’s another bonus gift, and that’s himself.

Hehehe. Maybe not exactly word by word the same with what Vic told me, but it’s more or less telling the difference between 3 guys. If I were to make a decision that day about WHO I PICK to live with…

Who would I Pick?

Well, the typical idea is that, Everyone is looking for REAL LOVE and we read everything that MONEY IS NOT EVERYTHING. Money can’t buy happiness and rich people usually have larger options and less possibility to stay loyal. It’s clear that material is not really the key to happiness, instead moderation and average life could easily be a better solution in the long run. All in all, it’s an applicable idea that people are looking for the virtuous elements of this life which are very rare in today’s world. So when Vic gave me the little quiz, my first thought was definitely picking the FIRST GUY, because I think that the material thing is not my first demand and that I am among them who are looking for real love, a partner that would do anything for me and stay with me through thick and thin. The THIRD GUY was definitely too much for me to handle and I thought that I never even dream of getting a Ferrari. Even if I could someday be rich enough, I would never opt for fancy things like that because I think I am a very average person and I don’t demand so much on the material side. After all said and done, out of nowhere, I finally gave Vic the answer. I Would Pick…

The 3rd Guy with Ferrari!!!

Suddenly the answer sounded so funny even to my own ears. I mean, where was that answer come from? *Lols. I see that Vic was not so satisfied with my answer because he thought I could still want to change my mind. He added this. The added conditions are:

The 3rd guy with Ferrari would NEVER risk his life for me.

The 2nd guy would go through hard times with me, but he would never die for me.

The 1st guy would even sacrifice himself for me if he has to.

So after thinking for a few seconds…I answered.

“My answer stays!! The Ferrari!”

It sounded so much like a joke or just me toying around with Vic’s quiz and gave him the most ridiculous answer…But that was actually my real answer!!! Hahahaahahaha. I even told Vic, “Can you give me a quiz that is a bit difficult than this one? This one is TOO EASY!!” Hahahahahahahahaha. Erkss!!

You want my explanation, right? Okay, now I’m giving you.

First…maybe because this is just a quiz and I have to consider the conditions as I read the sentence. It doesn’t involve any EMOTIONS here. That is very important. So the choices I have are, all the guys feel love for me and they tried to express their love for me in the best of their capability. This quiz did not say anything about me feeling something for them or any kind of history that I could have with them cause in the real life, all that is taken into account. To me, from all of them, only the 3rd guy with Ferrari gives me the SECURITY that I sure get something from my relationship with him. Yes, even if he would actually abandon me for the smallest reason or maybe get rid of me when the going gets tough. You want to know my reason?

I already have material security from him. Even in reality, we usually have worse than that. We don’t even have a freaking security with our partner, nothing but just our daily love expressions that speak mostly about our feelings. So by depending on this alone, you never know when it’s going to last. I mean, feelings could change and relationship could end anytime. Most of us walked out from a relationship EMPTY-HANDED. So the quiz is easy for me. Nothing like EVERLASTING LOVE actually more secured than a Ferrari is. Because I can never tell for sure if he 1st guy really would die for me until a situation needed him to and only then I could tell for sure. But I rather not wait until that when I could already have something without having to hang on to mere possibilities. Possibilities ARE NOT something sure or factual YET but the Ferrari is already something sure that I get and touch and use and maybe sell back. I even told Vic that There’s no such thing as everlasting love. I don’t believe in promises like that so you guys can tell me anything you want but until it’s something that I can hold or touch, it’s still like dust that can just fly away with the wind. Hahaahaha.

How sure are you that you gonna love your partner for the rest of your life?

How sure are you are that you are not gonna leave your partner’s side during times of trouble?

How sure are you that anybody would actually want to die for you or you die for him?

See that? NOTHING IS SURE!! To me, only materials are sure. Now we understand it even more why some people are using this theory of “It’s better that you are left crying in a Mercedes than in a Kancil” in picking a life partner because people who have gone through traumatic relationship know that relationship is a gamble and you could lose anytime but IF you can pick to secure something in your hand regardless winning or losing the gamble, NOW that’s when you really have to be wise and realistic. Yes, even after writing all this, I am even surer that I pick the 3rd guy with Ferrari!!! Hahahahahahaha.

NOTE: Vic asked, What about the 2nd guy? To me the 2nd guys is just a fill-up. If I can’t even be sure about the 1st guy who was said would even die for me, I don’t want to waste time to consider the 2nd guy who is a little of both guys. So you know…yes Vic, my answer stays. *Grinzzzzz (Hahahahahaha)

Thursday, May 13, 2010

“Teman Tapi Mesra”

Ok guys…now I want to talk about this fenomena “Teman Tapi Mesra”. Thanks to Ratu for this song cos finally we have a perfect term to refer to the closeness of friends from opposite gender. Earlier today was a busy day for me. Time2 busy ni, ada saja distraction. Sempat lagi this guyfriend mengadu something. He’s getting married in one month. But he said, the marriage news gonna be “a bomb” to someone.

He said that there’s this one lady from his department. They have been close for almost 6 months. He was a bit concerned how the lady gonna react when she learns about his marriage. That’s why he plans to only pass the wedding invitation to the office on the same day he leaves to his hometown. I asked him, “What happened?” He said that everyone in the office thought they were a couple. I asked again, “How come?” He said they were seen together many times. They went to eat and he occasionally dropped her off at her house with the excuse, “Ikut jalan yang sama bah… “ Then he said they also occasionally SMS each other. That lady had broken relationships in the past and even a called-off engagement. So they are both officially Single guy and girl. His main concern was, the girl has fallen for him. I asked him “What about you?” He said, Nope. “She’s just a friend to me. I am friendly with everyone. But she misunderstood.”

Then I paused. “It seems to me that how you treat her is actually extra special. I’m sure you don’t take just anyone to ride your car and drive her home. I’m sure you don’t call everyone asking “How are you today?” or make the casual invitation, “Have you eaten? Come let’s dine together”. He was denying that this has anything to do with him. He said that he’s naturally a friendly person. But a few lines skipped his mouth – that he thought the lady is beautiful and he only tried his luck and it hit the target. It’s clearly the man’s intention to get close to her and then when the lady starts to feel something, he starts to freak out and tell everyone that “Itu perempuan syok sendiri.” Damn it. I needed to correct something!!

You guys dengar sini baik2 ah. Lelaki yang mengeluh mcm ni bukan susah mau cari. Dalam satu bulan, I could come across a few who complained that a female friend is having a crush on them or want more from them when they only see her as a friend! When I ask a little bit more to analyze, I found out that the girls have a reason why they expect and feel more for the guys. These guys are crossing some “friendship safe border” to the extent of holding hands, hugging and calling each other sweet names and even buy her gifts and then --- the next time I know, some of these guys speak ill of the female friend that “They are so perasan”. Damn it!!! I must speak for the Eve generation because to me we are being ill-treated by the men IF you guys could do all the sweet stuff and hate us if we feel smitten and react accordingly to the good treatment. That is So Unfair!!

Sia pernah brainwash my guyfriends yg hadapi situasi ni. Kalau hati tidak suka, then buat cara kawan biasa. Normal friends don’t hold hands and hug intimately and call each other sweet names or maybe even kiss on the cheeks or even buy decent gifts. And if you guys are so friendly and thoughtful, you guys jangan stop halfway when the ladies feel touched and start to feel something special towards you. Do they have to ask your permission to BE A HUMAN? They have a heart too. THEY HAVE FEELINGS, for Pete’s sake!! So u boleh la complain kalau u sudah maki dia, sepak terajang dia and STILL dia terhegeh2 dengan kamu. That one memang clearly a mental problem . Tapi ini tidak. It doesn’t take a genius ba. You guys mau deny lagi mcm2, humiliating some ladies yang kununnya dorang ni perasan dan terhegeh-hegeh and desperate – sedangkan u guys yang MULA semua ni! Or maybe even if the girls yang start, kalau sudah tau tu perempuan punya perangai mcm nda betul, u jangan asah lagi taring buaya u dat and pegi layan her and then bila dat girl sudah floating sikit, mula la tuduh mcm2. Come on la! u guys have balls or not oah??

I speak for the ladies yang TERKENA hal ini sebab sia pun perempuan, sia paham yang dorang ada sebab untuk buat mcm tu. But these guys kan, Tidak mengaku yang dorang start the fire, jinak2 dulu mau tinguk buli makan umpan ka tidak and then excited pula bila kena respond and then kasi tuang sikit lagi tu minyak biar lagi thrill and one thing leads to another, suddenly mau complain, “Why the house got burned?!” Dorang tidak akan mau mengaku yang dorang pun menyumbang kepada kejadian ini. Dorang tidak mau mengaku dorang initially mau flirt2 saja to have fun. All they say is they are TOTALLY innocent. Itu perempuan yg salah paham kunu.

U guys pikir we tidak boleh buat mcm tu kah? Apa u guys rasa when I treat you so special, spend good times with you and then call you all the sweet names and then when u start to have that funny feeling, confess your feelings to me and suddenly I said, Sorry, sia anggap kita ni kawan ja. Mesti u pun rasa tidak puas hati sebab perbuatan sia buat u guys salah paham. So, mau kena batang hidung sendiri baru tau sakit kan?

So Teman Tapi Mesra ni kena apply di tempat yang betul. It has to be MUTUAL, means it’s on both’s side punya concern that the friendship might go a little too far but the intention is innocent. Don’t do it one side only and blame the other for reacting in a certain way sedangkan you guys pun akan react mcm tu if certain girl buat exactly mcm tu dengan kamu. So for me, if you guys agree on Teman Tapi Mesra, itu hak kamu. But if this term is misused to make the other one look silly and desperate, I think you guys have to learn SOME RESPECT for the female. Before you know, another female is doing it on you and when terkena batang hidung sendiri, I’m sure your victim wants so much to say, “SERVED YOU RIGHT” . Imagine ja if adik or kakak kamu kana cakap gitu oleh some guy just because the guy yang layan lebih2, memang kamu melenting kan. So jangan buat gitu dengan kawan2 perempuan kamu. Mau kawan, kawan bagus2. Kalau mau tekel, tekel bagus2. Be A Man of your word and actions. Tu barulah staring :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

My Winning Possession

Yesterday in the chatroom, we saw a nick that sounds something like sixpax^abs – that is clearly referring to the flat and trimmed abs. So when he got into my YM and I saw his profile picture. He was showing his flat abs but his face is covered with his hands. So, yes, it was Stricly Abs and muscles and nothing else!! Hahaahaha. I could not complain cos I am also using Profile pic that shows my hair and nothing else!!! *Lols. So it crossed my mind that it’s nothing new that we show our “Winning Possession” in the profile picture. To have a 6 packs abs is definitely something to be proud of and maybe it was only logical that the guy emphasizes his abs even in the profile picture. So does that imply my winning possession is My Hair? Hahahahaahaha. You guys can see my hair all over this blog. Even in my YM and FB profiles. Oh well… what, do I notice that I actually give people the impression that My Hair is actually my Winning Possession? Haahahaha.

So when I finally put that conclusion into words, Well, maybe I just have to admit that My Hair is indeed my winning possession. But after I said that, acit chided, “No, your brain is your winning possession.” Suddenly it sounds so funny because I was relating this Winning Possession with profile pictures and If I really need to put the best winning possession that I have (and in this case, my brain), how could I put My Brain as the profile picture? Hahahaahahahahahahhaahahaha. Thanks citmon for the remark cos now I know that after all the banters we had in the channel, he actually thought I’m quite brainy (*big biggg grinzzz… Hahahahahahaha). Speaking of the Real winning possession – of course mine is NOT my hair!!! My hair is just average, needed a lot of treatment and appreciation before it can appear attractive enough to get a compliment. I might not adore this hair as much if it wasn’t MY hair so now you know – I don’t love my hair because it’s beautiful but it’s because it’s MY hair then only I think it’s beautiful. ß Exactly how we should treat our blessings. We might not have The Best possession, but because we are blessed with it, we make it the best for us. That is the art of being grateful with what we have. We don’t have a freaking choice. :)

Well, there are simple ways to determine our winning possessions. Usually, these possessions are the reasons why people appreciate us, remember us for and would love to have our company around. I don’t know about you, but to make a little analysis on myself…I don’t think my friends like to come and sit there with me for hours just because I have a long and thick hair. *Lols. None of them actually thought my hair actually matters that much. Hahaahaha. I remember when I texted my bestfriend, asking if we could have lunch together whenever I go to the shopping mall beside her office building. I recall how upset she was when she couldn’t make it because she was outstation, or when I cancelled it in the last minute. She would sulk and said she was so sad that we could not meet. I was a bit curious why she made it sound like hanging out with me is something that she could not miss. I remember when she was jumping for joy just because I told her that I wanted to go shopping at the mall near her workplace like she has not met me for years. I mean, I take my own bestfriend as “The magic mirror” for my winning possessions because this lady knows me for many years. We have had cold wars and arguments in the past. She once stayed in the same room as me back in college years. So – through her I could reevaluate myself once again. It’s through her that I learn that I am not a perfect human being, but I am A Friend she could not lose. Though I might not be the most helpful one when it comes to lending hands, but I am still the best person to consult when she has very bad emotional problems. As a matter of fact, all of my friends make me the place they go to whenever they ask for opinions despite having a low profile and average life compared to them. So I find a way to agree with citmon that maybe my brain is my winning possession, because it’s my brain where all that fruitful ideas come from, but it’s not so until it’s paired with A Heart that cares. So I can’t decide. I just feel that a combination of more than one element make up for our best values. So maybe it doesn’t matter what the winning possessions are, I am just glad to be me. :)

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