Sunday, March 23, 2014

My Emotional Thoughts For You, MH370

I woke up on a Saturday, 2 weeks ago, hearing about a missing plane, I was like, "Seriously?" We don't hear this kind of news often. In fact, just once in my lifetime so far. A plane involving Malaysia Airlines System. Our very own airline company. A big name since as long as I can remember. So on that same morning, before I could get deeper into the emotion of "disbelief", I read in the Fb comments about the plane landed safely in Nanning, China. I remember breathing out a breath of relief, THANK GOD!!! But it was short-lived when it was declared a hoax. One hoax news after another. Now for 14 days still in the dark about the whereabouts of MH370. We all know that everyone is grieving. Everyone is crying out, Please come home, MH370!!

Since day one, I keep myself glued to the news feed as long as I am awake. I remember getting "resistance syndrome" to my handphone screen from looking at it for too long. I felt like vomiting. I guess the emotion and curiosity add up to the stress. Day by day. I come to my workplace, I turn on the tv just to hear any talks about MH370. Yes, I follow quite closely about anything related to it. Everytime Wanita Hari Ini plays that sad poem about MH370, my eyes become. If you ask me, this is a very emotional thing for me. I understand that 239 people inside there, they have a lot of people who love them. If I can feel this way, imagine their family members! It's unbearable to even imagine it!

I am just like any of you, trying to come up with my own theory, what could have happened to the plane. From all the details collected, the assumptions are neverending. And this will continue so until they have discovered the plane. At one time, I just thought that, ENOUGH!! Please MH370, can you just come home? Can I just wake up one morning and saw the news that you have just landed KLIA an hour or two ago, with everyone's safe and sound? And the whole day would be tears of joy on the news everyday. And of course, the big thankfulness to the Lord above who makes it possible. IF ONLY... If Only...

This matter is in my mind all the time. I even dreamt it for it a few times already. But my dreams were not clear. They were clustered with my too much concern on their safety. What I know, I woke up from the dream feeling positive, "Did they actually find the plane?" Oh, Not Yet. Day by day...imagine that. 

I don't have to list all the speculations - but as much as I think that the Hijack theory sounds a better one when it comes to the possibility of survival, I would not mind to pick that. But then when they start to point fingers at the pilot(s), I don't feel good about it. But yes, at one point, I admit that I wanted so much to blame the pilots cos they were the ones who drive the plane. It's just so easy to blame them, right? But enough with speculations. We need THE TRUTH. 

Then I came across a theory which I think is very logic and realistic too. It's about how the plane was caught on fire and that failed all types of communication, and it changed direction to land at Pulau Langkawi's airport, but something bad happened before they managed to do that, so the plane ran on autopilot, and until it ran out of fuel, it went down to the sea. As much as I think this theory is simpler, and logical, it breaks my heart so hard. The survival of the 239 is EVERYTHING. 100 of planes like that can just go missing but PLEASE, we don't want any lives to go. They went to that plane with a destination, with a lot of plans, and dreams, and NO, we can't accept that they lose life in the middle of all that.

I know that everyone has been praying so hard. I do include in my little prayer, Oh Lord, please save the people in MH370. I'm sure others' voice are louder than mine. I know that God is in control. I know that when we ask for their safe return, WE MEAN IT. We really mean it! I might be whispering, but He who created me, and everyone on this Earth, can even hear my heart speak, and the sound of my every thought. Sometimes I just don't get strong enough with my voice, cos I know God knows how big our hope is. I know He Is Able. The question now is, is our will His? I'm just wondering if He would grant this one prayer of ours. Not that He could not. But we know that sometimes God wants it differently. We just don't know what He wants this time. This wait is agonizing. Trying to figure out what God wants to be the end for this MH370 mystery. Yes, He listens to prayers. Not even once that I doubt it. I'm just curious if we did so many wrong things that made Him do this. But isn't it good, that we have God? Imagine those who don't believe, it's just plainly sadness, and waiting in agony. They won't get that kind of peace that only can come from Faith in God.

God, I don't know if I say another prayer, would you send us a miracle? You don't need to prove your power God, we already know about it. But we need this miracle, God. And I'm sure, with this miracle, you will open a lot of eyes of the disbelievers. This will mean a lot to the blind hearts, who are among the hopefuls too. Difference is, they don't believe in miracles, but we do. Please God, Please. Please heal our pain on MH370. You will not disappoint us Lord. You will not. I fully believe in you :)

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Cooking With Love...

I still remember years ago when I got attacked by this extraordinary stomach pain, which I could not get any night sleep for almost 2 weeks. I asked my dad to pick me up from the hostel in the dark morning. I could see the look on his face especially. He even went to the chapel the day after, which we could guess, to pray for my recovery. I could never understand how they feel that time. But now I think I understand. 

Last nite, my dad got sick. His sore throat got worse after Ash Wednesday mass last night. Today on our way home from work, my sister told me my dad's sickness is kinda bad, unlike the usual. He did go to the clinic with my brother earlier today. I suddenly became too concerned and worried. I wanted to go home quickly to check on my dad's condition. I went quick to the supermarket and bought some foods, including instant lemon tea, which I know is good for sore throat. My dad is one very unselfish man. So unless he's really in very bad condition, he won't ask for your favour. I came home and saw my dad sleeping at the living room. He realized that I just arrived, and I asked him if he wanted some porridge. He said No. Told you. He won't make a request that he thought might burden you. That's my dad. But I didn't care, I just straight ahead and cooked porridge really fast without him knowing. My parents used to think that my kind of cooking is only for the guests, or whoever that come to visit, or during celebration. Not for normal days like today. 

As I was preparing on cooking the porridge, my eyes became teary when I remember when I was sick before, it was my two parents who were preparing the porridge. Maybe their hearts were heavy too, thinking about my condition that time. So I found myself in their place now, making the porridge with A Great Hope and I don't know why, that time I thought that the porridge I was preparing was Really Gonna Heal him. I prepared it with the thoughts that all the nutrition he needs would be in the porridge. So I made sure I cooked the way I cooked for some special visitors or guests in our house. I did it all in half an hour. I made hot lemon tea, and squeezed some lemon into it to add to the acidic effect. That is what will react to the virus on the throat. I know this for sure cos this is my most common disease. I have learnt all the self defense possible against it. So I put it on the table and asked my dad to drink the lemon tea, and he did. After he drank it, he could clear his throat and talked a bit. I knew it worked. So after that, I kept asking him to eat the porridge, though he said he was not hungry. But he just couldn't resist my request. He took some of the porridge and ate it. I knew it by the time he ate it, it would heal him. Or at least make his sickness ease up. In the meantime, I wanted my dad to not think that his sickness is that bad. I kept telling them how I was healed from a serious sore throat before. How I thought my throat was wounded, but nope. It was just the sickness that made it feel so bad. And how I ate a few kinds of medicine for 2 weeks, and none worked. Until I ate this Breacol, bought from the pharmacy, and only my throat started to heal. Guess what? It was my dad who bought the Breacol for me. He forgot that he was behind my recovery a lot of time when I got sick. I thought that Breacol was just an ordinary medicine, but when a caring and responsible dad who bought it for his kid to heal, it made the medicine more effective. I don't know. Lets just assume that kind of magic exist. 

Because of all the cares, all the appreciation and faith, that's how I could almost feel it was more than just food and drink that I prepared for him. Plus, all my prayer for their health, and protection from God, I did not doubt that God is answering to my every prayer, especially when I say it everyday. If I can love my family that much, God must love them more. And so He will heal my dad. Maybe that's what they call Cooking With Love. It's foods that you prepare not just to bite or to fill the stomach, but also you pour all your thoughts of love as you prepare them. Cook for their happiness and wellbeing of the people who eat them. These are the additional ingredients that will make the food work wonders, and taste better too!

So guys, next time you know what to do. Get in the kitchen, and prepare a "magic potion". When it comes to your loved ones, you certainly have the ability! Stay healthy everyone! :))  


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