Friday, October 30, 2015

Before You Run Out Of Mercy...

I saw that a lot of people use Fb as a way to bring into public, their dissatisfaction towards certain people or individual. To them, this is the best way to let others know so that others can avoid it from happening to them, or just seeking for some "extra support" so they have a bunch of people bashing that person who has done them wrong. 

I can do that too if I want to. I have at least 2 such experiences before. I can simply make noise and bring their name up so others won't come to them; so that they won't get cheat more people. At least, the reason is strong enough considering the amount of money involved. But I saw that a lot of people, bring up some names that are not guilty enough to get that public embarrassment. If you buy nasi lemak and you think the sambal is too salty, do you think it's enough reason to bring that nasi lemak seller to be the next talk of the town? It's too much, right. Considering that you can anytime make small mistakes like that but the difference is, People Forgive You. 

A lot of people commit bigger crime out there and even that, sometimes you let them go because you know the world is round and what they give, they get back, and plus, sometimes you have to give them the benefit of the doubt, cos maybe you don't know the whole story, that they are actually innocent. You can be right, but what if you are wrong. Consider humanity if you are running out of mercy.


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