Wednesday, March 7, 2012

You Once Thought...

You once thought you had no space, until someone came and squeeze himself in your life. And to your surprise, there’s an empty space in your day until he appears again. Without you knowing, you have made that space so comfortably for him to stay.

It’s so amazing that no matter how tough you think you are, someone can just come and soften you without force. No matter how independent you are, someone can just come and make you feel it’s just complete with his presence. No matter how fussy and particular you always are, someone can just come and make you accept him as he is.

 Once you only read this in someone’s blog, and wish that it might happen to you. It sounds so good in words. Until the day you realize it’s really happening to you. You need explanation but it’s not important. You just know that everything is possible in God’s will and it’s okay if you don’t understand it.

 It just feels so good...:)

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Presenting The Scandalist, As The Predator

According to Wikipedia, A scandal is a widely publicized allegation or set of allegations that damages (or tries to damage) the reputation of an institution, individual or creed. A scandal may be based on true or false allegations or a mixture of both. Scandalism can be said as an Idelogy that is making Scandals as part of life’s needs, so the people who are using this ideology can safely be reffered as the Scandalists. Aha. So, are you one?

Lets talk about the kind of scandal that we can relate to. Have you come across a Scandalist? Who find pleasure in making or being in scandals. Sometimes, it’s just as simple as having people talking about him, having an affair with some particular individual, and then probably be getting some daily gossip coverage, with some element of suspence and thrill revolving around that scandal, something like, Is there really an affair between the two of them? Usually, it’s called scandal because it’s something improper to take place because it could be that it’s just an extra-marital affair, or just another story of infidelity attempt, or just “another joyride” of attentions that generated from that scandal.

I think I have come across Scandalists and they don’t even know they are one. Although they would deny it for a million of reasons why they might not like to be in Scandals, but when they got themselves into one, they just enjoyed it. They know it was wrong, but then, Why Not. It felt good at one point. I should call the Scandalists as The Predator, because after a while, they are quite aware what they are doing is not right, but they still let it happen to the point until it starts to do damage. They might do it for some instant fame too, when the person they have scandal with is already in the eyes of the public. So for a while, they would allow to be seen with some other lady other than their rightful partner, they would not mind adding a bit of spices to it by letting out some details that keep people interested to know more, and speaking of the Inside View of the scandal itself, it does have a few private happenings that made the scandal more than just a hearsay. But speaking of being a Predator, the partner in the scandal is sometimes nothing better than just a Prey. Without them knowing, the Scandalist only take some advantage of that scandal. Especially when they can’t rightfully get it for real, A Scandal is good enough. Logic or not? And to the Predator, they sometimes make their Prey misunderstand that they have the intention of taking it to the next level when what they really want is just taking the Prey for a ride. Or in other cases, they thought that they are both in it mutually. It’s like, Lets just make a scene, give them something to gossip, and enjoy this until we think we have enough.

You want to know my opinion? I think it sucks. Scandals only hurt people especially your rightful partner. It’s safe not to involve in one. If you think you are too a victim of situation, avoid it before it becomes a talkabout. Sometimes it’s just the gossip people who misunderstand the whole thing and jump into conclusions. So, you want to be safe from Scandals? Always have your manners with you. Always draw line and distance. Never get too close to the danger zone and never make it a chance to be dragged into one. And for those Scandalists who think getting in scandal is cool, get a Reality Check. As much as you enjoy being the Predator, you could anytime become the Prey to a more cunning Scandalist In Disguise. 

My share of experience when the guys I met preyed me for their scandal sensation, at least now I can tell it much earlier if such intention is targeting me. Yeah, maybe sometimes I was being too friendly, and maybe playful too that I myself didn’t mind to be a lil friendly flirty, but I never like Scandals. Sorry if I tell this a little late. Read my lips, I’M NOT INTERESTED. Stop Scandals, Clean Your Act and prove us you do have better things to do. So, fancy to be a predator Scandalist? Don’t. You might be the one who get “killed”. Say No To Scandalism!


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