Saturday, June 29, 2013

When 2 Prayers Collide

I just have this thought in my head. For those who believe in God, I’m sure you also believe that your prayers are heard and answered.

What if, in the occasion of two people, who are having the same ordeal in their lives, are actually praying for different outcome?

One person prays that they can find a way to work it out, and the other person actually has given up and prays to God that he can immediately pass that ordeal and move on?

They are both believers. God loves them equally. Both have reasons why they ask for what they asked and both only want the best for themselves and thought that it’s also the best for everyone. Just that, both don’t seem to think alike. They both want the outcome to be different from what each other wants. 

Not that I try to put myself in God’s shoes, trying to think how would He decide on things. But lets just put it this way. God will grant the prayer of the one who has the best of intention, free from selfishness…

At the end of the day, God knows what is the best for us.

May He give guidance and assistance to those who need. Devil is not that powerful but it can do a lot to mislead people. May God guide us, Amen. 

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Does God Love You More Than He Loves Me?

Being a Christian in the early age, I have walked a journey of ups and downs in my religious life. I have experienced my downfall, getting lost and found my way back. Those who are still new in Christianity might not experienced that journey yet. They might not know that you can fall from A to Z, just by giving in to your worldly cares.

I know that life can be tough, that sometimes we can even lose it. One day I can be surrounded by the blessings that I acknowledge, the next thing I can be tested with the the biggest trials in my life. We just never know.

I have friends who are still beginners, who have just started to learn, and they found that faith which is the key. Although they are new, never one time that I try to compare myself to them, not to mention judge them on the relevance of their beliefs and ways of worship. The beginning of it might look so overwhelming that you can feel like standing on top of the world, but you cannot brag and boast about your faith, to the extent that you think you are more blessed, you are more loved and your prayers are more heard. Suddenly you think you can even read God's mind about who He loves more. Gosh. Why do this?

On the knowledge that Christ wants us to love one another, I believe that such way of comparing faith doesn't go along with that teaching. Moreover, some might not know how tough can it be in the battle of keeping that faith alive, and talking too much of faith but does not translate it into values and principles in the way of life, it could almost be referred as Empty faith.Speaking of faith is easy but living it is not that simple.  So fixing ur inner self is your first job, instead of bz judging others. If I would do that, I can start saying that I have begun praying to this God many years earlier than you, so can I brag that God must have loved me more.

Or I can say that I never did all the sins you did in the past, why don't I use that to say, Oh, God must have loved me because I have resisted temptations,  while you were busy committing all the sins? See that? I can find countless of reasons to bring another believer down by comparing things. But still why would I do that? If I ever do that, I'll be very ashamed to look at myself in the mirror, when I keep bragging about faith but I can't even fix my ways of life.

Don't just tell, but LIVE IT. Show people that you are your faith by the way you live. Why not be humble about your faith. It's God's job to know who He loves, He is to know what good deeds we do. And as far as I know, God loves us all. We are not qualified to judge one another. Thanks.

Go live the faith, not just say it. God bless :))

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Wordless Prayer, Speechless Faith

I give you an example. Lets say it has been a few times when you made a mistake on ur work, and prayed so hard to God so that the luck would be on your side, or else you’d risk your job. Yeah, thankfully, God answered your prayer. Alleluia. Your job was safe. 

Then it happened again. Again, you grabbed your prayer book, prayed so hard. You could almost remember your sentences from the last time, asking for pity for God to save your job again. You asked for mercy from God, admitting all your faults and carelessness. You humbly knelt before God and read out your request. With all the faith there was, with His power and might, again, He answered your prayer. Alleluia. Your job was safe again. You said your thankfulness in many words. 

Then after a while, out of no where, not knowing where went wrong, again, you made another mistake! Whoa! You became numb. This time, you have less fear in your heart and you could not explain why. No more cold feet or panic attack. You just went really cool about it. Of course you occasionally have moments of regrets why it could happen again. And you found yourself kneeling at the church, with your praying hands. You were about to say some request to God, and almost the same sentences again. 


You did not. You paused and said “God….I don’t know what to pray for now. I’m lost for words. I keep having this problem and I feel like I’m repeating the same prayers in just a few months. God, you know my heart is in trouble, you know I need a solution, but I suddenly feel that it’s unfair that I keep asking for your help, and you always there to help; but then, How long will I keep saying the same request?” 

Suddenly you realized something. You could ask for God’s help as many times as you want, but you will keep screwing up the same old things because you just didn’t do enough effort to improve yourself, and you realize YOU are the cause of your problems. It’s because you are not GRATEFUL enuff for your job, you are always careless and ignorant, thinking that FAITH is all you need, that if anything go wrong, your FAITH alone will help you to clean the mess that you make. 

Suddenly with that, you know that God’s help comes in the form of wisdom. This time, you speak to yourself, If you just never learn from the past, that if it’s what it takes for you to learn a big lesson, if you have to lose your job this time, you know it’s what you deserve out of your ungratefulness. God will not help you keep your job if you don’t make use of all your capabilities and chances He’s been giving you. And your dream doesn’t just happen with prayers. It must come with works and efforts. Or else, it’s like trying to manipulate the word Faith for your own benefit. 

Note: If your faith doesn’t translate into good values, principles, then stop bragging about having a faith as big as a mountain. 

James begins this section by using the example of someone who says he has faith but has no works, "What use is it, my brethren, if a man says he has faith, but he has no works? Can that faith save him?" (James 2:14). In other words, James is addressing the issue of a dead faith; that is nothing more than a verbal pronouncement. It is empty of life and action. He begins with the negative and demonstrates what an empty faith is (verses 15-17, words without actions). Then he shows that that type of faith isn't much different from the faith of demons (verse 19). Finally, he gives examples of living faith that is words followed by actions. He writes of Abraham and Rahab as examples of people who demonstrated their faith by their deeds.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Finally Another Voice Post After Centuries

Here is some sharing from me. Finally I manage to do it. Till next post okay. :))

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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Has Adam Found His Eve?

Relationship is always about 2 people. 2 people, and 2 people only. One Adam, One Eve. If you have found your Adam/Eve, well done to you. Adam’s finally found his rib back. But would this new era of Adam, be grateful enough with his Eve? In this era of temptations and sins. What are the challenges that are faced by the Adams today? 

I have written about this topic a few times before. But here I would like to add just another point. It’s about how Adam should be grateful with his Eve, instead of keep looking around for her substitute, just because he could not appreciate the one by his side. It’s always good to be grateful. Another point that I should emphasize is that, that useless chase usually will be in vain because you find out that the girl you are chasing for, doesn’t favour you chasing her. She might be your most ideal princess charming but the sad news is, YOU ARE NOT her prince charming. But you are a prince charming to your girl. Do you know what difference that makes? EVERYTHING. 

First, she is your girl and you sure love her in a way. Until you give ways to your wandering eyes and lust, that’s when you start to screw up. How she treats you, how she makes you feel, suddenly it’s all not enough. You keep eyeing for another girl who you think, in one way, is better than your girl. You break your girl’s heart and keep going for this other girl. What you find out in the end is the girl thinks you are not even half the man she wants to be with. That’s when you really get knocked on the head. That’s when you realize that, what matters in a relationship is not about what you think you want. It’s who is already treating you well, making you feel loved, that’s should be all you want. If you lose someone who loves you for someone who you think you love but don’t love you back, it’s the stupidest move cos it might be too late by the time you are crawling your way back to the one who loves you. 

In the end, what we actually want is TO BE LOVED back. You can find a thousand girls/guys that attract you, but they might like you one way or another, but only one person who is willing to stick to you during thick and thin, who will sacrifice, who will fight to be with you. This one person is created by God. And He created only ONE PERSON to do that job for you. You only have the rest of your life to love each other. Don’t waste your time with your unfaithfulness. Adam only has one Eve, and Eve only has one Adam. And Adam doesn’t lack 2 ribs, but only one. Trust in this equation. God gives us the best that we need. 

Please stay in love :) 

Love is what that made us. And it was love that saved us. Love was God's plan, when He made man. God's divine nature is Love... - One of my favourite Church's song, God is Love :))

Friday, June 7, 2013

Reminiscence Of The Uncertainties

 Many things happened since my last post. The irregularities in the 505 election, of course that’s the first one since my last post was just before the election. It was another type of phenomenon from what expected which most people refered it as the death of Democracy. That’s how the Blackout 505 rallies got its name and colour. The result of the election was unfavoured by majority of Malaysians. There are just too many "funny" things that I don’t have to mention here. We will just have to wait for what’s next after they file the petitions for the election. This is strange, isn’t it. We might or might not face another shocking result. Could our phenomenon come true?

Who can be certain about anything in the future, right? NO ONE. Nothing is sure except for life and death. 

Another uncertainty that actually took me days of trauma – was the demise of a good cyber friend on 31st May. I received the first SMS from a friend telling me that we have lost her in a car accident, my heart stopped beating for a few moments, trying to adjust to the fact that I was not dreaming. Only a day after that she was scheduled to meet up with our other cyberfriends in KL, and she even talked about some of her big trips in this going to Thailand and London – I just didn’t know how to explain my feeling that time. I was shocked and traumatized for days, not to mention how I cried everytime I thought of her. She was my first Skype friend, and we tested our voice call connection – even that short I could feel how sweet and wonderful soul she has. Now I’m slowly getting used to the fact that she’s gone, and she’ll be missed and remembered. God Loves Us. She will be taken care of. Every now and then we have to deal with uncertainties. Big or small, we have to adapt to it and regain our normal mode so we continue living in the best way possible. I occasionally have swings in emotions, which is totally normal, and I can almost feel how all this is just part of the mysteries of life. If we can’t understand it, it means that it’s just beyond our wisdom. God’s wisdom is just countless ways bigger and wiser than ours, so don’t expect to understand everything. We only need to remember that He Loves Us and He only wants the best for us. This is the faith that is guiding me day to day. Lets continue walking in His light. He will guide us. Amen. 

“God, grant me the serenity to accept things that I could not change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.”


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