Wednesday, November 27, 2013

"Missing The Bus"

Imagine you are at this familiar bus stop where usually there are some people who wait the bus at the same time. You know that you will not have to wait long cos there are a number of buses that will pass that route and most of the time, it's barely 10 minutes waiting.

So one day you find yourself waiting alone in the bustop. Maybe the rest have catched the earlier bus so you may be a little late. So you stand there alone, and finally saw a bus coming. You expect the bus to stop, but to your surprise, it doesn't stop. The driver fails to notice that you are waiting for a bus. Maybe he thinks that you want to cross the road because you don't wave you hand to stop the bus. But then you know, every bus driver should know that when someone stands there at the bus stop, is to wait for a bus. But it's too late. That bus has left.

Can you imagine the feeling? 

Imagine that this is your reaction. You are so pissed that you manage to shout and give a bad gesture to the driver. Surely the passengers must be wondering why are you acting that way. Logically, you can get another bus in no time so why so sensitive?

This is the thing that the passengers won't get to feel unless they become you. First, you are feeling ashamed that you have to wait alone and a bus that is not full, doesn't stop to pick you. Second is, you know you can have another 5 buses for the next half an hour, that's not the problem. The problem is, that earliest bus that you can catch Should Stop for you. That's what the bus is for, right? That's how the driver gets the income from, right? So for no reason, the bus just fails to do that.

So there are happenings in our lives that similar to that situation. 

Sometimes you just be the person who misses the bus you don't deserve to miss. And it doesn't really matter how many buses after that, just that moment of missing that bus you expect to catch. 

5 minutes isn't long but if only you catch the bus on time, you could have saved that 5 minutes. :))

Sunday, November 24, 2013

The Jobless Story

I get SMS from an acquaintant, asking about vacancy, If I know anyone or anywhere who have vacancy that she can apply. She has been asking this to me for so many times in a few months. Whenever she gets bored at home, she will SMS be if I know where she can get a job. Having a few people like her who come to me and asked about vacancy, it got me wondering. Actually it's really not hard to find a job if they really want to do anything as long as they have a job. The thing is, they are very picky. They don't want a job that is tiring. They don't want to come home late. They want somewhere very near their house area and on top of all that, they want a job that pays good. 

Before this, I told them the office nearby needed a clerk. It was the vacancy everyone was asking me for. Then, I said to them, "You know how to type, right? Cos you will have to type customer's letters." Even that basic thing they did not know. They replied me with, "Oh, if computer saya tidak berapa pandai." What?? Then how? So they have to let go the  vacancy because of lack of skills. Then they did ask me if I needed extra assistant. The thing is, I don't know what can they do to assist me cos to them it might look fun when they have someone to teach them something new and then get paid at the same time, and go home at 5, who don't want that, right. When they themselves know they won't have much to do because they don't really have sthing that they are really good at. Is this mindset normal?

Those who are stuck like this, I hope they can just get busy polishing their skill, maybe attend courses - at least know how to type! One shouldn't stop learning and expect others to be considerate, giving them the job that they know what to do instead of what they are needed to do. Even if you have any "orang dalam" in the government or private sector, all they can help you is get you the chance that thousands out there don't get, but in the end, they can't help you if you have no qualification, unless you are talking to a very considerate Owner of the company, and they give you the job out of pity. But u still need to prove yourself, if you can be productive or not. You'll still get kicked after a few months if you fail to contribute. 

So if the locals have this kind of mindset, maybe it's true that our economy will be in trouble if we rely on them, cos there are many jobs out there that need someone to do but won't suit their requirement. So is that why all the boutiques and shops normally employ foreigners? 

I can only write this but only you can do sthing about it. You can't just wait for things to fall on your lap. The older you get, the more people expect from you so you can't keep telling people "I don't know how to work with computers" just like you did when you just finished your SPM. It's time to upgrade!! 

Sunday, November 17, 2013

You Pay or You Do It Yourself. Simple Isn't It?

My supplier told me that he doesn't want to do the work because it can take him hours, or even the whole day to do it - when he can earn so much more doing something else. That's why he finds someone else to do it, because he still needs to get the job done to keep business coming in. Which also means, the work that he doesn't want to do, is an important work to him. But when it comes to charges, he doesn't want to pay high, cos to him it shouldn't cost that much. Of course if he argues about charges, he'll get the remark, "Then do it yourself". Which we already know he won't. LOLS. So what's the solution?

Something that some people fail to address is the "value of time" and that creativity can come from practice and experience, but you can't expect it to just come anytime when you need it, that's why, "creativity cost something", and it can cost A LOT cos not everyone has it. The only reason people can argue about charge is when they think that "time and creativity" don't have charges - and this will be true if they use the ones of their own. Which means, stop arguing about charges and go ahead "Do It Yourself". But in his case, he puts a lot of value to his own time, and no value to others' time. So if they can't sort it out, means No Business. No Business means No Money. No Money means they can start packing and forget about the business altogether. 

Ridiculous, right. Very basic understanding. But I believe people learn as long as they live. So thats why we are here. Learning as much to live well. Those who can adapt to this, will survive in what they do. :))


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