Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Aging Gloriously...Wow

Yeah, the idea of aging is Not That Cool to deserve a title like this. Hahahaha. Again, why would I write this if I think you already know everything. Or maybe you know, but you won’t mind to read something that makes the points look relevant and believable. What do you think? Okay, think no more. READ! Hahaha

I’m gonna make this one fast before I pass this idea and let it go around the world before they go back to me. Okay...let’s start. Guys, what do you think about getting older? Every year just adds to the number. So? Are you wearing the kind of innocent mind that Kyle XY wears on the first season, when he questions, “Why do humans celebrate birthdays? Doesn’t that mean you are closer to death?” Thanks Kyle XY for making us more freaked out now. *LOLS. Ok Kidding :PP

I want to write about the other side of “Aging”. Man oh man, don’t you realize it? I remember keep having this thought. As much as I want to hate aging, it just keeps pushing to me some points why Aging is –not that bad-. I mean, it’s almost glorious! Okay, remind me I am not mumbling for nothing. Let me try to think of all the points spontaneously. Okay, here we go.

Don’t you think that being older is MUCH FUN? No one gonna question you what you do anymore. No one gonna find much reason why you do something.. They have TRUST that you know what you are doing and they just gonna let you do it.. Suddenly the “approval” that you get from the society is taking away what’s been holding you back. You better get used to it! Haha. Also, you sort of have this license to just go and Explore life, do what you like, with whoever you want to do it with, and feel totally okay with it. Not to mention how much your maturity does make life easier. No more too clingy on your partner, no more stupid jealousy that can be eating your internal organs slowly (*LOLS) and the coolest thing is, How you can just see things in a bigger picture, you can throw your meaningful smart smile of “Aha, yeah, I’ve been there.” And you can just handle matter wisely – with the options in your hands, you can just go straight ahead and make the right decision. Gosh, don’t you guys see that?

Speaking of looks, don’t you guys see that the older people get, the better they look? Maybe their look will deteriorate eventually when they hit 60 or more, but I saw women in the 50s, still looking awesome. If you guys say it must be because of botox and maybe surgery, No, count that out. I know some women who are not exposed to that kind of “modification” and yes, they still do look better than their younger version. Just with natural grooming, and some nice clothes, yeah, people might still think they belong to certain age range but STILL, They Look Lovely. So what else to worry? Personally speaking, I feel the same thing about myself. If you like how you look when you were much younger, you must enjoy looking at the old pics, right? Different with me. Hahahaha. I saw my friends posting pictures of us when we were still at school, and I remember those pics, I thought I was giving good shots. I thought they were among my best pictures. Surprisingly, when I looked at them again, I almost could not recognize myself. I could not relate to that person anymore. I just couldn’t feel the smile and if it was mine. Strange. Although I am not as thin as I was back in college, but again, I didn’t really “miss” that thinness. I looked so immature and childish. Yeah, that smile was still mine, but it didn’t look at its best that time. Now, with the habit of taking pics daily, I am so used to how I look today. I can conclude something despite my red long hair and others, my looks are totally developed. It’s funny when people worry too much on looking older, but which do you prefer? Being young but plain or being older but looking much better? This is amusing. How could I even ask that. And Hellllooo? It’s not just you, together with your mom and dad, who are getting older. ALL OF US are adding another and another year. So this couldn’t be our enemy. There’s something wrong with how humans think to make enemies with the normal pace of life. Okay, but at least we try to open our mind on this and be a little friendlier with aging. OMG, do you think I call it glorious for Nothing?

Since we are totally developed now that we are adults, we notice that a lot of weaknesses that were once ours, are not there anymore. I notice that I am not that bad-tempered anymore. I notice that I am not anymore the superclingy girlfriend who got mad over little silly things. I am amazed at my ability to tolerate, to not blow up small things, and to not get affected by things that used to bother me a lot before. I notice that I am more relaxed, and finally, I want to call upon all the people who once told me that they thought “I’m Cool” because they saw it how I handled things in my life – which I never agreed to because I thought they didn’t know what they were saying…Until Now only I can agree with them that I think I am quite cool. Despite suffering from panic attack and adrenaline rush, I could handle things much better, keeping my composure in place and finally, Yeah, I just lurveee this version of myself!!

I knew a few versions of myself that you could call yourself “Pity Me” when you happened to meet one of those. Now I am still the same person, just a much better version. It’s nobody’s fault that we met earlier, but I won’t promise you would feel the same about me. If I screwed up back then, and you prayed that I might some day change to someone better, just consider your prayer answered. My emphasis is on how every year adds to your age, are something like you bagging on “Add-Ons”. As far as Aging is concerned, like my favourite quotation, “It’s So Hard NOT To Be Better” :))

So Feel Good, Look Good and Be Good. Suddenly you can finally say to yourself that, Look No More, I finally found myself. Thank God.

To those who are so much against Aging, let me tell ya, you can refuse it how many times you want, but it’s not gonna change a freaking thing. You better make it work for you. The rest have found their ways, How about you? :)

Aging Gloriously. Amen.



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