Friday, July 31, 2009

Your Girl Is Not Nasty Enough?

Are you one of the guys, who has a special girlfriend who always turn to your other female friend(s) for some doses of nasty chats and virtual loving? Think for a second if you always find yourself asking for sms hugs and kisses from your female friendany time of the day. As strange as can be, I believe that a huge number of guys actually do that. For the married men, I’m sure it’s not something unheard of. A lot of fidelity actually happens in chatrooms and sms. The point is, why a guy would still need extra virtual loving when they already have someone by their side?

Now, are you ladies one of them who your guyfriend(s) always come to, to get those extra doses of light flirting? I mean, I call it light flirting because you guys know the two of you are only friends and it’s not like each of you have crush for each other. But it just happens, right? Imagine what you feel when in the middle of working, you get sms from your guyfriend starting to kiss you all over, saying all the sweet words, calling you sweet name. Then sometimes (maybe when the hormones are shooting high) you just start to get nastier and have more fun exchanging nasty talks from sms or chats – and it could even lead to "you know what I mean". Ouch! Isn’t that strange? I mean, if you’re single, that’s something you do when you get attracted to someone who you shared good chemistry with. At least it’s logical. But when you are very much in love with someone else, why do you still go to your other female friend for those things? Isn’t that a waste of time to be doing something intimate like that with someone else? I mean, it’s even leading to a bigger mess. You thought you were just having fun, but if you prolong it, it could lead to real infidelity. Infidelity sometimes hides behind the words Friendship.

It’s pity for the girl who thought they own you. If I were in the gf’s place, I would pity myself, and very very sad if I find out my boyf does something like that. Why does he has to do it with his female friend instead of me? Ahaa, that could be the most predictable question. Anyway, I must say that girls also do this, but it depends on the level of the relationship and whether or not they have “wandering hearts”. My female friends who “flirt” in sms with other guys think it’s harmless at first, but then it just gets more and more serious. I will honestly tell you guys that I don’t think I will be doing something like this when I already give my word to someone. I mean, lets not talk about “two-timing” him, but this is about – thinking of doing it, how could I even have the idea of doing that? If I still need loving from my guyfriends, I might as well not give my word to any guy.

When I posed that question to my bestfriend the other day, she said this to me.

“Because the girlfriend is not nasty enough.”

I almost agreed with her! Because it’s the only thing that makes sense. If you are in a relationship with a girl who so nice and gentle but not the nasty type, of course some of your nasty female friends would excite the hell out of ya. You would ask for extra loving from your female friends because your girlfriend is not that type who knows how to excite you as your female friends would. And the female counterparts are also as playful. Isn’t it better to find the solution than to settle for someone else to replace who you should get all the loving from? I still don’t get it. If you want her to be nastier, then just let her know so she knows that you’re lacking in love and sweet caresses. Isn’t that how it should be? I mean, if you guys are doing something like that before marriage, expect the world war to happen after the marriage. It’s not a good sign, right people?

Anyway, could this be a sign that heart and physical affection are two different things? Your heart is for one person but your give and get all the extra loving from the nasty friends out there. Erkss… this is getting more complicated and I gotta run now because I have works to do. So, I leave this to the rest of you. Think for your own, okay? Hehehehehehe.

NOTE: I had my haircut and it was quite pricey. At least the lady knows what she was doing with my hair. I kinda like the new hairstyle but I lost my nice long and thick hair, at least for this month. It know it’s going to get that thick and long again in months time. I want to put it here in my blog but I changed my mind. Why? Because you definitely gonna recognize me with this hair. Hehehehe. Wait until I go crazy again and I will post the picture of my new hair. *Grinz (256, you better not go crazy!!) Hahahahaha

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Another Haircut! Ouch!

Hello all, just in case you guys drop by today, looking for something new to read, I'm very sorry because I left the post I wrote last nite at the other pc. Today is quite hectic actually. I want to get a new haircut today. In case you ask, Why? Actually my hair is starting to bother me now, it's gets thicker and shapeless now. I tried to contact my fav hairstylist yesterday but to no avail. He just moved weeks ago. Now I realize that getting a haircut is as demanding as trying to enjoy your favourite dish, where you want to be done by the same person. Yeah, now I understand! I actually try to find the reason to change my mind but sooner or later, my hair will still get longer and longer and it's losing its shape. I need my hair to be trimmed down so that I don't have to look at the same old hair again when I look at the mirror. *giggles. Oh, just in case you ask, YES I love my long hair, but it needs to be retouched.
I told my brother Jojon about this and I said to him, if the new haircut is good enough, I will take one shot of it and put it here for you guys to see. Other than that, I'm writing this just to make myself feel better since that I don't have something new to put here. Hehehehe. I will write something nice tonite hopefully.
Thanks to all the readers who keep coming here day to day, although you guys come here without the mark at the comment page, but I think each visit is good enough for you guys to come back for more. *grinz.. (yeah, that's what "she" does to make it sound better) Hahahahaahahahha. Dammit, I hate it when my thoughts are going against me. Hehehehehe.
Have fun guys. You people make my day. Wish me a "great haircut". Erkss!! Muahss all.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Main Paksa Punya Suka

Kamu pernah kah ada orang yg suka betul dengan kamu sampaikan buat kamu rimas? Bukan saja rimas, kami akhirnya GELI dengan org tu. Haiyooo…not cool kan?

Hari tu I met my bestfriend during lunch, keluar balik semua cerita2 lama berkaitan ni hal. Ganjil juga life ni. Adakalanya kita terkejar2 dengan org yg tidak suka dengan kita, tapi kita tidak hargai pun org lain yg suka dengan kita. Then I told my bestfriend, “ I know the feeling.” Bukan semudah itu ba. Senang ja org cakap, Sayangilah orang yang menyayangi kamu. Deiii…pikir senang ka?

Manusia ni pelik. Kalau kamu suka dengan someone tu, kamu kena guna cara yang betul untuk tackle dia. Jangan bersikap terhegeh-hegeh or tersorong-sorong – sebab benda ni merimaskan dan akhirnya, bertambah lagi orang tu tidak suka dengan kamu. Macam experience bestfriend sia ni. Lelaki tu suka dengan dia, so dia beli macam2 untuk bagi dengan dia dan family dia sekali. Selalu datang rumah dorang dan cerita dengan family dia. Kalau kawan sia tu masak di dapur, dia akan duduk di sana dan tinguk kawan sia masak. Jangankan itu, sedangkan masa kawan sia tidur pun dia tinguk2 juga dari pintu, dengan pengetahuan kakak kawan sia tu. Bila dia cerita macam tu, sia paham apa kawan sia rasa. Tidak hairanlah kenapa dia geli betul dengan lelaki tu. Kawan sia cakap dia rasa mau muntah kalau cakap pasal lelaki tu, *Lols. Duii giaa.

Actually sia pun pernah experience hal tu. Dan sia masih experience benda tu. I have a guyfriend who is trying to get closer to me, dan sia tidak selesa dengan tu. Sia sudah set yg hubungan sia sama dia adalah berdasarkan kerja saja, so sia tidak akan discuss personal life dengan dia lagi. Itu limit yang sia letak. Tapi dia nda paham2. Dia mau get personal. He thinks that he can simply take me out, or send me home – asalkan sia ada free time. But he’s wrong. Though sia pernah actually gave him the idea that I would not mind going out alone with him again (yes, I went out with him before), but now things have changed bah. Sia sudah lost appetite untuk hal2 di luar kerja kalau sama dia. Sia tidak payah explain why, sebab I send the right signals yang show him that I don’t want to get personal with my encounter with him anymore. Even masa dia call, sia tidak akan angkat kalau dia call masa rest. You guys cakap sia heartless? Nah, wait until you kena sendiri baru u paham kenapa sia buat gitu. I think he’s going to a faster speed more than I’m willing to – and the worse thing is, I actually stop right there and his speed is making him a bit too pushy in the wrong place. From feeling “okay” about it now, now I’m starting to be resistant. Suddenly sia rasa rimas and suffocated.

Satu hubungan tu akan jadi “masam” kalau kau guna approach yg salah.

Kamurang jangan silap. Ini bukan pasal org tu bida ka or apa, Nope! Silap2, dia ada semua benda. Hensem, berduit, berkerjaya – Nah. Apa lagi? Tapi kalau sudah guna approach yg salah, kamu akan still dapat feedback mcm tu. Entah la. Susah juga untuk explain kenapa macam tu.

Kita mau benda tu decent ba. Tidak suka main push2 macam tu. You kena show juga yg you have face to save ba. If you want to get closer to someone, buat secara berhemah. Kalau orang tu show resistant, jangan main paksa2 like you can’t take No for an answer. You kena paham situasi orang tu juga. Maybe she needs time and space. And jangan sekali2 u guys buat like you already have the right untuk demand something dari dia, dan even tell her what should she do. Gila ka? Mimang confirm lah kau susah dapat la tu perempuan. Sia ni bercakap sebab sia pun perempuan, dan sia pernah rasa. Kawan2 sia pun pernah rasa. Kes kami lebih kurang sama juga.

Actually, we like relationship yg mutual, dan suka sama suka. If dia bagi green light, then baru you move 1 step forward. Macam tu. Bukan you main jalan saja langgar lampu just untuk tunjuk kau kuat dan staring. It’s like kau taruh pisau di leher tu perempuan ba, seolah-olah kau akan kasi luka dia kalau dia nda terima kau. Aiyoo…those days are over la. Sekarang ni mana mau main paksa2. Kau sebagai lelaki, kena win the battle in pride ba. Apa kelas ohh lelaki main paksa2? Gentleman la ba sikit kan :) So you know what to do next time. Teda guna kamu paksa2 sebab kalau dia main suka secara paksa pun lagilah membuang masa kau. So gunakanlah kelakian kamurang tu dengan cara yg betul ah. Hehehe. :PP

(Panat sia menaip ni post ooh, ntah la kenapa. Maybe pasal sia tiba2 rasa sakit jiwa. *Lols)

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Can Tell That Your Friend Is Lying?

It’s common sense to me that you can catch someone lying by some gestures that the person makes; such as she cannot look at you straight in the eye. It’s too common that I’m afraid it’s Not that common anymore. Just when you thought you can read someone from the fidgeting alone, you could be wrong.

My friend bought a book on this. The book tells her how to read the body language that could hide the truth. Think that now she’s a genius? Guess what? I don’t know why I think this knowledge could become obsolete. Lets take the Lie Detector machine that could detect even the slightest changes in your impulse, it’s that reliable that it’s use widely in police investigation. But how effective it is? Humans are much smarter than to get beaten by a freaking machine. It’s human that invented the machine anyway. They should know how to beat the machine using our very very talented body system. I’m afraid that with proper learning, a liar could even pass the Lie detector in flying colors!!

My point is very simple, my dear friends. You can’t rely on body language anymore. It doesn’t always tell the truth. No exact subjective knowledge like that can be taught by books. I tell you, I can simply manipulate “body language” to send a wrong signal to you, just because I know that you really rely on it to tell something untold. I actually did a few things like that. It was silly but at least I could reach a conclusion.

I am a person with a lot of body movements. I create hundreds of body language and face expressions in an hour if you are willing to count, Nope, I don’t fake it. If I can fake something like that, I would rather fake much other things that can contribute to me giving good impressions. To be someone with a lot of body language is not that cool. You see? People like me often become the victim of the “body language followers” because they try to read every move that I make with my hands and my eyes. I tell you, you gonna fail.

I realize that I have been making “wrong” body language since schooldays. People thought I didn’t mean what I did, but I actually meant it. It was so easy to lie people who thought they could read body language. For example, I know it already that in the common knowledge of reading gestures, people think that you must be lying when you can’t look at them in the eye. The fact is that, it’s not so. I am a person who could not look at someone in the eye when I speak. Why? Because I need to focus on what I speak, if I look at someone’s eyes, I got distracted and just got lost in the middle. So, if you want to judge how truthful I am just because I could not look you in the eye, then I have to say, “Poor you”. I don’t think you can read me.

Why some people are so good in lying? Yes! Because they pass the test of body language!! They know what to do to not create suspicions. If you think you can look in the eye of someone to tell whether or not the person is lying? I tell you, if humans are so good in telling a lie from body language, why the hell a lot of lucky liars just get away with lying? So, to be fair with this, I think you guys should give a little leeway on those who suck in faking body language – cos they could be telling the truth when their body language says otherwise. So which matters more? What matters more is the truth is remain unchanged. Truth doesn’t care about your freaking body language.

So how? How to detect the real liars? Can I give bad news? I don’t think there is wisdom good enough for people to master in this field. You have to rely on your personal encounter with the person, whether or not the person has been reliable and trustworthy to you before. If so, then you have a lot of reason to believe what he’s telling you. But chances are, the person might still be telling you white lies. Even a good reputation is still not good enough, right?

Anyway, as far as this concerns me, I think I should not just give up with my hyper body language. I can do something about it to make it goes along with my mind. I think I have improved a lot for years now. Maturity helps. Even if I think that I’m not doing anything wrong, but it will effect my communication, right? The last thing in my mind is when let’s say I say I Love You to my guy and he never believes just because of my wandering eyes- “256, you’re not telling the truth. Look straight to my eyes now and say I Love You to me!” Then I imagine saying, “Don’t want baaaaa…shyyy baaaaa thattt”


See? I might tell the truth, but I’m just shy ba that.

Hahahaahahahahahaha. Just kidding guys.

So if body language says it all? I think if it’s so easy to tell if someone is lying, this world WON’T be too packed with lies and liars as it is now. *Grinz. So now you know that it’s not as simple as 1 blink says Yes and 2 blinks say No –It’s much much more complicated than that.

Monday, July 27, 2009

The Tempting Alternate Life

Very interesting. Kalau sia tanya kamu satu soalan… Adakah kamu percaya pada Alternate Life? Iaitu satu kehidupan alternatif yang kamu ada sekiranya kamu memilih satu keputusan yang berbeza? This is Very interesting to me.

Sia pernah watch this movie about this theory. Perempuan tu berkerjaya, hidup dia a bit messy sebab she lives alone. She feels so lonely, trying to get a date but to no avail. Dia rasa life dia betul2 suck tu masa, sebab dia rasa bosan dan tidak lively. Dia even terpikir untuk bunuh diri. At one time, dia duduk dan tengok balik koleksi lama dia. Dia terjumpa gambar ex-boyfriend dia ni. Ex dia ni pernah bawa dia kawin 5 tahun lalu but dia menolak, so dorang break. Sedikit penyesalan mula timbul dalam diri dia. Mungkin hidup dia tidak mcm tu kalau dia ambil keputusan yang berbeza. Dia tanya sama diri dia,

“Macamanakah hidup saya sekarang ni sekiranya sia setuju untuk kahwin dia 5 tahun lalu?”

Aha…Guess what? The next day, she almost got hit by a car. Seorang perempuan keluar dari kereta tu dan tengok dia, “Are you okay?” Guess who the woman is? The woman is HERSELF from the Alternate Life. Woww!! Interesting or not?

Perempuan tu bawa dia masuk kereta dia dan dorang pegi rumah perempuan tu. Dia akhirnya sedar bahawa rumah itu adalah rumah dia sendiri di dalam Alternate Life tu. Dia tengok ada gambar family. Boyfriend dia 5 tahun lalu tu sudah jadi husband dia dan dorang ada 3 anak. Dia terkejut sekejap dan akhirnya sedar bahawa inilah hidup dia sekiranya dia kahwin sama boyfriend dia tu dulu. Dan selepas dia bercakap-cakap sama perempuan tu (iaitu versi diri dia sendiri dalam Alternate Life) tiba2 perempuan tu hilang. Dan dia dengar ada suara budak2 panggil dia, “Mom!” Then di sana la dia teda pilihan dan terus masuk dalam hidup tu sebab seolah-olah dia diberi peluang untuk melalui Alternate Life dia.

Movie to sangat interesting bagi sia. Sebab dia guna satu theory yang very intriguing. Mungkin orang pikir bahawa hanya ada satu versi saja kehidupan kita ni, tapi sia PERCAYA yang Alternate Life itu wujud. Sia percaya yang sia mampu ambil apa saja keputusan yang akan memberikan jalan cerita yang berbeza daripada jalan yang sedang sia lalui.

I am a very stubborn person. Sia selalu ambil keputusan mengikut kekerasan hati sia. Sia mau menjadi orang yg paling bahagia dalam keputusan yang sia ambil, dan sia tidak mau ambil satu keputusan hanya untuk kasi happy orang lain sebab sia percaya yg Life sia adalah milik sia sendiri, dan sia percaya orang lain pun kejar kebahagiaan dorang sendiri saja. Tapi tanpa sia sedar, sia mungkin jadi seorang yang Selfish. Watak dalam movie tu sia boleh relate dengan diri sia sendiri. Banyak keputusan penting yang sia sudah buat dlm hidup sia. I should have a few Alternate Lives.

Kalau lah sia memilih kerjaya yang disuruh oleh ibu bapa sia, apa akan jadi pada hidup sia sekarang? Mungkin kewangan sia lebih stabil, tapi hidup sia akan tertekan. Sia berani jamin yg hidup sia mungkin lebih mencabar, tapi kebolehan dan bakat sia tidak dimaksimakan. Probably I’d be complaining – Kenapa laaa sia stuck sama kerja ni???

Kalau lah sia ready untuk kawin ex-boyfriend sia a few years ago, adakah sia akan lebih gembira sekarang? Sia dapat bayangkan hidup sia akan tertekan sebab banyak perubahan mendadak yang sia kena lalui masa tu, dan mungkin alami macam2 masalah marital, judging from a few aspects that have been my concerns. Ouch! Tapi most probably I’m already a mother now kan? *grinzzz.. Hahahahahahahahaha. A mother with a sad face, could be, right? (Tapi sia rasa itu baby kiut oso that. Hahahahahahahahaahaha :PP Sampat lagi baa.)

Kalau lah sia mau jadi daring sikit dengan try benda2 baru dan peluang2 yang muncul depan mata sia satu demi satu, sia jamin yg sia bukan diri sia sekarang. Hidup sia mungkin lagi fun, tapi ada mcm2 masalah yg akan timbul dari segi mental, fizikal dan sosial. Mungkin I could feel so good with the new height that I have accomplished, but in one way, I might sacrifice some of the virtues – my principles and all could be shaken. Tidak payah pikir panjang2 --- kalau benda2 tu terjadi sama sia, sia berani jamin yg silap2 haribulan, sia akan rasa totally LOST in my own mind journey. It’s a serious mental disturbance. Ouch!!

So, is it worth it for me to SACRIFICE those Alternate Lives I could have hanya kerana sia memilih JALAN INI? Iaitu jalan yang sia sedang lalui sekarang? Adakah sia yakin INILAH kehidupan terbaik yang sia mampu berikan untuk diri sia? Ya, hidup sia memang banyak kekurangan ini, sia masih boleh jumpa kemanisannya. Kekurangan2 itu lah yang make the empty spaces yang I need to fill untuk hari2 yang mendatang. Bukankah memang kehidupan perlu macam tu? Iaitu perlu ada kekurangan sebab mission sia adalah untuk mengisi kekurangan itu? Sia tidak minta banyak. Sia cuma mau diri sia mampu untuk step forward dengan the most sincere smile on my face. Sia mau untuk mampu lihat potensi sebenar diri sia, iaitu talent sia yang paling raw sekali – sebab sia berani jamin that part yg sia betul2 tidak boleh sacrifice dari life sia sebab itulah yg betul2 berharga pada diri sia. Pada masa satu dunia bagi sia pandangan serong pun sia masih rasa sia begitu kuat sebab kekuatan itu ada dalam diri sia, dan mungkin dunia ini tidak perlu nampak dan tau yang sia actually sekuat itu.

You guys want to know my conclusion? Ya, ada sedikit pedih kalau mau pikir apa keindahan yang ada pada Alternate Life yang sia miss tu, tapi the bigger question is, Adakah sia sanggup kehilangan jalan ini hanya untuk dapat Alternate Life itu? The answer is, NO. Biar la Alternate Life itu sebegitu indah. Sia masih mau jalan ini, and you ask me why? Sebab I cried tears and sweat untuk sampai sini. Walaupun susah, walaupun bukan senang, tapi pokoknya sekarang sia ada di sini dengan membuat keputusan yang terbaik yang sia buat setiap hari. You said my life is still not that good? Yes, I agree, tapi guess what? Future tu belum tertulis, then when I write it, sia akan make sure I give the best piece from here. I’m thankful sama God sebab at least sia betul2 touch life sia, like I can feel every inch of it and still think it’s THE BEST I could get for myself.

Make This Life Beats The Hell Out Of The Alternate Life, Guys!!

NOTE: Oh, ending kepada movie yang sia cakap awal2 tu – The woman found out yg Alternate Life dia tu tidaklah sebaik mana, jadi bila dia switch balik pegi life sebenar dia, dia lebih menghargai life dia sebab dia akhirnya sedar, life dia tu adalah sebenarnya yang terbaik yg dia ada so dari sana dia ubah perception dia and start enjoying life even more :)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Ex- lover(s) Memories: What To Do With Them?

Well, on to the topic. What do you do to the memories of your ex-lover(s)? Well, most of us experience break-ups and splits with our past lovers. Break-ups don’t sound like good memories right? Well, things happen. In some cases, it’s just a split with no words. Again, things happen. Of course, when something like that happen to you, the last thing you want to do is going through all the things that remind you of the person, especially when what cause the split is something very hurtful and unacceptable. I’m not going to discuss about it here. Whether it’s infidelity, lack of understanding and other things… breakups do hurt us. The question is, what do you do with the memories of your past lover(s)?

I keep saying this point. Take with you all the good things. Don’t waste any of them! I won’t be writing this article if I don’t know what I’m talking about. I am thankful for my habit of keeping all the things I received from other people, though I wasn’t clear what this habit can give to me back…I just know it can give me back something, someday. No, I don’t need another 10 years to get something back from that habit. Why wait another 10 year, when you have now, right? :)

We grow with time. Each year, we are just wiser. The way we see things will also change. Isn’t it interesting? I mean, don’t you want to see how different you see things, now that you’re wiser? Trust me, you won’t regret it. I conducted my little research on this. The best subject is the memories of this particular special ex-lover of mine. It worked wonders. All the treasure that has his name on it recalled all the good things. Once again, I was the girl I was a few years ago. Once again, I was years immature. It really brought me back to the past. I never know that going through the stuff of my ex-lover can do so much to me. Not only that I realized how immature I was back then, but I also realize how far mature I am now! *giggles. I experienced the lovestory once again though it was a thing in the past. I smiled, I laughed and I even cried. I have just proven to myself and also to the rest of you that being wiser does let you see things differently. I realized that I didn’t appreciate him the way he deserved it…I realized that he was a much charming person from who I used to see him before. It was just an amazing discovery. Ok…let’s not get carried away with this hahahahaha

Let me tell you guys something. Memories of our past lovers are very useful. Trying to experience the “lovestory” once again by going through his stuff recall back all the good things and answer back all the forgotten questions, why this person used to be special to me? What makes him fall for me in the first place? When and where and how did it all start? Then, in the process of doing that, I also did myself a favour. This is because, at the same time, I also learnt and discovered more about myself. I mean, what are the qualities in you that made you special to some people? Don’t you want to know? You guys know what, you must do this in your lifetime! Must! It’s among the most rewarding things to find out all over again how you have touched other people’s lives. And the best people you can learn this from are your ex-lovers. You might forget why some guys were crazy about you in the past until you find something that can remind you all that. Yes, even how good they are, they are in the past, so what? No, don’t look at it that way. If you want to really experience this life, as long as it’s good, savour it. Sometimes you think you’re just nobody. But these past lovers proved you that you are actually somebody. You’re special enough for them to love you and miss you all the time you guys were apart. This way, it might help you remind yourself once again what a worthy person you are. Our ex-lovers are special because they once saw us more special than others. They saw the qualities in us that others don’t. The memories of your ex-lovers are the best way to learn all over again that your existence in this world made a difference in some of the special people whose life touched by you and the qualities you are blessed with. Nothing is wrong with anything good! I can’t miss the feeling of feeling really blessed and I want to feel millions of feelings like that so I can say thank you Lord, again and again. Anything good comes from Him :)

The memories of our past lovers also help us to improve to be a better person because we might find out that we didn’t treat them good enough back then. You will learn from your mistakes with them and you’ll be a greater lover next time :) So, put the stuff of your ex-lover nicely in a box big enough to hold everything in place…cos that will be among your treasure for the rest of your life. You will need it as you get older. I won’t miss that experience of experiencing the blessing all over again the next time I look at it :) You’ll never regret it :)

NOTE: This is one article that I took from my old blog because I didn’t have the time to write a new post last nite. Hehehe. Hope you guys still enjoy it.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

"Penyamun Vending Machine"

Okay guys!! Now sia mau tulis satu post yang light and funny...taking a break from the heavy2 stuff dan benda2 yang menjadikan kita murung, ok? Ok lets go!

Note: Jangan Kamurang Ketawa Selepas Membaca!! :PP (Hehehehehehe)

Masa skul dulu ni sempat lagi kamirang tinggal di hostel ba. Roommate sia mix2 orang Semenanjung dan Sarawak. Majoritinya otak gila2. Ada2 ja perkara gila yang kamirang buat. Dia punya mastermind ni, biasanya adalah– tidak lain dan tidak bukan adalah orang Sabah jua ba, iaitu sia sendiri dan kawan rapat sia sampai sekarang ni. Mimang kami dua la dapat anugerah paling gila tu masa.

Ada vending machine ba di dekat kantin tu. Vending machine tu kan ada minuman tin, kasi masuk syiling RM1 then tekan la apa minuman kamu mau. So satu hari tu masa school, ada di antara roomate2 sia tu nampak kawan2 lelaki dorang ni kasi masuk RM1 ja dalam machine tu and dorang boleh kasi keluar sampai beberapa tin satu kali. Budak2 lelaki yg buat kerja tu bukan pun budak samseng ba, tapi biasalah kalau umur belasan tahun, memang suka yang thrill. Dorang mau tunjuk skil yg dorang boleh kasi pening tu machine. So untung la ba dorang kan?

So roomate2 sia yang nampak kejadian tu, bawa cerita tu pegi bilik. Then tiba2 kawan sia sorang tu cakap, “Why don’t we try?” We got the chance untuk buat tu benda, sebab hostel kami berada di bangunan yang sama dengan kantin tu, iaitu di mana terletaknya vending machine tu. So kami pun atur strategi la. Kami plan malam tu mau turun bawah pegi vending machine tu bila suasana sudah sunyi dan most students yang tinggal di bangunan tu sudah titun.

Sia masih ingat, kami semua berpakaian sempoi yang ready mau tidur. So most of us pakai seluar pendek. Ada sorang kawan Kelantanese kami ni, dia biasanya pakai tudung, tapi since waktu tu malam, dia pakai kemeja, kain sarung dan dihiasi dengan rambut keriting dia yang tidak bersikat. Dia lah yang paling bersungguh-sungguh mau tiru skil tu budak lelaki kasi keluar tu beberapa minuman tin dengan guna RM1 sebab dia sudah nampak macamana budak2 lelaki tu buat. Dia ni memang lucu betul, ditambah lagi dengan bahasa Kelantan dia yang pekat tu.

So misi kami bermula. Kira2 jam 11 gitu, nahh…mula la kami semua turun pegi bawah secara senyap2. Tapi kami jalan dengan perlahan dan tapuk2 ba, sebab paham2 la kalau orang mau buat jenayah ni. Kawasan kami tu dijaga oleh sorang pak guard, innocent betul muka dia. Kami paling worry kalau itu pak guard nampak kami ba. That’s why kami jalan slow2. But sampai ja dekat vending machine tu, baru ja kawan Kelantanese kami tu mau kasi masuk duit, tiba2 nampak tu pak guard ba muncul dari tepi dinding tu. Terus kami bertempiaran lari naik atas. Itu pak guard pun takajut ba tinguk kami lari bila nampak dia. Dia anggap kawan sia tu cuma mau beli minuman ja, tapi terus nda jadi gara2 nampak dia. Confirm la dia hairan. Apa yang dia nda tau adalah misi “menyamun vending machine” tu dengan guna RM1.

Then kami yang kepenatan berlari sampai di bilik, kami bising2 la. “Kenapa juga kamu lari oh?” Then sorang lagi menjawab, “Entah, sia nampak kamu lari, sia pun lari la.” The fact is, semua kami pun sibuk berlari naik pegi bilik. Kami pun nda tau kenapa kami terasa mau lari naik bila nampak pak guard tu. Then menyedari tindakan refleks kami tu, itu budak Kelantan cakap la, “Jangan lari lagi tau. Ingat tu. Kita buat biasa ja. Nanti apa pula pakcik guard tu pikir, nda pasal2 kita kena cakap buat salah.” (Padahal memang pun dalam misi membuat jenayah! Jenayah mau mencuri minuman tin!) (/me berabis tahan ketawa)

Then kali kedua kami turun…kali ni kami rasa semakin yakin, then kami walked slowly, tunduk2, berlindung di dinding kantin tu on the way to the vending machine. Masa kami buat macam tu, si budak Kelantan tu balik2 cakap, “Ingat tau, jangan lari walaupun nampak pak guard tu.” Kami lega juga sebab at least ada satu orang yg betul2 original otak penyamun di antara kami tu. (/me berabis tahan ketawa). So, masa kami jalan senyap tu, kami nda abis2 mencubuk takut2 ada pak guard tu lagi. Kami harap dia sudah balik pegi pondok jaga yang nda jauh dari sana. So semasa kami bergerak dengan penuh berjaga-jaga, TIBA-TIBA…

Muncul satu kepala di sebalik pokok2 rendang yg kelihatan melalui cermin tingkap kantin tu, iaitu si PAK GUARD itu lah juga!!! Kami punyalah tekejut dan apa lagi, terus kami teriak!!!. Terbeliak mata tu pak guard tinguk kami yang seolah-olah nampak hantu ba. Nasib gelap, if not, confirm nampak mata dia berair menahan tangisan sebab kami sudah buat dia rasa macamana kalau jadi hantu. And u guys know apa kami buat? Kami punya kaki automatik berlari naik atas balik! Teka sepa yangmengetuai rombongan larian tu? Dia ialah budak Kelantan yang bersemangat waja yg menjadi harapan sebagai ketua penyamun!!!! Punya laju dia lari ba guys!!…tu rambut keriting dia tu kan terbang2 sudah bah, and then dengan selipar jipun dan kain sarung dia tu, dengan menggenggam syiling RM1 tu ba. Masa tu sia dan kawan sia yang Sabahan juga tu, punya lah pecah ketawa bila sia tinguk keadaan haru-biru si “ketua penyamun” tu ba. Bukan main dia lari tanpa tengok belakang. Bertambah kelucuan kami bila ingat dia balik2 cakap, “Jangan lagi kamu lari ni kali.” So sepanjang jalan naik bilik tu, kami berabis-abisan ketawa sebab betul2 tidak boleh tahan. Kurang asam punya ketua penyamun. Berani dia buat aksi yang begitu lucu sampai sia terduduk sudah di lantai melayan ketawa ba. Buli2 dia buat muka innocent lagi sampai di bilik, yang kununnya dia la yg paling tidak bersalah dalam tu hal. Dia cakap dia terkejut dengar kami teriak so terus dia lari la naik. Punya bising bilik kami tu dengan gelak ketawa. Lepas tu, kami INSAF sudah daripada misi kami tu. Kami tidak lagi turun untuk kali ke-3. Kami pun takut juga pak guard tu kena sakit jantung gara2 kami. (*Lols)

Esoknya kami pegi kelas dengan muka yang paling innocent, bila kami nampak Pak Guard tu pun, kami buat muka seolah-olah 1 minggu sudah kami nda pernah nampak muka dia padahal baru juga malam sebelumnya tu kami dihantui oleh wajahnya di sebalik pokok2. (*Lols)

Smpai sekarang kami ungkit kejadian ni kan, kami akan ketawa separuh gila. Tapi kami mendapat satu penemuan berharga daripada cerita tu, iaitu:

“Kami teda bakat menjadi penyamun. Kami terima kenyataan tu dengan hati yang pasrah.”


Pasal tu la kami bercadang untuk jadi budak baik ja. Kamirang telah tewas dalam misi mencuri minuman tin. Sekian terima kasih.

Hahahahahaahahhaahhaahahahahahahahahhaahahah. Macam kena gelitik ja masa sia tulis this post.

Muahsss all.

P/S- Laughing is the best medicine. Trust me, I Know *Grinz

Friday, July 24, 2009

The Broken Heart That Belongs To You…

Breakups happen for a lot of reasons. You can’t just go and blame on the girl or the guy. Each must have something to contribute to the breakup. Unless it is puppy love, no one gets into a relationship just to break it off. So our perception towards “what a relationship” will differ as we age. The older we get, the closer it gets to the word Commitment. Commitment IS a very big world for relationships for the mature people. I will tell you why. 

I am no genius in this. I suck in relationships. I seriously do. I have no proven track that I have succeeded in any of my relationship. You want to know why? 

Because of the word Commitment. 

The purpose of a relationship is – to head to an exact destination of Sharing Life with each other. If your relationship is going elsewhere, then PAUSE right there. It could be a sign to call it a quit. 

I am trying to send a message. There’s no use to be in a relationship without a proper direction. It’s better off end there or you’ll spend –how many more years?- in it just to see it ends. How to know if the relationship is going somewhere? At least one of you initiates a serious talk about “the future” – going towards marriage. And the other one finds a way to share the same dream and heads for the same direction. If it’s just relationship – so beautiful yet almost questionably real – like the Hanging Park of Babylon – there got to be something else as Beautiful Yet Real outside there. 

Sometimes, breaking up is the best thing to do and to happen. It's the only way that you can look for a greener pasture. From my past experience, since that I could not get myself ready for the commitment, then it's not fair that I make my partner stay and wait for something I'm still unsure of giving. At the end of the day, we are living in reality and not fantasy. The clock won't stop ticking even how slow we are. Breaking up is still the best in order to give each of you the fair chance to look for a better new beginning. 

Recently, a friend sms-ed me and said to me her fiance wanted to call off the engagement. Then I could sense the sadness in the way she wrote the sms. I know that she was very sad. Then what do you guess I advice her? The next time she dropped by at my place, I said this to her face. 


She was shocked that I said that. “Why you said that?” 

“It's not the end of the world, and it's not the end of both of you. If you guys are made for each other, your paths will cross again. And hopefully when that happens one day, you guys are ready for Commitments, because by then and only then, any kind of relationship would matter because by then you know where it is heading. Why be so afraid of “losing” the title of a relationship because it's not the freaking title that counts. Call it paradise, call it heaven, call it true love, dammit call it anything you like, but if it's not working, it's only a second choice to the best life that you can have. Go get that “best life”. Start with this break-up.” 

As a result, she's happier now. Why? Because she doesn't have to report to anyone when she goes out with any of her guyfriends. She's living the life that she wants. Yes, she still loves that ex-fiance of hers, but the good news is, he could still be the one she marries when the time has come. But for now, it's the best thing to be. And this thing is called -breaking up-. 

The break up Must Happen for all the good things to uncover. That's what I told her. Worried that she got hurt so much? The pain will pass. Life is too beautiful to even have the time to savour the pain that is there to make your smile sweeter. 

NOTE: My friend Dingobee, I feel sad that it was not even a month after I made a post for your birthday, and already you are tested again. But I’m glad that I told you your strong points in the birthday post for you before this thing happens because just in case you forgot, please read the post again. Yes, you’re a strong and courageous lady that inspire people like me. Don’t forget that. Be strong. 

Thursday, July 23, 2009

"The Luckiest Baby"

Ada2 saja ba cerita baru sia ni kan guys. Hehehe. Kalau any new story cost something, I should earn a few thousands by now. *Grinz. Hahahahaha.

I know this customer about months ago. She opened a story about A Baby.

She got married for 9 years now but she never conceives. Dia ni sudah lah anak orang berada, now dia dan hubby dia running a business in tourism. Duit bertimbun tapi anak teda, so? What do you think they would do?

Yes, finally they decided to adopt a baby. Jauh2 dorang pegi merantau di negeri lain mau cari baby itu. Akhirnya dorang jumpa satu keluarga yg sudah ada ramai anak, dan mamanya tu sedang mengandung lagi. So melihatkan kepada kehidupan susah laki bini tu, dorang cakap mau “beli” itu baby yang di dalam perut. So dorang belum tau pun muka baby tu, dorang sudah book. Dorang punya keikhlasan sudah tahap gaban untuk memiliki anak sendiri.

So masa anak tu dilahirkan, dorang ada di sana untuk menyambut kelahiran dia. It’s a babygirl! Dorang bawa balik tu baby pegi Sabah dengan baik2, melalui prosedur undang2 yang betul. Dorang make sure parents tu budak betul2 rela hati mau kasi tu anak dorang. Baby tu ditatang bagai minyak yang penuh. Tidak terkira kasih sayang dorang. When I spoke with the lady, sia buli tau macamana sayangnya dia sama tu baby. Want to get the idea? Umur baby tu baru mau masuk 6 bulan July ni. Setiap hari, dorang take picture tu baby dengan macam2 expresi muka dia. Dorang mau nampak walau seinci pun perubahan dia. Wow! Jarang2 kita dengar. Tapi memang betul. Sia sendiri pun sudah nampak tu gambar2 semua.

Then tibalah masa untuk Majlis Bercukur. Bukan main sibuk tu mama dia. Semua persediaan dia buat sejak 3 bulan sebelum majlis tu. Pelamin baby, kad jemputan, catering, doorgift dan macam2 lagi. Dia punya doorgift tu bukan main2. Semua ada print muka tu baby. Mengalahkan majlis kawin ba. (You guys ada tengok tu Gugu Gaga Erra? Haa, sia jamin yang dorang ni buat lagi grand dari majlis bercukur anak Erra tu). Even baju untuk baby tu pun dorang terbang pegi Indon untuk cari baju fairy yang ada sayap tu.Ada sorang kawan dia yang own boutique di Indon offer mau sponsor 50% baju fairy tu, so dia cuma bayar separuh harga. Separuh harga pun masih juga RM500 something. That means the baju cost more than RM1,000! Aiyoo!!

So selepas majlis tu berlangsung, sia tidak dengar khabar dari dia. Baru tadi dia singgah tempat sia dan update tentang majlis dia tu. Want to know the story? Terlampau ramai orang datang.Makanan tidak cukup, terpaksa last minute kena beli lagi. Katering dorang ambil dari satu hotel 5-star. Canopy pun kena tambah masa guests sudah datang. Tapi akhirnya semuanya berjalan dengan baik. Dan yang paling2 dia excited bagitau sia, baby dia punya hadiah – TERLAMPAU BANYAK!!! Tidak terkira! Itu stroller baby pun sudah 4 buah. Lain lagi patung2 dan termasuklah mainan2, baju2 - dorang ambil masa 1 minggu untuk buka tu hadiah semua. Dan dia ada mention satu peralatan baby yang lama sudah dia mau beli, harga around RM700, pun ada di antara hadiah yang dorang dapat hari tu. But, the most expensive gift came from a royal family from the neigbouring country. Rantai emas dengan loket nama penuh baby tu. Siap dengan batu permata lagi. Paling murah pun it cost dalam RM2k juga tu. Gila kaa!! Tu barulah! Kalau dia kasi sama sia, mungkin logic lagi, tapi ini masih baby baa!! Doooiii dogo! *Lols. So what else. Aha! The CASH!! “Guess how much we dapat hari tu?!”, dia tanya sia. So sia main congak2 la. Sia tinguk gaya2 dia ni orang kaya2, mana cakap benda tu banyak kalau setakat 1,2 ribu. So sia main cincai la taruh, “RM5k?” With that sarcastic smile, “Honestly, more than that.” Then I went, “Omigawd! Are you sure? Then? Say, double the amount, RM10k?” She smiled again, “More than that!”

You gotta be freaking kidding me!!! Aiyoooooooo ini kawin ka apa wooo.

“She’s a lucky lucky lucky baby, you know that?!!” I said to her.

“She IS lucky indeed. Dia ni betul2 bawa tuah sama kami. We called the biological parents and told them about the majlis and they cried right away. Dorang cakap, “Kami sendiri pun tidak sangka baby kami begitu bertuah.”

Then I said, “She’s lucky because she has parents like you guys ba tu. I know how hard you worked for the majlis. And it all paid off.”

“Do you really think that she’s lucky because she has parents like us?”, she asked me lagi, sudah pun terang2.

“YES, of course!!!”

She said, she cried habis-habisan hari tu. Betul2 happy tidak terhingga. Kesyukuran yang tidak dapat diluahkan. Namun apa yang sia paling kagum adalah kasih sayang yang tidak berbelah bagi tu ba. Memang satu contoh yang sangat baik untuk orang lain. Tapi dorang ni orang berada, tapi sia berani cakap yang tidak semua orang berada akan buat macam tu. Ini semua bergantung kepada sebanyak mana kasih sayang yang dorang mampu bagi sama anak tu, biarpun cuma anak angkat. Maybe dorang ni antara orang yang betul2 guna blessings dorang di tempat yang betul, dan pasal tu la dorang dapat kebahagiaan yang macam tu.

Wow! Then guys, what do you feel now? Sia ada 2 points penting sini.

1.Saban hari kita dengar cerita orang buang baby. Baby yang dibuang tu, syukur la kalau masih hidup. Dari apa yang sia dengar, kebanyakan baby tu sudah mati bila dijumpai. Mama dorang yang kandung selama 9 bulan tu langsung teda rasa sikit pun sayang sama darah daging sendiri. Bagi sesetengah dorang, ini baby cuma satu “kesilapan” daripada kehidupan liar yang tiada batas. Senangnya dorang mau dapat baby, yang kebanyakannya serba serbinya cukup sifat. Sedangkan ada ibu2 mengandung yang berubat sana sini, minum macam2 product yang mahal hanya untuk make sure baby dorang keluar dengan cukup sifat. Dorang ni pula, baby tu sudah la tidak dirancang, tidak payah pun jaga betul2, still jadi baby yang comel yang jadi idaman orang lain. Inilah satu perkara antara tidak terjawab oleh kita kan? Ini semua perhitungan nasib dan takdir. Tapi sia wonder juga sekejap, sekiranya mereka2 yang sudah pernah buang baby ni terjumpa dengan mama kepada “The Lucky Baby” ni, sia mau tanya dorang apa dorang rasa. Semoga dorang sedar sikit bahawa apa yang dorang tidak hargai tu adalah satu cahaya keberkatan untuk orang lain. Harap2 sedar sikit yang ada orang sanggup belanja berpuluh ribu hanya untuk dapat satu baby orang lain yg dijadikan baby sendiri, tapi dorang senang2 ja buang macam patung.

2. Sia rasa terharu dengan kasih sayang mama dia tu sama anak angkat dia. Bukan main susah dia handle tu majlis. Ini untuk umur yang belum pun sampai satu tahun, belum lagi untuk 1 tahun dan seterusnya. Dia batuk, dia demam, semua benda tu mendatangkan kerisauan pada hati ibu bapa. Suddenly sia terpikir betapa besarnya kasih sayang ibu bapa kepada anaknya. Bukan main gembira lagi dorang bila tinguk kita walaupun masa tu kita belum ada pikiran. Hari2 dorang pikir pasal kita ja. Sihat ka kita, sakit la kita, kalau buli tidak mau berenggang pun dengan kita. Yang paling penting sekali, sia sedar betapa SUSAHNYA dorang mau kasi besar kita dan betapa besarnya harapan dorang kepada kita. Tapi bila besar, belum tentu lagi jadi anak yang baik2. Belum tentu lagi tu tangan dorang tidak hinggap di muka mama bapa yang penat2 kasi besar dorang. Belum tentu lagi dorang peduli muka2 orang yang besar dorang masa dorang senang nati. Kalau la dorang nampak sinar di mata ibu bapa dorang tu masa melalui kesusahan kasi besar dorang, mungkin dorang paham juga betapa sayangnya ibubapa dorang sama dorang.

Melihat kepada scenario ni, tidak hairan la orang sekarang sudah pandai berkata-kata. Bila nampak orang ni heboh sana sini sebab mau buat majlis untuk anak kesayangan dia, mesti ada mulut2 yang bercakap, “Masa kecil kena sayang bukan main, bila besar belum tentu tidak jadi penagih dadah.” Sedih juga dengar macam ni, tapi ini lah kenyataannya.

Kita yang ada otak mau pikir ni, pikir2 la sikit. Mungkin kita ni bukanlah sebaik mana untuk balas balik jasa ibu bapa kita, tapi at least kita belum terlambat untuk buat sesuatu. Baik ka kita, jahat ka kita, kita punya tangan sendiri yang buat. So, pandai2 la pikir apa yang patut. Tapi kalau lah kita boleh buat dorang rasa kebahagian semasa mula2 sambut kita di dunia ni, alangkah bagusnya kan :)

"Give Her All The Corrects She Doesn't Deserve"

I was sitting on my desk when I recalled this funny thing happened years ago. I remember that I joined a class for a short-term course that was very different from the course I was doing for years. There were only a few students with degree and the rest are with diploma. The course was conducted 70% in English. I remember that the lecturer was young good-looking family man. He’s the nicest lecturer that I have ever come across. Maybe because the duration of the course was quite short, so we only got to share all the good stuff.

I remember that I was a very serious student during the course. I never played around. When it was time to write notes, I write, so I became the place they came to ask notes from. The rest of them were wasting their time, chatting and playing around at the back. I learnt my lesson back in secondary school when my grades were plunging just because I played around. I never felt sleepy even once during the whole months. I’m very satisfied with my commitment with the course. It was like never before!

Maybe because of that, I gained a lot of respect from the lecturer. He would tease some of my classmates, but he would never tease me. He was the type who joked around like he was just a colleague to us. We even discussed about some nasty hot videos openly during recess. So you know that our lecturer was more like a friend than a lecturer to us. The only thing that he often said to me jokingly, I should quit the course early and apply for a lot of vacancies that I might fit in. I said to him, if I wanted to do it, I would have done that long before. He couldn’t understand why I was so stubborn with my decisions. He thought that courses like that are only delaying my time. I remember that one time, I was at the pc lab, and instead of doing the work he asked, I logged in to IRC and went chatting. He saw it. I was giggling in front of the pc as I was chatting pretending I didn’t see him looking my way. *Lols. My other friend who was using the pc beside me was doing the same thing. But she was doing a little less crime because she was not that good with handling pc so she sort of trying to connect her IRC but didn’t manage. I didn’t know if my lecturer thought it was okay for me to steal some time chatting, but he did not say anything to stop me. He only said, Wow 256, you can type very fast oh. It could be a sarcastic remark but I didn’t get it. *Lols. When we came back to the classroom, he kept saying to the class that “he’s amazed” that I could type so fast. You see? I didn’t get it that he was trying to hide a little dissatisfaction towards me “taking advantage” of his kindness at the pc lab. He kept attacking my friend who sat beside me at the pc lab – saying that “she could never finish her work because she only chats when she’s at the pc lab. That’s all she knows.” That’s what my lecturer teased my friend in the joking manner. The whole class laughed at her. That’s what always happened. He would tease my other friends but he would not tease me. I felt that I was given a special treatment.

But it was a wild guess until I found something on my test paper. We did a few tests and I was always sure of my answers so I never received an X on any of my answers. Not even a single X. If we got even one wrong answer, we need to do the question once again in a correction paper and submit it to be rechecked. Finally, we came to this one test - after we submitted the paper, we discussed the answers, and I almost choked when I found out that I finally got one answer wrong. I mean, it was really shameful when I was doing my notes correctly and still got it wrong. So I was ready to accept an X on this question when I received my test paper. But guess what?? My lecturer gave that wrong answer a big correct sign. I mean, I was so sure I was wrong for that answer and he still gave me correct. I did not say anything to my friends and I was sure my lecturer won’t overlook that mistake too. I tried to guess why. One could be because my lecturer did not want to deal with me any further because if he gave me wrong, he needed to remind me to do the correction. I could tell that he might not like to remind me about something like that because I was the one who often caught his mistakes when he was teaching. I remember that he used the wrong English term and I said, “Sir, I believe that word doesn’t exist. I checked on my pc dictionary last nite.” I think even my lecturer was scared of me. (Hahahaahahahahahahahahahaahahahhahaaha).

I was just kidding. But it left me wondering why. If you were some lecturer, do you think you’ll get intimidated by your student to the extent that you give her all the corrects she doesn’t deserve? It’s ridiculous, right?

One more thing. Coming to the end of the course, my classmates were planning to do a “farewell vacation” to Ranau, since that some of them are not Sabahans. So they were all excited to go. They had been planning on the fun stuff to do during the trip and my lecturer agreed with them all the way. They were on it for some time. I was keeping my mouth shut because I didn’t like the trip because of many reasons, other that the fact that my boyfriend didn’t permit me to go. So, a few days before the trip, I finally spoke.

“I actually dislike the trip because the time frame is really short. Many hours would be spent on the bus instead of on the location itself. We will arrive back tired and worn out and this doesn’t sound like a fun trip for me. It’s more like a rushing trip that takes a lot of energy and not have the time to relax. My suggestion is that we do a class party in this classroom, have some indoor games, exchanging gifts, collect money and we buy many delicious foods that we can enjoy together. Everyone will go home feeling happy.”

Because of that “heartless” suggestion I made, they canceled the trip!! Ouch!! Nobody actually said No to me. Even my lecturer said, “Yes, I agree. I will sponsor 4 cakes for the party. Suddenly everyone forgot about the trip. And yup, we finally had a nice party packed with delicious foods.

I don’t know why only just now I remember it all back and thought that I was given too many “corrects” that I didn’t deserve. I just hope that for anybody who was involved in any of those scenes, felt okay with it and not saw me as The Queen Of The Termites. Hahahaahahahahahahahaha.

Anyway, it is one very treasured memory. Thanks my dear lecturer because of my CLEAN record without X – Hahahahahahahaha. (But sorry I just told my readers I didn’t actually deserve the clean record. Hehehehe. Muahsss all.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

According To The Young Moguls…

I watched the episode of Oprah Winfrey where she interviewed young moguls who become millionaires in the young age. 2 of them are the Olsen twin, Mary-Kate and Ashley, and the other two are two young men who made it big in online advertising. I don’t have to memorize their names any better than I memorize what they said. The concept is what really caught me.



Ironically, if you do what you are passionate about, the money will come.


I can’t agree more. This is what I’m doing now. It’s Very Very rewarding.

Maybe you should try it too.

A Rich Man Dilemma

Do you realize what is the number 1 problem that is always giving us headache? I would say, MONEY. It’s always about money concerns here and there. You might say that your girlfriend is your main concern, but then it could be because you don’t have enough money to spend on her. As a matter of fact, money problems get us in debts and when the debts are too much for us, it could take us to the darkest side of this life. Some even take their own lives just to end this neverending monetary problem. Come to think about this, it leaves me wondering, what could a very rich man’s problems be? What else could there be to worry about, right? You can always handle any kind of problems if you have a lot of money. You ask less questions when it comes to – How am I going to afford that nice car? How am I going to impress that lady? How am I going to make my mom happy for her birthday? All the small questions that actually spell MONEY as the solution. Guess what? The rich man doesn’t have to ask all that silly questions. He can spend all he wants and still thinking of more ways just to spend so much more. It leaves me wondering so much.

I have a friend like this. He’s very very rich. When he asked me, “How much would your dad ask for if a guy comes to ask your hand in marriage? After considering everything, including your highest certificate” I joked and popped out an amount. And he said, “Oh, ok. Are you sure that’s just all?" Even the exaggerated amount is just half from what that he spent on repairing an abandoned car at the backyard. It’s almost a shame for any lady’s dad to ask for that low if you have him as your suitor. *Lols. Just kidding. But even with a lot of money, he’s sometimes so stressed out. He is always emotionally disturbed. I would like to shout to him, “What could be a problem for a rich man like you??”

After spending quite many hours in conversation, I understand that “FRIENDS” is always the major concern to him. He’s always complaining about his friends. He can’t find reliable friends. And why is that? Maybe he’s tired that when he hangs out with his friends, it’s always him that has to take out the money. And when his friends call him for a fun hangout, is just for him to find out that he’s the one who pays the bills. Maybe he doesn’t mind at all, but at the end of the day, he feels used. He wonders why these people want him as a friend? Is it because of his companionship or is it just because of his money? It’s really getting into his nerves when they only ask him to join them when money is involved. Knowing this, he has to be defensive so that these people get the message that he wants to be treated as “a normal friend”, not an ATM machine! Like when they hang out together, he wants that they pay for the bills together. At one point, he just wants to fight for “his right” to be treated equally. He got really sick being used because of his richness. So this is why he’s always end up dumping his friends because he doesn’t want friends like that. He wants friends who want him as “a friend”. Like you want him for his companion, and not looking at him as a walking ATM machine. He would like that sometimes that you ask him out and treat him coffee. I remember he told me one time, “Someone finally insists to pay for my drink.” (Hahahaahahahha…duii giaaa) He made it sound like a big achievement when someone treats him. I was laughing big time that time because I realize that it IS very different to be rich, right?

Another thing is, whenever he’s trying to hang out with girls, his main concerns is also “Does this girl go for my money?” He dislikes that so much. He dumped many of the girls when he found out that they wanted him because he’s rich. Well, can you blame the girls for that? If your advantage is your sweetness, people would cling to you because of your sweetness. So if it’s the only advantage that he can show to his friends, what does he expect? I think this is just something that happens naturally. You must show people what you worth. If you keep flashing your money, don’t blame people if they saw nothing but your money! Agree?

I did my small observation on him. He can do something about that. Try not to talk like “a rich man”. Try not to sound like you are at a higher rank, because if you continue to do so, don’t expect that your friends can see you as “one of them”. One thing that he often overlooks is that, in order to get accepted by the friends that he wants to be part of; he always shows that he has that much money. Nobody would reject him, right? But then he becomes so upset and resistant when he finds out that the only reason why he’s accepted to be one of them is because he has money.

As a friend, I saw his other qualities. I don’t think most of his friends saw those qualities. Why? Because he doesn’t let them. Maybe he’s too busy talking about money and nothing else. But when he talks with me, I never bring up the money matters, so that he has the space to talk about other things, and that’s when I saw his different sides. So is it too late for him to correct how others perceive him? Nothing is ever too late. But he must start somewhere.

We all know that there are many things that money can’t buy. Even the rich man knows that too. But I told him something.

“You can buy friends, but RESPECT is something that you have to earn”

Yes, people can fake it that they have respects for you, but Not For Long.

Again, it’s not that easy to be a very rich man, right? Now that’s fair or what? Hehehe. Stories like this remind me how much I should be grateful about my moderate and low profile life. At least I don’t spend sleepless night in pain thinking that I’m not worthy for a sincere friendship.

Actually, he can make his richness works for him, instead of works against him. Let’s not blame on his richness, right? A little attitude adjustment might just spell wonders for him.

Good luck :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Aku Bertanya, “Apakah KesanKu Pada Dunia?”

Dalam kesibukan dunia ini melalui hari demi hari, kadang2 hujan, kadang2 panas, kadang2 ribut petir…cuaca silih berganti. Lain lagi cerita di sana sini. Di sana perang, di sini mogok, di situ bencana, kekalutan politik, jenayah dan macam2 masalah sosial dan kesihatan.

Kadang2 terpikir juga kejap…dunia ni tau kah sia ada di sini? Jangan cakap dunia ini lah, itu bangunan tempat sia belajar dulu – tempat sia dan kawan2 rapat sia kenal dan lalui macam2 kenangan manis, adakah bangunan itu ingat pada sia? Sia limpas bangunan tu, sia dapat rasa yang walaupun sia masih ingat bangunan itu, bangunan itu tidak simpan pun sebarang kenangan yang tertulis sia di dalamnya. Terdetik sikit rasa “tidak adil” dalam hati sia. “Bangunan itu sepatutnya ingat pada sia”.

Dalam pada sia menjadi manusia yang lemah. Sia pernah berkali-kali diejek kerana kelemahan sia, dan sia juga pernah dipuji atas kelebihan sia. Sia tidak boleh kira berapa kali sia menangis sebab hati sia terluka atas sebarang sebab, dan sia juga masih boleh ingat detik2 bahagia yg membuatkan sia rasa sia adalah seorang manusia yang sangat diberkati. Sia lalui semua itu dan sia tidak jamin sia akan berhenti lalui tu semua selagi sia bernafas dan selagi jantung sia berdegup. Suka atau tidak, benda macam tu tentu akan berlaku. What all this make me?

Entah kenapa sia boleh terpikir untuk bertanya, “Apakah kesan sia pada dunia ini?” Dalam kepayahan sia melalui hari demi hari, adakah dunia ini akan ingat sia? Adakah kehadiran sia di kalangan manusia2 ini actually make a difference? Kalau tiba2 sia tiada lagi, adakah sia akan dirindui? Nahh…soalan2 tu semua bermain di kepala sia. Actually, ada lagi yang lebih penting dari ni semua. Sebelum sia tinguk jauh2, sia tinguk dulu apa yg lagi dekat dengan sia.

Adakah sia adalah anak yang baik kepada ibu bapa sia? Adakah sia adalah kakak dan adik yang baik kepada adik beradik sia? Adakah kawan2 sia menjadi orang yang lebih baik kerana mempunyai kawan seperti sia? Adakah orang sekeliling sia yang kenal sia dari jauh ja mempunyai pandangan yang positif tentang sia? Dan terlanjur sia ada blog ni, adakah blog sia ni memberikan kesan kepada pembaca2 sia dan mungkin juga kepada scenario blogging itu sendiri?

Kalau sia ada pilihan, SIA MAU yang kehadiran sia memberikan kesan kepada sesiapa yang pernah come across me. Alangkah bagusnya kalau macam tu. Sia terpikir benda ni, sebab sia asyik berfikir tidak henti2. Orang2 itu tidak tau yang sia asyik berpikir tentang dorang, walaupun mungkin dorang tidak kenal pun sia. Dengan pikiran sia yang tidak henti2 berpikir ni, tiba2 sia rasa it’s so unfair when kehadiran sia tidak pun memberi kesan kepada dunia ini. I do think that I spend my gifts for this world. I live together with this world, biarpun dalam linkungan sia yg sekecil ini.

Biarpun apa yang sia cakap tu bukan semuanya baik, tapi sia mampu untuk bercakap benda2 yang baik dan memberikan faedah untuk orang lain. Walaupun bukan semua yang sia tulis tu difahami dan dipersetujui, tapi untuk segelintir yang memahami dan mempersetujui apa yang sia tulis tu, akan mendapat inspirasi daripada tulisan sia. Dan walaupun bukan semua jenaka yang sia buat tu lucu, tapi untuk mereka yang merasakan kelucuan itu akan rasa terhibur dan mungkin mengubat kesedihan mereka.

Ya, mungkin ini yang lebih penting sekali. Jangan kita pikir pasal memberikan kesan pada satu dunia. Sudah memadai kalau segelintir mereka yang hidupnya pernah bertembung dengan hidup kita, akan merasakan bahawa hidup mereka tidak akan sama tanpa kehadiran kita. Kita tidak perlu memandang jauh2, sedangkan kita boleh melihatnya daripada mata keluarga dan kawan2 kita. Bila mereka mengucapkan penghargaan, di sana kita tau bahawa kita telah memberikan kesan kepada hidup mereka. Oleh itu, mungkin sia tidak akan meyimpan permintaan setinggi itu lagi sebab misi sia mungkin bukan seorang pemimpin dunia atau pejuang hak asasi manusia yang akan dikenali oleh ramai orang. Tapi mungkin tidak kisahlah siapa sia. Sia tetap ada ruang untuk memberikan kesan kepada orang2 lain di sekeliling sia.

Bagaimana dengan kamu? Adakah kamu setuju bahawa kamu pun mau kehadiran kamu memberi kesan kepada orang di sekeliling kamu?

Biar sia bagi satu perumpamaan. Ada kawan sia attend this reception di hotel 3 bintang. Then dia cakap, “Tu makanan dia tidak sedap. Teda rasa.” Then sia heran la kenapa macam tu. “Kenapa pula macam tu? Bukan makanan hotel sepatutnya sedap kah?” Terus dia jawab, “Maybe tu pengantin ambil pakej yang murah, so pasal tu la makanan nda sedap.” Then sia cakap, “No such thing lah!” Logik la ba sikit!

Itu makanan, sama ada pakej murah atau mahal, sama juga dorang kena panaskan periuk, pakai minyak dan gunakan tenaga dan masa dorang untuk masak setiap jenis makanan. Lain la kalau dia cakap, kalau ambil pakej yang murah sikit ni, semua makanan kami tinggal rebus saja. Ini tidak, semua makanan actually sama juga jenis masakan dia. Cuma dia murah sebab jenis hidangan yang kurang. So my point is very simple. Alang2 sudah makanan tu dimasak macam biasa, alang2 dia kasi cukup la ba semua tu perisa makanan, alang2 masak, biar la bah makanan tu sedap!

Sama macam hidup kita ni juga. Mentang2 la kita tidak dilahirkan jadi pemimpin, terus kita rasa alah…hidup mcm orang biasa ni biar la ba antam2. Ndak kisah la apa jadi. Kita ni kan cuma orang biasa saja, bukan ada orang peduli pun. Tapi kau sama pemimpin tu actually sama ja. Dua2 pun kena lahir susah payah oleh mama masing2. Penat2 kena kasi besar, kena kasi pendidikan dan sebagainya. Kau dan dia pun hirup udara yang sama. Semua benda asas untuk terus hidup adalah sama saja. Sia nda nampak satu reason pun kenapa kau perlu menghidupi kehidupan kau dengan sambil lewa, main hantam2 saja, tunggu sampai ajal. Alang2 sudah kau lalui proses2 menjadi seorang manusia tu, susah2 kau kena bawa di dunia ini, then jadikanlah hidup kau tu hidup yg membawa makna. Sebabnya, mau atau tidak, kau tetap akan lalui jalan itu juga, kenapa tidak kau laluinya dengan penuh kesedaran yang status dan darjat kau itu tidak menjadikan kau manusia yang kurang dalam misi kau sebagai seorang lagi insan di dunia ini.

Alang2 sudah kita hidup, marilah kita jadikan kehidupan kita bermakna dan mudah-mudahan memberi kesan yang mendalam dalam hidup mereka2 yang mengenali kita.

So yg lepas tu lepas, di hadapan tu masih tersimpan sejuta harapan. Lets do our mission, guys :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Mengambil Kesempatan Dalam Kesempitan

If you guys kenal sesiapa saudara mara yang ada kemahiran tertentu, then adakah kamu akan mempergunakan hubungan saudara kamu tu untuk mendapat faedah daripada kemahiran dia tu? Contohnya, mentang2 la kamu ada saudara yang mahir bertukang, kamu berabis pok mau dapat ukiran kayu dengan percuma daripada dia? Kamu buat permintaan itu ini, and then cakap, “Nanti sia bayar”, but then bila sudah siap benda tu, and then bila dia kasi harga, kamu rasa nda puas hati sebab saudara sendiri pun mau juga caj mahal2. Or paling senang cerita, kamu actually expect benda tu free bah!!!

Nah…kamu pikir sekejap, sama ada kamu adalah jenis org yang mcm ni. Orang yang mengambil kesempatan dan memerah abis abisan keluarga dan saudara mara kamu, cari ruang yg kamu boleh mendapat keuntungan daripada apa saja, mengikut apa yang boleh dikasi oleh dorang yang boleh membawa faedah sama kau.

Sia ni SELALU kena macam ni. Sebab sia suka buat macam2 benda yang berlainan. Walaupun sia tidak lah sebagus mana dalam setiap perkara tu, but compared sama orang lain yang betul2 tidak tau, memang apa yang sia boleh buat tu maybe good enough. Better than nothing. So, when you become a multi-tasking punya orang, memang kau lah jadi orang yang paling sibuk bila kau diperlukan.

At times, you feel that you’re a very useful person. So the feeling is very rewarding. Like everyone is looking for you, coming to you to refer about something – sampaikan kau rasa, kalau kau teda sana, memang byk benda yang tidak jadi. Okay, actually benda ni best juga. Kau rasa betul2 berguna. But ada masanya, kau rasa betul2 tertekan sebab bebanan tu terlalu banyak untuk kau tanggung. Okay fine. Memang bagus menjadi orang yang diharap.

But when it involves your professional skill, it should be a different thing. Time for leisure tu memang kau tidak berkira, because it involves you. But when it doesn’t involve you, and when people just come and ask for your skill, it should be professional business deal. Because you are paid for it by your other customers. So when your own relatives come and ask for your favour that involve your professional skill, should it be for free? It’s so easy to say Yes, when it is you who are asking for it. But wait until you become the person they ask the favour from, then you‘ll know what I’m talking about.

And not just relatives, the friends of your parents, the friends of your siblings, the friends of your relatives- are using their link with the person who has blood relationship with you, to get the best price, (if you really can’t give it free! Ouch!!!) This really puts me in a hard situation. For example, my mom’s friends are using my mom to get special treatment for my favour, like they want it fast, but then they can pay anytime they want, since that “I know your mom ba, so bila2 pun can pay.”

Actually, I’m more on the ethics side of this. I can say to you that the money is nothing compared to my ethical concerns. I don’t like it when people are taking advantage. I HATE IT SERIOUSLY!!! The money from some unethical customers won’t make me rich, but if I let them do this to me once, it’s my own failure in sending the message that I don’t take craps. The lesson that I want to teach them is that, they can’t use any of my family to get family treatment from me! Instead of going to me directly, they use my parents. So memang they come to the right people to do it, cos my parents ni kadang2 lembut hati dan tidak sampai hati mau bertegas. So they can pay bila2 saja dorang suka. Sia paling tidak suka when orang take advantage sama my own family just untuk save a few ringgit yang tidak pun kasi kaya dorang.

Ini betul2 satu perangai yang “tidak boleh pakai” punya. I can only give that treatment to my own family, itupun dorang tidak akan buat mcm tu. Even my own parents insist to pay for my favour that involves my work. Because they know this is professional deal. If ini cuma hoby suka2 hati, maybe itu lain cerita. When it becomes someone’s source of income, it’s totally a different thing.

I give a clear scenario. Some of my relatives insist that I do some work for them, and they ask it through my dad. I become so hesitant to do the work because my price for those works is not low. I don’t ask for these people to come to me. I emphasize that my price is higher than what they might expect. They still insist. It’s so so annoying! I know that they insist that I do it because they can use the “familyship” to maybe get those works for free. And then if I still charge – mula lah complain2 cakap, “Teruk oh si 256 tu, adakah sama saudara sendiri pun mau berkira.” Aiyooooooooooooo!!!

So situasi mcm ni memang bikin pening kepala. Something that you can do is respect orang lain. Itu yg paling penting. Kalau kau respect orang, kau akan tau value kerja dorang. Sia paling nda suka sampai mama bapa sia pun kana babit, gara2 dorang mau dapat special price. Kalau these people masih buat mcm ni, you guys know what I’m gonna do? Sia akan reject semua tu kerja. Senang cerita.


/me tinguk tempat lain sambil buat muka nda tau apa2. Hahahahahaha

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Picking The Best Father To Your Future Child?

I quote this from a conversation.

“Why do you want to keep the baby? It’s NOT from good breed, and you know it too. If you want to have a good child, go get a good breed “sperm-donour”, not that a$$shol3!”

Ouch!! As adult as can be, right? You never thought you gonna hear conversation like this until you heard it with your own ears. Since when the ladies argue about, “That b4st4rd you’re dating are not of a good breed to father a kid that you can build your world on. Find a good man to father your child”

Call this anything, my dear friends. The human race has come this far. They are now having the weirdest conversations- that’s what happens when humans are now so knowledgeable. They can calculate the possibility of having a good child – and the factors that are involved. They can even determine the gender of the child. That and so much more, my friends. It’s only a matter of time it’s all gonna come to the surface. How na├»ve was I all this while. I thought it was so weird, but then I cannot close my eyes and say that it wasn’t true.

This dilemma happens to one of my longtime friends. I only learnt about it yesterday.

The lady has all the physical necessities in life. She has good salary, decent career, luxurious car, personal apartment – you name it. She comes from a respectable rich family. She has it all most of us don’t. But she doesn’t have a lot of friends. So she needs all that love and attention from a man that she could call a lover. On the hunt for the right man, her taste is climbing with age. She doesn’t have a taste on immature men anymore. She’s more attracted to mature men who are mostly married men. So with all the attraction and advantages that she has, she could hook some guys up, but not for long. They left her right after they got what they wanted. None of them wanted to have commitment with her. She had it wrong again. She thought she could use s3x to get love. She’s been wrong about this for many years but still she fails to learn.

The current man that she hooks up with, has been in an on-off relationship with her for at least 3 years. But this man is just another “someone’s husband”, just like all her lovers previously. But it seems to be that this man sticks to her longer than usual. Everyone knows about the affair, including the wife, kids and their relatives. But the man has the worst womanizer reputation – he’s been screwing girls for fun. Even the wife is helpless with this situation. She has to just bear with this as long as the husband still comes home. The lady knows this too. She knows the man is some useless good-for-nothing, but she can’t help it too. He’s the only man she can reach to get a little affection. It’s better than nothing.

After all the years of physical relationship without direction, she finally thought that she wants something “back”. She wants to have a baby. Maybe she thought it’s finally something that really “makes sense” after all the chaos of having many different men who simply come and go. Maybe, she’s tired of hoping for a better man. She thought that she’s stuck with the 4$$hoLE, who could at least fulfill her womanly needs. So she suggested that they legalize their relationship by civil marriage. She rather have the marriage “by name”, just so she can have a father to the child that she’s planning to have; and let the man keep his existing family. The guy never agrees. It’s plain to see that the guy doesn’t love her, he’s only using her and she knows it too. But she keeps finding a way just to make the guy say yes because she thought that her situation is kinda desperate. She has the chance to tie a guy for a commitment, so she gonna grab it. If this guy runs away, she’s not sure when she gonna have another guy.

So, after all the “marriage talk” going on for quite a while, finally the lady has the breaking news. She’s Pregnant with the man’s child. As some friends might guess it, yes, she does it on purpose. She can’t wait for him to say yes. It’s really a last resort to tie up the man with responsibility – hoping that the man would say something positive when he learns that she “accidentally” got pregnant with his child. She tries to talk down the man to get a marriage letter “for the child’s sake” but … the man spells a big NO. He doesn’t want the child. He refuses to have his name on the child. Since that her plan A doesn’t work, she resorts to final plan just so she can keep the baby. She has to let the parents know and if she can keep the baby, with another kampong procedure to legalize the baby, that’s by giving her father’s name behind the child’s name, making the child one of the siblings. But the reputable dad doesn’t allow this – “You are going to ruin my good name.”

So, she finally aborted the baby. She’s very strong not to cry because she’s ready to face all this before she even decided to let the pregnancy happened. So, the few friends who know her situation tried to talk her down, they said,

“Why do you want to keep the baby? It’s NOT from good breed, and you know it too. If you want to have a good child, go get a good breed “sperm-donour”, not that a$$shol3!”

Yes, this is the conversation you found at the top of this post. Not enough with the westernized way of life when a lady could just decide when to get pregnant with a man who is not even her husband, and then to have a “marriage-contract” that they get married just to give the baby a last name and then they can dissolve the marriage afterwards.

Yes, actually, the child is more important to the lady, more than the man. She wants the child for her future. Since that she can’t get a man’s love, at least she wants a child from her own womb to love and care – and maybe to love and care for her in return. That’s what she really wants from all this mess. Something sacred and pure. Yes, she might be desperate in love, but she has a heart too. She is sensible enough to think that this wild life can’t go on forever. So, what now?

Her friends know she only wants a baby. But thinking of the kind of breed the baby comes from, what could she expect? Her friends could be right. It’s all written in science. If you have a father like that, whether or not you’re married, the child still carries the man’s genes. This sounds very cruel, people. But this is more serious than what you think. You can’t ignore the fact. Do you guys know that in the western countries, some homicide criminals got acquitted because the attorney could prove that the criminals’ insensible behaviour was “not intended” but rather “genetically inherited”? So, that implies that, when certain genes are running in your body, you can try to be good, but the genes will do the rest for you. You are NOT in control of your behaviours. So, taking a lesson from this, you can do something about it.

It’s not because you want to be God. Maybe we are given that wisdom so that we can do our part to do something for the benefit of this world. Nobody wants to cry outside the jail for having a criminal child. Nobody. You don’t want to have a son who screws girls’s lives around and potentially be a rapist, if something goes out of hand, right? This is nothing new to many people actually. People have thought about this way beforehand. The parents examine the potential spouse for their child, whether or not the person can provide children that gonna be good and useful. It’s why some parents are so particular about the background of the family. Of course they can only do their little part, the rest still comes from God.

No wonder that they have the “sperm banks” right? This is where the knowledge is really made full-use of. The men are paid for their sperms and the sperms are priced according to nationality, backgrounds and others. So if you want to have a kid with certain criteria, you must be willing to pay the price.(Even Micheal Jackson did something like this too, right?) Ouch!

But is that all? Let’s say, the lady really listen to her friends, and decide to “make it right” this time, so is it ethical to pick a man with good looks and good background just to father the child that she wants to have? Isn’t a child Should be a product of union between two persons who are under the sacred vow of marriage, and share this heavenly affection called Love? Am I at the wrong track, now people? Is this kind of thinking is considered obsolete and ancient?

Anyway, just to conclude this, I always pick the best of both things. I still believe that despite what the technology and science taught us, we MUST NOT let go off our humanly virtues. We can’t mock this love and sacred institution called marriage. We must preserve something that our ancestors taught us so that we will always know where the ground is and be firmly stepped on it, no matter how high and how far we can reach with our modernization. Yes, you can still pick the father to your future child. Then pick the right man to date, and have the proper relationship – use some common laws that You Need Marriage before you can have a child. Let’s not mock our religion just because we think we have money and power, we can be as western as we want. No, it’s more than just that. We MUST have rules to live this life, and the challenge is that to FOLLOW THAT RULES without sacrificing anything good that we want. So, follow the right lane from the very beginning, NOT curse the windy track when you find out that you’re already at the end of it. This is your choice, ladies.

When my bestfriend told me about this story yesterday, I took a long long breath. She was trying to tell me “ Pity her”, but I said this. “I’m tempted to say the same thing but hell, I can’t. If I say that she’s unfortunate, she is far from that. She has everything in her hands to get this right. But she didn’t. All this are consequences from her own decisions. She could dump that man, but she wouldn’t. Why? She quits on hoping for a better man? Why quit? If she limits her options, that’s all she gonna have. Correct her way of seeing things then only something better could follow. This is not BAD luck, trust me. She must get rid of that bad cloud that has been following her. She’s still young to have good things to unfold in her life.”

My bestfriend finally said, “Yes, you’re right. I finally realize that yes this is all coming from her decisions and nothing else. You can’t blame this on fate.”

So people… before you blame it on the fate, I don’t have to remind you again, Fate is something that doesn’t come from your own hands. But if you f*ck a bastard, why did you complain that, oh I got f*cked by that bastard? You are smarter than that.

Note: Yes, I’m quite disturbed when I’m writing this. Let’s blame it on my menses. *Lols

Friday, July 17, 2009

People Are Like Stained-glass Windows...

Happy Friday everyone. I have something to write about but I'm a little pressured because my parents gave me a signal of torture that I delay some works way too long. I plan to make up for it today. Hehehehe. Another lesson.
So today, I give you guys something you can add into your cute inspirational collection. I think you guys can tell that I love angels. They are pure, innocent and very inspiring. Expect to see more angelic figures in the future. I'm going to write about something controversial in the next post. Erks. I need to find the mood and time for it. Thanks for dropping by guys. :)

Thursday, July 16, 2009

She Has A Twin Friends!


Please check out Who Nelly is in the post “Oh Poor Nelly!”.
Just a little update. Actually, Nelly is not alone in the room. She has a pair of friends in my room. Just that, this pair is hidden below the bed.

I did my laundry last nite and only I remember about the little pink “Nelly’s friend(s)” under the bed.
Now, that’s cute or what.

Note: Jojon mentioned something about getting one “Nelly’s cousin” for me if he saw it anywhere, but I said no need because this species needs a break to be in the list of belongings. Hahahahahahahahahaha.

The toddler in me again, huh. Kinda cute, right. Hehehehe. 

Oh I forgot. This Twin Friends of Nelly is a gift from my sister.


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