Saturday, November 10, 2012

Who Is Doe Zantamata and Why?

I like to see and read the posts that are shared in Fb, especially those with photos. And of course, with some words of wisdom in them. I just notice that some of the quotes are overused and repeated again and again. Some of these quotes don't even give effect to me. I mean, I can't find the magic in them. I'm not sure about others. But it must really hit that point of magic, then only I can stop and nod.

I remember start reading some quotes, which look original, that made me go, Yes!! That's totally true! and I read  the name below there. It reads Doe Zantamata. Who's that? Oh, maybe some author I just discovered.  Could be a big name. I thought so.

So I started following the Fb pages that share mostly her quotes. Oh, her? Doe is a She? Apparently Doe Zantamata is a female. I found this in google. That's not too generous of an info, but at least we get some info.

"Doe Zantamata is an author, artist, and photographer. In addition to the Happiness in Your Life book series, she also creates and designs poster books of different titles, including “Happy By Nature,” “Old Children, A Book for “Adults”,” and others. Doe has been writing since before she could tie her shoes. In addition to writing, she enjoys nature, history, and is an animal welfare advocate. She also runs a blog at with daily posts". 
It's not easy to Wiki her, maybe she's only starting to gain popularity OR she's just a little too secretive and would prefer people to know her by her works, and not personal life. Doe, a little note on that. If you want to get famous a little faster, it's better to show more of yourself, to get personal a bit, and expose yourself more. The first people that will be your fanbase would be among your family, relatives and friends, and old schoolmates, and some people you met when socializing. Yeah, which you won't get if you want to start to be known from zero, using a pen name that even your own family don't know of. You know what...I'm being sarcastic to myself here, actually. I've been doing the same thing. I can be 10 years in blogging, and still unknown. I have to accept that. LOLS. Kidding! I mean, not in your case. You have a very interesting pen name. Unlike mine...ehehe. And you are famous enough to me. Your quotes are everywhere!!

Doe Zantamata actually has the same kind of ideas with me. In most of her quotes, it just reflects my own philosophy. It's hard not to like her. To Doe, I think I can feel your passion in this. I hope you carry on. I hope more people will get inspired by your quotes. For some reason, I think you have underwent some experiences that have totally brought you to the idea of positivity. I think you totally get it, your mission in this world. You gonna use your talents for goodwill. So continue with this. If you manage to light the heart that is gloomy, you can help people change their outlook about life. Bravo and keep up the good work!!

Pssttt...I'm your fan :))

You may browse around 2 her sites:


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Doe Roberts said...

Here I was thinking I was the only Doe! We seem to think alike, though I wonder if it is her given name or a nickname for the derivative of Dorothy. Mine is my given name. The name means "Gift of or from God". I love our shared name!

Twofivesix256 said...

LOLS...looks like you found the twin sister to your name, Doe Robert ...haha. Thanks for dropping by.

@Pink Cart said...

Yeeeass! Am a fan to Doe too! Have same passion and interests.


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