Thursday, September 10, 2015

Stay On Top, Or Fall

I remember this line from drama I watched. That it's hard to be on top, cos all you can do is either you stay on top, or go down. Competitions are everywhere. It really depends on how much you can handle the possibility of...not being the best. Cos there is always someone who is better than you who will come along. People who keep getting better at a faster pace, they too, will eventually overtake you. So, can you handle this?

Well, I have my take on that. I've been a winner before, and then I also been a loser who fell flat on my face. I know that pain of losing victory, I know the pain of slowly becoming irrelevant, so if you ask me how am I gonna handle competitions in my life today? Should I lose, it's nothing new to me. I've learnt to live with just enough. I've learnt to be average. Cos it's not that bad, actually. Competitions are just about - how many approve that you are better than others. What will happen when nobody approves that you are doing well. Will your life turn upside down? No. Your life will remain that way, still as happy as you decide to live it.

Sometimes you just have to shake that "winner image" off your mind. Competition is good, yes, but if you hate losing, just do it like me. Keep your winner points with you no matter how good others are. 

You are equally good in your own way. I don't tell you this but this is The Fact. The rest of the world might not have to know that, as long as the few ones who know you well, do. So don't worry about competitions, just do your best and project yourself as the happiest human being in your own life. Trust me, that's all that matters :))


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