Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Game Of Trust

Trust is sometimes a gamble. There’s no way you can know if the person is trustworthy until you put at stake something valuable. But it’s hard to live when all you have are doubts and suspicions. You still have to take the risk of trusting someone until the person proves that he/she doesn’t deserve the trust. Maybe u gonna end up a fool, or a victor. But still, u have to risk something and find out :)

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Sight Of The Two Birds

I saw 2 cute birds were trying to cross the road. They waited at the roadside and kept jumping away and stayed closely together when the cars passed by. What a cute sight that made me giggle. I asked myself, "Why those birds want to walk when they could fly?" I felt so touched cos even little creatures with such ability know how to be humble. :)

Monday, June 28, 2010

You Are What You Eat?

What I learnt from life is stop mumbling over the small stuff, don't complain unless it can change something, and always hope for good things to happen not just for yourself but also everyone. Then I remember when people say You Are What You Eat, I almost agree. But when others said You Are What You Think, without a doubt, I Agree!! *giggles

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Miss Earth Sabah 2010 - Result
















Date: 20th June 2010

I include the few shorts of different session by Appey Rowena, who seemed to be people's favourite because of her looks, but then beauty pageants aren't just about looks. Guess what, she's at number 2. Not bad :)) Well done for their efforts for this competition. I'm sure the Mother Nature has a reason to smile. This pageant is like a thought for her :))

Does The Hero Love The Heroin?

For all the years, we keep wondering whether the person beside us really loves us. We judge his every action and words - trying to find the reason why we think he might not love us for real, without realizing that he's always been there comforting us and accompanying us even when his presence is less appreciated. It’s like watching a drama series that has a big question mark “Does the hero love the heroin? And only found out the answer at the final episode that Yes, the hero has always been in love with the heroin. But then the episode is over. If only we know about it earlier, we would enjoy the love story longer. Sometimes that’s what we do. We spend all the time doubting and entertaining suspicions instead of enjoying the love that we share with our special one. We could spend so long in a relationship when all we actually have are nothing but jealousy, payback, misunderstanding, arguments and mistrust. If only we put our focus on why the relationship is there in the first place, we could have a longer savoured and cheered union in the paradise that we create only with the presence of the both of us.

Instead of just asking the question Does he love me?, ask no more when he’s been showing it in his own way that you have a special place in his heart. If only we remember that life might not give us enough time to spend the lifetime to ask question instead of just go ahead and live with what we already have but ignore them because of our negligence and wrong focus. Sometimes I tell myself to have Less Doubt and Learn To Trust cos it’s too energy and time consuming to do otherwise.

I might be right all along about one thing. People are talking about The Truth, they thought they would fight and battle just to know the truth. At the end of the day, it’s not about what is true or what is right – It’s all about what you believe. Guys…these elements are taking so much from us by manipulating our mind. They want us to find something we don’t seek, want something we don’t need and make fuss about all the petty things that don’t even matter.

Just clear your mind and enjoy the affection.

Stay in love, people :)

All I Want To Be

I'm not so sure if we want to be able to read people's mind or see the future or change the past. I am not so sure if we want to know everything. It's in fact so much easier to be a human with all the limitations. At least we can be forgiven for the mistakes and cheer the small victories n understand the value of tears n sweats. Maybe that what makes life fun n priceless. So today I decide all over again a human being is all I want to be :))

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The Beauty Or The Brainy…Or Maybe None of the Above

I asked a goodfriend this small quiz. If he were to pick between these 3 girls, who would he pick?

1. A girl who is beautiful but stupid

2. A girl who is brainy but ugly

3. A girl who is stupid and ugly – who is in love with you

Who would he pick?

A few guys whom I asked this little quiz, some had a pretty hard time giving answer. Some answer number 1. He said that “I send her to school. She can learn and be intelligent.” And some who answered number 2 said, “All women are beautiful if they know how to groom. So I’ll take her for a makeover and she’ll be beautiful too.” And some shot right at number 3. I mean, like No Hesitation at all. “I don’t care if she’s not beautiful or not brainy – As long as she loves me.”

In reality, if you ask any guy, they would NOT obey any of those choices. They WANT IT ALL. They want to be with someone who is beautiful and brainy and then in love with them at the same time. The question is…Can you have it all? It’s not something unheard when you saw someone who has a girlfriend with all the quality. But when you ask the guy, it’s rare when they say “I have it all”. They usually have something to complain about their woman. But surprisingly, you can hear a comment from a guy who has average looking girlfriend to be saying that “She’s everything I want.” If your girlfriend is beautiful, or brainy – Trust me, there’s always something you will be unhappy about. Yes, even if she’s already “all that”. So what do you guys want, actually?

I heard it from some guys who are obvious about What kind of woman that they want to be with. I remember this rich guy who asked me first, “256, tell me what kind of guy you are looking for.” Then I went on and on with my list of criteria. Almost hard to stop. When I was done, then I asked him. “What about you? Do you want to tell me your list now?” He said, “I don’t have a list, 256. I just want one thing. I want to be with someone who loves me with all her heart.”

So back to the little quiz above. That quiz is almost like a joke, actually. Picking someone to live with, isn’t as simple as that quiz. You want This much, but your options might just be That much. Cos as you mellow with the years, you become even more clearer what you really need in life. You want someone who would not mind sitting beside you in case you fall sick and you have to stay in bed for a few days. You want someone who would even lift you when you can’t walk or bathe you when you’re too sick to do it on your own. He told me all that. It made me thinking for a while. This guy has a lot of money. With his wealth, he can date the brainiest of all the beauties. But yet, he doesn’t pick any of those as his criteria. Cos maybe he went through a lot in looking for the girl who has EVERYTHING, and he could find many who are pretty, or maybe brainy too, but maybe he finds it hard to find for the girl who loves him for who he is, and not his money. He told me, “I can pick any of those pretty girls, but what if one day I am not rich anymore? These girls would definitely leave me.”

So that’s what I told my goodfriend, whom I gave the little quiz. “The quiz is just nothing. But on your way to find the answer for the little quiz, you realize something that – It’s not because of what your eyes tell you. Not even a girl’s love can confirm you that you find what you’re looking for. Love is more abstract than that. When it’s Mutual, then only the magic happens. You love who loves you… Regardless the beauty, or the brainy. When you love, you don’t need all that reason. So the key is…when you find the person who you love and love you back --- Make it last…cos what you have is what other people are still trying hard to find. :)

Note: Don't ask people who and how you love. You love, you define :)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Afraid Of Losing Him? Don't Be.

A few days ago, I talked to a customer…a girl who was so angry and upset with her situation. She said she argued with her boyfriend. I asked, Why? She said she was so jealous that he has many admirers, and some of them are even her own friends. She kept making it an issue to raise arguments with her boyfriend. She questioned his loyalty and fidelity. I was like… “Why did you do that? If the girls fancy your boyfriend, it not his fault, you know that?”

Jealousy which is built on Assumptions is among the main contributor to arguments. When one of them has other fans, the other one starts to Assume that the partner is getting so excited to get all the attentions. And the assumptions go further – that the partner is giving response that make the fans excited and make more moves instead of backing off. Instead of blaming the fans, the partner is repeatedly attacked with questions of doubt and even accused of “inviting” the little crowd by giving them “Guest treatment” instead of telling to their faces that “Hey, I have someone special already and no thanks, I’m not interested.” I mean, try and count how many times you hurt your partner by giving series of accusations on something that you simply assume and not even based on facts? This is crazy, guys.

She said she’s so worried of Losing the boyfriend. She loves him so much. But jealousy almost took her life cos she couldn’t stand it when the girlfriends are showing interest in her boyfriend right in front of her eyes. I sensed one kind of immaturity there. When the boyfriend is likable by many of the girls, Hey, that could be ALL. Don’t make the story long. You ladies have to know how to tell the difference. If your guy is that charming, he might have many female friends who like having him around but not more than that. Why make it complicated. I told the girl, If your boyfriend is that charming, don’t you think that’s a reason to feel delighted that – Hey the charming guy is MY boyfriend. Why do you have to build tears out of your boyf’s charms? Omigawd…what happen to you ladies? Stop focusing on the wrong thing!

Ok, I understand. Maybe she’s afraid that one of the girls might get his attention and takes her place. Omigawd. Let me tell you ladies something. If that’s gonna happen, BE THANKFUL that it happens THAT SOON! Trust me I know how painful it is when your own boyfriend leaves you for another girl. I mean, the feeling of rejection and Unwanted that you think that they can send you up to the recycling centre to be among all the garbage right away! Tell me about it, ladies. Trust me I KNOW! But you can’t stop him and tie his hands on the pillar and claim to the world, This guy is mine. This is a free world. If he wants to jump from you to another girl for any reason, then it’s his call. WHY ARE YOU AFRAID? Are you afraid that A F*CKING LOSER is leaving your life? Gimme a break!! Trust me, if he does that, he doesn’t even deserve to be there in your life. You get me?!

You be the best girlfriend you can. And the rest if up to him if he wants to return the favour. You can’t stop a LOSER from becoming a Loser because that’s what he’s made of. I know I am being rude by referring the guys like that. But this is HOW IT WORKS, you ladies and gentlemen!! You CAN’T go against this flow. You can never fight this. Just follow how the nature is doing it. It’s the only way that you can tell if you have THE RIGHT ONE by your side. 

JUST LET YOUR MAN DO WHAT HE WANTS. Let him BE A MAN with all the nature he’s created to have. If he has wandering eyes or extra sexual hormones – let him meet the world and adjust himself how he gonna survive another day with his dignity intact (or not, heaven knows). We ladies worry too much on something we can’t control. Trust me ladies, it could be you who are in your man’s place. When you are the one who faces all the temptation to be disloyal and your man is the one who is practicing the wisdom of “Let she do what she wants and see what happens.” Cos this is HOW you find the perfect match for you. You can’t lock him in a room so that he can only see you and no one else, and you live with that Make Believe love fairytale that you create, cos eventually when he finally sees the world, sooner or later he’s going to still leave you for someone who you think doesn’t even come near your level. But that time you’re going to hurt so much more cos this is what happens when you try to go against the flow.
So yesterday I posted on my Facebook status that… 

There’s always some1 who is smarter, prettier or handsomer than the 1 by our side. But who cares? Why r we bothered that we don’t settle with the best of them all? Just because we always believe that “we want the best” – we forget that “The best” means the one who thinks that we r “the best” for them even if they know ...that we might not be the smartest, prettiest or handsomest people they know.

The King In Him: Tribute To Father's Day

I repost this so many can read it...

As much as our mom gone through labour semasa melahirkan kita, jangan kita lupa ada seorang lagi yang paling berdebar menanti kelahiran kita. Belum2 lagi kita lahir pun, dia sudah simpan macam2 impian untuk kita. Dan kadang2, dia ni lagi yang betul2 excited mau tunggu kita lahir. Dia beli macam2 sudah barang hanya untuk menunggu kita dilahirkan.

He doesn’t have to be sophisticated. He doesn’t even have to dress good. Yang penting, selepas kita lahir, diri dia sendiri pun sudah nombor dua. Kita yang nombor satu. Dia belikan kita baju dulu sebelum dia belikan baju untuk diri dia sendiri. Kalau duit dia tidak cukup, biarlah anak dia saja yang pakai kasut baru dan dia pakai kasut lama. Kalau kita sakit, mom kita pun maybe nda sanggup redah hujan tu untuk hantar kita pi hospital. Sebab mom kita teda kekuatan fizikal itu, tapi dia ada. Dia akan redah hujan tu untuk hantar kita pi hospital hanya sebab kita demam panas. Dalam sibuk kita melihat betapa besarnya jasa mom kita dari kita kecil, harap kita JANGAN LUPA tentang seorang lagi yang menjadikan kehidupan kita itu “satu kenyataan” kerana tanpa dia, kita teda di sini.

If kamurang sudah baca tu post sia tentang siri2 kenangan zaman sia kecil, sia ada mention yang sia adalah the Daddy’s girl because I was close to my dad masa kecil. In fact, banyak characteristic my dad yang ada dalam diri sia. Walaupun adakalanya I wished that I don’t get that bad tempered from him, but since I do, I finally realize the parts of my dad that I have in me – makes me Who I am today. My dad always know how to pamper me when I was a kid. Sia ingat yang everytime sia lepas bangun and found myself alone, sia mesti nangis dan my dad akan cepat2 pegi sayang2 sia sampai sia berhenti nangis. Sia sendiri pun almost lupa how cengeng I was but as I was trying to remember the old memories with my dad, sia suddenly ingat tu semua. I never actually counted my blessing that I had a dad who knows how to pamper a child yang begitu manja. But a year after another, I learn that bukan semua bapa macam tu. Memang I have a very special dad. Though his bad tempered was that bad to balance his soft side, but still, everything he is contributes to the wellbeing of his children.

Before we even started schooling, my dad la yang berabis ajar kamirang baca ABC. Sia masih ingat how dia ketuk jari pakai pembaris sebab kami malas dan lambat belajar. Masa first day masuk darjah 1, dia yang tarik tangan sia supaya bangun sebab sia betul2 malas dan takut mau masuk school. Then sia ingat yang kalau sia dapat markah tinggi, sia berabis mau minta puji sama my dad supaya dia puji sia, tapi kadang2 dia marah sia pula. Apa lagi kalau dia nampak tu tanda pangkah dalam buku sia. Masa tu sia nda paham. Sekarang sia paham sudah. Jadi seorang bapa yang tanggung keluarga seorang diri tu bukan perkara mudah. Kita tidak akan paham kesusahan yang dia lalui. Yang kita tau, makan pakai kita cukup. Life wasn’t easy for us back then. But it was because of that, I feel very thankful that I’m blessed with some senses to appreciate this life even more. Pejam celik, sedar nda sedar, walau macamana susah pun, dapat juga dia hantar anak2 dia pegi sekolah tinggi2. He’s really a good example of a good father sebab dia adalah seorang bapa yang sentiasa alert dan beringat tentang future. He spent very little for himself so that he could save up for us. Bukan semua orang boleh buat begitu. But that’s my dad. Tanggungjawab dia untuk anak2 dia yang paling utama sekali. Pengorbanan dia memang menyentuh hati dan tidak mampu untuk kami balas.

Apapun, adakalanya bukan senang untuk paham perangai dad kita. Sometimes kita mengeluh kenapa dia terlampau strict dan adakalanya berfikiran kolot, tapi kalau bukan dia macam tu, belum tentu lagi kita jadi orang yang baik. My dad selalu cakap yang dia sudah buat semua yang terbaik untuk kami, jadi kalau kami masih lagi pilih jalan yang tidak baik untuk hidup kami, itu semua kami kena tanggung sendiri.

Mungkin ada beberapa kali dalam hidup kita yang kita akan mengenepikan dia. Apa lagi bila ada lelaki lain yang masuk dalam hidup kita. Kita punya gelora cinta tu kadang2 buat kita lupa macam2 benda. Apa yang dad kita cakap pun semua salah, dan kita punya hati saja yang betul. Tapi di masa kita susah dan sedih, baru kita sedar yang walau siapapun yang datang dan pergi dalam hidup kita, dad kitalah yang akan selalu ada di sana. Apa hal pun, akhirnya sama dia juga yang kita datang. Oleh itu, jangan sekali2 kita sisihkan dad kita walaupun ada lelaki lain dalam hati kita sebab ndah kisah la what and how much lelaki tu buat untuk kita, it can NEVER match what our dad does for us. Kasih sayang seorang bapa tu tidak akan dapat ditukar ganti dan yang paling penting sekali, pengorbanan yang dia buat tidak akan dapat dibuat oleh lelaki lain yang datang dalam life kita.

This man yang saw us grow dari baby lagi. Kita teruk macamana pun, dia terima kita seadanya. Kita tidak payah mau berlawa-lawa atau berlagak baik depan dia untuk dia sayang kita. That’s why la, dalam percintaan kita rasa love dari satu lelaki tidak pernah cukup, ada saja yang kurang dan kita always expect more and more. Sampaikan kita jumpa berapa banyak lelaki pun, kita tetap akan rasa yang we are NOT loved ENOUGH. Tapi kita cuma perlu ada satu bapa saja, dan dia sudah boleh bagi kita kasih sayang yang cukup untuk seumur hidup. Kehadiran bapa kita adalah satu BERKAT untuk kita dan kalau pun kita nda mampu untuk kasi gembira dia, cukup la kalau kita jangan kasi susah hati dia lagi. And I believe, kebahagiaan yang terbesar untuk dad kita bukanlah apa yang kita boleh bagi dia, tapi kalau dia tinguk kita ada kehidupan yang baik, buat perkara yang disenangi orang – mungkin itu pun cukup untuk kita kasitau dia yang “What I have become today comes from your loving hands”

Maybe sometimes kita yang perempuan ni akan hairan dengan tindakan dad kita yang terlalu protective. He's just too worried about us. Sometimes we thought that our dad thinks that we are always that little girl. We desperately want to let him know that, Dad, I'm a grown-up lady now, I know what I'm doing, ok? But then I understand, since that he saw us from the day we were born, it's kinda hard for him to finally see us stand with our own two feet. It's still the same kid that he bought barbie doll for. We have to understand how big our dad's love for us and he only wants the best for us.


Friday, June 18, 2010

Do We Need Words Of Love?...That Much?

I make it a question. Most of you might think it’s ridiculous that Why do I even ask? Cos the answer is obvious. Words of Love are like a lullaby to everyone’s ears. A Sweet Lullaby that can make you go smiling all days. Who doesn’t like to hear “I miss you”, “I can never stop thinking about you”, and not to mention the ultimate one – “I Love You”. I mean, am I crazy to ask if we actually need these words? Of course we do!! So that’s what your answer is?

I used to be like you guys too. I like hearing all those candy words to come out from someone’s mouth that send a signal right to my veins that “this guy has a special feeling for me” and I would like to be fed more and more of those words everytime as if my life depended on them. Ouch? I mean, so you guys take words of love That seriously?

If you ask me now, as you can guess, I’m not a big fan of words of love Anymore. I’m not that fond about them anymore. And I have reasons. Words of Love are here to make us feel the joy of becoming “something important” in someone else’s life. It’s Words of Love that make us realize that we are needed and loved. But Are you sure? I mean, words of love becoming so overrated that they can mislead people into believing lies and end up hurting and then even leaving a big wound in your heart. Cos the point is very simple…it doesn’t matter if they are sweet to hear, but what matters the most is Does the person who say it to you really mean it?

Maybe I have lost faith in Words of Love because they become so cheap and almost out of value. That sounds cruel but experiences taught me a lot. It doesn’t matter how good they sound but if the person who said them didn’t mean them, it means NOTHING at all. It’s a violation of human wisdom in language because just by saying a few nice words, you make someone believe that they are loved, they are special and they are missed and cared – while it could be that None of those are actually TRUE. People use Words of love to toy with people’s feelings and to have a quick solution to solve relationship problems or to talk down someone from getting angry – Yeah…you name it. But they are all the wrong reasons! We expect that words of love mean exactly as the words are saying. When someone say I Love You, that means he really does love you and you Alone! That means you expect the person to think that you’re that special that he only says the word to you and not along with many other girls that also thought they are the most special to that guy. Omigawd…now you see how words of love have fooled people.

Maybe this is why I am NOT so good with words of love anymore. I choose to. I am so good with words, mind you. I can speak words that can knock senses into you or I can relay to you some wisdom that I learn from somewhere and go straight to your heart and mind but still I don’t fancy to go near words of love cos I decided that it’s not my game. Even if I really mean something nice to someone, I refuse to use words of love because I think people have done enough violation and those words of love starting to sound so clichĂ© and unreal and far from original.

I understand if people think it’s strange. And some people also think that I am heartless and I am emotionless when they fail to hear anything sweet that comes out from my mouth. I don’t have time to explain to people that I am a non believer in words of love – Until you prove to me that you actually “fit enough” to say them. I don’t want to bear witness of another liar who is using words of love to buy easy affection. So in case anyone asks why I take it easy when you say something nice to me, is because the Words are not alive on their own. You have to prove yourself from your deeds that everything that comes from your mouth could be taken seriously. Cos if you rely on words alone, I think people know that you don’t have to go to school to speak those words.

It’s WHAT YOU DO that tells if you really love someone. If you can stay TRUTHFUL, never cheats behind her back, be there for her during her times of needs and be the one who makes her heart cheerful – Yes you can do the list of what you can DO to make her feel loved. Guys who have so much to offer don’t rely on “empty words” that are only coated with nice language but means nothing. I REFUSE to join this league who think they can buy the world with words of love.

NOTE: So in case any of you wonder why [256] is so easy on a millions of words but so hard on I Love You, now you get the clue. Actions speak louder than words. But if you ask me, Yes, I will someday say it to the one who I think deserve it. But I will be very reserved for now. Maybe I’m just doing my little part in giving values to words of love. I hope more people will start to do the same :)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Gift Of Life

Since end of May, we heard a few bad news about the people who left for good. It started off with my sister’s colleague’s husband, and then my own colleague’s mom. and then another and another relative to the people at my sister's workplace. The most shocking one was the loss of my mom’s boss who left them without goodbye. He left in the middle of incomplete office works. He thought that he could always have tomorrow to get the job done. My heart was struck again and again when I learnt about their demise. I felt so sad inside. I remember my mom’s boss. He was always in the topic because of his attitudes, his family lives, and then how strict and sometimes lenient he was with the workers. He called my brother a week prior to that, telling him to apply for the engineer job in his department and he was willing to help as much as he could. My mom also said that the boss was not really health conscious. He was the type who didn’t like to see the doctor and get treatment. He even said to them that, “I could be gone anytime,” because of his heart problem. So he actually foresaw the time when his disease came to the peak and just simply took his life. Maybe he had the same thought about, Enjoying Life As Much As You Can. Getting treatment would only delay life – when the ending could never change…The End of LIFE…and that’s DEATH.

I paused for a while and tried to reconnect back my senses. With all these gloomy news that cover the atmosphere at the offices and homes where someone gone for good…I recalled back that LIFE is so short, and that’s not all – It could be taken away from us in a Split Second. I didn’t know whether I should grieve, or I should complain, or I should ask questions – I really didn’t know what to do. One thing for sure, I felt so bad inside. I felt so sad. “No this could not be happening.” I am not sure if they could cope with the loss. Losing someone from this earth is just so painful to whoever involved.

Then from all that, I started to think all over again HOW PRECIOUS this life is. HOW PRECIOUS AND PRICELESS this life is. We always complain about our problems, our arguments and millions other things that often bother us daily. Now I could see HOW SMALL all those are. I would like to scream, DON’T YOU GUYS KNOW THAT THIS LIFE IS GOING TO END ANYTIME? DO WE HAVE TIME FOR ALL THAT? Maybe because of my emotional episode that made me realize that LIFE IS EVEN MORE PRECIOUS than what I thought. I take a different measure to approach things in life now. I tend to connect to my spiritual being more closely than ever – that I appreciate even more the things that I have in my life. I savour every happiness that is happening in my heart and I say my thankfulness for the smallest blessing that I can recognize with my senses. I never forget to say in my prayer that Thank you Lord for such a GIFT because despite life being unfair and sometimes cruel, it is indeed then Greatest gift to be given the chance to breath and live and do what we want, with the loved ones around us and create many good memories that we can bring to the grave.

Thinking of this…we could not waste anymore times to make enemies and to make our enemies fall and do bad things to other people. This life ISN’T about all that. Come to think about it, we have so many things to do with what we like, the people we love and where we like to be – All the good things are enough task for us to complete this life that you never know when it’s going to end. All those problems that make you feel like you want to end your own life are just tiny dusts compared to the fact that you gonna lose this GIFT anytime. To all those who have gone, how I wished they had really made the best from their lives – I could only wished the best for them. But to us who are alive, please savour this gift until the last day…The Gift of Life is indeed the BEST GIFT that we are given because this is where we can take about love, friendship, family, friend, works, hobbies, passions and all the good elements that you can ever think of. They are nothing without LIFE to begin with.

Appreciate this gift…Live it to the fullest… :)

Monday, June 14, 2010

When Your Friend Tells You Who To Date...

I remember getting this call from a goodfriend. She told me that she was concerned that her colleague (which happens to be her best mate) started to date a younger guy. She said she could tell that the guy was playing around and won’t get serious with her. She said she heard about the guy from his friends that he’s a player. But they were just started dating so the colleague was still excited and could not see what’s coming. She said that because of the new relationship, her colleague didn’t have time to hang out with her anymore. It was always the guy that she went to see. I could recall how upset she sounded when she told me all that. I remember that she said, “I know it’s not going to last.” “I know that she will get hurt in the end.” I was like…Hey hey…stop it. Where all this coming from?

I spent some times thinking WHY my friend sounded so upset about her colleague new date. I mean, even if she could foresee the future, but the colleague is a grown-up too. She knows what she’s doing. After knowing that the colleague has just broken up from a relationship, she needed to cheer up. So when a guy came to her, of course she would accept his companion. When we start talking about “that relationship is not going to last” – Well, even Nostradamus predictions are questionable. So don’t tell me you stop someone from dating just because you have a crystal fortune ball that can tell your friend’s future?! Oh Come On!!

This is another symptom of Overprotective-friend, who think that the date is going to steal the friend away. Look guys…if you ever feel this strange force to defend your friend by stopping her from dating – that’s the first signal. That’s irrational. Like you can’t force love, you can’t force your friends to stay at the neighbourhood forever. There are times when they would need to move out and look for a greener pasture. In this case, think again if you’re protecting your friend or maybe just yourself! Friendships that are true and sincere don’t take LOVE as a reason to end. It’s ridiculous to think that way. Maybe it would slow down for a while but trust me, you will always have a place in your friend’s heart. There are times when she would reach out for you instead of her lover/spouse. So stop that possessiveness because if you love your friend, you would be happy to see her happy. And even if in my friend’s case, she knows for sure the guy is a player, but you never know maybe her colleague also wants the relationship to entertain herself and not more than that. I mean, this is really not your business. If she’s going to make a mistake, LET HER! Because this is the process of living. People make mistakes and learn from it. You can’t just appear as the Mahaguru and tell your friend that this person or that person is not good to date. Remember, if you don’t want your friend to fail, trust me she doesn’t want to fail even 10 times more than you so she must take all the necessary measure to protect herself. Moreover, let them handle their own love journey. Don’t stop them just because you think you would lose a good everyday companion cos That’s Selfish.

Yes, I have told you guys that I have friends like that too. I have my guyfriends who told me they didn’t like me making friends with certain people just because they disliked his attitudes and worried that he might not be the right one for me. I would appreciate that from the bottom of my heart. But nobody knows the future. I think your friends also know their capacity as a human being who Take Chances and Risk Failures. It’s not wrong to say your views that you know certain things about the person your friend is dating and you let your friend know because you think it’s important for her to know. But you can’t just blindly accuse and make judgment that this person or that person is bad just because you don’t want to lose your friend to her new date. Trust me you’re just overreacting. Especially when you come to the level where you start to hate and make enemies with whoever your friend dates. Come on guys…

Be rational. Call yourself a good friend when you only want to see her/him happy. And even if you have to lose his/her companion to the new date – Life goes on. You will have your time too. So don’t make this complicated. Just stay in control with your emotions and nobody has to get hurt before anything bad happen. Just keep the peaceful environment…Friendship and Love --- they don’t have to fight for place in one’s heart cos a special place is reserved for each of them :)

My Take On World Cup Fever

I saw you guys jumping in excitement. Yes, I know the fever is here. I could almost feel the passion of the football fans when this game that is held once in 4 years is finally taking place. You guys are right. Maybe it’s not because you guys think you would have a share of glory by touching the Cup of glory when your fav team wins…No No…you guys know about it already. You would spend hundreds on betting, and would spent sleepless nite or half awake nap just to not miss the football matches – And what all of these for? – Yes…cos it makes you happy!!

For someone who is not a fan, I could say many things about this enthusiasm. I could say that it’s not worth it. I could say that it’s a waste of time. I could say that the footballers are earning millions and you guys still earn as much as u do now. I mean, where does this fanaticism bring you? Yeah, I could say all that. But guess what, I won’t say all that. Cos I understand what u guys feel. The saying goes, “Never get between your man and football” is an enough remark that guys do need their time to really entertain their passion on the manly things. We ladies don’t have to understand why. Just give them their own space as they would do when situations need them to.

I made a few funny statement in Facebook like “The ladies are wondering whether of their they would lose their men during World Cup”….Hahaahaaha. After a few days since it first started, actually it isn’t that bad. The guys are still going on the same pace. They still go to cinemas and they still have time hanging out with their friends. Just that, when the matches are on, they could be found glued to the screen instead of sleeping. As a result, World Cup could steal their sleeping hours from them. And lack of sleep leads to other things like waking up late, not having the same drive and energy to go to work and maybe result in less progress at work. Then I made a post at Facebook again this morning saying, “I'm sure today is the Monday full of swelling eyes from lack of sleep. If any less progress in work, do you think your boss will accept "watching world cup" as an excuse? Hahaaha...Anyway wish everyone a good day ahead :) (Say no to Monday blueS) hehe”

So I guess, considering that it comes only once in 4 years, I think u guys just go ahead and entertain that craving for football cos my concept is – Do it because it’s not wrong and it makes you happy – Go for it!! Enjoy the month away and make sure you don’t regret a bit when this month passes. Wish everyone an awesome World Cup fever…This fever is different cos although it makes you “sick”, the only remedy is to feed yourself more and more of it! Hahahaahahaha. Have Fun! :)

Miss Earth Sabah 2010

Happy Birthday To My Lovely Mom

13th June was my Mom's 50th Birthday. Speaking of the number 50... she doesn't look 50 at all. Trust me!! Hahahahaha. My mom is always referred by her friends as "the lovely one" maybe because she is slow in aging. But the process is not easy. My mom always watch what she eats and drinks. Like what I told you guys on Mother's Day, my mom is the strongest woman I know. She always tolerates with me instead of going against my will like when I was much younger. I guess that we, the children, also play a part in moulding our own parents. Really. It's because of our ways that our parents learn how to treat the younger people better and with respect, just as much as they deserve to get from us. I guess that no matter who we are, we always have something to learn along the way. Happy Birthday to my lovely mom and thanks for always be there for me. I still remember my mom taking me from school when I was in kindergarten...and look mom, I am a grown up now. Thank you God for all the blessings that He gives to my family, the wellbeing and health for my parents and fair opportunity for each of us to each something in our lives. I truly thank God especially on my mom's birthday...even if I have been a difficult child to handle since I was small, but I am never too naive to know that The Mom that God gave me is THE BEST MOM I could ever wish for.

I pray to God that I can also be a good daughter to you. :)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

256's Today's Sharing

I think I spent too much time on Facebook. Now I will transfer my daily thoughts in Fb to my blog. Fair and square :)

Every single day, there's always something that will make us feel down, upset or worry... but according to the theory of 10/90, only 10% beyond our control, and 90% is all up to us. Whether we want to snap at it, slam the door, punch the wall, curse out loud OR... Just take it with a light heart, keep your cool and smile the day away.. Oh I think I'll pick the second...*giggles.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

“Office Cinderella Symptom : Where’s My Other Shoe?”

This is a funny story. I had a freaking good time laughing telling this story last nite. I think partly of Consen’s abdominal ache has this story to be blamed because he laughed like supercrazy (but still at second place compared to me…*Lols)

I have this habit of taking off my heels when I reach my office chair. It’s just a habit that dies hard so without taking orders, my legs will automatically take off the heels. You guys know I am wearing high heels so maybe I want some comfort as I do my work at the desk. Judging from the incident of how I got a phonecall from my other phone which caused by my hyper kicking leg, now you know that my legs aren’t making this “heels-off” habit an easy one. (Yes!! I kicked my handbag where the other handphone was and it accidentally dialed the other phone! I thought I was dealing with a serious criminal who tried to blackmail me or maybe just a silly ghost who could not wait until the nite comes to scare people… *Lols!!)

If you guys can recall that I am a pretty clumsy person. I put my stuff everywhere and my desk is always in big mess. The only time when you can catch my desk clear usually comes with a secret. Try peek at the floor and what I usually do is only taking the mess down on the floor. Hahaahahahahahahaha. When I am busy doing many different kind of little task that need me to move around the office, I usually will walk in my rubber slipper (if I can find it) or if I could not find it immediately, I will just walk with bare feet. But when I need to go out the office, I will need my heels back. I recalled a few spontaneous incidents. Without even looking, my feet were looking for the heels underneath the table. Usually, my feet could find the heels although sometimes they got the wrong side. But I remember when either the left or the right foot didn’t actually find the other heel. In desperate situation, I would peek down and looked for the other heel. Still…nowhere to be found. I was like, O M I G A W D…Where’s The Other Heel? At one incident, I was rushing and I needed my shoes fast enough so I could make a move but the other heel disappeared from view!! Since it was my private space at the office, nobody would step there and touch my things so I knew it all along that this my own doing and if I didn’t know where I put my stuff, nobody else would. But because I was running out of breath trying to look for my other heel, I just broke the silence and asked them out lou; looking so innocently curious and desperate,

“Excuse me guys, did you see my other shoe?” (“Kamurang ada nampak kasut sia sebelah???” )

They looked at my and I looked at them. Suddenly we burst out laughing because it was the silliest question that they could imagine would come out from my mouth. I mean, they always know that I would misplace my stuff, like all the stationery and tools and everything else – they know it that if I put at one place, I would usually forget it. But now, it’s my own FREAKING SHOE, for Pete’s sake!!! Hahahaahhaa. That shows that my feet are never “silent” cos they keep kicking everything away and Guess What? I have to ask people Where Is My Other Shoe??!!! Suddenly I burst out laughing and made everyone else laughed. I don’t know if I should blame my short term memory or my hyper feet or maybe my heels do have leg that they tend to hide from me. And when I finally found the other heel, it was usually hiding under the mess and…What??? Are you kidding me? How did the heel reach there? *Lols

The funniest part of me telling the story again…when I said, “Sia tanya dorang sebab mana la tau dorang ada nampak di mana itu kasut sia sebelah” Hahahaahahahahahahahahhaah…256 needs a serious memory therapy Omigawdddddddddddd!!!!

Note: Bahhh…sukup laitu kasi katawa sia…kubit kamurang satu2… *Lols

Friday, June 4, 2010

We Are Not Toy Soldiers Too, Said the Guys.

I write this post to justify things from my previous post We Are Not Barbie Dolls. I talked to my cousin just now. I asked her. “What do you feel when your man cheats you before your eyes?” She said, “That’s freaking painful.” What do you feel when you man spoke all the words of love to you and you find out only a few weeks later he’s been doing the same thing to another girl? She said, “Indescribable agony.” I thank my cousin because she opened my eyes to something else.

She was just like any girls before. She fell in love and she loved with all her heart. But what she got was the man cheating on her when he “accidentally” fell in love with another girl at work. My cousin recalled slapping her boyf’s face for how many times she lost count. Her heart was crushed and scattered all over the floor. That was years before. Now it’s a different story. She is dating a new man and about to get engaged. The old guy comes back and out of pity, she still treats him well behind her man’s back. She is practically cheating her ex boyfriend into believing that they are still in a relationship and also cheating her fiancĂ© to be. She said she did it FOR FUN because she could ask the old guy to buy/pay her things. So she has a point when she told me…

“Men women are the same. Both are cheating each other. So the question of How Hurtful it is when your guy cheats you, the guy can also be asked the same thing. We are EVEN.”

In the old days, women could be the victims because they were expected to stay at home and be the wife and mother. But not anymore. We Cannot stay the victim forever because now that we are getting even in education and then professions - now we could see why it’s so easy for men to cheat on their women as written in history. So doesn’t matter who started this, but women know now that they hold as much power. I don’t say that this is A REVENGE but logically speaking, the women just open themselves to the same options men have so this is WHERE and HOW it all happens. When you have so much temptations in front of you, THIS IS WHAT HAPPENS. You can pick 2 men instead of one and you can get your payback time before the next sunshine. Speaking of who is toying who – Yes, you guys are right that you men could be the victim too. Your lady could sweet talk you and sweep you off your feet with their charms when she’s doing the same thing to the other guy(s) behind your back. And when you find out the truth, you would start cursing all the same thing that could come out from a girl’s mouth. When she says, “I’m not a Barbie doll”, he would say, “Hey guess what, I’m not a toy soldier too!!”

What I want to conclude here is…This isn’t about gender anymore. This is about how you are going to play the game. If you have the chance to two-time your partner and you take the chance just to try out the thrill, Fine, that’s your game. If you want to make more people curse and hate you for toying with their feelings, hey, that’s individual choice. We can’t be the judge. It’s either we become the person who get hurt, or hurt – or just be the one who watch from afar (and maybe ends up writing an article like this for other people to read.)

My article with the title We Are Not Barbie Dolls was made for the guys WHO DON’T KNOW yet that WE could also turn them into a Toy Soldier if we want to. So this isn’t about gender. This is about YOUR CHOICE if you want to be virtuous and do the right thing in your love journey. If you still think that relationship is A Child Play that you can change your I Love You into I Don’t Want You Anymore in a freaking single nite, Whoaaa…trust me now is when the girls would want so much to believe that Karma does exist.

NOTE: They say that If you are a good person, your match is also a good person. How I wish that it is TRUE!!! …:)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I'm Here Guys!

Hi all!! Miss me? I miss you guys too! Thanks for keep visiting my blog daily even if you keep seeing the same thing for maybe a week. The hits to my blog have shockingly increased for the Unduk Ngadau season - I mean, after almost 2 years, my blog is still considered undiscovered and suddenly the search engines push my blog a bit to the surface so people know that this blog does exist. Hahahaa. Well, now I am really seeing the good side of being part of the social sites because since I am with Facebook, I get a lot of information faster than usual. So that explain why I could collect the pictures of Unduk Ngadau winners just through my Facebook alone! (Yeah, even if I have to have more than one Facebook account to for my different networking - but it's worth it!). I plan to keep my blogging activity as usual now that the Kaamatan season is over. I hope you guys can bear with me. Now that almost 2 years I am using my online identity, I feel much happier as [256]. *giggles.

See you guys next post. :)


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