Monday, December 26, 2011

2011 Christmas Time Of Mine

Christmas... celebrating the birth of Christ. Although 25th Dec is not the exact date of the Birth of Christ, it doesn't matter. When you know the birth is that significant, and the existence brings life to the believers, there got to be the day to do the celebration. It can be any given day, my friends. Christmas Happens inside your heart :)

Anyway, my Christmas this year, which was yesterday, I did all my obligations first. After many years getting a little frustrated expecting too much from Christmas but gave very little, I tried to twist it a bit. I usually left one of my obligations in the previous years, it was whether I was too lazy, too tired or just clueless what to do. Not this year. I attended both masses, the Eve and the morning masses. Finally. I never attended both before this because I thought once was enough, but then I said, only once a year, is it hard to do? Enjoying the lovely Church choirs, that usually sounded many times better than during normal masses. They practiced a lot, I could see that. Their vocals were amazing. I was very thankful for their efforts. It meant a lot for those who came "for a journey"... beyond beliefs and religions, God is up there. The moment of connection and bonding, I bet it happens a lot to those who present at the church. The mood is just right. Now I understand it even more that yes, we can pray anywhere. But church gives the right atmosphere to really focus and concentrate on nothing else. Only you and that Greater power. :))

Here's a little token from my simple Christmas this year. I was so tired but very contented. Something that I keep forgetting, do not ask for so much when you are only willing to give so little despite the capability of giving more. "Give till it hurts...", I hope that can represent my aching legs, doing the cooking for hours. *LOLS. I wish to do moreee but I'll save it next occasion...hehe.


And one more. I know that some of you requested for me to record some Christmas songs and some of you already suggested some songs for me. Thank you, my lovely friends. I did record some of the songs for fun...but I felt so unfair if I left out one of the songs that u guys suggested, and I could not do all of them cos it took quite some times to look for the karaoke and do the recording... so I think this I will just pick a song and dedicate it to all of you... *LOLS...I recorded this song just after I wrote this post...please just accept all the imperfections since I could not bear to record it again and again...hehehe...Thank you, for still be around. Luv u all...:))

Monday, December 12, 2011

"Someone Like You"

Hearing the song Someone Like You by Adele, I started to wonder what did she mean by the song. It doesn’t really have one clear meaning. One part of it made me think that she was okay with the news that the guy found his new love, and another part made me think that she is kinda clingy and she was just talking in riddles, that actually she is not over the guy yet. Man oh man. Forever The Exs stories. When will there be a stop to this? How long are we gonna talk about the glory of our exes, which ex was better than which and who broke your heart the worst kind of way and who actually leaves the deepest wound in our heart? Until when that you gonna compare all the new person that you meet with your ex. Aren’t you tired? Don’t you guys feel it’s about time…To Move On?

Now that we are coming to the end of 2011, we are getting another year older. Our journey continues. How long are we gonna carry the excess baggage from our pastime hurts and the memories of the people who have walked away from our lives. The word Clingy is very lame to me. I hate that word. It used to be part of me, as much as I tried to deny it. Slowly I learn to “let go” and yeah it does feel different. It feels good in a way, but of course, there’s one side of me still entertaining the lil thought about the possibilities that could happen if I did not do some mistakes that I did in the past.

Whatever your attitude in handling these excess baggage is…eventually the best thing is to let them off your shoulder and walk with lighter steps, moving towards the infinite possibilities in front of us. Yeah, we might have lost some really wonderful people from our mistakes, or the people left us for someone else, yeah, we could continue on how we cried for weeks and months from that excruciating breakup. It’s still a topic that comes out everytime we hang out. Maybe the only mistake is to renew them everytime that we have less space for new memories to linger. The past can’t hurt us anymore, and don’t be silly to still be forcing the past to interrupt your life. It’s NOT worth it. 

Especially now that you are seeing someone else, some of us are still so busy bringing up about the good moments between them with their exes, without thinking that the person in front of them is THE BEST person at the present. Seriously, don’t do this because I asked you to. Do this because you finally come to the realization that it’s the best thing to do. Come on guys… you had good memories, but you can make better memories with the person who is still in your life. Time for a new book. Be thankful for once that those in your past have carved the person you become today, and then close the book, because you are not gonna waste the person you become by still reading the old fairytale over and over again. It’s like after reading Cinderalla story for countless of times, maybe it’s time to materialize the part of the Cinderella story that you really want to happen to you. It’s time to Live Life fully conscious and awake. We have done all the mistakes, we have been hurt and healed, Oh man, we are officially a well-equipped homo sapiens. Guys and girls, We are good to go. GOOD LUCK. *winks.

Note: For those who came to the end of this page will get to hear this amateur singing by me. I only properly listened to this song about 2 days ago and I said I would memorize it at least after I record a session singing it. I sang it many times, but when it finally came to recording it, I became quite tired already. I like this freedom to just be imperfect and feels perfectly okay about it. *LOLS. Kidding. Consider this a gift for my loyal readers. You guys rawk. Muahss.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Another Letter To Santa… I Am Not Sure.

Man oh Man. It’s 9th of Dec and why I feel so different? There is this thrill and excitement that should be there but aren’t there. Why is that? Christmas is approaching, and heck, it’s the best month of the year, I can’t just be sitting here not having that feeling of awe. One more. It’s the New Year. Yes, we are slowly leaving this 2011, a year that recently recorded a lot memories for you and me. Oh man. We are leaving THIS year!! Are you sure we have gone through almost 365 days to finally make this leap? Where are those people who complained that 2011 is a bad year despite only halfway going through it. I want to ask these people again just in case they’ve changed their mind. I seriously gonna expect some interesting answer. 

Ok, first thing first. Christmas 2011 is approaching...have you prepared your wishlist? Do you find it shorter or longer than last year? hehe. Whoaa, Santa's workload is seriously gonna be doubled this year. Hehe. What about my wishlist, you ask?

I used to have a wishlist for Christmas. Back in my first semester in University, I remember asking for a 3 point grade CGPA, I said to God, “…as my Christmas gift” and he didn’t give it to me. My heart was broken for more than once because I asked for something that I know I wanted but I was not given. Did I even study hard enuff to be a 3 pointer that time? I forgot to ask myself that question. The rest is history. I have quit asking for A Gift I don’t know I deserve. What I do now is “Get things done” earn the credit, Christmas day or not. Instead of just asking for this and that from God through my prayer, I go ahead and do my job. I slowly get what I want, one by one. By the time Christmas is approaching, I don’t know what else to ask for. Maybe I don’t really expect for a gift anymore. I just keep saying the same prayer that I say every other day. I pray that all the good things I have in my life, both Who I have and What I have, I wish to be given longer to have them in my life. Everything is looking neat now. Maybe a little messy here and there but I can handle them. I want to clean the mess… Don’t do it for me. I’m sure I am given all this capability to be able to handle things well, and I’m gonna do JUST THAT! So Santa… I’m glad that you exist in people’s imagination. At least we can make it sound like a joke when we ask for something ridiculous from God and we used you. Hehe. So, I’m gonna pretend to be saying to you, Santa, You Can Go To Rest. I mean, while the rest keep asking for a long list, I’m sure you have shortlisted candidates. Hehehe. (You shortlisted people, you better have your chimney ready. But I heard Santa has a flexible body, he can squeeze himself in even how small your chimney is. *LOLS. OK kidding.)

Thank you Lord… All the things I have learnt and understood, I feel like I can take it from here, discover more great things in store for us. What I leave to your care is protection for me and my loved ones, and all the nice people, from all the bad things around us. You have showed us so much mercy and never once that you have abandoned us although it took a while for us to see that You’ve been there all along. All the hardship that we have endured, is now in a form of armour that we can use to protect ourselves from doing the same mistakes again. I am so grateful, I could not say it enough, please let all this blessings stay as long as I deserve it. Thank you…muahss. :)

Note: For my Facebook profile, my avatar is in Santa Rina attire. Why not? It doesn’t mean that I don’t know that Christmas is about Christ and not about Santa. The Santa story brings this joy to the kids and it becomes a happy Christmas symbol, while what we learnt from our faith and religion will stay, and also grow, and not necessarily for a show. It’s not because we are ashamed of it, but we know peace and love that our religion promotes speak in universal language. If those can still reach out for the non-believers, WHY NOT. Let the wings of love and joy spread throughout the world, if some of them look at Christmas as a general celebration for people to gettogether and exchange gifts, let them. The Good Things Shall Remain Good. The way I see it. *winks. Peace out Peeps….:))

Saturday, December 3, 2011

"It's Your Love" by Yours Truly...

I could not delay this anymore. Procrastination is a big time thief. I could not wait until I sound like a singer to finally post my own singing to my own blog. *LOLS.  I have talked about this for quite sometimes so IT'S TIME to "Just Do It". I know the music sounds a bit too loud, again, do not make me believe that I need another excuse to delay. Just let me post this and I'm sure you guys will just accept me as my poor humble self. Hehehe.

I picked this song, because of the key that matches my voice, and then I could do a little editing to make the song shorter so it goes straight to the point, no time to hear me breathing or snoring waiting for the next line (*LOLS) so this is how I did it. I think the song is really sweet too...I can just easily mean every words in the lyrics.

Hope you guys like it :)

Thanks for listening...hehe

Friday, December 2, 2011

Prince Charming In The Making

He asked me, “How long do you give me to prepare myself to be good enough for you?”

Darn, I have no answer for that. Is there an answer available for this question? 

How do you define “Good Enough?”

We all have this criteria for an ideal partner or life mate. Yes, we can go all the way, listing down all the details, but when it comes to the hands-on hunting, the more particular and critical we are about our criteria, the more we will come across failures and disappointments. Still clueless?

Maybe it takes all the failures and “searching-in-vain” for the Prince/Princess Charming qualities to finally realize that we have issues with our criteria. I bet we have spent our whole love life time to seek the answer for this “ideal partner” that we’ve been looking for. If we get a little lost in this quest, we start to blame the fate that we are just NOT lucky enough in love. Should I beg to differ? Maybe I should.

We are all the same. We go from one failed relationship to another. When it keeps happening, maybe there’s something to fix. It could be something from within us. With these weaknesses that are buried in our blood and genes, we can’t go around looking for perfection that only good with story-book descriptions. Reality Check, please :)

Maybe after a while, we are just forced to think using our adult mind. Without really giving up our preferences in life mate, we can still make things work. You ask me How? Lets me see.

Let’s say you find this guy who you have good chemistry with. Then you learn he is lacking in other fields that are equally important to you. You realized it too late that you had let go a special guy like this for too many times in your life, thinking that he was not well equipped with all the qualities that you seek. You keep looking for another who is better and better than the last one. Okay, then what’s the problem that you still haven’t found the one?

My recent experience really taught me a lot. How can I demand so much from someone when I myself is nothing near perfection. I myself, is also lacking in many things in someone else’s eyes. (Finally the mirror helps, again. Hehe) I have all my points to back up myself that I would start with “Nobody’s Perfect” and I'm improving myself, I will fix my ways, and I’m sure I’ll be a much better person soon. Yeah, I can say all that. But do I give the same space for others to speak the same to me? That they need chance to polish themselves BEFORE they can BE THAT person that we are looking for. Isn’t that logical?

What, do you expect good things to just fall from the sky? How can we ask for that when we have all our hands and brains to work it out ourselves. That’s why, Never give up someone who you find reasons to be together with. One of two down points are too lame to let someone go. Open your mouth, tell the person what you think he/she should improve, which part that you don’t fancy, and which part you think he/she overdoes. You often hear people say that it’s all about good communication. How hard can it be to say things to someone who is special to you? You can hurt the person once or twice with your words, but if he understands your intention, he would stop getting hurt. All that is worth trying rather than to resort to breakups. How hard it is to Groom one person, who you claim to be in love with, to finally be that most ideal partner of your dream. Of course, there’s a give and take. You can’t change the person to totally a different person. You must allow him to comfortably be himself, accept his nature as long as it doesn’t harm the relationship. Remember, allow him to do the same to you. A Prince Charming is best to be with a Princess Charming, right? Hehehe. So, the mission is for both of you to shape each other into each other’s ideal partner. With this, hopefully you two appreciate each other better, and stay by each other side through thick and thin…:)

Consider that your loved one is your best Masterpiece ever, don’t you fancy that? Hehe

Congratulation, this makes each of us Prince/Princess Charming In The Making. :))


Note: Allow light posts like this once in a while…heehehe

Money Can’t Buy Happiness, They Say

I still remember back in secondary school, I used to read that sentence in a school annual magazine where students got to send their piece of writings. I was so impressed by this on writings that listed out all the things that Money Can’t Buy. I especially like the part when it says that Money Can’t Buy Happiness. I liked it eversince and been preaching the same thing whenever I have the chance to. Only now I think it needs review. I mean, no, this is the era where people don’t really just buy any popular lines. This is the era where people find points to even criticize what others believe for a long time. So finally, there’s something good coming from it. I think that Money Can’t Buy Happiness needs some correction.

My first question is, “Is Happiness For Sale?”

Yes, you get me right. How can you buy something that is not subject to be sold in the first place. Especially when it go against Money, the Chief Devil, it becomes so easy to manipulate the sentence and makes everyone who says it sounds like a warrior. Especially those who claim to not be among the slaves of Money. It makes me wondering again, is Money so bad or can we just go back to the fundamental understanding that Money is just a piece of printed paper which value given by human? The definition can’t get easier than that. Then how come suddenly Money appears among us as the Chief Devil, the source of evil that can turn a halo into a horn. I am not so sure myself as I am writing this.

I’m sure you won’t go around asking, “Can wood make you full?” Wood is not a food in the first place, it should not be a question whether or it can fill your empty stomach. It’s silly, isn’t it? And then here comes another back up line from the people who disagree with Money Can’t Buy Happiness. They said that those who say that line are those who don’t have that money. Enough with the argument. Come to think about it, the number one source of problem is always related to Money. It’s when you don’t have enough money to buy what you want, or you have debts that are still unclear and you are bugged to clear them on schedule; it contributes to your biggest headache of the week and then, even how hard you try to get away from the daily basic of your life, it’s just so hard to go through one without spending a penny. So now, we are not yet talking about Happiness. We are still talking about the basic necessity of living daily with what is considerably good enuff to survive. They all need money. If this is not fulfilled, it’s the source of sadness and negative happenings in our lives, not just physically but also mentally and emotionally start to take place. So to the fanatic fans of “Money Can’t Buy Happiness”, try to twist it around, without losing the meaning, the problems in life is usually caused by the absence of sufficient money. So in other words, if you have the money to cover all your monetary needs, rest assured that the biggest source of your problem will disappear and without all this stress and heart-wrenching pain that is eating you from inside, it would be easier to have a calmer life and this will usually lead to a feeling easy and it should get really close to…Happiness.

Hey hey…I am not here to argue about the meaning of Happiness. We have come this far, you should know that it’s a term you call when you being in a state of wellbeing and contentment, and it’s when you define yourself as having this pleasurable and satisfying feeling when things in your life go the way you want them to be. Money is the catalyst to majority of the process of reaching that state.

Yes, money can’t buy Sleep, but it can buy sleeping pill, or hot milo to make you go to sleep. Yes, money can’t buy beauty, but it can buy all the beauty products that can enhance your looks, or even if you want to defy aging, you can opt for beauty treatment that can slow aging. Yes, money can’t buy Health, but it can buy medicine that treats your ailments or can afford you an expensive operation if you have critical disease. Yes, money can’t buy wisdom but it can buy books and magazine for you to read and slowly gain information all the books have to offer, and money can afford you to go to school where you get to learn more and more. The list goes on. You can start saying all the things that Money can’t buy. If only you start to be more rational and think only about things that are FOR SALE then only you can get your points right at the heart of the issue. No more beating around the bushes. Yes, MONEY IS that important.

Look who’s talking. I have been living a moderate life. I can live well with just the sufficient amount of money but then I have issues with my definition of “sufficient” because as time goes, the need to afford more and more things to keep the steady and calm flow of life gets higher and bigger. I still need to work harder to earn more because I know, even if I claim to lead a moderate life, it just doesn’t hurt to earn more for future security. Okay, now don’t tell me that “Money Can’t Buy Security”. *LOLS. There are just too many arguments and debates about the popular sayings but then the facts of life STAY THE SAME. You can argue for years and never reach a verdict without realizing that everyday, you are actually “living” it. So, do not defy this. Be friendly with it. Of course there are many other elements that we can’t just simply have even if we have all the money, but I can say this. Money is “a weapon”. If you don’t use it to get what makes you happy, that means the problem is not with the money, it’s with you. Whatever it is, whether you like it or not, you still have to BE SMART to live well. It’s you who have the brain, so this thing called money that is not a living thing, who has no brain, can’t be your master. You can never be a slave to money. Just treat money as what it is invented for. Agree? Hehe.

Some people live to collect achievements. How do they measure their achievements? It’s from how much money they are making. So these people don’t care about definition and saying, they just go and get the job done. Enuff with this and now lets get busy making life better :)

Money… you see how you get us debating here. You’re something. *LOLS.

Note: Miss you guys (too)...hehe


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