Friday, April 18, 2014

Money Rolling System: A Fantasy Profit?

There are a lot of money rolling schemes organized by Fb people. My sis in law joined a few, and when she described it at first, you invest RM500, you get RM900 in two weeks. Sounds tempting. Another one is even more. Invest RM 1,500 and you get RM3,000 in 5 days. They asked me to join because they wanted their families to get some profit too. Then I asked my sis in law, how do they multiply the money? Nobody can answer me. What they know, they can't resist getting their money multiplied in a short time, as promised by the schemes. They did mention that this doesn't involve any investment outside the group, it's just plainly money rolling from the members. That got me even skeptical. If they tell me they have somekind of investment outside, maybe they could get fresh money pumped in. But since no, How? A will get B + C's money, B will get D + E's money and so on, but each time, Admin will pose a certain Admin fee. Lets say, who invest RM500, should get RM1000 but only get RM900 because the RM100 is the admin fee. So the equation is no longer valid, because 

The money in the cycle is not anymore in the same value because the admin will take out bit by bit of the rolling money.

This is the simplest form of understanding and nobody wants to think about it. When people stop investing, the payment will stop too. The members will blame the admin. The admin thinks he's innocent, it's the members' fault for not investing back. Those who got their money are normal people too. They will need to use the money so u can't expect people to only care about your money rolling scheme when they have real stuff to care about, kids, family, car, house etc. So, I just finished reading a big quarrel of a money rolling group where I was dragged in but I never involved myself - the language they use, hurt one another. The admin defends herself, the others want their money back, the rest just become the peacemakers. Many claimed to still have capital of RM3K-RM4 stuck in the group. Do they know why? Can't they foresee it?

Answer is simple. This scheme is not realistic to begin with. One shouldn't even start it. Those people with hard-earned money, u guys shouldn't join this at all. Small money is okay, rather than lose that small money and have none at all. Cos the so-called "help each other responsibility" basis, since when it is so easy to put people in a system led by virtue? Especially when it involves Money, the chief of all evil. So I feel pity to those who think they start a group with a good intention, and then those who hope that they can change their lifestyle from this scheme.  Someone like me won't simply join a group like this because I saw it with my own eyes, there's no such thing as easy money, I know how hard it is to earn money and I don't expect to ridicule it by making expectation that what I earn in months I can simply get by this kind of method. So, in the end, how to solve it so that everyone will leave in peace when the group stops working? The admin should know, the real responsibility of starting a fire is you don't just scream for help and disappear in the jungle. The Admin has to PAY BACK all the capital the remaining members have, and that's the admin fees all about. I bet they can get thousands of ringgit when the group just started. Sorry, but thats the only way. Pay everyone their money without dividend and close the group with the consent of everyone, and admit that this system is a failure to begin with and nothing would ever work with it as fair as they claimed. Don't forget to bring with them a lifetime lesson.

Go work your butt off and earn the money with your sweat, stop hallucinating that getting rich is a simple "money rolling" business cos it obviously is not!! Get real people!!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Why Pick One When You Can Have More?

This is what happened to me today. I must say that I am not the luckiest person in the world in terms on fortune. But then for someone who has "my kind" of ego, maybe it keeps me on the ground. Too often that I find myself in a situation that I don't have much, to even rightfully boast about anything. So today when all opportunities come to me at once, I asked myself, Is this for real? So the usual case is that, I could only pick one that's the closest my hands can reach, and just be happy with it while letting the rest go. 

Today is different. After some very serious prayers, I saw that I have the option to have them all. Which I could not see it if I don't use my wisdom well. But luckily, I managed to decide on time. I thought that by getting all these good businesses lately, I almost make that as an excuse not to attend Palm Sunday, when I could use that quality time at the church, to pray and say thankfulness to God. Why would I use God's grace to spend less time with him? I didn't even do so well with my Lent season so far, I should feel the need to really honour the Holy Week to make up for all that. 

So today,  I managed to attend Palm Sunday with a grateful heart, without losing my business opportunities. Maybe I just got used to too much mind torturing that I could not believe that I could pull it through. Maybe because of all my shortcomings that I am not happy about, I tend to look down at myself. Luckily I keep my "eyes for God" awake. It's that which doesn't keep me drifted away too far from what's proper. 

But this post is to tell you guys One Thing. That GOD does answer prayers. No No, I know you know but you gonna forget that again just like me, so let me remind ourselves once again that really, GOD does have so much mercy for us, even when we think we are the most undeserving creature we know. It's not me that makes me deserve that, but it's God that answered my prayers and pour His mercy on me. He knows how important it is for me, and suddenly I realize that this is how He often "bailed me out" of every tough situations. Most of the times He didn't give me what I want, but He sent help in different way, to make the situation bearable for me. In the end I just know it's His work.

So when you are given so many opportunities, like answered prayers that come at once, maybe God doesn't mean that you need to choose one, but He wants to see how badly you want them. Would you come up with a solution that makes you win, and He wins too? Maybe that's what He wants. I think I do the right thing today by acknowledging that the good things that happen to me recently, none of them are my own work. It's HIS. So I should spend time for Him, and don't worry so much about missing anything, since it's also from Him that all those come from. 

Thank You Lord, Thank You :)

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

They Say Being Holy Doesn't Make You A Good Person

So does that mean it's okay to just never go miss weekly masses so we can oversleep from too much fun activities from the night before? Does it mean that it's okay to never sacrifice even a bit of time for God so we can have time to attend to all our activities? Is it okay to never feel guilty to go by with our days without the thought of God in our head, until we face difficulties?

My first impression when I read the sentence in the topic is, I wonder if people make that excuse to just ignore their obligation as a follower of a religion. But then, actually the sentence is very true. Because a lot of people use their religious obligations as "a payback" for not doing good things outside the church. Some of them might think that this can justify or make up for the not-so-good things that they have done. It's like, it's okay to be bad, cos I'll ask for forgiveness when I go to church this Sunday.

So what makes someone a good person? My mom was a Pagan before until she reached certain age. In fact, when all of us have grown up. I often asked myself that time, Does being a no-religion person, makes my mom a bad person? My logic mind tells me, No way.  After all the good things we learn from school, and the idea of what the religion asks us to do, No way that God will hate someone kind just because she doesn't have a certain religion. So that time, my mom never followed any of our religious activities, and she didn't know how to pray, and who to pray to. Until she was baptized, and attended classes, she slowly learned. Now, she's even more religious than us. Her way of treating her religion, reminds me of how a kid should be when he first attends school. He will listen to what the teacher say, he will follow all rules and what he wants is to be a good boy, because that's what the parents tell him. I'm happy for her development. She even reminded us to kneel when we pray before the mass begins, and say prayer before meal - things that we learnt much earlier than she did. Just that, most of turn into rule-breakers when we are through with that school-kid level. Some of us just find our own ways to do things. Maybe we think that we don't necessary have to kneel when praying, cos we want to just sit and "have a talk" with God without having to endure knee pain from too much kneeling. Or we rather say our thankfulness short and simple, without having to necessary do the Sign of Cross, which will let others know that we are praying. At my level now, I must admit that I do get a bit "too used" to rules of how-people-usually-do-it. I rather not follow too much of it cos some of them, I just fail to relate or connect. I want to be sincere in what I do. I don't want to fake-faith tho I can lie to people, but never to God. So again, back to the topic. What makes someone a good person?

When the person speaks good words? When someone helps others in need? When someone put others first before himself? I guess you know the answer. A good person is someone who does good things to others. As simple as that. I don't want to make any conclusion. I just want to say that, for someone who believes in God, who has a religion, who knows what religion is, who admits to others that I belong to this certain religion;- maybe that sentence is not applicable to me. Cos my faith is already part of my "good world". Other than my own conscience, my faith helps be to be in the right track. If I leave it, how good can I be? :)


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