Saturday, December 11, 2010

How Much Cleavage Means To A Woman

I remember years ago when I took this picture, me wearing a low cut blouse and the pose actually showed my cleavage. The first time my bf that time saw the pic, what do you think? He was furious because, according to him- the pic was “too much” for others to see. I was so shocked to know his reaction. Seriously, the pic was innocent!! Maybe I ducked down a bit that accidentally showed my chest area a little bit more and I never really noticed the cleavage thing. I thought that it was normal and it was as natural as can be. Of course, maybe because of the blouse, it bares a bit more on the chest but it’s not even sexy at all. It’s just normal. I realize that after the bad commentary on the picture, I started to study the pic myself. The Cleavage. I never thought seriously about cleavage. I mean, that time I was younger than 20 years old and maybe I was still not that aware of the womanly features that are very visible to the men. It took a while for me to know that not all women have visible cleavage and actually cleavage is something that most women want. Ouch. 

I saw this clip shared by a friend in Facebook about how to make the cleavage more visible. The trick is from the type of bra and clothes, and how the person put something to add to inside the bra so if it create the effect of cleavage in the middle. More and more I realize that a lot of women out there think that cleavage is some kind of womanly attraction and they are all craving to get the bustier and clearer cleavage. Gosh. Maybe I am one of those women who don’t have issue with this because we are blessed with “the right size of assets” (*lols) that would make the cleavage so effortlessly visible but still, in the early days when I was still in my early teen, I thought that my visible breast was embarrassing because they tend to show when I wear medium size t-shirt that looks okay on others who are flat-chested. Trust me it disturbed me a lot because I used to feel so embarrassed of the breast back then. I always envy my friends who could wear anything and no visible “peaks” on their chest. Hahahaha. Omg, I’m serious!

Until I become an adult then I start to appreciate my body. I thought that it’s okay to wear a fitted blouse and it’s okay to show a little bit of the cleavage and I don’t feel that embarrassed anymore. I could just appear confidently at a function wearing a bit of chest revealing clothes because grown up people don’t see that as something indecent or too revealing. Instead, it’s just the womanly feature that women should be grateful about. I guess, we have to look at other people too, to see what they are lacking in, to appreciate more of what we have. People even go under the knife just to get a bigger and fuller breast. Sometimes we need to see these women before we could feel grateful of what we have. Sometimes it works that way.

Women, learn to love yourselves more. We are wonderful creatures that God created. Men would lose their reason to live if we are not around so it doesn’t matter if you are a big fan of  cleavage and bigger breast, just don’t forget the things that you already have. Sometimes we can’t see it because we are too busy looking at the things we don’t have. Love yourself. Love your body. Never waste every gift that we have okay. So much for the physical appearance, true beauty still comes from within. Good luck, ladies. 

NOTE: I smile when I found back the picture with the cleavage. Especially the part when my ex asked me to never wear that blouse again especially when I go out. Guys...guys...chill up. It's like when you men wear swimming trunk. Don't you think it's revealing? But you don't think you do it's on purpose right? Now you're thinking. Hahaha.


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