Friday, April 18, 2014

Money Rolling System: A Fantasy Profit?

There are a lot of money rolling schemes organized by Fb people. My sis in law joined a few, and when she described it at first, you invest RM500, you get RM900 in two weeks. Sounds tempting. Another one is even more. Invest RM 1,500 and you get RM3,000 in 5 days. They asked me to join because they wanted their families to get some profit too. Then I asked my sis in law, how do they multiply the money? Nobody can answer me. What they know, they can't resist getting their money multiplied in a short time, as promised by the schemes. They did mention that this doesn't involve any investment outside the group, it's just plainly money rolling from the members. That got me even skeptical. If they tell me they have somekind of investment outside, maybe they could get fresh money pumped in. But since no, How? A will get B + C's money, B will get D + E's money and so on, but each time, Admin will pose a certain Admin fee. Lets say, who invest RM500, should get RM1000 but only get RM900 because the RM100 is the admin fee. So the equation is no longer valid, because 

The money in the cycle is not anymore in the same value because the admin will take out bit by bit of the rolling money.

This is the simplest form of understanding and nobody wants to think about it. When people stop investing, the payment will stop too. The members will blame the admin. The admin thinks he's innocent, it's the members' fault for not investing back. Those who got their money are normal people too. They will need to use the money so u can't expect people to only care about your money rolling scheme when they have real stuff to care about, kids, family, car, house etc. So, I just finished reading a big quarrel of a money rolling group where I was dragged in but I never involved myself - the language they use, hurt one another. The admin defends herself, the others want their money back, the rest just become the peacemakers. Many claimed to still have capital of RM3K-RM4 stuck in the group. Do they know why? Can't they foresee it?

Answer is simple. This scheme is not realistic to begin with. One shouldn't even start it. Those people with hard-earned money, u guys shouldn't join this at all. Small money is okay, rather than lose that small money and have none at all. Cos the so-called "help each other responsibility" basis, since when it is so easy to put people in a system led by virtue? Especially when it involves Money, the chief of all evil. So I feel pity to those who think they start a group with a good intention, and then those who hope that they can change their lifestyle from this scheme.  Someone like me won't simply join a group like this because I saw it with my own eyes, there's no such thing as easy money, I know how hard it is to earn money and I don't expect to ridicule it by making expectation that what I earn in months I can simply get by this kind of method. So, in the end, how to solve it so that everyone will leave in peace when the group stops working? The admin should know, the real responsibility of starting a fire is you don't just scream for help and disappear in the jungle. The Admin has to PAY BACK all the capital the remaining members have, and that's the admin fees all about. I bet they can get thousands of ringgit when the group just started. Sorry, but thats the only way. Pay everyone their money without dividend and close the group with the consent of everyone, and admit that this system is a failure to begin with and nothing would ever work with it as fair as they claimed. Don't forget to bring with them a lifetime lesson.

Go work your butt off and earn the money with your sweat, stop hallucinating that getting rich is a simple "money rolling" business cos it obviously is not!! Get real people!!


Anonymous said...

Good info to all EXTREME ROLLING MONEY lover.

anne jong said...

My husband is one of the victim too, the admin run away. A lot of rolling money group do this on fb. I also wondered how they double the money, now I get it thanks for the info..

unknown said...

thanks 4 i understood it

Unknown said...

Thank you for such information...!!! 😊😊🙂🙂


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