Monday, August 7, 2017

My Stress Pair - A Pepsi & Nips

Just about a week ago, I faced a difficult situation. A sudden shock of challenge that came without warning. It got me really really down instantly. I realize that the reason I was like that is because I've been too comfortable for way too long. If I start looking for Pepsi and Nips Peanut, you know that I am struggling emotionally. These two are my Stress Pair.

I remember I could not see Nips Peanut around. It was out of stock. I searched in 3 different shops, NONE. I had to buy a different package, the one that has 16 smaller packs inside it but it's fine as long as it's Nips Peanut. I had to console myself. A mixture of embarrassment, pity, challenged, threatened - roll all into one. I must say it's been a while since I had a Pepsi and a Nips Peanut cos I always have my emotion under control. But this one, I was a bit beaten up.I swore to myself that I was gonna regain my sanity just after I had my Pepsi and Nips Peanut but first I must have them. They helped me to cool down. Imagine that I left only a few small packs of that Nips. I ate them like a monster. I was deeply deeply sunk in my cortisol.

The next day I woke up better. And then the next day. And a week went by. Finally, Today comes. I finally SAW the whole picture of my stress episode. The thing that triggered my stress level a week ago, IS OFFICIALLY NEUTRALIZED today. Only a week ago I was totally defeated and today I'm back on the battle ground. Looks like my threats are not BAD AT ALL. The new competitor turns into my biggest comfort of help, and as friendly as possible. I was totally wrong. My stress came from easy conclusion. Should I wait a little longer, I could have avoided from shooting sugar intake from the Pepsi & Nips. But still, some things are meant to be. I had to go through that difficult hour of becoming my own biggest enemy to see things clearer. One that thing I'm glad anyway, as bad as I described it, I only had a Pepsi & Nips and not anything more extreme, more foolish, more childish than that. Hehe

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